1992, Vision, Destruction Of America — while praying in the basement of my home, I saw the sky over America fill with many black, stealth bombers.  There were no markings on any of the planes.  Then the scene changed, and I saw nuclear explosions all around me!  Then the scene changed again, and I saw the terrible aftermath of the nuclear holocaust.  Not all but much of America as we know it today, was destroyed.  And again, for the fourth time, the scene changed, and I saw hoards of oriental soldiers marching through all of the areas of America that had not been bombed.  They had bayonets fixed to their rifles, and were destroying everyone and everything in their way.  Then the vision ended.


* * * * * * *

                          1992, Vision, Exploding Eagle — while praying in the basement of my home, I saw a vision of a bald eagle soaring through the sky.  I knew the eagle represented America.  Suddenly, the eagle exploded, and the vision ended! 


* * * * * * *


March 9, 1993, Vision, The Crippled Eagle — I saw an extremely large eagle.  It had a small, round, white-looking implant on each side of it's neck.  It was stuffed and mounted with it's wings spread out in a flying position.  It was in a large room with mirrors encircling it. Underneath the eagle was a round pedestal which would raise up and down like a barber chair.  The eagle was immobile, but the moving pedestal and the mirrors gave it the illusion of flying!  [The eagle represented America]  America seems alive, but in God's eyes, the plum line has been set!  "…I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead."  Revelation 3:1b


* * * * * * *


March 29, 1993, Vision, The Black Pope — I was taken in the spirit to the Vatican.  I entered directly into the room where the Pope was.  The doors and furnishings were made of massive wood.  Pope John Paul II was sitting in a chair, dressed in his white robe.  He seemed very relaxed.  I ministered to him by singing in Latin.  Although I knew I was ministering to him.  I did not understand what I was singing since I do not know Latin.  I could not help but cry while I sang.  The Pope also wept while I sang because he understood what I was singing.  I could see that his heart was good.  But then I saw him wrapped in ropes, which represented him being bound by the control of the Catholic Church.  Then he died.


Then the scene changed, and I was outside somewhere.  Another man, whom people called "The Black Pope," took the first Pope's place.  [I do not know if he was a black man, or if they just called him "The Black Pope."]  He was dressed in a black hooded, long robe.  His face was hidden.  He stretched out his left hand toward a being, shaped like a man.  This being looked like an entity of light.  Then the entity [False Prophet] extended his left hand toward the heaven.  [This represented the "Black Pope" introducing the False Prophet to the world.]  Then I returned home again, and the vision ended as suddenly as it had begun.


From: book "A Cry For A Deliverer" by Earlene Wallace, ISBN: 0-964647-0-0.  Book forwarded by Henry Gruver, March 1995






March  16, 2002, Dream,    — I'm riding a bicycle down a street in IRAQ very fast. I'm wearing camouflage clothing that says NUCLEAR WAR. I pass a huge parade of the IRAQ military marching and I hope they don't stop me.


Somehow I get all the way to speak to Saddam Hussein. I tell him the LORD is gonna use him to start a world wide exchange of NUCLEAR WEAPONS, many countries will get involved and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will be DESTROYED! GOD is judging America because it is a wicked nation.


With his hand on his chin in a thinking posture he said. He liked the idea of AMERICA getting DESTROYED, but was pondering how much he would suffer. I started telling everyone I knew by cell phone that I told Saddam Hussein what GOD told me. I felt that it almost encouraged him to do it more and some how gave me favor with the enemies of AMERICA.


* * * * * * *


June 5, 2002, Dream,  Phoenix, Arizona Is Going To Get Nuked — In this dream I was in Upstate New York and I was speaking to a young man who was a Muslim.  He was asking me, "Am I going to be O.K. with all these troublous times coming".  He wanted to know if he was right with God.  I said, "No, you're not going to make it, you're not right with God, you're not right with Jesus Christ."  As I was speaking to this man a whole bunch of young people gathered around me and they wanted to hear what I had to say.  Then I started telling them about America's Destruction and about being in the Last Days and all the Calamities about to come upon Us.  Then an older woman came over to me and asked, "Are you the same guy that was talking about destruction and naming all the cities like New York City?"  And I said, "Yes, New York City, California, Las Vegas and Florida."  Then I said, "I have an UPDATE for you and here is the latest one, PHOENIX, ARIZONA."  I said, "PHOENIX IS GONNA GET NUKED!!"




We are basing this warning on the accuracy of dreams given by The Holy Spirit to several individuals with the calling of "Watchmen to America" as defined in Ezekiel 33.  Make no mistake about it God has declared to This Nation of America over and over that there would be a "PAY DAY" for the abominations committed in Her Midst (divorce, infidelity, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, greed, lying, hypocrisy, witchcraft, sorcery and perversion).  The weather has become bizarre, the rain no longer sustains the farmers' crops, wild beasts attack the people, the economy is a bubble of false hope, and God is knocking at America's Door with even Greater Threats of Judgment (Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Terrorism) as He said He would to a FALSE HEARTED PEOPLE who no longer serve Jesus Christ but their own appetites.  For nearly 30 years  II CHRONICLES 7:14 has been spoken from the Pulpits of America as "God's Stated Remedy for the Moral, Spiritual, Social and Economic Dilemmas" facing Our Nation.   But the People of America only want to hear "Good Things" and the "Pastors and Prophets" in the Pulpits of America are only willing to tell them that which they long to hear.  That God only desires to "BLESS HIS PEOPLE".  But as God's Prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah knew… God reserves "THE MOST HORRIBLE OF JUDGMENTS", not for the pagans or the heathen, but for "HIS OWN PEOPLE" who no longer love Him sincerely but only with "LIP SERVICE" like the "ADULTEREOUS WIFE".  And so God in turning over all Judgment to His Son…JESUS CHRIST… is preparing Additional Calamities against This Nation and the only thing that will change God's Mind regarding The Destruction of Phoenix at the hands of Evil Men (as God clearly stated He would do in DEUTERONOMY 28:49-57) is a change in heart, mind and action by the People of God living in Phoenix... serious enough to give  God a reason to "Change His Mind Regarding His Ordained Calamity" (as God clearly stated in JEREMIAH 18:1-12).  Otherwise Phoenix, Arizona is Doomed…Your Children Have No Future…because Destruction is Coming and Nothing can Stop It.   At most it could be delayed or diminished through heartfelt intercession but nothing short of a City Wide Repentance among His People can stop this Judgment of The Lord.


From:   http://www.nextcrusade.com or MichaelKRoellcompanyof@aol.com, 516.220.3907.






(I include this vision, since other prophtic words have stated that the Russian-Chinese invasion of the USA will coincide with the 2nd earthquake - B.W.)


May 9 , 2002, Dream , Chicago Earthquake  — I heard the earthquake – the ground was shaking in Chicago… there was a fire like an atomic bomb.


* * * * * * *


May 16 , 2002, Vision , Chicago Earthquake  — I was in a building in Chicago with my children, I heard the earthquake, the building I was in was pulled off its foundation, there were crowds of people in the streets.  The earthquake is going to spread outside of Chicago…  [On May 16, 2002 – Louise stated, if I managed to get the information correct in writing it down quickly that there was a earthquake, 5.0 on the scale, it happened but I do not recall exactly where Louise stated it happened – and it was felt up near Chicago.  Also, Louise stated that a prophetess lady she knew also received a Chicago earthquake dream or vision from the Lord and that she would be speaking on the radio on Monday, June 24, 2002 on 106.3 at 6:15 A.M.]


[Author's comment:  I met Louise Rosenburg-Meiszner at a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International meeting in Elgin, Illinois.  She was one of the guest speakers that evening & she ministered after to the people who where there.  She was very tired and I was only able to get the above information from her, but it is enough to verify with what Chuck Youngbrandt, Gwen Shaw, and I think Rick Joyner also received that there will be a Chicago earthquake – Chicago had a major severe earthquake August 20, 1804.   Louise also mentioned that she received regarding terrorist & a dream about asteroid hitting the earth but I was not permitted to get the details from her.


Timothy Snodgrass stated: On Monday, June 17, as the world was awaiting President Bush's proposal for a Palestinian state, a 6.7 earthquake shook the Santa Cruz Islands, 210-miles NNW of Vanuatu Island. Within less than 24-hours, a rare 5.0 quake shook Indiana, just south of the U.S. Great Lakes  (This could be the quake Louise was referring too above… for I was writing very quickly and may not have gotten it down correctly, notice it was a month later after she received the vision).


What is the significance of these two earthquakes? Exactly six months ago, on November 20, 2001, I received a vision of America being ripped in half like a veil from east to west, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that "if America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half". In the vision I witnessed a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault-line which literally divided America in half from east to west, creating a new gulf which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south.]


From:  Louise Rosenburg-Meiszner, phone: Armour Of God Healing Ministry @ 847.707.4293.