Early 1988, Open Vision, The Coming War And Destruction Of America & The Salvation Of Zion  — I had gone out to Lake Jacomo (south of Independence, Missouri) and I was sitting out there and praying about these "last days" and I had asked the Lord, "How will these things work? How will this really happen?" I have read all these scriptures and prophecies and I would like to know the mechanics of it. How are you going to operationalize this? How are you really going to make it work?"


And as I sat there, I was given the closest thing to a vision I've ever had. I saw famine upon this land. It was a famine for food, water, heat and light, warmth, clothing...a want for every needful thing that the people could have. It got so bad that there were riots, race riots, and multitudes of Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics, warring literally against each other for what few resources were there. People would be killed for the clothes on their backs. There were literally companies of vigilantes that had set themselves up to protect their neighborhood. And they went through the neighborhoods with guns to protect their neighborhood from others that would come into their neighborhood and take, and to protect their women and children.


And I saw paramilitary troops and there paramilitary troops were the ones who called themselves "survivalists". And they were trying to break up the race riots and they were willing to just kill any body who was not white Anglo-Saxon. As a matter of fact, they were willing to kill any Anglo-Saxon that loved Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Orientals, or anyone else who wasn't an Anglo-Saxon. And if you were willing to defend them, no matter how white Anglo-Saxon I was, they were willing to kill me because I was not one of them.


And I saw war and I saw two nations of this world. I saw China and I saw Russia invade the United States. They both came in through Canada on the north and from both coasts and they came in this way (using a blackboard, drew a map of the U.S.) And they kept working their way in and here is the Center Place right here (Independence, Missouri area). (Background remark..."...Similar to the vision of George Washington?"). I replied that I did not know about George Washington's vision but I could see them coming in and nobody was left alive... NOBODY... not a man, not a woman, not a child, not even animals were left.


And every single city was demolished. And no human being and very few domestic animals were left alive... literally. And the paramilitary were in no condition to stand against them and our own defenses were off somewhere else in the world and no one was home to defend this country and there was no way to bring them back. And this whole country was laid to waste. And the invading armies of China and Russia moved right toward this Center Place.


Not only did I see war but I saw disease. I don't know whether it was cholera. There was AIDS and all kinds of other disease. Disease was rampant all over the country and death was coming in on every side by every means. The only way for anyone to escape this invading force was to be gathered into this Center Place in Zion.


And I saw in this vision the city of San Francisco and the west coast. And I saw the Big Surr National Park and there was a Reunion Ground there. I don't know if I have ever been to that Reunion Ground. And there were a couple of Missionaries there. I don't know whether they were Apostles or Evangelical Ministers of some kind. They had been preaching and teaching the people and sending them to Zion.


And right before the invasion came, they had a vision and the Lord spoke to them and came to them and said, "Gather my people together at this Reunion Grounds". And they immediately went out and gathered all the people together that had been remaining there, strengthening the people and preaching the Gospel and gathering them together. They remained in that place in secret.


And these warring forces of Chinese and Russian troops that had come in didn't quite make it in to the coastline as quickly as you might have thought or as I would have thought. The people were thus able to gather and God would lead people to them at the Reunion Grounds. I saw a family of five or six, I can't remember, and it was like a whole company of Chinese soldiers were right in front of them standing there. And they were looking at them and they realized all of a sudden that the soldiers could not see them.


There was a father and a mother and her children. They were huddled together and they were looking at these soldiers and the soldiers were looking at them. And they realized that the Commander of those soldiers was looking this way and looking that way as thought he knew they were there but they could not see them. And finally he told his whole Company to go that way and the family just stood there and realized they had not been seen. That Company of men left and they (the family) looked over here to the left and there was someone beckoning them and I realized it was an Angel of the Lord. He was beckoning them and guiding them and saying "Come this way" and they would follow in that direction. If they would stumble and they weren't quite sure which way to go, he would beckon and direct them again. And the Angel was gathering people to this gathering spot of the Reunion Grounds. And when the time came that everyone would be gathered, I'm not talking just about Saints, I'm talking about people who were willing to repent if they heard the Gospel, they were gathered there.


When they had all been gathered before this Army came in, these missionaries led them up to Zion ahead of the forces. If ever at any time they were to come under attack, they would pray and a cloud of God would be over them and He would protect them and they would not be destroyed. And then they would move on, going up to Zion. God went before them and God was behind them and God was over top of them and protected them. And that was happening all over this Country for those that God was bringing His Zion. And I had seen these things happening. This was the most real experience I have ever had. I saw prophecies taking place.


"Noisome Beats". What I had seen was a multitude of races warring against each other. Companies of vigilantes and running para-military troops. I said, "Lord, those are beasts"...that is what you mean by beasts...what I saw? Is that the noisome beast... noisome... is that wild and deadly...wild and deadly beasts...these companies of vigilantes... multitudes of racial rioters and para-military troops running among the people?"


I saw in this vision the border between Kansas and Missouri. This is the Missouri River. This is the North and this is Independence. This invading army came right to here to the banks of the Missouri River. What I noticed and what was completely visible in this was that when this invading force came, some people fled at the noise of the tumult. They were terrified. The reputation of this army and what had gone on before was well known such that the people who had been fleeing here who were not righteous, that when the Army came up to the banks of the Missouri River and up against the border of Zion, the people who were not righteous continued to flee. They were fleeing from before the Army, these who were not gathered. They had come here and thought they would be safe and that the Army would never come this far.


When the Army came this far, these people fled to the south where they thought there would be safety. They thought they could go south and there would still be safety but there was not safety. Everyone who fled out of this area was destroyed. (From audience..."I would like to confirm that my wife had an experience, a prophetic dream in which she was that same thing. The Armies were coming in on the borders of the City and the bulk of the people ran into the arms of the invaders:. Tom stated..."What I saw was that they just ran south and as they ran south, they were closed in upon".)


From: www.boydenweb.com/coming_war_and_destruction_of_am.htm .






1990, Dreams & Prophecies & Visions, America To Be Destroyed By A Russian Attack of SS18 Nuclear Missiles  — During 1990, I met a man named Art Cormier.   Art was a butcher: a meat cutter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   God was showing him some incredible things.  He was having trouble getting people to pay attention to him, for he was receiving warnings about America's future.   His English grammar was not very good, but I quickly saw the importance of what he was receiving and I felt called to help him, so, in a sense, I became his scribe.  I began doing prophetic newsletters then, mainly filled with what Art was seeing.  God led me to call them the "Gammadim Reports," after Ezekiel 27:11.  This was still several years before I became aware of the Internet, yet God knew even then that I would be the only watchman using the name "gammadim" in the whole world in the year 2000 and that anyone, doing a simple search anywhere on the internet, would be able to locate my web site.   AMAZING GOD!


I recall one event that changed me forever.  It was June 18, 1991.  I had just visited the location of my previous employer at 666 71st Street.  I had been showing a friend that place and laughing about the numerical address.  I pulled my car into my office parking lot at 6 P.M.: the 18th hour of the 18th day of the 6th month of 1991---can you see all those sixes.  Art Cormier was waiting for me.   He handed me a revelation he had received that America was going to be destroyed by a Russian attack of SS18 nuclear missiles.   Russia has named these missiles "SS18 Satan".   Art had no idea where I had been---he had no idea that I had just come from 666 71st street.  He had not even noticed the 18th hour of the day.  He had not even noticed that it was 6/18, but I did immediately and I was changed forever.


* * * * * * *


About 1992, Prophetic Word, Earthquake "San Andreas Fault" – Quickly Followed By A Russian Attack — Many prophets have predicted a terrible earthquake along the San Andreas fault line, but God has revealed that this prophesied earthquake will be followed quickly by a "bear attack" against the United States; an attack by Russia against the coastlands of the USA. 


Late in 1992, I the Lord spoke the word "Alaska" to me as I was thinking about this word.  I was prompted in the spirit to do some research regarding the great Alaska earthquake, and as I was gathering that information, the Lord gave me an image in my mind:  a quick flash of what will happen on that day.  The Lord said the California quake will be like that great Alaska earthquake.   After that quake, land on the ocean side of the fault was now up to 50 feet lower than land on the dry side of the fault.  That is how it will be in the day of the great San Andreas earthquake.


* * * * * * *


July 24, 1992, Vision, Nuclear Destruction Of Miami — On the afternoon, at about 2 P.M. on July 24, 1992, I was walking out of the front door of the home where I was staying on Golden Beach, in North Miami, Florida.   As I walked out the front door, and walked west, toward me car, I was startled by a flash in the southern sky.  I turned to look south.  From where I was standing, I had a relatively unobstructed look at the southern Sky.   As I watched, I saw a hydrogen bomb mushroom cloud rise to the south.  I began to panic.  I thought about the light I saw and the cloud and estimated it's distance at about 40 miles.  That meant to me that Homestead Air Force base had just been nuked.  I was thinking that if it had been hit by a Russian SS18 missile, which has a blast radius of 100 miles, that the shock wave must be going to reach me in 30 or 40 seconds, at any rate, that was my estimate. 


I began to look around the yard, seeing if there was any culvert or drainage ditch that I could jump into to get underground.  I found nothing.  I resolved to just stand there and praise my God until the blast hit.  Just as I began to thank the Lord, the mushroom cloud dematerialized in the sky as I was looking at it: it just faded away.  It was at this time that I realized that I had not seen a real atomic blast, but I had seen a vision. 


One month later, on August 24, 1992, Homestead was hit with a direct hit by Hurricane Andrew and the destruction was compared to that which would be caused by an Atomic Blast.  


Sometime later though, the Lord spoke to me and told me that I was to expect another, later fulfillment of my vision.  It is to be fulfilled as I saw it transpire in my vision. 


VISION— Boxcars  were filled with Americans, crossing the American plains.  This was a very short vision I had while I was attending a meeting of the Friends of Israel and the International Christian Embassy to Israel.  Jan Wilhelm Vanderhoven was speaking.  While he was speaking, I had a vision of a train of boxcars.  Then, I saw inside one of those boxcars.  It was carrying Americans.  They were chained and standing.  Then, I noticed that the train was traveling across the American plains, crossing land that looked like central Illinois: very flat, with very few trees.   This vision has not yet been fulfilled.


* * * * * * *


October 20, 1999, Dream & Prophecy Word & Vision, 5 Kiloton Nuclear Blast In Los Angeles, California — Published October 20, 1999, received 5 A.M.; still awaiting fulfillment.  In a dream, I was standing in a room, looking out of a large plate glass window, overlooking a city that had low rise buildings of about 5 stories as an average.  I was at a height of about 5 to 10 stories up myself.  It was dark outside.   All at once, I noticed a group of fighter planes heading my way.  Suddenly, they fired a weapon in my direction.  The weapon emitted three blue pulses of light. When they hit the area where I was, I had the sense of being exposed to radiation, or so it seemed, because the effect seemed to fade.  I now realized that I was having a vision within my dream. 


I went to gather my wife and my five children.  Before I could move much, I saw the flash of a nuclear explosion.  A voice accompanied the flash which said, "Los Angeles has just been hit by a 5 Kiloton nuclear explosion."   I was frantically trying to gather my family to head downstairs.  All at once, I found myself in a building that was familiar to me.  It was Bening Square, in Carbondale, Illinois.  My father remodeled this office building in 1963.  He built a bomb shelter in the basement.  I had been in this bomb shelter when I was a child.  At any rate, we traversed the stairs, going down into the basement, trying to reach the bomb shelter ahead of the arrival of the blast wave.


When I reached the place where the bomb shelter was supposed to be, there was a little room in its place that was a prayer chapel.  I discovered that the prayer chapel was operated by Dr. Zach Fomum of Cameroon, and his wife Prisca.   Prisca began to pray with my wife Erica.  I was concerned that I did not know where my eldest daughter Lorel was.  


The dream then ended.  I looked behind me on the bed and my digital clock was just turning over to 5:00 A.M. and the Lord impressed upon my spirit that the dream had been from Him.  


Contents of this dream were summarized and quickly sent to Apostle Zach Fomum in Cameroon.  After prayer, I was given some private interpretation relative to my own personal situation, but I have not been given any more light with respect to the national implications of the prophetic part of the dream.


[Author's note:  Stephen had a visitation of Jesus Christ in person about 4 A.M. on January 16, 1993.] 






Dream, Sub Surfaced And Fired Three Missiles Toward The Midwest — Judy and myself; our job was to spot enemy subs that would surface on the West Coast and fire missiles at West Coast cities.  One surfaced near Seattle.  Judy punched some buttons on a keyboard and shot down the two or three missiles with some sort of a Star Wars missile defense system.  This happened two or three times.  A sub would attack a city and Judy would shoot their missiles down.


There was a feeling that we did not have many missiles ourselves. 


Then a sub surfaced and fired three missiles toward the Midwest, two stayed together and went toward Florida.  The other one went toward Wichita, Kansas.  Judy and I looked at each other in amazement and with dread.


We were inside the warehouse of The Prophecy Club®.  I saw Stan Johnson on his face, figuratively heaping ashes on his head.  Behind him, standing with two other people, was whom I thought was Jesus.  Jesus was watching Stan.  I asked, "Is that Jesus?"  to a worker who was passing by.


He said, "Oh yes.  Jesus is here all the time."


I warned everyone of the missile about to hit Wichita.  Then there was a blast and a huge fireball.  Someone said that we were 85 miles from the blast zone.  I asked if there were any obstructions between us and the bomb blast.  A worker said that there was a mountain between us and the blast.  Then we looked outside and I saw a dark silhouette of a mountain with an orange glow around it.  Then, someone said that if radiation was going to reach us, it would be here by now.  We looked to see if there was any corrosion on the door and there was none.  Then I awoke.


[Author's note:  Dream given to Paul and Judy Benson]


From:  September/October 2000 Newsletter, page 8, The Prophecy Club®, P.O. Box 750234, Topeka, KS 66675, 785.266.1112






1998 , Dreams, Red Alert & Chicago Hit By Missiles & An Attack On America & Concentration Camps — Watchman-Billy Blankenship.  While America debates back and forth, whither they should "take out" as they call it, Sadam Hussein, Russia is building and working at a frenzied pace for the "demise" of America! While we have all the colored warnings, yellow, blue, and red. Mr. President, go straight for the RED! Your friend Mr. Putin, the one you say you can trust, is planning (along with China) to "attack" our Country in the very near future. If Russia is "our friend", then "Santa Claus" is very real. I trust that you will take heed those that read this message, for America will be attacked, and at our weakest moment. This is indeed: RED ALERT! …


You might ask: Brother Blankenship, what could we do, if those things are going to happen? The answer is the same one Peter gave: SEEING THAT ALL THESE THINGS "SHALL" BE DISSOLVED, WHAT MANNER OF PERSON OUGHT YE TO BE IN ALL HOLY CONVERSATION. While many Americans think Russia is a basket case "economically", the opposite is true in the Military realm. General Douglas MacArthur was fond of saying: "Never underestimate your enemy". Russia, China, and North Korea, are actively preparing to attack America. Part of "weak Russia" is it's huge industrial/military complex, which makes up nearly half of the Russian economy. It employs "millions" of workers, in several thousand defense plants, (most of which are completely hidden from view!) and which is continuing to produce record numbers of JET AIRCRAFT; TANKS; BOMBERS; TACTICAL, INTERMEDIATE AND LONG RANGE (ICBM AND SLBM) NUCLEAR MISSILE; NUCLEAR SUBMARINES; AND OTHER WEAPONS SYSTEMS.


The former Soviet Union, still has THE LARGEST MILITARY MACHINE IN THE WORLD; AND, THE LARGEST NUCLEAR MISSILE ARSENAL which former Defense Secretary Casper Wineberger says: still contains 25.000 warheads, THE LARGEST ARSENAL OF TANKS, ARMORED VEHICLES, NUCLEAR SUBMARINES, ISBM'S AND SLBMS (SUBMARINE LAUNCHED BALLISTIC MISSILES) AND WAR PLANES IN THE WORLD. Russia also has an 85-90% completed anti-ballistic missile system, (a nuclear shield against incoming missiles, from a first or second strike), and THE "WORLDS LARGEST ARSENAL" OF CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS. THEY HAVE IT! Russia also now possesses virtually ALL of America's nuclear/neutron missile technology-transferred by Bill Clinton and his comrades, to the Red Chinese in recent years, and now shared by the Chinese with their Russian and it's Islamic allies. China also received Cray super computers; nuclear, neutron, missile, submarine, and fighter aircraft technology, which was also transferred by the Clinton Administration.


China is known by the U.S. militarily Intelligence, to have at least 25 nuclear ICBM's (CCS-4 missiles) with an 8000 mile range, capable of hitting the West Coast Cities of the U.S., and 20 of these are presently targeted on the U.S west Coast, and military installations. Thanks to the former Bush, and Clinton military transfers of technology to Red China, she can blanket the entire Continent of the United States. The previous "Rumsfield Commission" recently warned: THE UNITED STATES MAY WELL HAVE NO WARNING, BEFORE BEING HIT BY A MISSILE ATTACK! DID YOU HEAR THIS? NO WARNING!! RED ALERT! Beloved, IRAQ wasn't even in the equation then, Rumsfield was speaking of OUR FRIENDS THE RUSSIAN'S! How is it that in two Administrations time: We are suddenly friends? Thirty three years ago, I hadn't even heard of a Rumsfield. But the next few items I did see in dreams, and the dreams that God gave me then, are so real today, THAT OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS SCREAMING: WE MAY BE ATTACKED!!


MY DREAMS: Twice, I have seen Chicago hit by Missiles. Once, I seen an attack taking place on America. Once, I saw the "long shiny missiles" as they came through the air headed for America. I again dreamed, that I was being put in a "concentration camp" along with some sisters from the Church.


My last dream was about four years ago [from 2002], I was watching through the window of the building I now live in, as I saw a large dirty black cloud of smoke come rolling toward me. I asked someone, what is this? They answered: They have started bombing! I ran to the window on the other side of the building, and looking over the tops of the mountains, I could see large flashes of light, where the Missiles were hitting nearby Cities. . These five dreams are (condensed), but they were as real as my breathing today. Once, Colin Powell made this remark to the Russians, (before serving on the present Bush Administration). EVEN WITH THE START TREATY, YOU (THE RUSSIANS) WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO DESTROY THE U.S. IN 30 MINUTES.


Can you not see, why God has laid this warning on my heart? Can you not see the danger America is in? Can you not see that Russia is building for war? Can you not see, what our own Military leaders are saying? Can you not see that when the hand of Almighty God is lifted from this Nation, WE WILL BE ATTACKED?


Our leaders are crying every day that we will be attacked, but while they look in the caves of Afghanistan for the Muslims, Russia is building like there is no tomorrow, and, "there may not be for America"! RED ALERT! "UNDERGROUND COMMAND POSTS"! RED ALERT In spite of the supposedly weak Russian system, She continues to produce, and deploy, (annually) 75 strategic missiles, 8 nuclear submarines, 20 strategic bombers, (including stealth types). WHY? Are they building for peace? LISTEN PLEASE! (As this will be on "Short Wave Radio" also), RUSSIA IS CLEARLY PREPARING FOR NUCLEAR WAR, WITH NEW, ADVANCED "UNDERGROUND COMMAND POSTS", AND OTHER MEASURES. (Right now), Russia has in their defense plants, between 3000 to 5000 production facilities, and a large work force of seven to ten million people, AGAIN, "THE WORLDS LARGEST"!!


In America, WE HAVE VIRTUALLY NO DEFENSE SYSTEM. WE HAVE NO NUCLEAR SHELTERS, (WE ARE NOT BUILDING ANY EITHER) AND "ZERO" ANTI-BALIISSTIC MISSILE DEFENSE. WE CANNOT STOP EVEN "ONE" MISSILE!! Former President Reagan, while visiting one of our defense bases in Colorado, ask the question: If we see an incoming missile on the radar screen, what can we do? The leader in charge looked at the President and said: Mr. President, WE CAN DO NOTHNG! In the 1980s, Toshiba of Japan, bought extremely high-tech micro milling machines from the U.S. which were used to produce ultra-quiet propellers for subs. Two weeks later, Toshiba sold the equipment to the Russians. The result is, Russians subs run so quiet now, that we can't track them! Out of that breakthrough, the Russians built the Akula class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, again, THE LARGEST IN THE WORLD! "One submarine", can carry 20 SLBMs, (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles), with 200 TOTAL NUCLEAR WARHEADS WITH AN EXPLOSIVE YIELD OF 100 MEGATONS (OR MORE) EACH.


This is the potential of only "one" submarine. Russia has 18 Akula class fast attack submarines. Russia has spent $128 billions dollars, (not on her entire military buildup) BUT ON THE AKULA CLASS SUBS ALONE! Why? Because she wants peace! In a recent news letter from the McAlvany intelligence advisor, P.O. Box, 84904 Phoenix, AZ. 85701, and in my opinion, the very best of intelligence "Newsletters" in the entire United States. McAlvany states: In a situation where the Russians attacked America, their Akula 941 subs, would probably sit about one hundred miles off the shoreline near the Continental shelf, where they could dive deep to make a quick escape after the launch. LISTEN FRIENDS! It would take about "seven minutes" for the cruise missile to hit their coastline targets (i.e., cities like New York, Washington, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, etc.). It takes "nine minutes", for the U.S. to declare a launch detection. McAlvany goes on to say:


The greatest danger to America, is the SUBS WE CANNOT DETECT! IF YOU CAN'T HEAR IT YOU CAN'T KILL IT! In the "two" extra minutes needed, many of our cities would already be in ashes! McAlvany adds: These huge, deadly, silent nuclear weapons platforms, can get close to the United States coastline, and thereby execute a surprise attack BEFORE WE COULD DETECT IT, or, use counter measures to stop it (if we had any counter measures)! June of this year, former Russian Prime Minister Viktor, Chernomyrdin said: (the world is moving close to the brink of war). WAKE UP AMERICA-WAKE UP CHURCH--WAKE UP!!! Church, do you mean to tell me that the Prime Minister of Russia, has more insight to the "end time happenings" than the Church? CAN WE NOT SEE, THAT THESE ARE THE PERILOUS TIMES THAT JESUS SPOKE ABOUT? Can we not see, that Russia is not playing games? Can we not see, that she is arming to the teeth, with every weapon of mass destruction she can build? Can the Church not see, that the time for playing Church IS OVER… 


Can you not see, that I have nothing financially to gain from our broadcasts, or our internet? I don't have "easy escape" books, and videos to sell! God is going to hold me personally responsible, if I do not warn this Nation and the Church, to the best of my ability, that AMERICA IS GOING TO BE ATTACKED! RED ALERT!--READ THIS AND WAKE UP CHURCH! RED ALERT! Listen to this MOCK ATTACK ON AMERICA! Two Russian strategic bombers, on a "military exercise" were intercepted by U.S. fighter jets last Friday, near Iceland, and, another two Russian bombers flew down the Norwegian coastline, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. Four U.S. F-15 fighters, and an American P-3 patrol plane, escorted the two TU-95 Bear bombers in a clockwise flight around Iceland, which like Norway, is a member of NATO the newspaper said. Norway scrambled jets to meet a pair of Russian TU-140 Blackjack bombers, flying down the Norwegian coastline, but the bombers turned back before the interceptors reached them.


THE "POST" QUOTED U.S. DEFENSE OFFICIALS AS SAYING: THE "MILITARY EXERCISE" WAS THE LARGEST BY RUSSIA, IN A DECADE, AND, THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE COLD WAR, THAT RUSSIAN PLANES HAD PROBED WESTERN AIR DEFENSES! THIS IS NO JOKE! Col-General. Yury Baluyevsky, first Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff, said: The exercises were significant, in involving top military officials across the entire territory of Russia. "All forces" of five military districts, from the Black Sea, to the Artic White Sea, are now involved in UNPRECEDENTED MILITARY EXCERCISES, CODE NAME Zapad (West 1999), he told the news conference. They are so-called "Top Staff level" exercises, involving 560.000 TROOPS ON THE GROUND.


You don't hear too much about it, but there will never be a war unless there is the follow up with ground troops. Every Russian soldier is equipped with a chemical warfare suit, from head gear to the feet. Russia is not concerned of letting the whole world know, that the "war games" are against one country, and one country alone. AMERICA! Clinton told us, that China wants peace! She now has exploded their seventh neutron bomb, using OUR technology. The Neutron bomb can explode, (killing all living things) but still leave the building's, and infrastructure intact. Why is China continuing to "test"? Because they want PEACE of course. During the cold war, (if there is such a thing) Russia went "unchallenged as the enemy of the United States. Today, she has "the most powerful army in the world" and President Bush tells us that: HE BELIEVES PUTIN (AND EX KGB OFFICER) TO BE AN HONEST MAN! We are both young, Bush tells us, and we are trying to work things out for both sides! WHATS THIS? IS THIS OUR "TRUSTED" FRIEND? RED ALERT!


On ABC News, just last year, Putin is shown hugging China's leader Jiang. They also pledged in a joint statement: THAT THEIR COUNTRIES WILL REMAIN "FRIENDS FOREVER" AND NEVER BECOME ENEMIES. And the treaty emphasized, that the two nations WERE NOT FORMING A MILITARY PACT! If that were not the case, why should they make such a statement in the first place? ABC goes on to say: As part of it's military buildup, China has already bought "billions of dollars" worth of fighter jets, Submarines, missiles, and destroyers during the 90's, becoming the biggest customer for Russia's ailing economy. President Jiang Zemen of China flew to Moscow to cement a strategic pact with Russia. Designed to boost trade, and, to coordinate their opposition to U.S. dominance in world affairs. THE ACCORD FALLS SHORT OF A MILITARY ALLIANCE, BUT PROVIDES FOR SWIFT JOINT ACTION "IN CASE OF EXTRAORDINARY SITUATIONS OR, A THREAT TO EACH OTHER'S SECURITY" SAID ALEKSANDR LOSYUKOV, RUSSIA'S DEPUTY FOREIGN MINISTER. Which means in simple terms, when the time is right, we will help each other!


News Max.Com Aug.6/2002 CHINA'S THREAT CONTINUES TO GROW. While we have been busy with corporate scandals at home, and with the war on terrorism Internationally, our so-called "friends" in China have "dramatically increased" their policy of hostility toward the U.S. and our real friends and Allies. Moreover, Chinese communists have "dramatically increased their military buildup and war preparations! (I wonder why?) Ignored by official Washington, this buildup is directed against the U.S. and our friends and Allies. Currently, Beijing spends $65 billion a year on defense, THE LARGEST MILITARY BUDGET IN ASIA, AND THE SECOND LARGEST IN THE WORLD, BEHIND THE U.S. (Why this buildup? Who is going to attack China?) According to a recent Department of Defense "special report", China's military training exercises increasingly focus ON THE U.S. AS AN ADVERSRY!


Beijing is developing high technology weapons, including laser and radio-frequency bombs, to improve capabilities to carry out warfare against the U.S. and, is using deception operations to fool the world about Red China's real plans and intentions. In mid August of this year, China, along with Russia, will carry out their first war-games in fifty years. Guess who is the intended adversary in these games! You guessed it, the United States. Under these circumstances, Washington needs to take seriously the clear and present danger posed by Red China's growing militarism, which is in the "near future" could be more serious than the current obvious threats to U.S strategic interests and to the American people. (End of article). IS THIS LAUGHABLE? The Associated Press 7/25/02 WASHINGTON (AP) U.S. officials want to (press Russia,) "for greater access to information" about Russia's nuclear weapons programs as the countries reduce arsenals. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday.


There's no question Rumsfeld says, that even today, Russia is not transparent. THEY HAVE A VERY SECRETIVE APPROACH to a great deal of things. "It is concern. We're a good distance from feeling comfortable". The United States needs to keep some warheads in storage, in case its deployed warheads are found to be unsafe or unreliable, Rumsfeld says. The United States "does not" have a factory ready to make new nuclear weapons, while Russia-whose warheads do not have a long shelf life- HAS AN ACTIVE WARHEAD PRODUCTION LINE!. Amazing! I wonder why? DOES AMERICA BELIEVE THIS? NEWS MAX.COM --- FEMA -- PREPARING FOR MASS DESTRUCTION ATTACKS ON CITIES! FEMA is readying for nuclear, biological and chemical attacks against U.S Cities, including the possibility of multiple attacks with MASS DESTRUCTION WEAPONS.


The agency has already notified vendors, contractors and consultants, that it needs to be prepared to handle the logistics of "aiding millions" of displaced Americans who will flee the urban areas that may be attacked. The agency plans to create emergency, (makeshift cities) ready to go by January 2003 - in about six months. FEMA have told these firms, that they already have "tents and trailers" ordered. The tents and trailers would provide shelter for displaced populations. The firms are expected to provide plans for sewage, and electricity. On June 19th, FEMA posted a special bid notice for one of the agency's largest contract awards EVER-offering contracting firms $3000. Million for a five year contract to simply PREPARE PLANS TO CREATE TEMPORARY HOUSE ON A SCALE NEVER BEFORE IMAGINED, AND THEN STAND BY! The name of the program is: Standby Technical Assistance for Disaster Related Operations! On July 10th, 2002, a meeting was held at The Department of Education headquarters in Washington.


FEMA officials made very clear, that the purpose of one of the most massive undertakings in the agency's history: WAS TO PREPARE FOR POTENTIAL MASS DESTRUCTION ATTACKS ON UNITED STATES CITIES! Most of the meetings had to do with handling biological, chemical, and nuclear disasters. In decades of emergency response, why all of a sudden, is FEMA set to spend $3000 million just for architects, and engineers over the next five years, to simply be ON STAND BY? The evidence is clear, that FEMA IS PREPARING FOR MASS DESTRUCTION ATTACKS! I HAVE CLEANSED MY HANDS! Dear ones, I have shared my heart, I have cleansed my hands with this warning, of the blood of this generation! I have shared with you facts, that should startle most citizens, much less Christians. I have done the best I can, (as feeble as it may be) to tell you the conditions of our world, it is "explosive"! While we are off running around the world, (like a chicken with it's head chopped off) trying to clean up the terrorist, Russia and China, are building, plotting, planning, watching, for the right time to make their move. AND THEY WILL MAKE THEIR MOVE!


This is not a message I like to share all the time, but IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOW, and many of our Ministers are not doing it! The Pastor's, or Ministers today who are warning their flock of the present dangers, are very few indeed! I am not so dumb as to think I am the only one, and, I THANK GOD FOR THOSE WHO ARE CRYING ALOUD, AND SPARING NOT! DEAR BROTHER, YOU DO NOT HAVE LONG TO CRY ALOUD! SO CRY ALOUD! Whither they will listen or not, you will have done your job. Do it faithfully! KEEP ON, KEEP WATCHFUL, DON'T FAIL TO WARN THIS BACKSLIDDEN GENERATION OF INTERTAINMENT SEEKERS, THAT THEY BEST GET RIGHT WITH GOD, AND SOON! Many of this "feel good" generation, will be sitting by their videos, watching their (LEFT BEHIND) videos, and their "behind", will be LEFT BEHIND, in pile of dust! Joel 2:30..


And I will shew wonders in the heavens, and in the earth, BLOOD, AND FIRE, AND PILLARS OF SMOKE. 31.The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, BEFORE the great and terrible day of the Lord come. . 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. 15.The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining. 16.The Lord shall roar out of Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem: AND THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH SHALL SHAKE: BUT THE LORD WILL BE THE HOPE OF HIS PEOPLE, AND THE STRENGTH OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. To America I say: The spiritual condition of our Nation is at an all time low. Our houses of government are filled with perverts. Our dear precious babies are sold on the market like a butcher shop, all in the name of science.


Our schools are being taken over by the "humanist" and the sodomites. As same sex, and even Pedophilia is now taught in the schools. Our (born again) Leaders, now seek support in funding for the abortionist. Sodomy, Is an accepted lifestyle now, even in the White House. White House? Bush, has appointed several Sodomites to big positions in the White House, as they (heap praise) on the President as too the great job he is doing. As the time clock ticks in the Middle East, and, as Israel searches how to make her next move for survival, America had best come to attention, and assess her own position toward God. Her days are numbered! Pray, that God would give the Church more time, to get to the task of reaching the lost. Pray, that God will raise up truly "anointed" men of God, who will not sell out to the devil for "thirty pieces" of silver, as many have today. Pray, that God will send us men of God, who will seek to please God only, and not man. Just ONE APOSTLE PAUL, can do more good, than the hundreds that swarm the air waves, with every manner of false doctrine that can be conjured up today. Preachers are afraid to preach against sin, because of the loss of funds in their pocket…


From: www.anglefire.com/fl3/gammadim/news.html or Billy Blankenship http://www.worldwidehope.net/redalert.htm . 






August 16, 2000, Prophetic Word, Word Received For United States of America — Overview of warning:


§         The war was coming…  And that the U.S. would be humbled.  He said this word was coming up very strong in his spirit


* * * * * * *


October 24, 2000, Prophetic Word, Word Received For Washington, D.C. — Overview of warning:


§         The Lord has shown me that there will be great and terrible destruction in Washington, D.C.  Trouble of every description: fires, explosions, bombs and terrorism


§         The devastation that is going to happen to the military is at the door.  We must pray diligently to hold back the darkness so our troops can get into position and the description among them will not be as great


§         There will be so much exposure of rottenness in the government that the angry people and politicians would set off a chain reaction of harm to many people in the government


* * * * * * *


October 7, 2001, Prophetic Word, Judgment Has Been Decreed On America  — Dr. Bohler has recently preached a message here at Agape Harvest Church in which he has said that judgment has been decreed on America.  What he is saying is that America's sin has reached a point of no return and must be judged.  In previous messages Dr. Bohler has always called for National Repentance that the Lord might have mercy on our nation - so that judgment might be stayed. When he first toured our Nation with this warning message and call for National Repentance he had some success in starting prayer groups that helped provide this stay of judgment for a time.  


Now Dr. Bohler has said that we are at a place where each individual must search his own heart and come to a place of personal repentance in order to come through the judgment that has been set for our country.  This is a significant shift in Dr. Bohler's message of warning.  It was given on the Sunday morning that the bombing started in Afghanistan (pastor Bohler had no Idea that the bombing would begin that day).  It was as if the Spirit of the Lord was telling us that this military action could be just the beginning.   It seems as though much of what Dr. Bohler has warned the nation about over the last ten years or so may be right at the door.  If you have not seen the Video's "Coming Judgment on America 1", "Coming Judgment on America 2", and "Prophecies of The Coming Darkness", now is the time to secure your copies so that you will be prepared.  They are $25.00 each and can be ordered from this site ( http://www.propheticwatchman.com/revival1.htm ), proceeds help pay our staff and fund our food program.


Dr. Bohler is in no way saying that we should not continue to pray for our Nation, President, and military.  He is saying that we have passed a certain point of no return and that it is time to make sure you are right with the Lord.  Continue to pray for repentance and Revival.  Dr. Bohler is a very patriotic man.  He has served our nation in the US Navy as well as being a military Chaplin.  Neither He nor any one associated with his ministry takes pleasure in delivering this message to our Nation; it grieves our hearts...


* * * * * * *


October 24, 2001, Prophetic Word & Vision, Midwest Massive Loss Of Life & Emergency Prayer Alert — The Midwest is going to feel like it is under siege from terrorists.  Dr. Daniel E. Bohler has just recorded a special primetime radio show here in Kansas City in which he has issued a warning to the Midwest.  This warning includes all of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska.  He said that Americans in these states would feel as if they were under siege from terrorists.  This warning was independently confirmed to Dr. Bohler by one of His prayer team who was moved upon mightily by the Spirit of the Lord to pray for the Midwest after receiving a vision of awesome fires and explosions in buildings.  Pastor Bohler has issued this warning as an emergency prayer alert.  He believes that these events could begin BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Please call your church prayer groups and pastors together to pray immediately.   


* * * * * * *


July 6, 2002, Inspired Word, Nuclear Disasters Planned & Midwest Quake & California Quake — After a long season of prayer Dr. Bohler believes that the terrorists are planning some type of nuclear disasters.  He wants people to fast and pray against it.  He has also mentioned that he believes that Bush's recent speech which seemed to call for the removal of Arafat may have given us more time before the Midwest earthquake.  Dr. Bohler has stated repeatedly that when our President pushes Israel to divide Jerusalem that's when our country will be divided by an earthquake.  Many people involved with this ministry are praying for our President to make the right decisions concerning Jerusalem.  Please join with us.  Continue to pray for California.   Dr. Bohler is still sensing that they are in danger of an earthquake hitting offshore causing flooding for that region.


* * * * * * *


November?, 2003, Prophetic Warning Word, U.S. Protection Removed & Revival — Dr. Daniel E. Bohler - Brother Dutch Sheets, recently in a revival, released a prophetic word and it penetrated my very soul. God had shown him as well as Norvil Hayes, as well as myself, as well as Benny Hinn that this great revival is going to be between the ages of 20 and 45. The youth. Now hear me. I'm leading up to something. He wanted this word confirmed unmistakably. Brother Dutch Sheets did when he went to Washington. When they had different one reading the Bible in front of the Rotunda. Reading it into the very heavens. Reading it into the land before the microphone. Someone came up to Brother Dutch and said Brother Dutch will you read the Bible. He said let me pray about it. And he said Amen, it's done. And he didn't know that when he said that--you'll read the Bible in the morning at 2:00am. He went alone with the Lord. He said Lord, if I've heard from heaven that this is going to be a great and mighty outpouring among the youthfulness of this nation in the ages of 20 and 45. This is where it's going to be God, and when I read the Bible in the morning before the microphone in front of the Rotunda in Washington, D.C. let it be that I read either Habakkuk or Haggai. Friend I want you to know only God in heaven could have worked it out because you see there were people reading every 15 minutes around the clock. He stepped up to the mic the next morning and he got ready and they asked him if he would like to read in Haggai and Habakkuk. Either one of them. Hey listen to me. God let him read both of them confirming unmistakably that he had heard from heaven.


I got a confirmation in the mail yesterday from a dear friend who was carried up into the heavens. He's my brother in the Lord. I know his life of prayer. I know his dedication and what he's gone through and the persecution that he's suffered in order to be the man of God that he is. Now listen to me. He said I was awakened this morning at 9:00am. Then I turned the TV on to the FOX news channel in time to see the removal of the Ten Commandments from it's location in Alabama. The next news article that appeared was a story on how today on the day that they removed the Ten Commandments which was August 27th, 2003 was the very day that planet Mars was closest to the Earth, especially the United States, in over 60,000 years according to the astrologers who keep such records. While he was sitting there my friend was carried up into the spirit. He left his body. He went up into the heavens and he saw his body sitting on the couch. He found himself suspended in the air over America and he saw a great white wall surrounding the nation, the United States. It was a wall of protection around this nation that had been placed there by God Almighty Himself. The great white wall had many cracks in it but it was still intact in guarding the nation. The wall had been removed in an instant and was completely gone. No more wall of protection was around our nation. As God vividly let him see this in this suspended vision he heard the voice of God speak to him and say "Today this nation had demonstrated it will declare war on me. The God of the Bible and the author of the word on the rock that they chose to remove by force of their new law what's right in their own eyes, this demonstration by the rulers of America is direct declaration of war upon me and my righteousness." Then I heard "Therefore I do remove the wall of protection from this nation and it will not be rebuilt."


From:  http://www.propheticwatchman.com/revival1.htm .


From:  The web site:  www.propheticwatchman.com/comingstorm.htm.  Dan Bohler, Agape Harvest Ministry, 1315 SW US Hwy. 40, P.O. Box 1415, Blue Springs, Missouri 64013-1415, 816.220.3206, www.agapeharvest.org, agape@propheticwatchman.com, agape@agapeharvet.org.   Most of the other prophecies are from www.propheticwatchman.com and/or www.aplus-software.com/thglory/sidroth2.htm .  1bMagnified@aol.com .






May 5, 2003, Godly Dream, A Dream May 5th, 2003 With Dumitru Duduman In It—"The Season Of Sorrow"  —Dear Brethren,


Jeremiah 10:12-13, "He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, and has stretched out the heavens at His discretion. When He utters His voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens: and He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth. He makes lightning for the rain, He brings the wind out of His treasuries.


It was May 5, and it had been six years since my grandfather had gone to be with the Lord. I spent the day with my little brother Daniel, the only other member of the family currently in the US, and we kept the memory of our grandfather alive by remembering. We remembered him not as Reverend Duduman, or the Romanian man who had dreams, but as what he was to us, simply grandpa. The man who bounced us on his knee while we were still toddlers, the man who became our instant hero when he stood in the middle of a river on a hot summer's day, and proceeded to catch fish with his bare hands. It was a good time of bonding for us as brothers, and we both came away with the conclusion that even after all this time, we still missed him a great deal.


That night, after prayer, I went to bed and I had a dream. I dreamt I was on a very high ridge, with a great valley spanning out beneath me. The night was calm, the moon and stars shining brightly in the sky. As I looked around trying to get my bearings, I was stunned to see my grandfather standing next to me. He looked young and vibrant, his hands in his pockets, and a smile on his face.


"Interesting times ahead my boy, interesting times ahead," he said. For a minute I was so shocked I couldn't say anything. Finally I blurted out the only thing that came to mind, "They've been interesting ever since you left. Trial after trial, hardship after hardship."


"Now you know how Jesus felt when He walked the earth," he answered, "always doing good, always in the Father's will, yet always mocked and rejected, always misunderstood and despised. Besides, it was all a test anyway."


"A test of what?" I asked.


"For you personally, God wanted to see if you would stay true to your calling even when all seemed lost. He was preparing you and purging you, refining you, for the time when He will use you, and speak to you as He spoke to me."


Before I could say anything he lifted his hand to stop me. His fingers were no longer crooked from his arthritis they were straight, and normal.


"I know what you're going to say my boy, it's not what you want, it's not what you asked for. But you should know by now it is the task you were chosen for. In this you have no choice, besides where can you hide from the face of God. Men have tried before, look how it turned out in the end. To reject what God has planned for you is to deny God. You know what the consequences are."


Unable to find the words to answer, I simply nodded my understanding, and allowed him to continue speaking.


"As for why the ministry had to go through what it went through, God has already spoken that to your heart. You already know the answer. God wants all that know of this work, to be certain of one thing. It is He who sustains it; it is He who blesses it, and not the hands of men or their gimmicks. Do you think any of it would still be here after all that has happened if not for God? Never doubt God's promises concerning this work, or His ability to fulfill them. Hope in God never disappoints, hope in man always leads to disillusionment."


"Now for the reason I am here. I was sent to show you something. Look and see," he said, pointing down to the valley below. As I looked, I saw the outline of a map of America then the outlines of states began taking shape. As I continued to watch this map solidify, small lights began to flicker on and off in some of the states. I recognized California, Illinois, Michigan, Arizona, Washington State, Florida, and New York, among the states that lit up. The light was rhythmic, almost like a homing beacon, constant in its progression. I continued watching the lights go on and off, waiting for something else to happen, but nothing did. Finally I said, "I don't understand. What does this mean?"


"These are the places where those who were sent here long ago, to bring fear and cause chaos, have situated themselves. They lie in waiting, planning and plotting destruction. They are as coiled serpents, looking forward to the hour when they will be loosed upon this nation. If God's children pray, once more he will delay the season of sorrow that is yet to come."


We stood on the ridge in silence for a long time. After awhile the lights stopped flickering in the valley below, and the map began to fade away. Suddenly my grandfather turned his head toward the east, and began to sniff the air as he used to do. "Storm's coming my boy, and it's a bad one," he said. "Now give an old man a hug, and let me be on my way. Be vigilant and work while you still can, it's all God asks of any of His servants. If the Father wills it, we will speak again."


As I hugged my grandfather, I began to hear the rumbling of a great storm. The sky darkened overhead, and the booming of thunder was now audible. In my dream I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I was in my bed, awake. I wiped at my cheeks with the back of my hand, and realized I had been crying. As my eyes began to adjust to the dark, I saw that my wife was sitting up in bed, staring at me. When I asked her why she wasn't sleeping, she said I'd been talking in my sleep for over thirty minutes. I tried going back to sleep but sleep would not come. Finally I gave up trying, went into the kitchen and prayed until morning.


Over the past few days, I have spent much time in prayer as to whether I should share this dream or not. I believe that I am supposed to, and this is why I have included it in this issue of the newsletter. My prayer is that no one would perceive it as a reason for fear, but rather a reason to hope. God hears the prayers of His children, and as long as He encourages us to pray, we must do so without reservation. The day will come, a day I anticipate with great dread, when God will speak to His children as he spoke to Jeremiah, and say do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry for them any longer. For now, while we still can, may we ceaselessly bring our petitions before the Lord.


May the grace of the living Savior abound in you, and may the peace of our risen Lord be ever present in your heart. As always, your prayers are coveted, and our prayers are with you.


Jeremiah 18:7-10, "The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. And the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it."   With love in Christ,  Michael Boldea Jr.


[Author's note:  Michael Boldera, Jr., is the grandson of the late Romanian, Dimitru Dudumann.  Michael Boldea, Jr., Hand of Help Ministry, P.O. Box 571005, Dallas, Texas 75357, www.handofhelp.com  .]


From:  www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammandim/news .