Russia Preparing For Nuclear Attack ON U.S.
May 16, 2003, Test, Russia Preparing for MOCK Nuclear Attacks on U.S, Britain — Russia Preparing for Nuclear Attacks on U.S, Britain, NewsMax Wires, Friday May 16, 2003.

Russia will soon launch a mock nuclear attack against the U.S. and Britain during military exercises over the next week.

Moscow's Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports that Russia's strategic bombers and nuclear submarines "will deliver hypothetical nuclear strikes on the U.S. and Britain, while locating and destroying aircraft-carrier groups of the U.S. Navy."

The massive air, sea and land maneuvers are being conducted in the wake of America's stunning victory over Iraq, a long time client state of Russia.

The paper said the exercises are taking place because, "Russian military leaders have learned a lesson from the Iraq war, and intend to show the U.S. and its allies their determination to repel any potential threat coming from the West."

The Russian military, in plans drawn up at the request of President Vladmir Putin, argues that the only way Russia can deal with an escalating regional conflict with the U.S., would be to employ nuclear weapons.

Though Russia's military has been considerably downzied since the end of the Cold War, and its conventional forces hold little weight against a modern, equipped army, Russia has continued to invest heavily in strategic and tactical nuclear weapons.

Sometime during the 90s, Russia attained nuclear superiority over the U.S. While Russia's large, strategic nuclear weapons have remained in parity with the U.S., Russia's tactical nuclear arsenal has been estimated to include between 20,000 to 40,000 weapons.

At the same time Russia has continued its nuclear buildup, the U.S. has virtually destroyed its arsenal of tactical nuclear warheads. Under orders from the Bush administration, the U.S. has also been moving to further reduce the U.S. strategic arsenal. Currently, the nation's most modern fleet of ICBM, the MX missiles, are being destroyed.

The Russian military exercises show a desire by the Russian military to deal with the huge technological lead U.S. conventional forces have, demonstrated by Operation Iraqi Freedom.

According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the Russian exercises "will be linked with destroying the U.S. satellite group in order to neutralize the NAVSTAR global navigation system, the Keyhole optoelectronic intelligence satellites, and the Lacross radio-locating intelligence satellites."

The paper said these maneuvers, "Under actual conditions of a war this would 'blind' the Pentagon and does not let the U.S. use high-precision weapons against Russian military groups."

So far, the exercises are to include Four Tu-160 and nine Tu-95MS strategic bombers, 12 Tu-22M3 long-range bombers, and four Il-78 flying tankers will be involved in the maneuvers on May 17-18.

The maneuvers are of a "global scale," the paper said.

Major-General Igor Khvorov, commander of the 37th air army of the High Commander-in-Chief, said that the official objective of the exercise is to polish cooperation between the long-range aviation, the Navy, and other branches of the army in the western, eastern, northern, and southern regions of the Russian Federation, and over the world's oceans. This emphasizes a global scale of the impending maneuvers.

Submarines of the Northern and Pacific fleets will launch ballistic missiles. Nuclear strategic and multi-purpose submarines, surface warships of different types, coastal missile and anti-aircraft units, and the missile-carrying, pursuit, and anti-submarine aviation will be involved in the exercise.

The paper also noted that Russian warships sent to the Arabian Sea to take part in an exercise with the Indian Navy will support strategic units. They will find and destroy U.S. Los Angeles class submarines and deliver missile strikes at enemy warships.

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Mexico Seeks Better Russia Military Ties

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- President Vicente Fox says his country hopes to expand military cooperation with Russia, assembling some Russian helicopters in Mexico and importing a mixed civilian-military factory.

Speaking in the north-central state of Hidalgo on Wednesday, Fox said the arms issue would be "a principal topic" in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrives Monday.

Fox said possible projects include "the installation of a large maintenance center for helicopters" as the first step in a plan to assemble helicopters in the Gulf Coast state of Veracruz.

The Mexican president said he also hoped to sign an agreement with Putin for a plant that would assemble heavy machinery "for the military industry, heavy machinery for the construction industry, heavy and transport machinery for various uses that occur in a dynamic economy."

Fox said that factory was intended for Ciudad Sahagun, about 50 miles northeast of Mexico City.

The president mentioned the arms plans during a speech dedicated to regional economic development. He did not elaborate on the projects.

Mexico largely avoided Russian equipment during the Cold War.

But since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has begun to incorporate some Russian equipment - notably transport helicopters - which is less expensive than that from the United States or most European suppliers.

Mexico's air force and navy use at least 56 Russian-made transport helicopters, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Retired Gen. Luis Garcias Magana, a former federal congressman, said Mexico will have to carefully study which Russian material should be made here "because the investment is very high."

"Weapons and materiel such as helicopters - that is complicated because you not only have to bring the factory but also bring experts, as they did with former Soviets in Cuba, to train Mexican personnel," he said.

Marco Vicenzino, a Latin America specialist at the IISS Washington office, said the projects were not likely to create a problem with the United States.

"You're not talking missiles here," he said. "I don't see any major threat. It just gives competition for the market."

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Subject: Just a little piece about how China invades the planet. 
How China defeated The World.
In the later part of the 20th century the Soviet regime had fallen, and a new and far more cunning and devious empire rose from the ashes. Indeed China has been a constant part of the human fabric, yet this country was subject to philosophical ideological change. It is also true that China had been ruled by a cruel autocratic hand for some 60 years. Despite the potential for change the course was plotted there would be no turning back.
China’s new vested interest was to en-gulf the world with its race and to wipe out all non Chinese peoples. It was in fact China’s personal manifest destiny.  
They achieved this goal through vigorous economic activity and becoming the world’s cheapest source of labour. This offered the greedy west what they desired... cheap plastic crap that molded and formed a personal sense of achievement.
Soon the Chinese were capable of manipulating the stock market, as the waning and weakening American and European markets closed the Chinese rapidly took over spaces that were left.
The economic factor was only part of a many pronged attack. With the economic factors was combined the failing birth rates of initially the European peoples. Chinas giant growing population was distributed through immigration (through mass populations the activity was harder to detect and follow) with a duel purpose in mind, first was to help smoke screen operations of a hostile government and its hidden spy centers that occupied Chinese centers of business. The next prong of attack was to immerse into the local populations, governments and families. The merit of this should prove to be rather obvious. It is to weaken the resolve of the local populations against protesting extreme transitions of its government and demographic shift.
It should also be pointed out that immigration is usually encouraged by liberal left wing parties and acted upon when such a government is in power. Thus secret funding of liberal parties from such hostile countries (mainly China) remained an important part of the success of the first wave of invasion from China.
China’s used propaganda in small groups of people that it can access. If they encounter religious groups or liberal minded people in the Western society it deliberately seeks to show the cruelty of western people in previous history. These stories of course are bent out of shape, then thrown into foreign context, for people with objections the Delphi method is employed. Of course the purpose for this is transparent, it helps bring sympathy to the invaders making objections more difficult and making assertions against their over whelming numbers more difficult to state.
Another essential goal was to deliberately tear at the fabric of the new found host’s society, specifically the family and reproduction of their new hosts. The essential goal was to ensure local populations did not reproduce with their own kind but with one of their peoples. This served the invaders on in a series of dual functions. It seemed that more often then not the dedication of its half Chinese people went back to China ignorant (to the point of secret hatred) of its hosts origin. This of course helped to achieve a further reduction over all Indigenous peoples that would offer resistance in future waves. 
To be completed Soon