September 2, 1950, Open Vision, War And Destruction To America — This is sent in from Susan Garcia. From "The Word of Faith" magazine, the November, 2001 issue, which is published monthly by Kenneth Hagin Ministries:


I wanted to share this with all of you. This if from Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. He received this from the Lord on September 2, 1950 at a revival in Rockwall, TX.  Please read and begin to pray.


As I lay under the power of God, it seemed that I stood on a plain and could see for miles. There was no sign of life. I felt so lonely. To the west I saw what appeared to be a tiny dot on the horizon. As I watched, it grew larger. It was a horse with a man upon it, riding toward me at full speed.


The horseman came to me, stopped, and handed me a scroll - a roll of paper twelve or fourteen inches long. As I unrolled it, he said, "Take and read." At the top of the page in big, bold, black print were the words, "WAR AND DESTRUCTION". I was struck dumb. He laid his right hand on my head and said, "Read, in the Name of Jesus Christ!" I began to read what followed on the paper, and as the words instructed me, I looked and saw what I read about.


First, I read about thousands upon thousands of men in uniform. Then I looked and saw these men marching, wave after wave of soldiers marching as to war. I looked in the direction they were going, and as far as I could see there were thousands of men marching.


I read the scroll again, then looked and saw what I had just read about. I saw many women - some old with snowy white hair, some middle-aged, some young, and some teen-aged. Some of the younger ones held babies. All of the women were bowed together in sorrow and were weeping profusely. Those who did not carry babies held their hands on their stomachs as they bowed over and wept. Tears flowed from their eyes like water.


I looked at the scroll again, and again looked up to see what I had read about. I saw the skyline of a large city. Looking closer I saw its skyscrapers were burned-out hulls, and portions of the city were in ruins. It was not written that just one city would be destroyed, burned and in ruins, but that there would be many such cities.


The scroll was written in the first person; it seemed as if Jesus Himself were speaking. I read, "America is receiving her last call. Some nations have already received their last call and will never receive another." Then in larger print it said, "THE TIME OF THE END OF ALL THINGS IS AT HAND." This statement was repeated four or five times.


The scroll continued, "All the gifts of the Spirit will be in operation in the Church in these last days. The Church will do greater things than even the Early Church did. It will have greater power, signs, and wonders than were recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. We have seen and experienced many healings, but we now behold amazing miracles such as have not been seen before.


More and more miracles will be performed in the last days, which are just ahead (referring to the end of the last days), for it is time for the gift of the working of miracles to be more in prominence. We now have entered into the area of the miraculous. Many of My own people will not accept the moving of My Spirit, and will turn back and will not be ready to meet Me at My coming. Many will be deceived by false prophets and miracles of satanic origin. But follow the Word of God, the Spirit of God, and Me, and you will not be deceived. I am gathering My own together and am preparing them, for the time is short."


There were several other exhortations to be watchfulness, to awake and to pray, and not to be deceived. Then I read, "As it was in the days of Noah, so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be. As I spoke to Noah and said, 'Yet seven days and I will cause it to rain upon the earth, forty days and forty nights, and every living substance will I destroy from off the face of the earth,' so today I am speaking and giving America her last warning and call to repentance, and the time that is left is comparable to the last seven days of Noah's time.


"Warn this generation, as did Noah his generation, for judgment is about to fall. And these sayings shall be fulfilled shortly, for I am coming soon. This is the last revival. I am preparing My people for My coming. Judgment is coming, but I will call My people away, even unto Myself, before the worst shall come. But be thou faithful and watch and pray." Then the message concluded with the words, "For the time of the end of all things is at hand."


From the book: 1 www.agapeharvest.org, and "I Believe In Visions," by Kenneth E. Hagin, ISBN: 0-89276-508-9, or www.etpv.org or contact Kenneth Hagin ministries.






1992, Prophetic Vision, Wake Up Call To America And The Church & Prophetic Vision Of The Third World War — The Lord gave me a prophetic vision in 1992 of a potential worldwide war. A description of that vision follows. As I have prayed about the horrible, tragic events that took place in our nation on Tuesday [9/11/01], I sense that they are a warning of the type of thing that will become more common if this war is not won by the prayers of the saints in the spiritual realm. I have spoken with several of the other prophets in the "Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders" and they are in agreement that this is a "wake up call" to our nation and especially to the Church. If the Church in America doesn't rise up and intercede for turnaround, we can expect more tragedy to befall us. On Tuesday, five thousand or so lives were lost (praise God that it was not the tens of thousands that could have been lost). I believe we will see that these lives that were sown will reap America's awakening and returning to God.


This is not a time for fear. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world! We have a great opportunity as the Body of Christ to bring change to our nation and point it toward righteousness. God wants the United States to be a "sheep" nation (Mt. 25:31-33). For years we have been sensing that things were going to get worse in the world but better and more glorious in the Church. This is a time for us to rise up as the Army of the Lord, pointing the way to Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.


The Present War Of The Church — By Dr. Bill Hamon Note: This vision was included in the 1997 Word of the Lord booklet. We are reprinting it here because of its continued relevance. I sense that in the past four years the Church has won part of this war in the spiritual realm; however, more intercession and spiritual warfare are needed. In 1992, God gave me a prophetic vision of the Third World War that the devil has planned. Since then God has expanded on the vision and given me some more insight. I have preached and prophesied this message in several nations so that we can be prepared. Basically the Lord said He is going to work mercy until the end of 2002. After that, if the Church and government of America has not turned the nation back to God, then He is going to remove His blessings and protection. America has been receiving the blessing of Deuteronomy 28:1-14, but if America does not turn back to God, then she will come under the curses and judgments of Deuteronomy 28:15-68. I've had a lot of confirmation for the vision I saw from many in different nations who have seen the same vision and heard the same things. Since then we have also heard things from inner circles in the governments of the world that have confirmed this. Therefore, we have a great challenge in this area. The Third World War that is being designed by Satan is not Armageddon. It's not something God has planned; it's something the devil is trying to plan. God is working to adjust it based on His people's obedience. In the vision, I saw the evil spirit that has arisen every so often in men and nations with Satan's ambition to overcome every nation and rule the world. Every so often a person arises with that spirit behind him to take over the world. We had that with Hitler. We've had that down through the ages. The devil wants to take over this world. He thinks he owns it, but he doesn't. It belongs to God. This spirit will soon arise in China, the Islamic nations and a couple of existing communist nations. These nations have plans to become allies in this coming world war in their single objective of ruling the world, similar to how Germany, Japan, and Italy became allies in World War II. Negotiations have been taking place behind closed doors since 1992. The ensuing conflict will become known as the East/West War. The Eastern nations goal is to overthrow the European Common Market nations and then take over America and the rest of the world. Russia and America will become allies with the European Common Market nations. In the end, all the Eastern allies will be defeated IF the war is fought in the natural. However, the Lord revealed that after it is over, the United States of America will no longer be recognized as the dominating world leader to whom the rest of the world looks for security, prosperity, and stabilization. The united European Community will assume the dominating position in the world. What Satan meant for evil, God will use to fulfill His purpose. God will use the occasion to cause China to be open to the Gospel. And for the first time since the sixth century, all the nations that have been ruled by Islam will be set free and the Gospel will be preached freely in those nations. More people will be saved in that day and hour than have been saved since the third century of the Church. Satan has plans, but God has other options available. God spoke to me and our CI prophets to go to the nations in the Pacific Rim to give the word of the Lord concerning what is being planned and what they can do about it. We have gone to most of the nations of the Pacific Rim: the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. The Eastern allies do not see them as a threat. They plan to seize their wealth and resources in one fast move. The word God gave us was the same for each nation. God said if the Church will arise in aggressive spiritual warfare prayer and praise, the plans of Satan and his world dominating spirit can be stopped or thwarted. When the three mighty enemy nations were allied against King Jehosophat, King Jehosophat turned to God with intercessory prayer. God responded by having a prophet prophesy some divine directives. The king of the nation of Judah acted upon the word of the Lord by going against the enemy in warfare praise, and God caused Israel's enemies to turn against each other and destroy themselves. God prophetically declared He will do the same for these Pacific Rim nations IF they will arise in aggressive warfare prayer and praise. He also said He will cause the Underground Church in China to become like Holy Spirit termites that will eat the heart of evil out of that nation until it crumbles like the communist empire of the Soviet Union crumbled. The European Community nations must also do their part for the war to be fought and won in the spirit realm. England, in particular, is at the very point of this thing between East and West. All the different nations that are involved need to be prepared and praying. We have an option. This war will be fought and won either in the Spirit or in the natural or both. If we win the war in the spirit realm against the principalities and powers that are motivating the Eastern allies, it will not have to be fought in the natural. There is no exact month, day and year set for this war to happen. It could happen any time between now and 2006. Everything is being weighed in the balance. What the Church of Jesus Christ does is the determining factor. The devil is determined to take over the world, but God is determined to open up China and all the Muslim nations to the Gospel. God's divine purpose will be accomplished either by the Church winning the war in the heavenlies or by an East/West war. The end result will be the Bamboo Curtain being ripped open for China to be opened to the Gospel, and the Islamic political and religious control being removed from all the Muslim nations. This will allow the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to be demonstrated in all nations for a witness of the Lordship of Christ. If the natural war comes, nuclear missiles will land on major cities and strategic places in America. I saw several major areas being bombed. Multi-millions will die in this war, including thousands in America. Nothing will be able to be done by the politicians to stop this war. The war will be fought and won. It will either be accomplished through supernatural warfare by the Church army of the Lord, or by the natural armies of the East and West, or by a combination of both. It is all based upon whether a sufficient amount of Christians respond properly to take aggressive actions. The only hope for the world is Jesus Christ and His Church. The Church must aggressively go on the offensive with revelation knowledge concerning what to do to stop the plans of the enemy. We do not have to stay passive with a complacent attitude or a doom and gloom perspective that it is all predestined to happen and there is nothing we can do about it. We can do something about it! Let us pray that the Church around the world will arise and become the militant, spiritual army of the Lord for the sake of our Savior, our children, and our nation. AMEN. 1


From:  1The web site:  www.etpv.org or Christian International Ministries Network, Bill Hamon @ www.cinn.net/attack/index.html .  2Bill Hamon's book called "Apostles, Prophets And The Coming Moves Of God," ISBN: 0-939868-09-1 © 1997.






Some Years Ago Before 2001, Dream, Asian Soldiers In Astoria, Oregon 


...Some years ago while I lived near Portland, Oregon, I had a dream in which I saw Asian soldiers with faces of iron attacking Astoria, Oregon, 50 miles away, and killing everyone in sight. People were stepping to their front doors to see what the noise was about and were suddenly killed. The number of soldiers was spectacular. Their mercilessness shocking...demonic. Many others have had the same dream.






April 22, 2003, Visions?, Seen Destruction For America For The Last 15 Years    My name is Carol Harp and I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Yes, I too have seen the destruction for America for the last 15 years. God did not leave us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind. These things will come to pass in His time. Keep all He gives you in a book, and date it.  The Lord had me do this... possibly for those "left behind."


Hey sister, your not going crazy, you're just being blessed! Let God has his perfect work in your life. Time is SHORT, tell others to repent and accept Christ. Love to hear from you... In Christ, Carol, God Bless.


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[TheEagle-L] Re: Vision of China


By nanoc@postoffice.swbell.net


I have had dreams of fighting the Chinese soldiers. In one dreem when I was a teen, I was in a zodiac boat with other people in camoflage going down a river [in the U.S.?]. We saw a tin shack with a radio tower next to it. We went in the shack to look at the equipment. I saw a patrol boat with Chinese soldiers coming up the river. I quickly got some wire and hooked the wire to the door and the other end to a large battery in the shack and aimed my rifle at the door. As soon as I heard a scream I shot through the door and the recoil of the rifle woke me up. And I had another dream involving Chinese soldiers I was on a highway walking when I came across burned vehicles and other sorts of debris. I saw a Chinese soldier standing up above a crowd of people saying to surrender to us and you will have a better life. I came across a 50Cal. machine gun in one of the overturned trucks and I could only find 3 rounds and they were chained together. I loaded the gun and fired on the soldier and I woke up. These dreams were strange. I had these dreams before I knew about China and what a threat they [may be] to the U.S. I don't have dreams about killing ether except in these two dreems. And I don't fantasize about killing.


Conan C. Harris






Dream: WEST COAST INVASION - HEARTBREAK & SEPARATION (received September 27th, 1990 Thursday, having just moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Novato, California)


dream: I saw George Bush and he was standing in front of a white tent. I can't say he was doing anything.


In the next scene I was called up to this high-rise mansion or called up to this complex area and I was told that my mother had died. I was issued a rifle and I had to search around for ammunition. I was only given a limited amount of ammunition and I was given a rifle. Then it was impressed upon me that I needed to go out and defend the coast. I went out along the California Coast and there were enemy soldiers coming in "IN THE HORDES" to take over the country. On this same beach I saw a young boy in the distance who appeared to be my son and who was running frantically toward me thinking I was his dad. As we got closer together and could clearly recognize one another I realized that he was not my son and he saw that I was not his father. We were both grieved and heartbroken, in this instance, because we, like others, had experienced separation from our families and loved ones.


In the next scene there were very long trains with open box cars having blue rubberized vinyl covers. Inside one of these boxcars, with the blue rubberized vinyl covers, were my wife and two children. They were real cold, and they were being transported to some location like Siberia where they were to be given a place to live. The place where they were to live looked much like the large apartment complexes built all over Germany after World War II. They really weren't that bad, but it was not an individual home like you would find in the United States, rather, it was more like the living quarters found in a European Country.


In this dream, my wife, who in reality is quite slim, was very heavy set with freckles on her face and a scarf on her head. She looked very much like a Russian Woman. My wife actually appeared more than heavy set, she actually appeared to be pregnant.


Once again, at the end of the dream, there was much separation of families between the fathers and mothers and the children with much heartbreak and grief.






Early 1980's, Two Dreams & Visions, The Lord Began To Show Me Visions Of Russian TU 95 Bear Bombers & Jesus Christ Or anti-christ Who Will You Serve? — Today if we are watching we can see a shaking going on in every area of the worlds system.  I would now share with you what I mentioned in my first letter about judgment coming upon America.  America for its pride and its self reliance on her own might and not in God, shall be brought low, but will not be brought to a complete end, not like the goat nations as it is recorded in Mt. 25:32.


Back in the early 80's a bro. Frank S. had two dreams and the Lord gave me the interpretations.  I did not write them down so I'll be drawing from memory. 


First Dream — The first dream was this.  Frank was standing out side his house at night, and he saw what looked like some thing flashing and silhouetting the mountains in the distance, end of dream.  The interpretation was this.  The flashes of light were bombs falling on the cities of America.  I would come home from church and go to my room to pray and seek God, and as I did this the Lord began to show me visions of Russian TU 95 Bear bombers.  I saw the capital hill building or White House crumbling.  I kept hearing, Ezek. 38&39 over and over again, indicating I was to study these scriptures.  Also Rev. 9 was impressed upon me that this scripture about the 200 Million army of the Kings of the east would be fulfilled at the same time.  I saw in a vision the Russian leader at that time with a hook in his jaw.  His face looked like a pig.   Ezek. 38: 4, "And I will turn thee back and put hooks into thy jaw, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army." What I perceived to be the trigger to this event, would be a war between Israel and Syria.  Ezek.38: 8 and 10-11, These scriptures reveal two Israel's, v 8 is the Israel in the middle east , v 10 and 11 is America , v 13 a young lion.  America is the only allied nation strong enough to defend Israel.  For any one that would come against and conquer her would have to remove America's arm of protection.  V-13 says that, They would come to take a spoil, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take away a great spoil.  Only America has cattle and goods that would be a great spoil.


Rev. 9: 16, China is the only nation at this present time that has a 200 million army.  This is what I perceive will cause this scripture to be fulfilled.  Russia and China at this writing has an alliance, but I believe when Russia begins her campaign against us she will double cross China.  What will cause Russia to take such risk?  Desperation for spoil.  Sink or swim so to speak.  After several weeks of these revelations I woke up one morning about 4:30 am.  I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  As I was standing there the presence of the Lord's Holy Spirit manifested Himself to me.  I was asked a question, "When would be the best time for an enemy to attack America?"  Then in vision I saw little children opening presents, I began to weep profusely.  "Yes said the Lord to me on Christmas between midnight and 8 am and these innocent are the ones who are victims of this evil generation.' That was the culmination of the first dream.  Satan Claus the materialist god of this age.  Lifted up and paraded through this nation starting on Thanksgiving day. 


Second Dream — The second dream is this.  Frank S. heard a knock at his front door.  When he opened the door there stood a bear.  He slammed the door shut  in the bears face.  Frank went and got his gun.  He went to the window and opened it, there was the bear in a Russian uniform which he did not have on before.  Frank stuck the gun out the window to shoot the bear, but the gun was knocked out of his hand.  Interpretation—The bear ( Russia ) came the first time in peace (Glausenoff/ Parastroyka.)  The second time the bear appears to us is to make war but our defenses will be knocked out of our hands.  I was not shown what year this would happen.


[Author's Comments:  Remember America only has about 270 million people, actually a little over 260 if I recall correctly.  Now think for a minute, China has the 200 Million army, and remember that in China a family is only permitted one child, when many of the girls were born, they killed them for many wanted boys, in China today, there are not enough girls for the boys/men, if I recall correctly it is like a 10 to 1 issue – but you can check this out for yourself to be accurate! When war does come to America, there will be massive killings and rapings of our women and young girls.   Also remember India now has a billion people while China has about 1.3 billion people, in addition, the new Europe will have about 350 million people – keep all this in mind when you think about the future invasion coming to the United States at some later date in the not so distant future, like very possibly in the next ten years counting from 2003. 


American eventually will have about 8 nations come against her, Russia and China will be the two main ones.  When you think of the 260 million in America, remember how many are children and how many are old, now what you have left is what would have a percentage, to defend our country! 


Today, in 2oo3/2004 it is vital that you remember 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,' get on your face on the floor before God in tears for the sins of America, especially abortions-the baby blood that has spilled on this land, and the dividing of the land in Israel, even though God is going to use it for Israel's good, still repent for America's sin here.  In repenting, tell God you want to repent and confess the terrible sins of America, and ask for His forgiveness and Great Grace and Mercy for America and the souls here to get saved, etc – you must do this from your HEART.  You can cry now or later, after the invasion, if you cry now from you heart you can hold off the invasion for a period of time?  Remember to also pray for yourselves and family members, original and extended family.  You cannot do this repentance and confession of sins for yourself and country only one time, it needs to be done often, even weekly.  Make it a godly habit to set aside time to do this weekly.  God will take notice of you, if you are sincere from your heart.]


Spring Of 1999, Dream, Chinese Man Took My Bible From Me — It has been almost two decades since we received these revelations.  In the spring of this year 1999 I had an interesting dream, it went like this. There stood before me a Chinese man.  He took my Bible from me.  Then he said to me, " If I catch you with a bible again I will put you in jail."  My interpretation is this and I pray I have the mind of Christ in this matter.  Just to speculate on things such as important as this is dangerous.  You  have heard the story of the little boy that cried wolf.  To much speculation of prophecy interpretations will cause the saints to reject the truth when they do hear it.  We can start by examining scripture.  As previously stated in Ezek. 38: v8 & v's 10-16.  Gog the chief of Meshech and Tubal come against Israel v18 Gods fury against Gog v21, and I will call for a sword against him through out My mountains (nations), saith the Lord God; every man's sword shall be against his brother.  Here we see GOD using some one to fight against Gog.  Who is this sword God uses against Gog?  Rev. 9:13 and the sixth angel sounded (the worlds trumpet judgments ). V13 and number of the army was 200 million  Rev 16:12 the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water there of was dried up, that the way of the Kings of the east (China ) might be prepared.  What it sounds like to me is that Russia invades Israel east at the same time invades Israel west (America).  China is also our enemy and will take advantage at that time to invade the west coast of the U.S. while Russia invades the East coast.  The Lord our God to insure that we will not be completely annihilated, will turn them against each other.  In Ezek. 39 Russia is turned back which may mean that China turned them back.  Here we have a possibility of that cruel lord in Isaiah 19 to rule over Egypt (world).  The U.S. the most powerful nation in the world is reduced to nothing will not be able to resist there conquerors.  This would make China # 1 and the rest of the nations submit to him.   I would not be surprised if Mexico joined in the looting like Moab did to Jerusalem when she was over run by the Babylonians.


The judgment we see happening here in the states and all over this world is a wake up sign, and they shall continue to increase in rapidity and intensity and closer together.  The finale crescendo of the judgments of God would be Ezek. 38.  What is the purpose for all this destruction?  What can we look forward to?  The first question has a twofold answer.


#1 is Isa. 2: 4  "And He shall judge among many nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plow shares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." That deals with the world.


#2 Jesus is coming for a church with out spot or wrinkle.  Isa. 1: 25-28 The Lord speaking to His backslidden people.  "And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and take away thy tin, and I'll restore thy judges as at first, (deliverers) and thy counselors as at the beginning ; afterwards thou shall be called , the city of righteousness, the faithful city, Zion shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness.  And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed." Zeph.1: 6 "And them that are turned back from the Lord; and those that have not sought the Lord, nor inquired for Him.''


Question #2, "And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem; when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst there of by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning. And the Lord will create on every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night.  And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the day time from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from rain and storm."  The presence of the Lord and His Shekinah glory.  Ps. 91.   Whether it rains or freezes we need to know we are in the arms of Jesus, not the anti Christ.  The mark of the beast, I believe will be spiritual.  For example, Ezek. ch. 9, considering the sovereignty of God in all things and Satan is subject to the word of God.  What is communally interpreted in Daniel  9:27 as he (the anti christ) is He (Jesus Christ).  Jesus shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. This covenant represents the church age of two thousand years.  After the church age comes the Kingdom age.


[Author's note:  Above is a reproduced from the latter portion of www.sosbbs.com/~ejhintz/L9.html , by Ed Hintz titled: "Jesus Christ or Anti-Christ Who Will You Serve"


From: www.harvest.org/prophecies/americadreams.htm .






1997, Vision, Huge Angel Over Dallas  —There was a huge angel the size of a skyscraper over Dallas calling the people to worship God.  [The could have been the reigning angel of the United States since it was that big.]


* * * * * * *


1997, Dream, Six Cities In America Bombed  —I saw six cities in America bombed: two in Texas, one being Houston, also Miami & Los Angels too.


* * * * * * *


2001, Dream, Nuclear Bomb – Chesterfield, MO  — I saw a blast, nuclear bomb hit, Chesterfield, MO and the "Spirit Of St. Louis" airport was hit.


* * * * * * *


February 13, 2002, Dream,  Three Nuclear Explosions In Washington State  —I walked up to a green clump of corn stalks.  One was leaning over almost touching the ground.  I walked over to this corn stalk and straightened it up.   After straightening the stalk I noticed an ear of corn full grown on it.  I picked the corn and gave it to someone standing near me.  This person shucked the corn to eat it.  I noticed that the yellow corn ear was only about 2/3 to ¾ full of kernels, next I was looking at either downtown Portland or Seattle from a high place.  I then saw three nuclear explosions happen next to each other in the middle of the city.  Each explosion covered one mile total destruction radius.  The explosions formed three circles that slightly overlapped each other in a triangular formation.  I saw the nuclear wind blow mightily as it fanned out.  This wind blew over almost everything in its path.  I saw a car parked in a Quonset type garage with a woman and three children.  This building, car, and people were not destroyed.  I saw radioactive dust being blown on many people who were outside the circles of destruction.  I knew these people would die.


Next, I was in a small town in the Midwest.  Someone told me where three more suitcase bombs were stored and gave me directions to get there.  I knew the bombs were from the Islamic terrorists.  I thought I should find these bombs to prevent them from being used.  To get to the bomb location I walked down a dirt road between cornfields.  I came to a wider area between the fields that had several large trees growing close together.  When I walked up to the trees I saw a van with the bombs inside.  At this time President Bush arrived with some secret service agents around him.  I showed the President the bombs.  Because one of the bombs had a detonator in it the President was concerned about the bomb exploding.  I suggested taking the bomb to Seattle and placing it where the other ones had exploded.  He did not like my suggestion and brushed me off.  I felt humiliated by his response so a few minutes later I walked up to him, the President, and explained that since a bomb had already exploded in Seattle I didn't think exploding another one there would cause any further damage.  President Bush said he didn't have time to listen to me because he had to many other things to do and walked off.  Again I felt belittled as I watched him walk away.


[Author's comment:   I met Jim at a Prophet of America – Nita  Johnson and Prophet of India – Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj meeting in St. Louis during the week of June 24th, 2002.  In talking with Jim, I knew God had revealed some things to him through dreams and visions.]


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