Before December 2001, Dream & Vision, Fire & Smoke — There were fires and explosions all over the city people were running in total panic. There were wrecked cars and cabs on nearly every street, and there were soldiers everywhere I looked. I felt a Holy presence but could not see anyone. I ask if this was the WTC [9/11/01] we had just seen on TV, and He said no, this is yet to come. I then ask will it only be New York City, He said no, many others will suffer in even worse ways. Other cities there will be death and destruction across the United States. The economy will be totally destroyed and when their god of money is gone from them, they will turn to me. But I will receive them not.

I then ask what about those who love You and are truly your children. It was then that I could see in the crowds those who could be identified by the glory of God around them, and the peace they had was supernatural and it could be seen in their walk and manners.

What about Israel I asked? There will be much death and destruction in Israel for My people have sinned a great sin against me. But I will save them as I have promised, but for those who have come against my City and my people, I will show no mercy.

I asked, when will this happen? Be ready to receive Me, for I will bring all these things to pass. End of Vision…

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Open Vision, Russians — I was given an open vision of Russian troops being deployed in the local area. They came in via airplane. They parachuted in. They came in the winter. This vision shall surely come to pass for the sins of America.

Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, And let the unrighteous man His thoughts; Let him return to the LORD, And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, He will abundantly pardon. For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways, says the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:7-9)

Hear now what Jesus has been speaking to America for over twenty years. Judgment is coming and you need Jesus.

[Author's note: LaVonne Parke, Lgldp3@webtv.net .]

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September Or October 2000, Inspirational & Prophetic Words, Future Events—How To Prepare:

§ All countries the U.S. entered outside of God's will, God has considered encroachment and will allow these nations to afflict the U.S.

§ Judgment will begin soon on unrepentant cities, regional blessing or judgment, Psalm 110:1-3.

§ Time of aligning of the nations. China, Korea, Japan, and Pacific Rim being aligned for end-time confederacy. L.O.N.- League of Orient Nations.

§ Castro's replacement will make him seem like a kitty cat. We must intercede!

§ Africa and South America will be born–again Nations, "Nations for Jesus."

§ America's debauchery ruled regions will see more judgment. The homosexual agenda will launch an all out attack with open opposition to Christianity.

§ America will adopt "new laws and times." We must pray to stop this!

§ The Church will lose its non-tax status.

§ More leaders will come under national exposure until God brings forth a Righteous Church, clean without spot or blemish, I Peter 4:16-19.

§ More leaders in government will be exposed to reveal our deceptions regarding the need for character and righteousness in our elected officials.

§ Bombings will increase on U.S. soil on unrepentant cities.

§ Earthquakes to continue with frequency and intensity of destruction and loss of lives, on U.S. soil, also.

§ This decade will release the greatest famine, pestilence, floods and disasters in history. With no slow down—as a woman in travail.

§ Riots and violence will be unleashed on lawless regions, especially those regions scorning God and His laws.

§ More shootings and martyrs on American soil.

§ Judgment will come on America's farmers for failing to enthrone the God of the harvest.

How To Prepare —

§ Get and stay out of consumer debt, a debtors prison will return.

§ Get out of the system of Babylon. Gad and Meni gods of prosperity and destiny, Isaiah 65:8-15.

§ Return to your first love; Jesus. Not His word, prophecy or gifts—but Him, Revelation 2:2-5.

§ Love your neighbor, avoid the spirit of intolerance and hatred.

§ Don't run after signs or you will be deceived. Tear down idolatry. NOW!

§ Begin to fast and pray, sanctify yourselves now, don't be foolish virgins.

§ Put assets into Gold and Silver. [Ken says the Lord told him we have less than 18 months before the end of prosperity in stocks.]

§ Avoid slick technology that gives away your personal power.

§ Don't fail to study God's Word, keep your path lit, 2 Tim. 2:15.

§ Continue to stand in the gap. Repent as did Daniel and God will hear, 2 Chr. 7:14.

[1Author's Comment: Both Nita Johnson and Ken Peterson had prophetic dreams/visions before becoming a Christian. This may be common to those who are being called into the Prophet/Prophetess Calling.

In additon, on one of my audio tapes, a person mentions that someone in the states was working in a warehouse and dropped a box and it broke open, it was full of Gila-teens, there was a great shipment of them there. Why in the world would you have boxes of Gila-teens, what for? I have a 950-audiotape library, I cannot recall which audio the information was on or I would include it here.]

From: The Prophecy Club® Newsletter, July/August, 2000, pages 4-5. Video available called "I Saw The Tribulation," $25.00, from The Prophecy Club®, P.O. Box 750234, Topeka, KS 66675, 785.266.1112.



July 22, 1992, Dream, Judgment Is Coming To America — A dream awakened me on July 22, 1992 at 2:50 AM. The dream is as follows:

My husband and I with our children were in a shopping center. When we finished shopping, we got in the car and were driving away. A short distance down the road, in a line of traffic, suddenly a group of about 20 Russian men on motorcycles separated a section of the traffic and forced us to pull over to the side. They were dressed in sharp black uniforms like very expensive motorcycle uniforms and helmets, and they carried machine guns. I said, "If we had been about 2 minutes earlier…" meaning we would have been ahead of this group and would not have been caught. We were all frightened because we did not know what they were going to do with us. We still thought of them as our enemies.

After we all got out of our cars and were herded into a place together beside the road, while the Russians walked among the crowd holding their machine guns on us, one of the Russians carrying a machine gun who appeared to be their leader said, "Judgment Is Coming To America. The Only Way You Can Prevent It Is For You All To Pray!" Then he talked about how the churches were full of homosexuals, even the pastors, and he had chosen us because he knew we were a true church. Somehow we were all from the same church.

So, with the black uniformed Russians walking among us having their machine guns turned on us forcing us to pray, all the people got down on their knees and started to pray. The Russians were scattered among the crowd, silently walking among us with their machine guns as a school teacher would silently walk among her class while a test is in progress. One of the men came over to me and said, "Your husband not only has a pastor, but he also has a friend." I knew he was talking about our pastor. Even the little children were on their knees praying.

From: The binder "The Day Of The Lord Is Near," Volumes I-IV, a collection of prophecies, visions and dreams, Gwen Shaw, End-Time Handmaidens & Servants at Engeltal Press, P.O. Box 447, Jasper, Arkansas, 72641-0447, 870.446.2252, $25.00.



January 24, 2000, Prophecy, War To Come During The Bush Presidency – To The Honorable President Of The United States Of America, President George W. Bush — During the days of your travail during the election war, I had secured your Destiny and set your path according to my will. For I was with you when you cried unto me and searched my word for comfort. Now in the Twilight of the Clinton Legacy I set before you two paths, For all things are revealed unto me in heaven and earth and I know full well of your allegiances and your covenant with them who are undistinguishable to the eye of the public. So now I set before you this. Touch not the legacy of the Clinton. Do not spare him nor come against him, For during the days of his Presidency he did not give heed to my council even when I spared him while in office. So now Judgment is set against him and his confederates and there shall be no escape. This sign is set for you that you should know that my eye is upon the gates of Washington and upon the comings and goings of those who rule the land. Nor will I spare any nation that comes against Israel or forces upon them the yoke of captivity that they should divide the land and my Holy Mount. You are descendant of Kings and I have set you over The Land of America that you should rule it. Test Me! See if by my Spirit I will not establish these words. Increase to Israel and I will increase America. Divide Israel and I shall divide America. If you hear me, and take these things to heart and consider my Holy name, Then I shall prosper you and all of America unto the seventh year of your reign. For he who honors me in Secret will I reward in public. Even though the Sons of Ishmael seek to undermine the Economy of the Eagle and plot against you with grit teeth, I shall cause them great Travail and place them under your orbit. I will build your Alliances on Solid Ground as in the days of your Father and will muzzle the bear. Let it be known that even though war shall come in the days of your Presidency, I will preserve the strength of America through it, If you consider my Holy name in all your dealings.
Submitted According to his Will, Alex Puyol

* * * * * * *
November 17, 2000, Prophecy, To The Esteemed President Of The United States Of America, President George W. Bush — Hear now the Words of the Living God, you are now President of the United States for I have set you so, nevertheless your heart is lifted up so it will come pass that in the early days of your Presidency I shall cast a stumbling block in front of your Administration to cause you to stumble and you will know that I am God.

For I will sift you and those in your midst for my eye is upon the comings and goings of the White House and I shall not tolerate the iniquity that abides in Washington any longer. For you have made promises that you do not intend to keep and think that the conspiracies of your heart and the Agenda of you and your confederates are unknown.

Therefore says God, I shall reach down and remove the banner of peace from America that War will come during the days of your Presidency.

The burden of this war shall be felt to the very core of the Nation and you shall be render adrift seeking direction. For though you shall assemble great councilors and advisors "Says God" their wisdom shall fall short.

Look to your precious Economy for it is but a house of cards that shall collapse from a wind that I shall bring for a stiffneck Generation that has forgotten that America is a nation under God. For only if you turn this nation toward me "Says God" that I will renew the Strength of America and confound her enemies and give peace to the land.

Take and consider that in the day of your father's Presidency, even the first Day of his Inauguration he acknowledged me in prayer before all of America and the world and thus I acknowledged him and made him the most Powerful man in all the earth that none could stand against him.

Take and consider these words Mr. President for they are not in vain. Delivered According To his Will In his Service, Alex.

* * * * * * *
July 17, 2002, Dream, Russia & Cuba Forces Strike Certain U.S. Southeastern Locations — I prayed regarding the dream and the Lord told me to connect the dots, the US government Expenditures the citizen Mobilization. The Lord has only shown us the destruction of the US as we know it, but not the utter destruction of Russia.

The Spirit of the Lord told me that he is going to pull the restraint off of the hearts of the African-Americans and that they are going to rise up in revolt (For a Season) and have already made preparations to do so. When this takes place it is going to scare the life out of the federal government, they have no idea --- it is as if Washington sleeps, Alex.

I have just awoken from a Dream while it is fresh in my mind I will write it down. First there was this spirit that was running around stealing laid up stores of supplies and convincing people that everything was fine and when the store room was bare with just a few cans of soup the dream changed and the following occurred. It started with a call up of anyone with Prior Military service. I saw men as old as 45-50 being given uniforms and loading up on trucks to go to certain checkpoints. It seemed just as soon as that had happened, Russian and Cuban forces struck at certain locations in the southeastern US. But the fight proved more than they thought and they were driven out. Then Suddenly I started seeing pictures of several key US Cities and the people seemed to realize what was taking place and were looking for shelter. Then I saw flashes of each being struck by Nuclear Weapons, the sight was so vivid I watched as people sat in whatever shelter they could find as the end came. Then suddenly the dream started over but a few hours earlier. But this time I was not a spectator but a reservist reporting for duty, as I walked in there were even larger groups of soldiers than in the first dream and I and others were waiting for our uniforms, I then went to the officer in charge and told him that in a few hours the Cubans and Russians are going to parachute in trying to capture a few key places, he replied I know they are headed for some of our Nuclear storage facilities but we have to play things out like in your first dream. I then asked him is there anywhere that is safe? He replied not unless you can make it to Oregon or Washington State. End of Dream.

* * * * * * *

August?, 2002, Vision, Prophets Are My Tools — I saw the Hands of God reach down into a tool box and begin to take various tools out of the Box, The Lord then asked me A Question: Who understands my Wisdom? No one Lord. I replied, The Lord then said: Wrong! You have been given understanding of my ways which is foolishness unto the minds of men, You have been peculiar and different even among the Prophets, For each Prophet is a tool created and honed by me.

My Saints are lively Stones but my Prophets are Tools, They are tools that Grind and Grate, that make smooth and
Measure although they are of the same class they are all unique. Can a hammer Accomplish what a Screw Driver can?

Likewise you warn My Prophets that they are not to be judged according to the affairs of men nor through Rote of Scripture but by the utterance of my Voice. For the time is now that I will visit my Prophets and take an inventory of my tool box and any tool not fitted to his task shall I remove and anoint another to take its place. So that any who lay themselves to their own understanding and heed not my voice shall find no place within me.

You tell them that I am the Master Craftsman and they are my tools. The Lord then took that toolbox and set it down. End of Vision. Alex Puyol

[Author's note: Comment by Stephen L. Bening, I note in reading the final paragraph above, that George W. Bush apparently took heed to this prophecy in his inauguration, as he called upon the Lord his God in prayer, publicly, before the whole world on that day.]

From: Stephen L. Bening at www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammandim/news.html.