The enemies are right at the door, AMERICA! As Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj was praying, 'Dark cloud, coming to United States of America, through the GATE way of our CAPITAL, hand over our Capital, a company of angels standing guard, but these were waiting for instructions, but NONE given them, the Word of the Lord came to me [Sadhu], tell the people to PRAY!

It is the GRACE of God on September 11, 2001 that protected the White House from being attacked - a white house should be white inside! The holy angels can only get their instructions as the intercessors PRAY. It is in our hands, only we Christians can do something.



Angel Visitation & Vision, Great Earthquake Which Rips North America In Half & The Great Lakes Super Quake - The above prophecy is remarkably similar to the vision shown to Gordon Michael Scallion, that of a great earthquake which would literally rip North America in half, running from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico [others have told of a similar quake that would run from the Grand Canyon up along the base of the western Rockies and devastate everything to the west]. This Great Lakes Quake would, he saw in the vision, essentially turn the entire Mississippi River valley into an ocean inlet, splitting the continent in two, and also breaking up the earth from Utah and west to California, as the Great Basin of Utah/Nevada once again becomes an inland sea [this area sits right on top of the widest segment of the Pacific Ring of Fire]. The melting or breaking off of the polar ice caps will contribute the mass flooding of the coasts.



August, 2002, Dream, Missiles & Shreveport - The dream started out with president Bush coming into my small town of Ruston on a train, (There is train tracks that go right through the center of Ruston). It seemed to me it was like one of those campaigning events that used to happen on train, campaigning for president. Only the reason that he was coming through town was because of a great victory.

All the crowds around me were in rapture before him and I was too in the dream. Suddenly I was somewhere else where their were two train tracks. A train (I don't know if was the same train) was going down the track but the other track was free. A friend of mine was on the free track and suddenly the train switched to the other track and killed my friend, I just barely escaped.

Then I was back in the center of town and I saw a red line like in the game 'missile command' streak toward Shreveport, (where Barksdale Airforce Base is). It hit and I saw rocks fly from it almost hitting me, big chunks. After understanding what it was I was surprised my town has survived. I went into a clothing shop and bought one of those umbrella hats to keep the 'ash' from falling on me.

I went back outside and another 'missile command' came toward Shreveport but a little farther north except it seemed to hit 'a barrier' and 'bounced' into the air. The same missile then went into an arc and hit south of Shreveport (which is 70 miles from where I live) and closer in direction to Ruston. Big chunks of rock again flew in the air and came raining down. They got very close to me this time and one hit me in the foot and I was thinking I was pinned down by it. End of dream.

From: www.angelfire.com/fl3/grammadim/news.html .



... U. S. INVADED: Shortly after the second earthquake the United States will be attacked by invading forces. Russia will invade the East coast and China the West coast. The invasion will include missile attacks. She was shown that the invasion would occur when people were eating and drinking which Gail believes to be Thanksgiving, but possibly Christmas. There will be nuclear attacks on both coasts, Las Vegas, and perhaps in Utah. [Note: This is supposed to take place following an October Wall Street economic COLLAPSE, which will be followed by a long-lasting quake 10 days later, and a MAJOR quake that will break many dams 15 days following the first quake. She saw the invasion taking place near or shortly after the second quake. 3 1/2 years after the first two quakes, two more MEGA-QUAKES will hit that will shake the entire planet and will kill millions and literally cause whole mountain ranges to rise and fall].

...Many, including Isaiah (not the Biblical Isaiah) and Gayle, have been shown the invasion of the US by Russia on the east coast and China on the west coast. Isaiah says that the invading forces, after accomplishing great destruction will be stopped by divine intervention and themselves destroyed &/or driven back. One man was told that the invasion would occur after the US ships troops to Korea.

[Note: Gail has also stated that she has had dreams/visions of what may be destined to be the greatest military ground battle in the history of the world, which will take place in the NEVADA DESERT between Eastern and Western military forces. So, according to many different sources who have had dreams and visions, the sequence of events will be something like this: 1) The U.S. ships troops to Korea, possibly to fight a Communist re-insurgance there into South Korea; 2) An October Wall Street economic collapse; 3) A long-lasting earthquake ten days later; 4) A devastating quake that will raise the floor of Lake Michigan fiften days following the first quake, emptying the contents of the lake and flooding surrounding cities; 5) Within days of the second quake the Chinese will nuke west coast cities from submarines, while the Russians nuke east coast cities from subs also; 6) The Chinese forces will invade the west coast om droves and destroy most of California and engage U.S. forces in the Nevada desert in what is destined to be the greatest military battle in gthe history of the world, and the Red Chinese forces will eventually be halted near the Sierra Nevada mountains; 7) The Russians (and their allies?) will invade the east coast following the nuclear attack on the east coastal cities and will plow a path of destruction through the eastern states, however they will eventually be halted near the Missouri River by U.S. forces. Many visions state that the halting of the Chinese in the west and the Russians in the east will mostly be the result of divine intervention. - B.W.]

More on Gail Smith's visions



December 4, 1996, Dream, Wave Of Asians, Especially Chinese Troops - Asian Invasion- (A dream) On December 4, 1996, which was seven-and-a-half years after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China, I had a brief but VERY SPECIFIC dream which pointed out a couple of things:

The last time China surprise-attacked another nation was at dawn on Saturday February 17, 1979... when on five fronts, Chinese troops poured into Vietnam. The dream pointed out something I hadn't noticed: That day was "the seventeenth day of the second month" in our modern calendar, and Noah's flood began on 2-17 in the calendar in his day! [The Jews and Israelis still observe that calendar, and this year, for example "Iyyar 17" fell on April 29, 2002. In the year 2247 B.C., "Iyyar 17" fell on Sunday 12 May.] I am not in agreement with those who claim that the calendar referred to in Noah's account was altogether different than the Jewish calendar today.

Anyway, that December 4, 1996 dream also suggested that regard a modern equivalent to Noah's flood in terms of an "Asian Invasion," so to speak: Not only mass movements of peoples, but one primarily caused by a "wave" of Asians, especially Chinese troops.

Interestingly, there is an ominous LACK of water descending on the parts of Asia, especially Taiwan...

Again, I don't think I'm going to convince anyone that today is in fact 4248 years since Noah's flood started, but the following photos and headlines are worth a look in any event, aren't they?

From: Watchman-Prophets-Assembly [WPA], Stephen L. Bening, www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammadim.com



1974, Dream & Vision & Visitation Of Jesus Christ, America & A Great War & Earthquake - …The first dream the Lord gave me involved a great war, and I saw a group of people who I was acquainted with hiding in a basement in California waiting for missiles to arrive from China. They knew they had exactly twenty minutes before the missiles arrived, and that there was nothing they could do except wait. In the dream, while everyone was sitting and looking at the clock I found myself outside the house gazing up into the sky. It was nighttime, and suddenly there appeared five shooting stars streaking across the sky which made a thunderous noise, leaving white tails like a comet. The people in the basement below were safe, but approximately eighty miles away in the city center of Los Angeles three million lives were suddenly extinguished in a blinding flash of light as five nuclear bombs exploded. Approximately 15 seconds after the flash of light there was an enormous earthquake, and it felt as if a giant hammer had struck the earth.

…It is interesting that the first prophetic dream I had concerning China was given immediately after the Lord appeared to me in 1974. After this the dreams and visions continued, and night after night I witnessed many scenes of judgment, wars, natural disasters, etc. One night I asked the Lord, "Why are you continuing to show me all these scenes of destruction?" And the gentle voice of the Spirit replied, "For such a generation you are born. I am showing you these things that you may help prepare My people for the Day of Trouble, and warn them to repent and prepare the way for My coming."

… There is a time coming in the future that travel via natural modes of transportation will be very difficult, especially international travel. Even if this coming Third World War is averted there will still be a GREAT SHAKING, which will shut down all airports and virtually every means of commercial transportation. Even traveling from state to state via automobile will become very difficult because the roads and highways in most regions will be damaged from seismic activity or flooding. I believe that it is during this period that God is going to release many new gifts upon the Church that have been dormant for centuries because of the great need and shortness of time to fulfill the Great Commission.

* * * * * * *

May 31, 1993 [Memorial Day], Prophetic Word & Vision & Warning, The Coming Judgment Of America - The following is a detailed account of a prophetic warning received on Memorial Day, May 31, 1993, through a vision. I will report exactly as I witnessed it, not subtracting, neither adding one detail, but only reporting that which I've seen. For I report as an eyewitness of that which is about to occur, it not intercepted. I believe that it is not the Lord's will that even one of these judgments takes place. Nevertheless, unless the Saints of God intercept these coming events through their prayers, intercessions and active obedience to God's Spirit, these events shall shortly come to pass.

My journey began on the east coast of America, in the city of New York. I watched on the shore of that great city as ships sailed into the harbor late at night, and the lights from the massive skyscrapers and buildings reflected off the water. Then looking up into the starry sky which blanketed the city, the peaceful atmosphere was suddenly interrupted by a bright light. It had the appearance of a falling star, traveling quickly towards the heart of the city, leaving a white tail like a comet. When it hit the city there was a blinding light and a clash of thunder so terrifying loud that I felt as if every cell in my body had been ripped apart. I watched the skyscrapers, which took on the appearance of giant candles. The city was a fiery inferno, and from the skeleton of buildings flames danced into the air like solar flares. There was another explosion, and then another as the missiles landed with deadly accuracy. As one bomb exploded in the distance I watched as the shock wave ripped apart the top portion of a giant skyscraper and threw the metal skeleton across the city like a tiny pebble blown by a strong wind, and the portion of the building which remained standing erupted into flames like a bright orange torch against the velvet night sky. Only the spirits of the fallen in New York could observe as the full scene unfolded, for God allowed them to watch. They could have prevented this catastrophe if they had heeded the warnings from God's Spirit, but they were too busy with their jobs and the cares of life to listen.

As my journey continued into the Midwestern states, I witnessed war in the heavens. Small jets and large bombers from the Chinese alliance flew over many of our cities, and there were many clashes and dogfights in the air between their planes and ours. As I looked overhead I saw one very large supersonic bomber which was escorted by four small fighters flying in a ">" formation off the wings of the larger bomber. I quickly came to the realization that these were not our planes because after they flew over a large city in the distance [about 20 miles away] there was a flash of light and I became dizzy and fell to my knees from the radiation. I watched as two mushroom clouds arose over the city. Some of our F-15's and F-16's scrambled to intercept these enemy aircraft, but to no avail, and many of our fighters were shot down. I watched them fall from the sky leaving a trail of smoke as they plummeted to the ground.

From the Midwest I journed to the west coast of America, and in California I saw great devastation. Most of the city of Los Angeles was left in a pile of ruins. Ships observing in the distance looked upon what had the appearance of massive storm clouds rising upon the crest of the horizon, but what they were actually seeing were clouds of dust, ash and smoke.

Then I journeyed into the days immediately following the war, and saw among the survivors in the USA massive famine and poverty. Many people were dressed in dirty clothing and wandering around aimlessly, having a look of hopelessness and death written on their faces. Many were ill and dying from the effects of radiation, and it took a great effort for many just to walk from place to place. They had no energy left in their bodies and were slowly starving from lack of food. American citizens were no longer seen as individual entities, but as numbers on a piece of paper, and all forms of freedom had been stripped and abolished from our country. In one area I saw a long line of people waiting for food, and each family had a number, which entitled them to one bowl of soup and a small piece of bread. No matter how large the family was, they had to share the bread and bowl of soup between them. Some husbands and wives would give all the food to their children, and were slowly starving to death. In the line I saw one of my friends whom I had known prior to the war, and he looked very pitiful.

I do not record this vision as a prophet of doom and gloom, but to testify of these coming events in obedience to the Holy Spirit in order that America can chose her destiny, for it is not God's will and desire that America should fall. If God's chosen ones respond to this warning from God's Spirit, and if the walls of covering are rebuilt around this nation by the repentance and obedience of God's elect, then God shall respond and this war shall be delayed for a season. And then when the war does come, the involvement and outcome of the United States in the war shall be altered, and America shall not fall.

I believe that the apostle John was writing of this war in Revelation 6:4, which says:

"And there went out another horse that was red: [The color of the Chinese flag is fiery red.], and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they shall kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword."

This is the first judgment mentioned by the apostle John in the book of Revelation, and seems to trigger the rest of the judgments throughout the book. The second judgment, mentioned in Revelation 6:5, is famine [the black horse]. The third judgment, in Revelation 6:8 is death caused by chaos, famine and plagues [the pale horse]. The fourth judgment in Revelation 6:9-11, was mass martyrdom. The fifth judgment, in Revelation 6:12-16, is enormous seismic and volcanic activity so great that islands sank into the sea and mountains were removed from their place. I quote the above verses from God's infallible Word to emphasize that this war ultimately cannot be averted, only delayed. But I must also emphasize that during this time certain nations and regions will be supernaturally covered and angelically shielded from the bulk of these judgments, and during this period God will begin to separate the goat nations from the sheep nations…

…I've talked to many Saints from behind the Bamboo Curtain during my travels to the East, and many have received the same vision of a coming world conflict in which the communist Chinese government falls, and a massive revival and spiritual awakening follows. In my vision I saw the Chinese landing on our shores and gathering up people into camps, not because the Chinese government had won the war, for it appeared that both the Chinese government and the American government fell simultaneously. We were temporarily in a period of great chaos. I saw in the vision massive devastation across the country of China, for the United States and its allies had retaliated heavily. Some regions in China were left almost totally unpopulated from the massive nuclear strikes launched by the U.S. and its allies. Likewise, many of the nations which allied with China during the war were also devastated, and among the nations of the earth there was turmoil and chaos. People were in a state of shock and confusion.

* * * * * * *

What is the significance of these two earthquakes? Exactly six months ago, on November 20, 2001, I received a vision of America being ripped in half like a veil from east to west, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that "if America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half". In the vision I witnessed a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault-line which literally divided America in half from east to west, creating a new gulf which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south. Six-weeks after this vision, on the first day of 2002 I received another vision of a great quake, this time centered in a separate portion of the United States: The quake - somewhere in the 9.0 range - was centered on the U.S. West Coast. Many freeways ended abruptly, cut off by new lakes which were created by the quake. In the vision the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this great quake would occur "after the 2nd Polynesian quake." Within only a matter of hours after the vision, a 7.3 quake shook Vanuatu Island (1st quake), on January 2. The second quake which the Holy Spirit referred to (of 7.3 or greater in the Polynesia-Melanesia region) has not yet occurred, but I believe that Monday's quake (the largest in the region since January 2) was a strong warning.

Second Vision Of New Madrid Quake Received On June 20, 2002 -On the morning of 6/20/02 I awoke weeping and interceding the thousands of souls who were about to perish, after receiving a second vision of the coming seismic rift. As the Holy Spirit took me into the depths of the newly created gulf in the Central United States, I was shocked at how deep the water was. It was a cold, black abyss which dropped perhaps ten-thousand feet into the earth. I could hear the voices of thousands of people crying out to God who had suddenly lost their lives in the quake.

The Key To Averting Major New Madrid Quake Is Jerusalem - The above event (creation of a new gulf in North America) will eventually take place as the course of natural history, but need not take place in our generation. The key to delaying the formation of this gulf in the United States is Jerusalem. It is extremely important that we keep President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon covered in prayer during their terms in office. Last week, during my daughters first birthday party, we lit one candle on the cake for my daughter Esther, and one for President Bush, with a prayer that God would clearly speak to him as he spoke to Moses in the burning bush. Three days later, we discovered that my daughter's birthday - June 12 - also happens to be the birthday of George Bush Sr.! Nothing occurs by accident. Just as President Bush's father won the Gulf War, his son can also win the current 'gulf war' (a war to prevent the formation of a new gulf in North America).



Before February 1978, Prophetic Word, Chicago EarthQuake & Nuclear War In America - In early 1978, we were blessed to meet with Ann Soleman, who was carrying on a ministry of bringing God's warning to the nation. In her February 1978 bulletin, Ann presented these soon-to-come events in America; this was before we either knew of each other or had met [Chuck Youngbrandt is making this statement].

1st Jesus Christ is coming soon. But all political, religious and economic systems… will fail… including America. [Revelation 21]

2nd A great army is being raised up from among the believers to walk by faith under a full anointing of the Holy Spirit; they will move victoriously across the land, unharmed by the devastation about them. [Psalm 91]

3rd Unity in families will be seen across the land. [John 17]

4th An earthquake will devastate Chicago and surrounding areas [including St. Louis and Indianapolis].

5th A thermo nuclear attack will be made upon America within a few days of the earthquake.

6th Foreign troops [Russian, Chinese and Japanese] will invade the land from both coasts.

7th Prophetic voices and evangelists are going through the land this year, proclaiming the messages of the Lord, for God's judgment against sin and rebellion in our land, is upon us.

From: The book called "The Staff And The Sword," by Chuck Youngbrandt, page 272. The Staff and Sword Ministry, 917 West Jackson Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99205-3338.