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WPA Emergency Escape Preparation List
WPA Emergency Escape Preparation Checklist
(Updated April 9, 2002)

With the recent increase in words, prophecies, visions and dreams that contain warnings, it is obvious that it is wise to be prepared for any eventuality. As I was thinking about this today, the Holy Spirit prompted me to share with you how I have prepared in the natural.

My "Hiking and Retreat Checklist" has on it those things that I keep in my Camptrails "Wilderness" large, frame backpack in my room at home. This has been refined by much experience on the Florida trails. There are "frills" on the checklist, that are obvious, that I don't have packed and at the ready all the time. Obviously, most of the items are packed in small quantity and in the smallest containers.

My backpack is fully packed and ready to go at any moment if the Lord speaks and tells me to go anywhere else with my family for any reason. If I have to leave, I will take this pack on my back, and I'll carry my Beeman Air Rifle over my shoulder. I also have a Redhead belt pack, in which I carry my pellet ammo. I'll carry a big family tent in one hand. This will leave me with one hand free. I might carry different things, depending on whether I'm going to a hurricane shelter locally, or to someone else's house to ride out a storm, or to the Mountains to evade flood or tidal wave, or to the trail to evade people.

What I present below is what I have ready to run out of here with if I am in a big hurry, even if I have no car available. I have planned this way because in a nuclear pulse attack, our cars would be rendered undrivable. If my cars are functioning, I will of course load both of them with as much as I can take from the rest of my stores, which include propane tanks, gas stoves, lanterns and of course, food, as I have indicated at the bottom of the list.

I have prayed about what should be on my list and what should not. I have changed it many times, and devoted much thought to what types of conditions I might encounter in the types of situations I have seen in visions and dreams.

In short, I want to be as prepared to survive as I can possibly be, SO THAT I CAN PREACH THE GOSPEL. I want to be able to lead and to assist others. I have tried to plan and think ahead prayerfully, knowing that without the Lord's help, all preparation is fruitless and vain. Without vision, the people perish.

HIKING AND RETREAT CHECKLIST (I wrap liquids in double zip lock bags)
Clothing-(Mesh Stuff Sack/Zip Lock Bags)
__Rain Parka/person
__Insulated Rain Parka for cold nights
__Long pants/person
__Cap or hat/person
__Extra socks/person (wool)
__2 T Shirts/person
__2 Lightweight shirts/person

__Hi top hiking shoes/Boots with cushion inserts/person
__Camp shoes/Sandals/person

Bedding/Camp-(Backpack Top)
__Sleeping Bag/person
__Air mattress/person (optional for comfort)
__Backpack Tent

Cooking-(Mesh Stuff Sack/In Backpack)
__Plastic water quart container
__Backpack stove with extra fuel (Double Ziplock)
(multi-fuel capable-can use unleaded gasoline) __Aluminum foil
__Cooking pots/Mess kit
__Knife/Fork/spoon per person
__Matches/Magnesium w/flint/lighters
__Large Zip lock bags
__Can opener
__Campfire Cooking rack

Nuclear/Biological Retreat
__Water tablets
__Air rifle with sling and 3000, .177 cal. pellets (carried in Redhead belt pack)
__2 Bolts joined by steel wire (for opening manhole covers--excellent emergency shelter)
__Iodine tablets (anti-radiation poisoning)

First Aid Kit (It should include these types of items)
__Small First Aid Booklet
__2 Safety pins, 2 Sewing needles and Thread
__Tick Tweezers
__Various precut mole skins
__Providone Iodine dropper
__Rubber Bands
__Ace Bandage wrap
__Various small bandages (A good brand, like Bandaid, or Curad, is desirable)
__Roll of Gauzetape
__Sting aid
__Campho Phenique
__Top I Cal antibiotic
__Sterile pads
__Povidone Iodine Pads
__Antiseptic Towlettes

Food-(Mesh Stuff Sack/Ziplock Bags)
__Powdered soup/waterproofed
__Salt/pepper/sugar bags/waterproofed
__Main course meals (dry, to be reconstituted)
__Capri Sun
__Powdered milk/waterproofed
__Spam, Sausage, Canned meats
__Drink mixes

Miscellaneous-(Mesh Stuff Sack/Zip Lock)
__Maps and compass
__Toilet paper
__Tooth brush/paste/deodorant
__2-MSR Water filters w/extra filter
__Survival kit/duct tape
__Swiss army knife
__Deep woods Off
__Trash bags
__Towel (small)
__Waterproof cover for pack
__Coffee pot
__Fishing gear
__Sewing kit
__Backpack bible
__Nylon Rope
__Sun screen
__Sun glasses/Reading glasses
__Lock Knife/Hip Knife
__Window Spline
__Gold Coins
__US Silver Dollars

If Taking The Car, Then These Items Go As Well, depending on number of vehicles:
__2-"Big Berkey" (2 Candle) Ceramic Water Filter
__20 Extra Doulton Water Purfication Ceramic Candles
__Propane Lanterns
__Propane Stoves
__20 lb Propane Tank
__Small Propane Tanks
__4 Gallons Coleman Fuel
__Extra Clothing and toiletries
__Soups and Beans in cans
__Ground Cover Tarps
__Hand Siphon pump (for water or gasoline)
__Backpacks for wife and each child with water, snacks, rain parka and clothing
__All my tents, mallet and sleeping bags
__Bible bag
__Clear Plastic tarp (for getting drinking water from condensation)
__22 Cal. Long Rifle with scope and ammo

__Handguns and ammo
__Additional Flashlights and batteries
__Bigger Shovel
__Plastic water quart container (extras)
__Solar AM/FM/SW/Flashlight with batteries

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