December 11, 2001, Dream, An Attack On America We've heard this week from Pat Robertson as well as from the State Department, warnings of more attacks to come against America. We felt it was time to release these words of warning below as well. May the Lord keep all his children in the safety of his arms.


We had made our way to sit inside a big white dome building. There were lots of other people there - too many to count. At the top of the building was a huge hole and enemy fighter jets were flying in through the hole and crashing inside. As we rushed to get out we had to make out way around traps in the floors and in the walls.


Outside a plane had landed and soldiers were coming in. As I ran down the sidewalk away from the building with my children, we saw Don get inside the plane as a pilot and he began to shoot down the enemy planes all around us. We continued running down the pathway which was surrounded by well manicured lawns and beautiful trees. In the end, Don landed his plane near by and we were all safe.


Words From The Lord Concerning This Dream A thousand will fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy left, but it will not come nigh thee, for you are walking with your little ones on the garden path of your God one moment in the terror of the world and another in my Garden of Eden.


Yes, the attacks are coming. You have known the years of spiritual warfare. But now you and your little ones will be walking among the real warfare, the hand to hand combat, the terrorists attacks in the night. Oh they are congratulating themselves saying what a fine job they've done and how swiftly it seems over, but the warfare has just begun and it will not end until the returning of my Son. Why should that surprise you?


 You have only but begun to fight. And the last and glorious battle will be such a sight, for on that day my Son shall come and sit on his throne and then you shall see the One, who's never to be dethroned.   So, do not worry, if they would destroy his dome or that home. Is it not just wood, hay and stubble to thee? Worry not about tomorrow, but think of your earthly temple and all that I have prepared for thee.


Exhortation God would not have us to be ignorant, brethren. And yet He would not also have us to be fearful, because He designed for us to be born in this generation. He put the anointings upon us that will get us through for all the days that He has allotted for us to be upon the earth.   And we can believe that our little ones will be saved, as we pray and obey, as we heed his calling, because it's not just that spiritual battle anymore. But we are going to be seeing more and more physical battles. We've even heard of prophetic ones who've said, "I'm not going on that plane; the Lord has told me not to go on that plane."


Even when the Titanic went down there were those that had dreams in the night; they knew that they were not to go on that ship.   So we can rely on God warning us prophetically. We can rely on God warning us in his Word. And we can have joy in our hearts, for even in the battle of Jericho when they marched around those walls, did not that battle end in a shout of victory? So we can have peace, for those who are for us are much more than those who are against us. Is not the army of Angels of Heaven so much more greater, so much more greater than the opposing armies?


* * * * * * *


October 5, 2002, Vision,  The Holy Spirit & His Flaming Chariot Of Fire! Don and I went into prayer and I saw a big iron gate opening up, and a prophet was being released from prison. I said, "He's Joseph; he's coming out." And I saw prison doors being unlocked and opening, prophets of every shape and size and caliber, all over, in the tiny towns, in the big ones, in the big cities, the baby prophets and the veterans, all were being released.


A Flaming Chariot Of Fire And then I heard the sound of horses snorting and breathing heavily, nostrils flared. They were white horses, running as a team.  They were running with all of their might, flat out. And they were pulling a FLAMING CHARIOT OF FIRE. It was being driven by the HOLY SPIRIT. He was standing and he wasn't the sweet Holy Spirit comforter, dove we're used to. He was on a mission, by the order of the Father.   He was determined. He was fierce. I can only compare him to the picture of Jesus when he comes back to do battle in John's Revelation.   There was that face and look of determination on his face.   And the horses and the chariot of fire ran full speed to their first point of destination upon a map of the United States. It was the house of a prophet. As they circled above in the air, and I saw that man of God, hear the whistle of the Holy Spirit and he responded, "Yes, Lord." And as he moved to go he was changed from a man to an eagle and he took flight and met the Holy Spirit in the air, in the chariot of fire.


Flaming Golden Eagles And the Holy Spirit stretched forth his arm in another direction and the chariot took off. They continued this way, crisscrossing the nation until the chariot of fire was full of eagles, which were not consumed in the fire, but anointed and brought back to life in the fire, the fire of the Holy Spirit.


And when He had picked up all who had responded to his call, the Holy Spirit breathed upon the eagles and out of his mouth came the breath of fire. And He breathed fire into the mouths of the eagles, yet the eagles were not consumed, but they became flaming eagles, golden eagles, golden eagles breathing fire. (It's this fire of the eagles that can combat the fire of the dragon the dragons, which will be let forth upon the earth by the enemy in the coming days.)


The Holy Spirit In Washington The eagles then flew by the direction of the Holy Spirit as He pointed to this kingdom and that. They flew with the fire of the Holy Spirit in their mouths. The kingdoms were churches and cities and ministries. And they were lit afire and aflame by the fire coming out of the mouths of the eagles. And kingdoms were surrounded by the flaming fire. And then the Holy Spirit's chariot came rest in the air over the Capitol in Washington! The Father in Heaven issued a decree and I saw the Holy Spirit speak and men in positions of power over this nation did hear his voice and began to respond.


From:   Bonnie Franklin Carpenter's Home Church [CHC] Intercessory Meeting, Lakeland, Florida, Prophetic Roundtable Ministries, www.propheticroundtable.org or prm@tampabay.rr.com .