[Author's Comment: Note that Russia & China have united, and with the agreement of 6 other collaborating nations you will eventually see the invasion of the United States. A missionary in Russia told of one of Russia's military men revealing their plans to him, of how Russia has been preparing for years now to invade the United States of America. In the prophetic we now have well over 100 witnesses that have received dreams, visions and prophetic words from God revealing that this invasion of the United States will be permitted because of her sins especially of abortion, homosexuality & being behind the dividing of the land of Israel. This invasion of the United States will probably happen within the next few years. From the Godly prophetic we know from the Almighty basically which cities will be bombed, and many other details. God is always faithful to warn us of approaching danger. So it will be wise to heed what our Creator has been telling us through many of his servants, for the sakes of ourselves, our families and out nation...]