From:  Watchman–Prophets–Assembly [WPA], Stephen L. Bening, www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammadim.


1997, Dream, Washington State & Invasion Of The United States  — Dreamed, nigh time, soundless black helicopters, ropes came down, small men in black came down and pulled people out of their homes and killed them on their lawns.  I perceived this was an invasion and that they were going to possess the land.


From:  sea@thcamp@foxinternet.com  or Gloria Campbell, P.O. Box 1542, Kent, WA 98035-1542.






Prophetic Word, Wrath… With Seals?  — The wrath will be poured out upon all people. Every living thing will receive his wrath. The wrath will be sent out in vials, in bowls. The wrath will be seen by the horsemen. From the horsemen the wrath will be delivered, the wrath will be given, will be burned upon the earth.  


(NOTE:  The horsemen ride as SEALs are opened in Revelation.   Are the seals, trumpets, and vials sequential, partially in sequence?  Unknown.  RAPTURE:  At the last TRUMPET.   Believers may be going thru half or part of the tribulation)


Keep Preparing — You will be ON YOUR OWN.  Keep renewing your food & water supply & keep drawing closer to the Lord. He will see us through when we obey and honor Him.  World governments will fall.  People will be on their own for a while.  They will need to exist.  The areas that are free from radiation will be scarce.  Millions will be killed. This will be a war to end all wars.  The center of the country will be the safest.  The outlying areas against the oceans will be bombed.  (Carolu's notes: I live in Florida, but moving OUT of here!  Did that page a year ago.  I moved out of Florida in December, 2000) 


Do not put things off that you need to do. Come to me closer and I will be your shepherd throughout this ordeal.  Throughout this ordeal my people need to help my people.   After this happens, you will be on your own for a few years.   No one can help you. Everyone will be trying to exist.


Nuclear Missiles – World War III — (Carolu's note:  Another man's vision saw FLORIDA – CALIFORNIA & NEW YORK NUKED)  Soon you will see missiles flying through the dark skies & your people in your country, for being so generous to give them to other people, to the suffering of the people in the country, because of one man giving orders in that country.  Those people will attack your country in fury, & the people in your country will know what it is like. Millions will be killed.  When this happens to your country all HELL will break loose.  They want to destroy America permanently, to wipe it off the face of the earth.  Many parts of your country will not be able to be inhabited.  There will be radiation to extremes in some areas.  No one will be able to enter anymore.  This is WORLD WAR 3 BELIEVERS.  Your country will be left helpless but my people that OBEY ME and love me will be safe. I am their shepherd and I will take care of them, when they honor me and OBEY ME and love me and act on my word.  But the people that do not have love, that do not want to obey me, that want to play god on this earth will be destroyed.   This is before the wrath. This is before my people leave the earth.  This will be soon.  When this happens to your country, tell my people that they will be safe. Tell my people that I will take care of them. Tell my people that I am their shepherd.  I will not leave them.


From:   www.prinfla.tripod.com/warnings.html.






July 26, 2003,Vision, Nuclear Capabilities Of Russia & United States    


Last night I dreamed a long dream.  I watched a graph.  The color of the graph was red.  I knew in the dream that the graph represented both Russia and the U.S.  It showed the nuclear capabilities of each country as well as the likelihood of either country starting a nuclear war.  Russia and the U.S. both kept track of this graph.  The graph was kind of like a watchdog device that kept both sides appraised of the others capability. It also kept the other country from beginning a nuclear war because the graph showed both sides that neither country had an advantage over the other. The graph began with each country's capability beginning at the same point.  But very slowly, the graph changed.  The graph for the U.S. began to fall behind Russia's graph.  I became alarmed in watching this because I could see the danger we were in.  Then it became apparent that the graph was not showing accurate information.  The graph had been sabotaged.  The graph was made to look to others like Russia and the U.S. were both still at the same place on the graph, but the graph had really increased considerably for Russia.  There were many who knew the graph was inaccurate and that the threat of war with Russia was heightened.  But they kept it secret to hide this information from everyone.  There was a knowing in the dream that this was prior to the Bush administration.  The deception and sabotage had occurred then.  There was a lackadaisical attitude present in the people supposed to monitor this graph, kind of a who cares attitude. The last view of the graph showed Russia way ahead of the U.S. and that we were now in a very dangerous position on the graph and not nearly as invincible as generally thought, but the men controlling the graph were keeping this information to themselves.  No one knew it but them.


From:  www.angelfire.com/fl3/gammadim .






Like Scallion who claimed to have had an angelic visitation from a woman of light [similar to the visitation experienced by General George Washington at Valley Forge], Edgar Cayce, the so-called "sleeping prophet", also had a similar vision of a "woman in a light" [See below regarding E. Cayce – his prophetic is not considered trustworthy or godly]. Cayce among other things was shown the massive break up of the western states, but following this the destruction of New York City and other coastal cities [nuclear weapons?]. He also saw massive quakes THAT WOULD EMPTY THE GREAT LAKES INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO! Basically the safest places to be during these times, geologically speaking, would be east of the western Rockies and west of the Mississippi. These regions however might not be entirely safe from drastic weather catastrophes, plagues, or military activity... the best suggestion is to remain CLEAR of major cities in a HIGH place where there is fresh water [a place where fruit trees, vegetable gardens, dairy farms, and so on could be easily supported]... along WITH others of like mind as people will need to stick together during these times, but most importantly is the safety found in the shadow of the CROSS...


[Author's Comments:  For those of you who do not know the background of Edgar Cayce – a basic is being provided here – Edgar Cayce is not a trusted godly prophet of God or even a trusted Christian receiving godly prophetic from God.


The Worldview of Edgar Cayce by Michael Gleghorn.  The Edgar Cayce Readings:  By all accounts Edgar Cayce was truly a remarkable man. Beginning in 1901 and continuing until his death in 1945 he gave thousands of psychic readings. Broadly speaking, these readings were of two types: health readings and life readings. The health readings consisted of a psychic diagnosis of a patient's physical ailments and a prescription for how these ailments should be treated. The life readings consisted of answers to all sorts of personal, religious, and philosophical questions. One rather interesting aspect of these readings is the manner in which they were given: Cayce would lie down on the couch and put himself into a trance state resembling sleep. It was this manner of giving readings that led one of his biographers, Jess Stearn, to refer to Cayce as "The Sleeping Prophet."{1}


Just how accurate were these readings? Although it is impossible to verify everything Cayce said, some contend that his accuracy rate was over ninety percent!{2} But "with all his vaunted powers," writes Stearn, "Cayce was a humble man, religious, God-fearing, who read the Bible every day of his life."{3} Indeed, Cayce read through the entire Bible every year and regularly taught Sunday school throughout his life. It is probably for reasons such as these that many people believe that the worldview of the readings is generally consistent with biblical Christianity. But is this really so? How well does the worldview of the Edgar Cayce readings compare with that of the Bible?…


Thomas Sugrue, Cayce's earliest biographer and long-time friend, begins his chapter on the philosophy of the readings by stating, "The system of metaphysical thought which emerges from the readings of Edgar Cayce is a Christianized version of the mystery religions of ancient Egypt, Chaldea, Persia, India, and Greece."{5} The worldview of the readings actually has much more in common with New Age metaphysics and occult philosophy than it does with biblical Christianity.


Although I have little doubt that, as a person, Cayce was kind and humble and motivated by a sincere desire to help his fellow man, it obviously does not follow that the worldview revealed in the readings is therefore true. And while I certainly acknowledge that Cayce regularly read and taught the Bible, it by no means follows that the philosophy of the readings is therefore biblical…


Dr. Puryear writes, "The clearly articulated philosophy of the Edgar Cayce readings is a thoroughgoing monism."{7} The doctrine of monism claims that all reality is of the same essence. In other words, "All is one." Indeed, in the introduction to his book Dr. Puryear claims that "the oneness of all force" is the "first premise of the Edgar Cayce readings."


What effect does this first premise have on the view of God presented in the readings? Dr. Puryear writes, "With the premise of the oneness of all force we affirm that God is, that He is all that is, and all that is, is God."{8} This view is known as pantheism. It comes from two Greek words: pan, meaning "all" or "every," and theos, meaning "God." In other words pantheism, like the Edgar Cayce readings, teaches that everything is God -- a view substantially at odds with the biblical doctrine of God. Let's look, then, at what the Bible does say about God…


How did the view of a pantheistic God influence Cayce's doctrines of Christ and men?


Thomas Sugrue, in summarizing the philosophy of the readings, says that in the beginning God "projected from Himself the cosmos and souls."{11} Thus, according to this view, everything that exists (including man) is somehow part of God. Or as Cayce put it in one of his readings: "Each person is a corpuscle in the body of that force called God."{12}…


How do such teachings square with the Bible? Not very well, I'm afraid. The Bible maintains a careful distinction between God and man. God is the Creator; man is His creature. God created man in His image (Gen. 1:27); He did not project him from His essence. The Bible also maintains a clear distinction between Jesus and other men. Jesus is the completely unique God-man; no other man is like Him. He was both fully divine and fully human (John 1:1, 14). We are merely human. He was sinless (Heb. 4:15); we are sinful (Rom. 3:23). He claimed to have come not merely to be our example, but "to save that which was lost" (Matt. 18:11) and "to give His life a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45). We, of course, are the lost sinners He came to ransom and to save (Rom. 5:6-11). Thus it's clear, even from this brief summary, that the readings' doctrines of Christ and men differ substantially from those of the Bible…


Our summary reveals that while the readings' perspective on man's problem and its solution is unique, it more strongly resembles the viewpoint of non-dualistic Hinduism than biblical Christianity. It is important that Christians be aware of these differences.


Death and Beyond - One of the greatest human mysteries concerns the experience of death and what (if anything) happens afterward. The book of Hebrews declares, "it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment" (Heb. 9:27). Most biblical scholars agree that this verse leaves no room for the doctrine of reincarnation -- a doctrine explicitly affirmed in the Edgar Cayce readings. But if this is so, then how did Cayce conclude "that an acceptance of reincarnation in no way went against Holy Writ"?{29}


When Cayce gave his first "life reading" for Arthur Lammers, he spoke of reincarnation as a fact.{30} On waking from his trance and being told what he had said, Cayce was shocked. He even considered that the Devil might be trying to trick him.{31} But after thinking the matter over, Cayce eventually concluded that even Jesus had taught about reincarnation!{32}


In Matthew's Gospel, immediately after the appearance of Moses and Elijah to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, His disciples ask, "Why . . . do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?" Jesus answers: "Elijah has come already, and they did not know him." But notice how the passage concludes: "Then the disciples understood that He spoke to them of John the Baptist" (Matt. 17:10-13). Reflecting on this passage, Cayce wondered how the disciples could draw such a conclusion. Had they understood John to be the reincarnation of Elijah?{33} And why did they draw this inference so quickly? Had Jesus already taught them "the laws of reincarnation?"{34}…


Elijah does not fit the reincarnation model, for he did not die."{38} The Bible tells us that he was taken up into heaven while still alive!{39} And finally, such an interpretation would clearly contradict the passage in Hebrews cited earlier. Thus, I think we can safely conclude that Jesus did not teach the doctrine of reincarnation.


We've seen that while Edgar Cayce was a kind and humble man, the worldview of his readings is "world's apart" from that of the Bible. Christians must carefully avoid being taken captive by this philosophy.{40}


Notes:  (Above you will find a few paragraphs regarding Edgar Cayce, you may want to read the whole document at www.probe.org on Edgar Cayce.  I have chosen to leave this information in this invasion document to bring any Christians unaware of Edgar Cayce to fuller understanding that what he received cannot be trusted as prophetic of YHVH/God.)


1.             Jess Stearn, Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet (New York: Bantam Books, 1968).


2.             Thomas Sugrue, There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce, rev. ed. (Virginia: A.R.E. Press, 1994)...


3.             Stearn, Edgar Cayce, 8.


4.             Herbert B. Puryear, The Edgar Cayce Primer (New York: Bantam Books, 1982), 197.]


From:  Probe Ministries, 1900 Firman Drive, Suite 100, Richardson, TX 75081, (972) 480-0240, FAX(972) 644-9664, info@probe.org, www.probe.org


From: prophetic-revival e-mail list, Bob Yaussy, Email: alandewalton@yahoo.com .






1959?, Open Vision, Airplanes Strafing Ground And Buildings In Durango, Colorado — I am just coming to the realization that the vision I had when I was around 8 yrs old is really true and not a figment of my imagination.  I have carried it with me for many years (since I am going to be 51 on 9-1-2002).  I was out playing in the yard at our rural home outside of Durango, Colorado.  I looked into the sky as I heard a strange noise.  The noise, it turned out was jet fighter planes flying in formation over our ranch.  I thought at first, how weird that this was happening.  They were coming from the east and they were bombing or shooting every building in their sites.  I think that I had this vision 2 times if I am remembering correctly.  Anyway, I never forgot it, but I never knew of people "having visions" so I have thought it must have been just my imagination until I have been learning from others that what I saw truly was from the Lord.  Just wanted to share for what it is worth.


From: brylin@frontier.net .






1955, Open Visions, Riverside, California, Chinese Communist Soldier, In Full Battle Gear, Holding A Russian Made Automatic Rifle, Coming In Through Mexico & Los Angeles, California  Gets A Neutron Bomb Blast  — [Cary Goodwin writing]  I was talking to one of our Elders Apostle Paul Cunningham about some of the things the Lord has been showing me and he began to tell me of a couple of visions the Lord gave him back in 1955. In Paul Cunningham's words:


Vision # 1 — I was standing in a travel trailer in a mobile home park, in Riverside California, in 1955, after a time of prayer. The Spirit spoke to me, "Go outside and look up in the air, to your left". I opened the door, stepped outside, and looked up to my left. This happened shortly after noon. As I looked up, I jumped back, very startled by what I saw! It was so vivid, I thought it was "physical"... Standing "in the air" about 100 feet from me, was a Chinese Communist Soldier, in full battle gear, holding a Russian made automatic rifle, "at the ready'". I fully expected to feel the impact of bullets... as he seemed about to fire. I heard the Voice of God saying, "even so shall they stand in this place"... In the spirit, I knew they would come in, through Mexico. That was the extent of that vision. I have told it to few people as most who have heard it, dismiss it as "ridiculous"... After all, "we live in Christian America, and God would never allow anything like that to happen here". One thing I know, 'WHEN GOD SPEAKS, YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK"!


Vision # 2 — I was in a time of prayer, driving into Los Angeles, from Riverside, Calif. The time was 1955, and they had just begun building several new highways..(the interstate highway system was new). As I neared Los Angeles, I saw the "high rise buildings" and thought, this is becoming a major metropolitan city, much like New York. Then I saw an "open vision"... A brand new City Hall, (the one that exists today) and several new Interstate Highways, I-5, I-10, and other "links" that made a "layered, ribbon effect" in the vision. As I watched crowds of people moving, in cars, and on foot, suddenly there was a brilliant "Flash" and the whole sky "lit up" with the effects. I saw it was a "bomb blast", and looked to the west and south, and there was the 'afterglow" of the bomb. In the spirit, I heard the words, "this is a Neutron bomb blast "..."it will not harm any buildings, nor destroy anything except the people." (by delivering a deadly dose of radiation in it's shock-wave - B.W.) I watched as the people in the vision turned into "shadows on the walls"... and were gone. I knew that this scene would be a reality in the end time. I told the vision repeatedly and many scoffed. However, I described the "New City Hall" explicitly [it had not been built yet], and when it was built in a few years, some who had heard the vision, became believers. They came to me and said, "If the City Hall is real, and you saw it long before it was built, then the rest of the vision is real too." Some years later, our Government announced they had developed a "Neutron bomb" that would only destroy people, and leave "no collateral damage".... Surely this vision will "speak in the end time, and will not lie." This is the extent of this vision. Paul J. Cunningham


I know Paul Cunningham and I know he would not lie about this vision from the Lord. I know the Lord and I know He doesn't reveal these things just for theatrics.


From:  www.etpv.org or www.apostles-gathering.com, cary @apostles-gathering.com or Apostles Gathering Ministries, Cary Goodwin, P.O. box 2953, Summerville, South Carolina 29484, 843.875.2621, cell phone: 843.412.0294.