* * * * * * *

Vision, A Minister's Vision Of War In America — Words cannot express the terror of this vision, but it went like this: between midnight and dawn, the Communists attacked America. Major cities were destroyed in a matter of minutes by long-range missiles fired from Russia and medium range missiles fired from submarines stationed along our coasts. All communications were destroyed. This synchronized with a widespread reign of terror caused by Communist saboteurs blowing up bridges, power plants, dams, etc. People fled to the deserts, mountains, and open fields where hunger, disease and death overtook them. In a couple of days thousands of Chinese and Russian soldiers were flown in to "restore order". All leaders in America were immediately shot. A proclamation was issued by the Communists for everyone to return to their homes, and they would be cared for and protected. Everyone was required to register with the Communists and at that time received instructions to turn their property over to the state, with all monies. All children were separated from their parents and made wards of the state. (apparrently they are referring to all of those living in the "O.T." zones, or, as stated in the movie "RED DAWN", in the "Occupied Territory" zones of North America - B.W.) While this was happening, all the remaining nations of the world surrendered to the Communists. The final blow came when all Americans [adults] were shipped out as slaves to every nation in the world. Every nation was calling for American slaves so they could humiliate them and destroy the last visage of Americanism. People from China, India, and other over-populated areas were shipped out to every nation under the sun. In the midst of this tragedy, prophets appeared among the people and spoke these words: "Ye would not go as a free people to all the world with the message of the kingdom. Now you shall carry it as slaves." [Isaiah 24; Revelation 13]

From: The binder "The Day Of The Lord Is Near," Volumes I-IV, a collection of prophecies, visions and dreams, Gwen Shaw, End-Time Handmaidens & Servants at Engeltal Press, P.O. Box 447, Jasper, Arkansas, 72641-0447, 870.446.2252, $25.00.

* * * * * * *

1970's, Godly Dreams, Fall Of The Nation By Five Christians — A few of my friends from my brief 'Jesus Movement'-like days back in the 70's, for instance, had dreams regarding the fall of the nation. Donna, the teenager who witnessed to me, had a sobering vision about martyrdom and a guillotine -- She was rather shaken by it for days, feeling rather corrected in the dream . She never told us some of the details. The 'pastor' of our small house church (Alan Redrup -- last I knew he has since been in the People of Destiny group for many years/started by Larry Tomszak/C.J. Mahaney) had a dream in which he was corrected for being 'out of shape' -- He had to run for many miles while these military Chinese people who had invaded the U.S. chased him. An unrelated (to our fellowship) young Charismatic Catholic lady up in N.J. had a dream in which the Chinese military who had taken over the U.S. entered her home and demanded her and her husband renounce Jesus. She was pregnant at the time, and she and her husband refused. They killed them both. One of the revelations she got out of this dream was that she could trust the Lord that one day she would indeed be married in the future.

From: http://www.harvestnet.org/prophecies/americadreams.htm

* * * * * * *

All Prophecies Before 1979, Visions, Los Angeles & Iowa Attacked & Three Christian's Visions —

1st In California, a Christian relates of a vision some five years before where he saw a MIG fighter airplane [communist built] with swept wings and red stars on the wings that was making an attack on part of Los Angeles.

2nd The son of an Iowa farmer tells us about a vision he had a year ago where he saw a MIG jet fighter make an attack on a nearby farmer's buildings in Iowa.

3rd A Christian tells us of seeing a vision [about two years ago] of the sky filled with aircraft flying out from the north, south towards the United States. He did not know what it meant then. [Russian aircraft?]

'I am about to bring judgment upon this nation but no one wants to believe that it is at hand. People shrug off My warnings and insult My prophets. My children believe but cannot foresee nor comprehend the extent of the disaster that is upon their country…'

From: The book called "The Staff And The Sword," by Chuck Youngbrandt, page 273. The Staff and Sword Ministry, 917 West Jackson Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99205-3338.

* * * * * * *

November 15, 1994, Dream, Map Of The United States Of America & Attacked By Russia — Tuesday Morning Rohnert Park, California I saw something that looked like a map of the United States only it was covered with what appeared to be a white bear rug; or the form covering the United States looked like white snow mounded in such a way as to appear to be in the form of a white polar bear. Then someone questioned me and asked what I thought I was looking at and I replied, "A bear covering the United States and the bear is Russia." The head of this bear (rug or snow form) was on the west coast and the rear was on the east coast.


January 23, 1995, Dream, Invasion & War To The Shores Of America — Monday Morning Rohnert Park, California, this morning I had a very heavy dream regarding war coming to the shores of America. In the dream there was an invasion and the citizens of this country were being taken prisoner. A group of us were considering taking SUICIDE PILLS to escape the tortures that came with capture. There was much sadness regarding the end of family life.

I feel this dream requires little interpretation but I would like to quote the scriptures the Lord gave me the morning I had this dream:

Isaiah 10:1-4 Woe betide those who enact unjust laws (justifying the perversion of homosexuality) and draft oppressive edicts (destroying the unborn while still in the womb), ......What will you do when called to account, when devastation from afar confronts you? To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your children so that they do not cower among the prisoners or fall among the slain?.....

I might add that the movie "Schindler's List" is a good example of the realities that will face the American people, especially as regards the horrors of invasion and captivity, if there is not a wholesale repentance of this entire nation by both president, prophet, businessman and priest. God does not play games with nations that carry His name on their currency and flout such sins as homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, abortion, adultery and violence as a viable way of life. Deeming these sins as something worthy of writing books about and producing multi-million dollar films glorifying and making light of such abominations.


February 28, 1995, Dream, America's Coming Destruction & Judgments — Tuesday Morning Rohnert Park, California I actually had this dream a couple of days ago, during a time in which the Lord was speaking to me out of His word regarding His intentions to destroy America and my responsibilities as a watchman and prophet to warn the American people of his coming judgments. In this dream I was standing off too the side of a highway or at the middle divider of a highway and I had a large green sign (about 18" wide by 8' long) which read: "THUS SAITH THE LORD, 'I WILL DESTROY AMERICA WITH A FIRST STRIKE NUCLEAR ATTACK AND RUSSIAN INVASION OF HER SHORES!" I had made this sign when I was preaching this message in the major southeastern cities of the United States between March and June of 1994. This sign was in my hand, but it was rolled up, and only the nuclear radiation symbol was showing. I was not ready to unfurl the sign but hoped that people passing by in their cars or on foot would notice the radiation symbol and somehow take heed or understand what I stood for.

Interpretation: The fact that I was standing at a highway or middle divider of a highway signifies that this message needs to be preached at the highways and byways of the United States. It is not only for church people to hear but its fulfillment has dread consequences for all citizens of this country.

Being at the middle divider meant this message will cause division, people will take sides on this issue, some will say, "This is not God!", but such is the plight of a prophet with an unpleasant message of judgment to a people content in their ways. The American people are being deceived by the vast majority of Christian Leaders while being told that, "No sword (biblical symbol for war) will come upon this land. Didn't God promise Abraham that if there were ten righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah He would spare the whole place for their sakes?" And aren't we at least 10,000 strong in America who are 'the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus' (as currently put forth by the Word & Faith movement)." The fact that the sign, about a first strike nuclear attack, was rolled up meant that God had called me to The Role of A Prophet.

The fact that this sign was green "in the dream" as well as "in reality" meant that God was giving me the green light to once more preach this message at the highways and byways of America. My hope "in the dream" that the American people would understand what I stood for when they saw the radiation symbol, meant that - although this is a fearful message of horrible devastation - there is within this message the only hope left for this Once Great Nation Turned "HARLOT". America must turn back to God in true repentance or face unspeakable destruction and torment.


May 3, 1995, Dream, Hope — Thursday Morning 9:24 a.m. Rohnert Park, California I was climbing a shear faced cliff. Above me I saw a soldier (possibly Russian) with an uzi submachine gun. There was a partner climbing to my right and he also spotted a similar person above him. I grabbed the guy above me and pulled him off the cliff and fell with him to the ground below. As I was falling I spotted a gun emplacement (it appeared to be an anti-tank gun on a tripod) below me. I took the Russian falling with me and pulled him under me and used him under me to crush the gun emplacement. Then I saw a small jeep drive quickly into a tunnel in the side of the mountain I had fallen from. Interpretation: The Russians plan to take advantage of current and future internal turmoil stirred up in our country by terrorist bombings and the current militia movements eventually fulfilling the message given to the prophet Dumitru Duduman that "The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico,..." (He told me two other countries, but I didn't remember what they were.) "...they will bomb the nuclear warehouses. When they explode, America will burn!" God has called me on a mission like Jonathan and his armor bearer which was the reason I was climbing this shear faced cliff. The person climbing to my right was my armor bearer (the Holy Spirit). I defeated a portion of this plan in pulling the Russian off the side of the mountain and crushing him and his gun emplacement. I was wrestling with him because we wrestle not against flesh and blood and the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God.

Application or follow through: Even though America has become exceedingly wicked perhaps even ten (10) fold in the past year. I believe there is still hope for repentance and a change of heart for this country. I was impressed to pray about this dream and specifically bind any Russian plots to overthrow our government and country. One or two days after I prayed the ATF or the FBI located a stash of AK-47 assault rifle ammunition - which had been purchased by an American dealer from Russia and stored in a secret warehouse. Not a few boxes but seven (7) railroad box cars full of the stuff. Praise God for intercession and dreams of insight. Elijah had similar dreams and visions often foiling enemy plots against Israel during a time when Israel was backslidden and vulnerable, but God was still merciful.


The only possible way this judgment can be averted is for the leaders, their congregations, and the general population of America to repent and turn 180 degrees from their present pursuit of wickedness. Need we be reminded again of the wickedness of this nation. The greed and love of money so cunningly disguised by the preachers and prophets of America as their blood bought rights to the blessings of Abraham. The coddling and politically correct acceptance of the most wicked and perverse of all lifestyles, homosexuality. There are numerous works written on the sins of America and I need not go into these things at length. My primary function as a prophet and watchman to America is to announce what Jesus Christ is about to let loose on this nation if we do not repent. Back to the dream. One of the most important aspects of any job are the wages and yet my manager was standing at a distance and speaking very quietly about this important matter. God is not standing at a distance or speaking quietly to His church and the American people regarding their wages, the payback, the bottom line. He is raising up His prophets to speak with a loud and clear voice concerning the wages of sin and the responsibilities of His people to live a clean and righteous life.

But the clothing and department store managers (church leadership) are telling them (God's prophets) to keep it down, to stop making such a fuss. After all, its not good for business. Instead of being warned about Jesus Christ's Wrath about to be poured out upon America they choose instead to teach in the greatest detail regarding the financial blessings of Abraham or how to believe God for healing, to include classes, books and videos on Christian nutrition, aerobic workouts, or divorce recovery (how to enter into your second or third Christian marriage and erase the guilt and condemnation that comes with being an adulterer or adulteress as taught by Jesus in the gospels). When I share the dreams God has given me or attempt to prophesy the things God gives me to speak to His people the leadership and often times their congregations are prepared to throw me off a cliff for being a false prophet.


The $28 dollars per hour pay I was quoted in the dream (where he found himself in a warehouse and asked his boss how much he was getting paid. - B.W.) stood for the 28th chapter of the Book of Deuteronomy in which the rewards for obedience and the punishments for disobedience to the known will of God are spelled out in detail. I am well aware of the fact that this is the Law and we are not under the Law but under the Grace of God. But you must also remember what the new testament says, "Let everyone that names the Name of the Lord depart from iniquity.", and "How much sorer punishment will come upon those who have tasted of salvation yet continue to live in complacency and ungodly ways." (from the pastoral Book of Timothy and the doctrinal Book of Hebrews Chapter 10) End of interpretation.


May 13, 1995, Dream, Russia & Nuclear War — Saturday Evening Rohnert Park, California, in the first part of the dream I saw a dark submarine. In the second part of the dream there was a good looking couple commandeering a speeding train that was out of control, the train crashed, the good looking couple was crushed and they died tragically. In the third scene of the dream there was a man who was jumping over barrels, either being chased or chasing someone else, it looked like everything would turn out well, but he slipped and was crushed by the barrels.

Interpretation: The night before I had this dream I had gone to the movie "Crimson Tide" which is about a potential nuclear war coming from a breakaway Russian republic and aimed at the United States. It was an exciting and tense movie with much realism taking place on a U.S. Nuclear Submarine but with the typical Hollywood ending "AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER." The first part of the dream showing the dark submarine was setting the stage for the truth that the Spirit of the Lord wanted to convey to me. The second scene in the dream reminded me of the Hollywood scenario for the movie "Speed" (which I never saw) but which I believe involved a good looking couple who commandeer an "out of control" bus and go through a series of near brushes with death but always come out the victors. Boy gets girl and "they live happily ever after." But in the brief scenario of this dream, where God is the producer and director of the graphics, plot, beginning and ending. This good looking couple end up being crushed and die tragically in the runaway train they were trying to commandeer. In the third scene of the dream a man seems to be performing, almost superhuman feats, by chasing someone or being chased by someone while jumping over some barrels. Instead of triumphing, in his agility, he slips and is tragically crushed by the barrels. Once again, the Spirit of the Lord is directing this dream (a spiritual movie directed by the Lord) and opening my eyes to a certain truth He wants to impart. God is threatening America with nuclear war and Russia is one of the countries He has chosen to carry out this judgment. I felt "led of the Lord" to go to this movie in order to more realistically grasp the threats He has told me to preach to the American people. The point I believe God was trying to make through this dream is that His threatened destruction of America with a nuclear war, and a land based military invasion will not have a Hollywood, fantasy-land ending as depicted in the movie "Crimson Tide". This nation will come to a most tragic and pitiful end for ignoring His warnings through His prophets. America will be utterly and completely destroyed for her abominable behavior much like Sodom and Gomorra was wiped from the face of the Earth and remains only as a salt land where nothing lives or grows. On March 5th of 1993 Dumitru Duduman, a prophet from Romania had a dream which is in agreement with the essential truth taught in this dream. I quote from his book on "Dreams and Visions from God" pages 32 and 33 entitled THE HAND THAT WROTE IN THE SKY. In my dream, it was as if my family and I were in a garden and we wanted to pick flowers. We were all looking around trying to see which flowers were the most beautiful. I looked toward the sky. As I looked at the sky, I saw the head and hand of a man. As I continued to look I saw the hand beginning to write: "Tell the people (of America) not to believe that the things I have said are FAIRY TALES AND UNTRUTHS (that America will burn in one day in a nuclear war). The DAY OF TERROR is fast approaching: it is close. I will not let one word that I have said go undone.


June 8, 1995, Dream, War Is Near — Thursday Morning 8:24 a.m. Rohnert Park, California, in this dream I was in the Army and felt fortunate since my job was on a base close to home. This dream was very vivid and real regarding my being in the Army and having a job which was close to home. My job was to watch over some kind of water or wastewater treatment plant.

Interpretation: This dream puzzled me until one evening, after a time of fasting I met with a Christian friend who has been used extensively by the Lord in prophecy, dreams and visions. During our visit and discussion the horrifying interpretation of this dream hit me. The fact that I was in the Army and it was close to home meant that this judgment of war, that God had been speaking to me about over the past ten (10) years was CLOSE TO HOME or the time was very near, even sooner than I was wanting to acknowledge, when the horrors of war would be visited upon the American people and upon our own shores. When American's would be widowed and raped, their children massacred and the survivors taken into captivity. A horror much like the Jews faced when Poland was invaded by the Nazi's during World War II… How much sorer punishments will come upon the populations of America, and especially the ones who name the Name of Christ yet fail to bear the fruits of righteousness. But instead, through lukewarmness and complacency set their hearts upon wealth and the pleasures of good fellowship, food and drink while failing to stand as the "Salt of the Earth" and rid their own land of the abominations that have come to be identified with the United States of America - "One Nation Under God". While millions are spent in Hollywood on such movies as "Boogie Night" glorifying such abominable behavior as pornographic movie making without a single outrageous peep from the Christian community… Divorces, pornography, drag queens, transvestites, homosexuals, strippers, Bat Men and Boys, Terminators and Power Rangers multiply outside their gates among the populations with whom they willingly mix for the remaining six days of the week in order to rake in the blessings of Abraham. The remaining portion of the dream where I was watching over some kind of water or wastewater treatment plant was a reference to my responsibilities as a WATCHMAN TO THIS NATION. I was both watching the approaching doom of war about to come upon our land and seeing the reasons for why this judgment was about to fall. The water or wastewater treatment plants stood for the churches in America, whom God was holding accountable for cleansing the foul waters of America and PURIFYING or FAILING TO PURIFY the pollutions spewing out from this land and contaminating other nations we so proudly claim to be evangelizing.


June 10, 1995, Dream, Prophets Do Warn Of War… — Saturday Afternoon 3:30 p.m. Rohnert Park, California, I was on a school bus and there were about fifteen (15) to twenty (20) kids from an Assembly of God church school on this bus with me. I was sitting up front behind the bus driver and my son was behind me. My wife was in the back of the bus and my daughter was somewhere in the middle. One of the royal ranger leaders was on the bus with us (the royal rangers are the Christian equivalent of the Boy Scouts in the secular world). I had a leaflet or handout with the word "WAR" printed on it like the headlines in a newspaper and CHAPTER 33 OF THE BOOK OF EZEKIEL was typed in its entirety along with several dreams God had given me regarding the judgment of war that comes upon a nation for turning its back on God. I was explaining to my son that I had been called by God to be a WATCHMAN TO AMERICA (one, who, like a prophet "sees" into the future through supernatural gifts and is held accountable by God to warn both the righteous and the wicked to walk in the fear of the Lord lest they be caught unaware by the coming judgment of war (to cleanse a land of wickedness) and their blood be upon his hands - much like the responsibility given to a Christian to warn sinners of the need to accept Jesus Christ as Savior or the sinner must face an eternal future condemned to hell - a place of eternal torment where the "worm never dies" and the "fire is never quenched"). That because of the WICKEDNESS OF THIS NATION and the LUKEWARMNESS OF THE CHURCHES AND ITS LEADERS God was bringing a CRUEL WARRING NATION AGAINST AMERICA and we would soon see real tanks in our streets and much killing and death everywhere. Almost immediately my wife marched in a "Gestapo like" fashion to the front of the bus to protect the children from hearing such things. Angry, that I was once again "going off the deep end" and being a false prophet and bringer of false tidings of "doom and gloom". The royal ranger leader also rushed forward to stop me from sharing this information with anyone, but especially these children. He had a clipboard and was writing down "charges" he intended to bring against me to make sure I was labeled a false prophet and a danger to the children and the Church of Jesus Christ. The intent of writing down these accusations was to have me dismissed from his church thereby removing my presence and influence. I was considered a danger to the body of believers at this Assembly of God church and especially to the children.


August 24, 1995, Dream, Invasion — Thursday Evening Rohnert Park, California, I was at a coastal town and there was a college campus or some kind of complex of buildings from five (5) to ten (10) stories in height. I was asking a woman on campus where the best place to go would be if there was an earthquake and one or several of these buildings were to come down. She pointed out a clearing and also mentioned an underground shelter about two (2) stories below grade where there were vending machines to get food etc. These buildings were all made of brick and concrete and there were many stone jetties and seawalls with the ocean coming up to the stone embankments. Then almost "out of nowhere" a large silver plane flew over (very high up) and dropped a bomb that looked a little like a missile. I watched it descend and then land in the ocean about one-quarter (1/4) mile offshore. This "missile thing" floated and upon contact with the water it opened while floating and began jettisoning various marker buoy's, floating radar equipment, and other such floating equipment. I knew immediately this stuff was in PREPARATION FOR A LAND BASED INVASION to direct landing craft and other military craft during an invasion.

I panicked, since I kind of knew what to do had this emergency been an earthquake, but a MILITARY INVASION OF OUR SHORE LINE OR COAST LINE was totally outside my scope of comprehension and I just had no idea how to handle such an event.


September 14, 1995, Dream, Florida —Thursday 9:57 a.m. Rohnert Park, California, FROGMEN and various workers are preparing the FLORIDA COAST for a possible LAND BASED MILITARY INVASION.

Comment: Just seven (7) months later on April 22nd, of 1996 Dumitru Duduman, a prophet from Romania with Hand of Help Ministries, who was totally unaware of my dream regarding Florida, had a vision of an attack that was being prepared against America by China and Russia which included the points of penetration by these nations in their planned attack. The following is a portion of that vision:

As I (Dumitru Duduman) was looking, I saw a great light. A dark cloud appeared over it. I saw the president of Russia, and a short chubby man, who said he was the president of China and two others. The last two also said where they were from, but I did not understand. However, I gathered they were part of Russian controlled territory. The men stepped out of the cloud. The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one, "I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from behind." A voice said to me (Dumitru Duduman),

"WATCH WHERE THE RUSSIANS PENETRATE AMERICA." I SAW THESE WORDS BEING WRITTEN: ALASKA, MINNESOTA, FLORIDA." The man spoke again, "When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning."


December 26, 1995, Dream, Nuclear Warfare —Tuesday Morning Rohnert Park, California, in this dream I was discussing, with a military commander (someone in the navy or pentagon), what our strategy was for a NUCLEAR ATTACK. Particularly if we were attacked from the ocean. The discussion seemed like it involved ships launching NUCLEAR MISSILES against one another. I asked this question and his reply was, "Well, what would happen is that they would launch NUCLEAR MISSILES from their naval ships against our naval ships and we would do the same." Then I asked, "Well, how would you know, or how would anyone know what the outcome was, whether they won or we won?" At this point he was at a loss to describe to me how we would know who won, because once the missiles hit their targets, THERE WOULD BE NO SURVIVORS. Basically it was an in-depth and at-length discussion about NUCLEAR WARFARE and in particular how you would carry out NUCLEAR WARFARE BETWEEN WARRING NAVIES, once the destruction had been done to the civilian population. In summary, the discussion was about NUCLEAR WARFARE; its implications for the military and in particular how it related to navies firing NUCLEAR MISSILES at one another, like the Tomahawk Missiles used in LIMITED NUCLEAR WARFARE. This discussion was taking place in light of the fact that we (the United States) were about to engage in WAR. The sense of the dream was heavy, foreboding, quite serious regarding the prospects of such a future event.

[Author's note: You can e-mail the above Prophet who had these dreams at mysbabylon@aol.com .]

From: www.demonbuster.com/america.html" .


(Note: This writer states that he is a "Mormon", and unlike most prophecies of nuclear attacks only along the coasts to make way for invading armies, this man believes that the nuclear attack will be launched at every state. Although his vision of the future may be unlikely, his knowledge of nuclear weapons and other issues are enough that we quote his message here - B.W.)

Warning: There are a lot of lie's told, about my prophecies. So "if" you don't see it here on my Web pages, then don't believe it. The Devil will use most people to tell tattle tales that are not even true and they don't know it themselves.

To Laugh this off WILL KILL you...

God said Lies would be told by the Devil to keep the people from the truth...


What if Lot had not fled Sodom?

What if Samson's hair had not been cut?

What if God had not sealed the Lion's mouths for Daniel?

What if God had not sent warnings by prophets in the past?

What if people won't hear a prophet's warning today? Will You?

The list can go on forever. There are so many "What if's."


So, what if you had a dream, vision, of SNOW on the ground, AND all the Christmas lights put up over main street, and stores are decorated. When do you think it was? You see a short day, and then a long night. (December 21, is the shortest day of the year) Then you see a sundown and a little while passes and the power goes off. Everything is dark. Nothing works, some cars won't even start so people can go home from shopping. Then FLASHES of light begin to appear on the horizon, and you hear terrible noises. Then you see mushroom clouds in every direction, and watch streaks of light, you think are rocket tails go by and crash in more huge, horrible fire balls.

What would you think? Nuclear War has begun! Would you tell anyone what you saw? What if you could smell the smoke, AND feel the heat from the fireball, AND in this vision you are told to warn people what is about to happen. So that some that "really" believe the Bible, can prepare for what will happen. You see millions burned so horrible their flesh is peeling off their bones, and the stink is terrible. You see millions of children with no parents, wandering the streets, and starving to death. Bodies of the dead just laying and rotting wherever they fell. Dog's, and rodents eating people. Cities gone and few left alive. Then you wake up from the vision, and are glad your alive and it was only a dream. Sometime later you are driving down the highway, and you see a mushroom cloud rise up before you at 7am. And you're in the traffic.

The vision stays in view, until you drive past it and can see where it will hit, in your rear view mirror. Many other times, you see events that will happen so you tell people. Acts 2:18 says: "AND on MY servants AND on MY handmaidens I WILL pour out in those days of my Spirit; AND they SHALL prophesy:" BECAUSE I "really" do believe the Bible and ALL the Holy Words of God wherever they are written, I really do try to be obedient to God. Hypocrites mock some of my visions, but that does not matter. I have visits from people beyond this mortal life. The Lord says he will bless me, no matter what others do to you. He says to follow him no matter what. He has overcome even death, and he gives you a blessing and a promise, for you personally, to be with him in eternity. You have dozens of revelations, about all kinds of things, so do you think you can keep my mouth shut? SO I tell you to get ready NOW, "months before" Christmas time.

The heat emitted within the first minute will start fires many miles away. Quoting from The Effects of Nuclear Weapons page 290. "A 1-megaton air-burst below 15,000 feet altitude could cause ignition in newspaper when the visibility is 12 miles. However, if the explosion were to take place BETWEEN a cloud layer and the target OR IF the ground surface is highly reflective, as when covered with snow, (at Christmas) the distance would be greater." End quote. (Out to 20 miles). The dynamics of the thermal radiant power will vary from place to place, so I won't try to explain other than to say that millions will feel the fire of hell.

How do I know this will happen? BECAUSE GOD has called me... I have seen and had Jesus Christ's hands on my head in blessing. I have the promises of God. Even with the sins others think I have, they are not my judges. So I'm trying to help them. They who are so self-righteous that they won't listen to my warnings will know soon that they waited too long to repent.

People say they believe the Bible BUT they don't read it, and won't listen to a prophet who does, SO they will soon have to die.

I don't argue with you, because God doesn't argue with any of us. He just kills those who will not listen to him. People who are too smart to hear the prophets warning. Their main goal in life is to make money. SOME people say God will protect them without any effort on their part. Then WHY did God tell Noah to build the Ark?

WHY WHY did he send messengers to warn Lot to flee Sodom? WHY DID MOSES tell everyone to stay inside while the angel of death passed over. WHY has he sent Prophets to warn in the past? BECAUSE only those who would listen would be saved! People WANT something for nothing; God doesn't help those who will not make any effort to help themselves...


September 1996 Flyer, Column 3

July 1995 Russia still had 9,103 warheads on missiles to target anywhere in the world. U.S. Department of Defense estimates are that when 130 of U.S.A.'s largest cities and metro areas are hit the casualties and deaths would reach 100 million people.

June 18,1995, 60 Minutes-CBS reported Russia has 300 mobile Topol missile launchers and 4,000 warheads that can target the U.S.A. in a few minutes. (Really! 4000 bombs.) December 1995 Flyer, Column 4 When I tell people that they don't believe what the Bible says OR Gods prophets they argue and are offended. Jesus said in

Matthew 24:20-21, "But pray ye that your flight (from bombs) be not in Winter, neither on the Sabbath day: (people who are too smart to learn, don't realize he was speaking to the Hebrew people who kept the "true" Sabbath from Friday sundown until Saturday sundown. NOT the Sunday Roman Sabbath first day of the week that is so popular in all apostate Churches today.

Exodus 31:13 tells us: "Speak thou also unto the children (tribes) of Israel, saying, Verily (in truth) my Sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you."

Matthew 24:21 "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." (World War III will kill billions.)

More people will die in one day of this war than any entire war of all History.

Matthew 24:36-37 "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, But my Father only. But as the days of Noe (Noah) were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

The day varies in different parts of the0 world. Ten o'clock Friday night in New York City. IS Saturday at 1:00 PM. In Sydney Australia, and 6:30 a.m. in Moscow, a perfect time to begin the attack. No man knows the day or hour, because it varies all over the world. And depends what continent you are on. (Update look at the December Calendar for 1999)

January 1996 Flyer Column 1

Millions of people have "excuses" why they didn't believe a prophet's warning. Instead of listening for life, they listen to find something that their tradition can find fault with. Then they can throw out his testimony as wrong, and give themselves an excuse to not repent of their ideas (change the traditions they have).

I have told millions on Radio all over the world the surprise attack on the U.S.A. would begin when there is snow in Salt Lake City, Utah; and the Christmas lights are up. That the attack would begin in the evening of a very short day and long night, after December 21, the shortest day of the year.

That streaks of light from missiles would come out of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Gulf of Mexico. Then about one half hour later the missiles would come over the North Pole, from Russia and that millions would die that night when hundreds of cities would be hit.

But people have their own traditional belief and say that I am wrong. They close their minds to truth.

July 1994 Flyer Column 6

To be like the ostrich with his head in a hole won't make truth go away. After what I saw July 3, 1994, I did some research and calculating. "Vladivostok" is the Homeport for 95 Soviet submarines. Not all, but many of the Soviet Typhoon class subs will be at sea in an attack on the U.S.A. and Canada.

Imagine only 30 subs with their 20 missiles each. Those SS-N-20 missiles have a range of 8,300 kilometers (5,187 miles), and carry 9 MIRV warheads of 200 kilotons each. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima August 6,1945 at 8:15 a.m. was only 16 kilotons. It killed 92,000 people, burned and injured 38,000 more; 68,000 buildings gone in a minute!

ONE-200 kiloton warhead, the fireball would be 1760 feet across, 1/3 mile round and 11 million degrees. The overpressure will crush everything for 5 miles out. 1.6 miles from the blast the 10 P.S.I. and winds of 260 M.P.H. last 4 seconds. That means if you are standing in the street you are blown 381 feet per second =1524 feet down the road, over 1/4 mile in 4 seconds and you are dead. Inside of 5 miles from the hit, all houses, structures, cars, trucks, etc. crushed. Things burn 9 miles out from the hit. Because it's not a big warhead, the fallout may only go 100 OR 150 miles.

Today August 30, 1998 A San Francisco Examiner Article says: "Russia has 22,000 Nuclear Weapons, AND 10,000 to 15,000 of them are in storage." So that means about 7,000 of those warheads are available for the attack on the USA sometime near Christmas time.

IF, there are 12 Subs in the Pacific, and 12 Subs in the Atlantic and 6 in the Gulf of Mexico; those 30 Subs with 20 missiles X 9 warheads equals 5,400 target hits.

I have more than 1000 targets in my list that will be hit. I have the exact locations, latitude, longitude, township, range, section, block, and some street addresses. A missile that flies for thousands of miles, may "miss" a target by ½ mile or so. But a "miss" does not matter when the fireball is 1 OR 2 miles across. And millions of degrees.

Realize that thousands of warheads mean that each state capitol will get hit, cut off the head first. That our nuclear stockpiles at Nellis Air Force Base Nevada, 1350 warheads stored there. 36n12, 115w05. And Kirkland AFB, Albuquerque NM. Has 2850 nuclear warheads stored, 35n05, 106w39. AND 15 other states that have thousands of warheads will be hit. I know the locations.

That our Submarine bases at Kings Bay GA, AND Bangor WA. will be hit, along with the 15 Nuclear Power Plants west of Kansas and the 95 east of Kansas, will be big surface hits to make lots of fallout. And wipe out the power for millions of homes. Air Force Bases in about 20 States are prime targets. Where our Stealth planes are based at Holloman AFB. NM. Where our ICBMs are repaired at Hill AFB. UT. At SAC command in Omaha, NB. AT North American Air Defense Headquaters (NORAD) in Colorado Springs, and literal hundreds of other sites that I have plotted.

Some targets will get 2 bombs. I remember seeing a vision years ago of the Glen Canyon Dam, on the Utah, Arizona boarder getting hit. I saw 2 mushroom clouds there. That Dam creates Lake Powell. A lake of over 1 million acres, the Dam is across the very narrow Glen Canyon, only 1/4 mile wide, in solid rock. The Dam rises 500 feet above the river below. I guess the 1st. Bomb missed that narrow gorge, BECAUSE it has to be a surface hit to take out the Dam. And that must be the reason for the 2nd Bomb. When the 4 Dams on the Colorado River are hit, it will flow like it did 100 years ago to the Gulf of California.

Then, ½ hour later some winter evening the really big SS 18's and SS 19's with 20 Megaton warheads, City Busters, launched from Russia over the North Pole begin to hit. AND 100 million people die that night.
A 1 Megaton warhead WILL burn people, with 1st degree burns 9 miles out from the hit. Everything for 5 miles out will be gone. The damage ring will be about 15 miles across.

November 1994 Flyer Column 6

WHEN the tribulation begins (surprise attack FROM former U.S.S.R.) it will be in the evening here in the U.S.A. (8 to 10 pm) and the daybreak for them in Russia. A long night of darkness for U.S. and day time for them to flee, hide, prepare for when we can shoot our missiles back at them.

TRADITIONS CAUSE TUNNEL VISION Narrow - minded religious people have tunnel vision. It doesn't matter if they are Mormon, Seventh-Day Adventist, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Jew, or any other Christian sect. They are right and everyone else is wrong.

October 1997 Flyer Column 6

IF YOU LIVE through the blast of the Bombs, in about 2 weeks the hair begins to fall out. BONE MARROW has dramatic changes immediately, and loses its ability to make blood. Infections begin to run rampant, and can't be stopped' Hemorrhages begin to appear at every orifice of the body, you bleed at every hole. Bacterial and viral invasion takes place. Horrible sore throat and pneumonia will kill millions. Bloody diarrhea, a disappearance of lymphocytes in the blood means certain death.

Extreme atrophy of bone marrow will kill people 4, Or 5 months later. Regretting too late is too late!

The heat emitted within the first minute will start fires many miles away. Quoting from The Effects of Nuclear Weapons page 290,: "A 1- megaton air burst below 15,000 feet altitude could cause ignition of newspaper when visibility is 12 miles. However, if the explosion were to take place BETWEEN a cloud layer and the target OR if the ground surface is highly reflective, as when covered with snow, (at Christmas) the distance would be greater." END of quote. (Fires will start 20 miles away.)

March 1994 Flyer Column 1


People make decisions of life or death with about as much information as can be put on a bumper sticker. Their attention span is only a 30 second commercial. Many think they are smarter than God, and will not listen to a true prophet. They argue with him about what they think God will do, not believing what God has said.

The New Testament can be read in 10 hours, the Old Testament in 40. So 50 hours for the whole Bible. But, they who are smarter than God, have not even read what he has said will happen, so that his Kingdom can come. OR, listen to tapes of the Bible on your way to work. The Bible has 31,124 verses. Of these, 8352 deal in prophecies of the 737 events to happen in the worlds History. God is not going to change HIStory and his words to his prophets just because people are too lazy or preoccupied with their lives to read what he has said.

There are many other books of scripture also available to see what God has said to many different people. Because some people can only do basic math, it does not make algebra or trigonometry false or wrong. Because some people can only believe the Bible, it does not make it impossible for God to have spoken to others also.

August 1993 Column 1


Like I said, the facts mean little to people who want to continue traditions. There are over 140 more scriptures that prove who and what Jesus was.

When Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, it was about 1450 years before Christ. At that time there were people in Egypt, Africa, India, China, (Chinese records go back 8,000 years) Europe, and the Americas. If you had children at colleges in two states you would write and talk to them. So it was with God. About 600 years before Christ, Jeremiah was in Jerusalem. Ezekiel was in upper Iraq, and Daniel was in Babylon in lower Iraq...

Now you ask, WHEN, is the right "Christmas" for the attack? So I will let you tell me: WHAT IF, you saw a real pregnant lady in the check out line at the supermarket. She is SO BIG that she can't go through the aisle. You ask her WHEN she is due to deliver her babies. She says, you tell me, I am 10 months now. So that is my answer to you, We are way overdue now!

WHEN the winter season is here, and snow is on the ground, AND the city water lines are empty, AND you are thirsty, what do you do? The snow will have fallout in it. So you can't JUST melt it to drink it or you will die sooner. Power and water will be off for a long time. You need to plan now. Get all my Survival Information, I have the PLANS and Instructions how to make a water filter to take the radiation OUT of melted snow, so you can drink the water. Do you want to die of thirst?