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Ego Stories

-or- The Adventures of ALTAiR

A while back, we started writing these stories. Basically they are about a souped-up version of ALTAiR, one that is all heroic and omnipotent. I think we got a little carried away. But here they are for your reading enjoyment, in no particular order...

ALTAiR Unlocks the Gates of Hell
ALTAiR Knighted
The Teachers
ALTAiR Seals Rift
ALTAiR vs. 'N Sync
The Defeat of Hanson
Concert on the Moon
ALTAiR Masters Mental Powers
Purchase of the "Citadel"
ALTAiR Endorses Energizer
ALTAiR Lands Themselves in Jail!
ALTAiR Escapes!
The Bible Explained!
ALTAiR becomes first official secular band for Catholicism!
ALTAiR Creates New Planetary System
Human Genome Decoded
Masturbation Proved Healthy
ALTAiR Has Children
ALTAiR Clones are all the rage!!!
Jewish Scholars Discover Shocking Information!
The last ALTAiR alive!