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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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Eh, it had to be included.

Useful Utilities

300 Images from 1800 Sites - A buddying graphic artist patrolled the web looking for inspiration for small web-related graphics. Here's what inspired him. Let it inspire you. (More of a picture site, but I have no picture section.)

AllTheWeb.com - The best search engine nobody heard of. AllTheWeb's easy interface and accurate searches are much better than anything MSN or Yahoo could spit out, and video and audio searches are a nice touch. If Google isn't your thing, try here.

Amazon.com - Ok, so you know Amazon sells books. But you DIDN'T know it sells electronics, CDs and DVDs, music, and tons of other stuff. PLUS Amazon scans the first few pages of many of their books, great for citing sources.

American Greetings E-Cards - Would you like to send a card to someone, but you're too cheap/scared/lazy/stupid to actually do it? With tons of free cards and a simple setup, this site is a great way to let someone know you care, even if you're... you.
Also try Hallmark E-Cards.

Blogger.com - Web logs (blogs) are all the rage these days, since anyone can set up their own articles and news with very little effort. Anyone = you. Get in the action for FREE here. I might make one too, once I get this site taken care of.

Bravenet.com - Few sites offer web tool services nowadays, and those that do usually suck. But Bravenet has loads of free web tools that are customizable and easy to use. My counter, search engine, and probably something else are all from Bravenet.

Cardshark.com - Into Magic: the Gathering, or some other trading card game? Use this site to find virtually any card from hundreds of secure, trusted sellers at the lowest possible prices. I've ordered before, and I'm completely satisfied.

Choice Hotels.com - Planning on traveling? Use this site to find the best hotel or motel based on location, price, and special accomodations like pools, breakfasts, free mints, etc. Maps and photos are also included. Always worth a look.

Citation Machine - Select what you want to cite, type in the info, press a button, and viola! prefectly cited for copy-pasting. Simplicity at it's finest, but just make sure it's in the format the teacher wants. Or you'll lose points! POINTS!

CitySearch.com - Think your town isn't any fun? CitySearch maps out all the best restaurants and entertainment for most major cities so you can always find something fun to do. I plan on visiting often to get the most out of college.

Color Blender - It's easy to pick out favorite colors and impliment them, but blending them to different hues is a different story. This site will blend any two colors with up to 10 midpoints. How groovy. How useful.

Currency Converter - This currency converter changes its rates on a daily basis, offering the most precise conversions possible. Clean, easy setup that converts every possible currency being accepted. Simply put, the best there is.

Dictionary.com - Multiple definitions for just about every word. Plus they usually explain the word's origin, what each part means, different uses, etc. etc. etc. And Thesaurus.com is accessible through this site too! Hooray!

Dot.tk - There are now plenty of sites that offer free domain names, but they're never good names. It's always "www.something.com/somethingelse/longassname/index.html." Dot.tk offers much shorter domain names- "www.something.tk"- for free. Score.

eBay - If you haven't heard of eBay, you need to die.

Expedia Travel - Expedia is simply the best travel site ever. Help with flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, or combinations of the four, Expedia has deals of prices and information on schedules, weather, currency, and tourist hotspots. What else do you WANT?

FoneFinder - Based on the littlest information, this site can scrounge up the general location of a caller based on the number they're calling from. Now with just a phone number, this site, and WhitePages.com, anyone can be tracked down. Scary, isn't it?

Google - Best search engine ever.

Google Personalized Search - Want to control your search beyond keywords? Just select a few preferences and type in your keywords. Then adjust the slider to get sites that match your interests. Neat, eh?

Graphing Calculator - Graphic calculators cost well over $100 these days. Who has money for that? Try this FREE java graphing calculator instead. It may take a bit of learning, but it's FREE. Gonna argue with that?

HelpOnThe.Net - Great computer help site. Register for free, then post your message on the appropriate forum and wait for a response from the hundreds of people who patrol them daily. Isn't the internet the COOLEST?

Heywood Jablome's Inbox - Don't you hate it when you need to give away your email address? You know you're just gonna get junk. Well, Heywood here is letting you use HIS email. Access granted, no junk mail.

Hotmail - Ahh Hotmail, the king of SPAM. Every day I delete somewhere between 5-10 annoying and obscene ads from my inbox. Why do I keep with Hotmail? Well, can you argue with 'free'? I thought not. Loser!

Hushmail.com - With identity theft all the craze nowadays, you may be thinking of switching to an email provider that offers encryption and privacy. Hushmail has loads of great features AND is free. And we just learned how cool free is....right?

The Hunger Site - Every time you click a button here, you donate 1.1 cups of staple food to those who need it most. No costs, no registration, just clicking. Definately a 'Useful' site, even if it doesn't directly benefit you.

Internet Traffic Report - Strangely interesting, and probably useful. ITR supervises the internet traffc in five continents and creates statistics on their current speed and reliability. I like laughing at those Aussies...

Kelly Blue Book - Definately worth a click if you're interested in selling or buying a car (or truck, or SUV). With just a few clicks you can learn how much any vehical is really worth. Save time and save money with very little effort.

LetterJames - Lots of sites out there let you change the text that overlays a picture for funny results, but this one recycles that same idea to create personalized cards and posters. Lots of fonts and styles to choose from to make the funniest cards possible.

MapQuest - This site is the best I've found for driving instructions. Different maps, different routes, all very detailed, plus multiple options to make sure you have the exact directions you need exactly the way you need them. Oh yeah, and it's free.

National Atlas of the USA - The site may look pretty basic, but it's map-making skillz can't be matched. Here you can get maps to compare agriculture, climate, biology, geology, and much more. Handy for schoolwork.

National Do Not Call Registry - Sick and tired of telemarketers? Sign yourself up on this handy dandy list and expect those annoying phone calls to virtually disappear in just a few weeks time. Doesn't my site rule?

National Geographic Maps and Geography - Lots and lots of helpful map stuff here. Enjoy customizable printer-friendly maps of any place in the world, or search through their database of featured maps for projects. How handy.

Online Conversions - Can't put it better than them: "convert just about anything to anything else." Dozens and dozens of popular and unpopular conversions for you to use and reuse. Quick, easy, free. Handy for all things science.

Ping O' Matic - Want everyone to know you updated your web log? Ping O' Matic will send out the news to up to 10 different services, so everyone knows you have new info. This means new traffic and no spiders crawling your pages. And it's FREE!

Protonic.com - Have a problem with your computer or PDA? Don't call up some hotline and talk to some moron kid, ask Protonic! While the site is volunteer based, these are SMART people who know what they're talking about. And again, FREE!

Puzzlemaker.com - Need to make a puzzle? This site provides a free service to help you make crosswords, word searches, mazes, just about everything you need to meet a requirement or keep toddlers safely occupied for a while.

RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary - This site helps the linguistically challenged with a simple rhyming utility; put in any word, and it shows you every word that rhymes with it, sorted any way you like. Also find similar sounding words, homophones, etc.

Scientific Calculator - Lose your calculator? Math homework is hard without a machine to do everything for you, so here's a free one if you should ever need it. Simple interface, most intermediate math functions. You're on your own for tests, though.

SpamGourmet.com - This nonprofit website (if the design didn't give it away, the FAQ did) helps you to create temporary email addresses so your email account isn't flooded with spam. Great idea that's pulled off quite nicely. And did I mention free?

SubmitExpress.com - Getting your site on search engines is hard work, especially if you're doing it without money. (sigh) This site submits your site to the most popular engines AND checks to see which engines you're already on. How handy.

Switchboard.com - Looking for a phone number, address, name, or loads of other stuff? Switchboard has got loads of search options to find what you're looking for. Simple interface and huge database.

Systran Translation Software - Need help in a foreign language class? This site lets you translate text to and from a variety of different languages. It can even do websites. Very easy to use, usually a somewhat accurate translation. Merci beaucoup.

Thesaurus.com - While the thesaurus function in Microsoft Word might be more convenient, this site offers a much larger list of possible synonyms and antonyms. You can flip back and forth between this site and Dictionary.com too.

Time.gov - What a useful site. Pick out your time zone (only US time zones work), and the exact time there is displayed, accurate to less than a second. Obviously great for setting clocks and checking the time, since it's so simple and quick.

Univox RGB 2-Hex Tool - Easy conversion tool. Put in your Red, Green, and Blue values for any color, and it spits out the hexidecimal equivilent. No downloading or anything, just a quick and simple conversion tool.

Whitepages.com - The phone number and address of virtually any American is available with just a full name, a general location, and a few clicks. It's pretty cool at first, until you realize that random people can find you too. Are you scared yet?

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access - With just a full name you can look up the court cases filed against your badass friends, teachers, parents, even Mark Chmura! Thank you, Constitution. Note: only works for Wisconsin cases. Duh.

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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