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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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<3 Winamp.

Most people don't come here for the downloads, since sites like Download.com are out there. Still, I wanted to share a few of my favorite programs to anyone who cares enough to read about them. Every download on this page has been used by me, many of them while making this very site. If you have any suggestions for a download you don't see here, please contact me and I'll look into it.


Ace Utilities 2.1
With a few simple scans and clicks, this program helps to clean up your registry, remove unneeded files, delete broken shortcuts and folders, remove temporary files, turn off unwanted startup programs, completely erase unwanted programs, AND give you access to hidden Windows settings? Plus it's free?
Ad-Aware 6.0
This program searches and can destroy all spyware and tracking cookies on your computer incredibly quickly. A great download when playing with Kazaa. Get it.
Adobe Photoshop CS
The newest version of Adobe Photoshop, I haven't had much time yet to experiment with any new features. Given that it's still Photoshop, however, I'm sure it pwns all. Demo version only, duh.
This is a great AIM add-on. Transparencies, cloning, recording convos, plus many other features. And it's FREE.
AOL Instant Messanger (AIM)
Most widely distributed chat software ever. Probably for a reason.
Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum Suite 1.13
Very easily, almost completely automatically, this program scans your computer, learns exactly how to free up space and make it run faster for you, then asks your permission to let it optimize it for you. It really only takes a few minutes time and a few clicks. And does it cost you anything? Well, if you want to keep it, yes. :(
Audacity 1.0
Free wave editor? Free effects? Small download? Score?
Dead AIM
Another AOL add-on, 'cept this one isn't free (unless you download it off of Kazaa, HINT HINT). Helps to organize AIM windows, record convos, remove adds...and some other stuff I can't remember. It's all good.
I use this program to convert audio from one format to another in whatever quality I want. Truly incredible, since it can do so much and its completely free. Very customizable, very clean, very easy to use.
Fruity Loops v4.5.1
I know, I know, it's "FL Studio" now, right? Wrong. This is STILL "Fruity Loops", the best damn beat maker, and probably music player, ever. Completely centered around patterns, this powerful application lets you do just incredible things in a very easy way. Of course, this is just the DEMO version, but you'll still love it.
Fruity Loops v3.5.6
An older version of the program above. This is, in my opinion, the better of the two, but that one's newer, so I dunno, its your call. I couldn't find this anywhere else but on a French site, so I apoogize, but you're still getting it, so be grateful! X-O
Best free image viewer around. Small, easy to use, great for saving in whatever format you want. It also lets you perform simple alterations, but nothing too awesome, since it's designed to be a simple, small viewer. And it can't be beat.
Kazaa Lite
I'm not even gonna post Kazaa here. Kazaa Lite is infinately better. Get it now before such a horrible link is hacked and deleted by George Bush. YEAH I'M TALKING TO YOU, BUSH!
Norton Trialware
The Norton brand leads the pack in firewall protection, antispam programs, and, of course, antivirus software. This site lets you download trialware versions of their most popular products, then purchase them if you decide you like them. So if you've been noticing some suspicious activity, you can detect and destroy the threats on your computer without spending a dime. Now, love me.
Pop-Up Stopper
Great pop-up stopper. Doesn't catch everything, and sometimes it catches too much. Still, it's small and can be easily turned on and off through the taskbar. Plus it's free. The newest version is here.
Some people like to be pricks and make a million different kinds of movies, confusing everyone and making it harder to download free videos illegally. Thanks Quicktime. Oh, you'll need this program to play Quicktime movies. Those bastards.
Spybot Search and Destroy
Wanna get rid of spyware? Of course you do! This program checks your computer for the most popular spyware programs and cookies on the 'net, then deletes them AND prevents them from coming back. It also updates regularly to make sure it's protecting you from the newest threats. AND IT'S FREE! JOY.
TomSteady (Winamp Plugin)
Great plugin for Winamp (a music player for your computer; look for it a bit lower). As you know, some songs are recorded much louder or softer than others, and because of it, you have to constantly adjust the volume. TomSteady takes out that adjusting part, automatically changing the volume when it gets too loud or too quiet. Get it.
Tweak Manager 2.1
If you scroll WAY down to the bottom, you'll find it: the best tweak program I've ever come across. Change dozens of Windows settings the easy way with this simple little utility. And if you want to spend money, you can always buy the full version and get even MORE tweaks. Programming at it's finest.
The newest, sleekest music player around: Winamp5. Combines the best of both Winamp2 and Winamp3 (hence the 5 part) and allows plugins and skins for either of the old verions. That, and some new tweaks for functionality and audio goodness, this player has it all! :O
Windows Media Player 9.0

(For XP)

This is a great media player overall. Sucky at music though. My advise: take this for movies, Winamp for music.
Winzip v8.1
Very useful tool, "unzips" those .zip files you download stuff in. You'll need this to use the stuff downloaded off this page that ends with .zip.
Yahoo Instant Messanger
This is a sweet messanger. Easy to use, fun games you can play right in the chat window, and other stupid stuff. Hooray for stupid stuff.
Useful to programmers and webdesigners only. It lets you take little screenshots of sections of whatever is on your screen. Then, when you put your mouse over that shot, it gives you the hexidecimal coding and Red, Green, and Blue values for the colors underneath the cursor. I still use this thing all the time.

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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