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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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This is my best guess as to what my visitors look like.

This is a section I devoted to emails I have gotten from you suckas. I've gotten a couple interesting ones already, but I'm an idiot and I deleted them. (Some were pretty funny too.) So unfortunately, there aren't many here (yet), but if you email me or something, there might be more...

Fan Mail!

From : Chris [B.]
Sent : Wednesday, May 26, 2004 7:07 AM
To : mrtastee18@hotmail.com
Subject : MAy i join to your site

you are my fan i like to be your site supporter hope you can read this thnx....

From : Mindy [V.] (luvdbyall@yahoo.com)
Sent : Tuesday, April 6, 2004 2:25 PM
To : mrtastee18@hotmail.com
Subject : thanx

Thank you so much for your site. It makes me laugh
every time I visit. I really love your games section
too. One thing I don't understand is why hasn't the
Kellogg's commercial been on TV. The "I feel great"
commercial is fantastic. Definitely Super-bowl
material. Oh well, thank you so much for making me
laugh and keeping me busy during my boring day. Thanx

From : the sengir vampire
Sent : Friday, March 26, 2004 3:47 AM
To : mrtastee18@hotmail.com
Subject : Homepage

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your new games page... I've played most all of them.. :D

From : SolemnDusk
Sent : Monday, March 8, 2004 9:55 AM
To : (mrtastee18@hotmail.com)
Subject : I used your webpage...

I put a link in my signature to your webpage. Your webpage is awesome, especially your collection of links (particularly the WTF section!!).

Anyway, even though I already put it there, I am asking permission to have the link in my sig. I figured it'd be good advertising for you, but if you want me to, I'll remove it. Let me know, and thanks for making a kick-arse site!

From : Greg [C.] (gregc@nyc.rr.com)
Sent : Thursday, February 5, 2004 5:59 PM
To : (mrtastee18@hotmail.com)
Subject : Your Website

Hey, I know you don't know me, but... I just wanted to say that your website is now my official internet mecca. Whenever I'm bored, I visit your links/games section, or hell, any part of your site, and I'm suddenly all... unbored. It's strange. Anyway, I wanted to give you a website. It's pretty random, but just check it out.

From : (EthanW17@aol.com)
Sent : Wednesday, January 7, 2004 2:36 AM
To : (mrtastee18@hotmail.com)
Subject : AWESOME SiTE

Ay Maynne IM me, your site kicks ass, I being a webmaster thinks it needs a lil Flash animation here and there but the CONTENT is what makes it good, my AIM is AlwaysABrave05 or EthanW17 I got a webdev package for you it makes all my Newgrounds animations and my site kick ass

From : Conrad [C.] (dragonbloodthirsty@hotmail.com)
Sent : Monday, December 1, 2003 12:00 AM
To : (mrtastee18@hotmail.com)
Subject : Hey, saw your site

Hey, saw your site. Do you use some standard Angelfire page, or do you write your own web design (checking the source really answered that).

How do you get your homepage to allow updates like yours does?

Oh, and I didn't find any mistakes. You will be over joyed with that.

The Mystery Person
This was a series of emails between me and a...Mystery Person. We all had fun in guessing the identity through clues and hints. It won't be in the format of the other emails, but eh. The first update was lost completely, so I've tried to recreate it.

Updates: Lots of updates today! I updated the Pictures Page with lots of new, fun pictures. I don't know what I was on, haha! And...hmm, I guess that's it. Seemed like a lot when I uploaded the pictures...:-/

Updates: Haha, ok, I HAVE to include this. This is an email I just got from Just4Leah99@aol.com about my site. It reads:

You noted that you are both right and left handed.  That's an incredible gift.  Unfortunately you are not taking advantage of the marvelous gift of spell check.  Why don't we thank God for this awesome gift by utilizing it's potential.  Ambidextrous

Wow. Really, wow.

   A) Who is this chick? I only know one Leah, and she spells her name Leia, and she doesn't know about this page, and she's not religious!
   B) Who spends the time making an email about a mispelled word? OOMGOM G YOU SPPELLERD THE WORD RONGG!!!! DIEEEE!!!!!1 :O :O :O
   C) It's not like she's perfect, either. There should be a question mark after the word potential, since that sentence is a question. And "it's" can't have an apostrophe when used like that. The only way "it's" can have an apostrophe is if it's used to combined "it" and "is". But it's not used like that. She's not taking advantage of the marvelous gift of grammar check. Why don't we thank God for this awesome gift by utilizing its potential? :)


Haha, just kidding there, Leah. Thanks for pointing that mistake out! I'll fix it right away! Thanks for visiting!

Updates: Not much. I uploaded like three pictures, and that's it. I'm trying to figure out who this Just4leah99@aol.com chick is. Here's another email she sent me, entitled "It's fun to get E-mail from strangers?":

Hello again.  Bravo on the it's it grammar typo of mine.  My face is quite red.  So much blood is trapped in my face that my arms are starting to fall asleep.  However, my making the question a statement was done purposely.  You see I implied the question to be a clear remark.  I did not want you to question its validity so I made the question a statement.  It's just my writing rhetoric.  In other words, it's up to the author to decide whether or not they want a question mark when they are sarcastic.  Still, you caught me on the it's it thing, so I must applaud your noble grammar ability.  Before I leave, I also want to thank you for putting me on your web site.  It makes me feel famous, or at least the same fame that the Simpsons earned.

PS.  If my sister hasn't ruined this it will be fun.  I'm going to leave a clue of my identity for you.  Clue number one is, I'm a senior at HHS.

A new piece to the puzzle! I have NO idea who this girl is. I went looking through last year's yearbook for juniors with the name Leah, and found Leah G. I have no affiliation with her or her sister, so that rules her out. Then I went looking through my brother's '99 HHS yearbook for SENIORS with the name Leah, since it said 99 in her email addy. Still no one. But don't you worry, Sherlock Ryan will definately solve this mystery!


Updates: I updated this page earlier this afternoon, only edited the META tags for this page and submited it to Google and Yahoo! (so this will pop up in search engines :)), change some scores, the bookmark joke and Deep Thought, and this page. I wasn't really satisfied, but that's an update, right? After that, I went off and created an entire 5 1/2 minute song that's been in my head. So I come back on to upload it, and I realize I need to change my statistics page and favorites page too! So what was supposed to be a small update turned out to be a pretty big one.

I'm still trying to figure out who this Just4leah99@aol.com chick is. Here's another email she sent me, entitled "Hello":

Good Detective work.  The yearbook is an excellent resource to utilize for your mystery.  I heard a good detective lives in Oklahoma, but that was on Jenny Johns so that information maybe flawed.  Annie may be able to help you figure it out she has been atop a roof recently at Hamilton.  If that all fails there must be some little shop that can help you at school. 
                                            Good Luck with the hints,

Geez, this is hard. It's gotta be a girl who was in Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, Little Shop of Horrors, is now a senior at HHS, and has a sister that's one of my friends. I don't think her name is Leah either, simply cuz I don't know anyone named Leah! :-/ I suck at this. Where's Watson when you need him?

Updates: I updated this page earlier this afternoon. Hope you caught it.

I'm still trying to figure out who this Just4leah99@aol.com chick is. I finally caught her online. Of course, I didn't tell her it was me...:

DejaVuAgain18: Hello.
: a/s/l?
: Who are you
DejaVuAgain18: Greg.
: what's your name?
: How did you get my Screen NAme
DejaVuAgain18: just lookin' through profiles.
: wow, I must have IMed you JUST as you got on!
: Okay
Just4leah99: Yes
DejaVuAgain18: sorry if I startled you
: a/s/l?
: That's okay
DejaVuAgain18: wow, I've never had anyone not tell me anything
: can I at least have a name?
: hello?
: I think you're strange, Sorry
Just4leah99: THis isn't Jay is it
DejaVuAgain18: who's Jay?
: I'm going back to ignoring now
DejaVuAgain18: what? what'd I say?
: hello?
: FUnny Boy Ryan
DejaVuAgain18: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!
: SO CLOSE!!!!
: Mr. TAstee needs to Freeze
DejaVuAgain18: TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!!!
: I wrote you another Clue
Just4leah99: God still loves you
DejaVuAgain18: NOOOOOOO!!!
: God loves all his children
Just4leah99 signed off at 9:05:29 PM

So, I got nothing from her. Big deal, I can always forge a new screen name and bother her later! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, and here's another email, entitled "It's ME":

Excellent separation of Fact and Fiction.  Jenny Johns is obviously not a real TV show.  Oklahoma is a reference to the Musical I was in Freshman year.  However, you were only in seventh grade so It is okay you did not know.  My next clue is that I played in the band.  There are several instruments I've learned.
     1. Oboe
     2. Saxophone
     3. Fake Trombone (It has valves)
     4. Cymbals
I think that's a rather fair clue.
                     Good luck my fair sleuth,

I think I know who she is, but I'm not telling yet. Heh heh, I'll wait until it's for sure...

Updates: In a way, I'm glad I got sick, since it gave me a chance to actually update this page. This whole week I've been really busy, so I couldn't have done it!

Back to Just4Leaf99@aol.com. I know I'm gonna get a LOT of crap about this, but I knew who she was right from the start. :( See, she mentioned in her first email that if her sister didn't ruin this for her, it'll be fun. Only one of my friends is pretty religious, has a sister, and knows about this site. So yeah, I pretty much knew it was KELLY S. (sister of KRISTIN S.) because of that. Her sn threw me off though, and I went through the yearbooks to make sure there really wasn't a Leah I forgot about. But there wasn't, so yeah, I knew. I kept quiet cuz it was more fun and it'd last longer! :) Here are two other emails she sent me during this week:

Placing my name on your buddy list was cunning.  Anyway, I heard that you are a science whiz.  A ___________ is utilized by scientist to measure vibrations in the earth.  The first letter of this word is the first letter of my last name.  If you find that you should be able to narrow down the year book more. 
                                  May the Force be with you,

Hey hoe my super sleuth friend,
    So you figured me out hey.  Well, for all the people who are perhaps slower then your genius I'll tell them my name starts with a "K" and ends with and "ELLY."  If they are still lost they can E-mail me.  However, I think it is fairly obvious.  Ryan look for me at school on Thursday and I'll gift you a sucker for the good humor this past week. 

Too bad I was sick today. :( Not good, not happy. Not only did I miss tennis and lunch, but I missed my SUCKER!! :( Oh well. I'll live. ;)

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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