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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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Put your mouse over the pictures that pop up here.  There'll be jokes, interesting stuff... just do it.

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Feel free to contact me with your own suggestions.

Useless Links

Collections of EVERYTHING

Albino Blacksheep - Yes, some collection sites have more content, but this one has the hard-to-find multimedia and the off-the-wall stuff that you can't find anywhere else. Weird movies, funny animations, and links galore. They're priceless, really.

Blogdex.net - So what's being talked about on the web? People have long understood that news sites and gossip pages don't tell you what American's really chatting about; web logs do. Blogdex scans thousands of blogs for hot topics and posts them.

Bored.com - This site is designed for kids, really, but there's still a few gems hidden around that even us older, mature folks can appreciate. I used to go here often, but now I don't visit as much. Still, it's worth a click when you're bored. Hence "Bored.com."

CollegeHumor - Upon remembering this site for this list, I decided to go pay it a visit. I spent 2 friggin' hours there. So many movies...so many links to weird crap...so much fun. I consider those two hours, and every two hours hereafter, well-spent.

Comedy Central - The best thing about Friday Night television is Friday Night Standup on Comedy Central. Click on this link to learn more about the comedians, check out other shows, play games, or look at some flashy things. Flashy things...

Ebaum's World - From baffling puzzles to funny movies to the famous soundboards, this site always has something to help waste your time. Check out the prank calls and the movies, but beware of the new increase in ads. Ebaum likes $$$, apparently.

Fazed.net - Daily Links - Few surfers realize the power Fazed has to cure boredness. Vast archives of awesome pictures, games, movies, links, whatever amuses you. And new sites are being added everyday. So check back often. Very often.

MameWorld.net - Here is your resource for Mame fun. Virtually everything you could want or need for Mame, the famous arcade emulator, is available through this single site. A great abundance of stuff here. A HUGE abundance.

Maxim Online - Great articles, trustworthy reviews, and of course, the pictures. I put this site under the collections section, though I know why most of you fellows are clicking here. And I don't blame you for a second. :D

MilkandCookies.com - Daily links to the strange, the funny, the most outrageous stuff the internet has to offer, and it all gets archived and categorized for later viewing. You can and will spend hours here. This is why internet addctions exist.

NewGrounds.com - I have mixed feelings about this site. On one hand, there are tons of flash games and movies to enjoy. On the other, there's this smutty feel to the entire site. My advice is to click with caution and x the popups quickly.

Planet Family Guy - Everyone's favorite cancelled show still has sites about it. This one, the best one I've seen, offers news, games, downloads, some links, and an extensive episode guide. (No episodes for downloading though. How unfortunate.)
Check out the official site for more Family Guy stuff.

Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not - This Ripley fellow collects the strangest crap; everything from weird events like elephant lynchings to strange human talents. Pictures and movies for "proof." I don't believe it. Any of it. SCREW YOU.

SomethingAwful - This site is definately one of the funniest web sites you'll ever see in your life. Strange links, funny articles, and the famous ("phamous?") Photoshop Phridays. Click often. Better yet, click always. And mind the ads.

South Park X - My God, so much to choose from. Download FULL EPISODES, including UNAIRED episodes. Pictures, movies, interesting facts about the show, EVERYTHING. JUST EVERYTHING! If you don't like Southpark yet, you will.


CoolRom - Tons of old school games available for free in ROM form. Emulators are available on the same site. Could be organized better, I suppose, but there are like no porno ads or popups, so it's all good. It's really clean too, so enjoy.

EmuUnlim.com - Well, now you've got your ROMS. What about the emulators to play them? EmuUnlim.com has the biggest selection I've seen, with news of new emulators and even some old versions of favorites. AND emulators are 100% legal!

MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - Once you download their emulator, there are dozens of sample arcade games right on their site, and more around the web if you look hard enough. (Try MameWorld.net.) Hours of classic gaming.

MidiFarm.com - This site features thousands of popular songs in MIDI form, a specific kind of audio that's legal to download and more versatile than MP3's. If you want to listen to your favorite songs in much smaller formats, click here.

SETI@Home - SETI stands for "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence." A program you can download here helps to continue that search. It works just like a screensaver and works when your computer is idle, joining a complex network of other machines.

Video Game Manual Scans - Everyone loves looking at the instruction booklets when you get a new video game, but over time they get lost or ripped. This site has video game manuals for every(?) NES, SNEW, and Atari 2600 game available as downloads.

Video Game Music Archive - Another MIDI site, this one features only music from video games, including multiple versions and remixes. There's seriously 16 versions of the Super Mario Bros Overworld Theme alone. Relive the good times.

Winamp.com - Winamp is the best music player ever, hands down. Here you can get plugins, visualizations, skins, whatever you want to beef up that bad boy of a boombox. Plus there's videos and music for download too. Some sites just have everything.


AddictingGames.com - Just about the biggest list of online flash games I've ever seen. Though some don't work (and some aren't really games), this site is popular around my school, so I figured I'd put it up. Check back often for new additions.

CandyStand Games - This place used to be THE site for prime minigolf action in my Marketing class. Now it's expanded into lots of different categories, including some free downloadable games. Try the bowling. Ooh, and the minigolf.

FHM's Top 100 Games - Just when you think you've seen all the best games, FHM makes the Top 100 Games list and ruins your fantasy. Great, replayable games, many of which I liked so much I added to my own list. Boredom's greatest foe.

Flashplayer.com - This sites's strongest point is definately the vast amount of games, but if you weed through the pages ,you'll find a few decent animations too, like stickdeath and video game parodies. But the games, dude. The games.

Fractal Infinities' Slime Sports Mods - This guy did all the work collecting the numberous versions of one of the most popular java games of all time. Here's your one stop for every known Slime Volleyball variant there is. Good games.

MiniClip.com - Many of my site's games - Heli Attack, Insaniquarium, Tetris, and Save the Sherrif to name a few - are from MiniClip. There's tons more available at this site, covering everything from action games to puzzles. Quality stuff.

NabiscoWorld Games - Once you look past the ad placing, you realize many of these fifty-some original games are pretty damn good. I'm not sure exactly if the games here and at Candystand are the same or not, but either way, it's a great site.

Shockwave.com's Games - Shockwave has always been offering top quality games that make the most of their multimedia player, many of them with great 3D graphics. If you have a good internet connection, this site will NOT disappoint.

StareGame.com - The dumbest online game ever. Can you beat the "A.I" in a staring contest? Likely, since they're just gifs anyways. Which starts to make you wonder, what exactly is the point? To waste time, I guess.

Yahoo Games - Pff, like this site needs an introduction. Definately the king all free online game sites. First you register, then you play dozens of games with thousands of other registered people. Clean site. Few ads. All free. Yahoo!

Interesting Information and Text Funny

AsSeenOnTV.com - The world's best products all in one handy dandy website. Scissors that cut through car doors, painfree hair trimmers, "power juicers", etc. How we live without the stuff, I still can't understand. I want the food processor.

AwayMessages.com - If your away message isn't making me laugh, it sucks. This site has lots of creative and humorous away messages to amuse your buddies even when you're not around. Of course, you could always browse them and giggle.

BeyondWeird.com - Everything from Einstein to witchcraft, BeyondWeird sports numerous pages of strange, wickedly cool information. You don't have to believe all of it, it's just cool stuff. And some of it is bound to be true.

Biblical Proof Jesus Isn't Coming Back - You know, when people translate things from one language to another, something always gets lost in the way. Apparently Jesus made a prediction that, suprisingly, didn't come true. Read THIS doozy.

The Canonical Abbreviation/Acronym List - This site defines every piece of online lingo ever, from LOL (laugh out loud) to ROTFSTCLMAAOBPO (rolling on the floor scaring the cat laughing my ass and other body parts off). Scary what today's youth is doing, eh?

Ctrl.org - Conspiracy Theories - To learn of the largest, most complex, most protected conspiracies, you need to follow a couple of standard rules. Rule #1: Question everyone. Rule #2: Don't trust their answers.

Dark Horizons - Who doesn't like movie gossip and free trailers? Updated all the time and chock full of pure Hollywood fun. Next time you want information on a flick before its release, or the trailer of your favorite blockbuster, click here.

The Darwin Awards - Whoever thinks "death isn't funny" hasn't been to this site. Here's a large, archived list of the strangest, stupidest deaths. What horrible and entertaining accidents. See? Even death is funny. And you doubted me...

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey - Ever wonder where I get Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts? Wonder no more! This is the largest list I can find of his published humor. Of course, if you like his stuff, buy the books too. Because I said so.

Drew's Script-O-Rama - This place has the largest archive of full movie scripts I've ever seen. There are seriously hundreds of scripts from both TV shows and movies alike. If you wanna look up a line, I definately advise a look here first.

Eeggs.com - Easter Eggs - An "easter egg" is a small tidbit of coolness some that creators hide in their work. They are in everything: movies, software, games, TV shows, everything. Click here to see a large collection of them.

Gay Penguin for America - A gay penguin can't really do anything, which means a gay penguin can't do anything stupid. This is really an anti-Bush site in disguise, and it's as funny as it is scary. Honestly, I think he's got my vote.

Ghosts.org - Quite simply, this is one of the scariest sites you'll see on the net. Not scary as in startling, or scary as in unsettling, but scary as in you will go to sleep questioning every nocturnal noise you hear. In fact, maybe you won't sleep.

Guinness World Records - We all know what Guinness is, right? (No, not the beer, smartass.) World records set for thousands of different things, plus you can see descriptions and usually pictures of each one. Really interesting stuff.

HiDates.com - Would you believe there's a "Fill an Aquarium Day?" A "Thumb Exercise Day?" Here's a complete list of all of the strangest nationally accredited holidays. Live each and every day as a celebration of life! Or, you know, don't.

Holographic Universe - Apparently there is evidence that supports the theory that the entire universe is just an illusion we can could theoretically control with just our thoughts. It might not be for you, but this was incredibly interesting for me.

IGN Cheats - IGN is the best video game tips and tricks site out there, which frankly is a little disappointing. Nonetheless, the one stop you'll need to keep all your games amusing long after you beat them. Just work around the ads and you'll be fine.

InsultMonger.com - Whether you want to learn the art of insulting, read some examples, or pick up a few pointers, InsultMonger can help in lots of different ways. And suprisingly, the InsultMonger is actually very user-friendly.

Invade Canada - A wealth of information outlining all the motivation and battle strategy we'd need to take over America's backyard. Very good tips should the occassion ever arise. Plus racist jokes bashing Canadians. EH!?

Lines That Are Good (Pickup Lines) - Well, they're not always GOOD, but at least there's a lot of 'em. Over 1100 pickup lines, ranging from "What's your sign?" to "Drop 'em!" Be well prepared for your next clubbing or bar-hopping adventure.

Maddox! - Don't click here pretending you know everything. Read this guy's rants with an open mind and mind the casual swearing. If you get upset, just pretend it's a joke. Or send him an angry email message, so he can pwn you and I can laugh.

The MegaPenny Project - We all hear statistics of outrageous athlete salaries and death tolls, but we have a hard time comprehending the really big numbers. After all, how much IS a million? This site helps you visualize the vastness of that number.

Microsoft IE 6 Shortcuts - Microsoft always programs lots of keyboard shortcuts into their applications, but few ever become popular. This site lists all the ones for Internet Explorer 6. Just learn a few and surf more quickly and easily.

My Son Peter - "My son Peter has always loved to play hide and seek. In fact, he loves it so much that he will wake me up in the middle of the night to play. The only problem is that Peter has been dead for eight years." Holy *&$#.

News of the Weird - A great site specializing on the weirdest crap that crosses the headlines. No stupid advertisements, just strange news for you to giggle over. You can also search the old headlines by state. How many crazies live by YOU?

The Onion - The Onion is a sophisticated parody newspaper that I regularly pick up. When I can't, I go here. Jokes on politics, sports, religion, pretty much nothing is safe. Also, check out their editorials. You'll be glad you did.

Origin of Phrases, Sayings, Terms, and Cliches - This was JUST interesting enough for me to put it up here. A gigantic list of popular phrases and their origins. It's actually very interesting information if you're into this sorta thing. I am.

The Phobia List - Dozens of strange, but real (and often funny) phobias folks have suffered from in the past. There's well over 100 here, all sorted alphabetically. Here's an ironic example: "Sesquipedalophobia- Fear of long words."

PLA'S Anarchy at Walmart - Lots of harmful things to do at the world's largest privately-owned retail store, sorted by department. There's links back to the normal Phone Losers of America site as well, if you ever get tired of reading about these ideas.

Principia Discordia - The best way to describe Principia Discordia is "Bible meets Monty Python." Weird, English humor touches a few interesting theological points, and somewhere along the way, a religion is born.

ProbableFuture.com - Things just never seem to go your way, do they? Well, if you want to fork out some dough, you can learn how to change your environment to better suit you and understand the greater picture. I think it's a hilarious load of crap.

Ramen Recipe Database - Everyone loves Ramen Noodles, but few try anything but the noodles and broth. Here's a site that's packed with over 230 Ramen recipes, featuring everything from Shrimp and Bok Choy Ramen to a Ramen Sandwich. Yum.

Rubik's Cube Solutions - Here's the official solution page to that blasted cube, plus offers for crap you can buy to decrease your solving time. If you still can't figure it out, the link in Not So Useful Online Utilities will solve it for you, guaranteed.

The Simpsons Archive - Despite that all the new episodes SUCK, this site is still awesome. Every Simpsons episode's script (can't download the episodes) is on file, searchable, and awaiting your reading. Relive the classics.

Slo Mo, the Rappin' Retard - I didn't think I could be offended, really. I've heard countless awful jokes and seen countless awful pictures without even a flinch. But this... this one got to me. And so, Slo Mo, welcome to my site.

Smurf's Communist Leanings - Somewhere in a land far, far away live the Smurfs, a small utopia of little dirty communists. Here's a few essays that suggest that yes, the adorable little Smurfs were nothing but mini-Marxs.

Snopes - Snopes is jam-packed with thousands of interesting urban legends. It also explains whether each rumor is true, false, or undetermined. The photo gallery was the most interesting for me, but the whole site is quite entertaining.

SongFacts.com - Wanna figure out what "American Pie", "Stairway to Heaven", and/or "Gylcerine" actually mean? This site helps explain the meaning behind all your favorite songs, old or new. Really interesting reading material here.

The Straight Dope - Answered here are dozens of questions, all pretty pointless, but nonetheless incredibly entertaining to read. Can man really live on bread alone? Were there ever two snowflakes that were exactly alike? Click and find out.

Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade - The largest list of narcotic-related slang you'll ever find. Here's a list of more than 2,300 terms for illegal substances, as well as words for dealing them, taking them, sharing them, etc. HOLY CRACK, BATMAN!

Surviving the Apocolypse - This site points out all the times we thought we were all gonna die and laughs at our stupid predictions. Detailed examples of star alignments and prophecies that surely meant our doom. Very assuring, very entertaining.

Temple of the Screaming Electron - Whether any of us actually does or believes in what this site explains is irrevelant because it's so awesome to read. From prank ideas to profound thinking, this site is entertaining AND enlightening. <3 it.

Top Secret Recipes on the Web - All your favorite fast food recipes now revealed in tantalizing website form. Learn how to make dishes from the Olive Garden, McDonalds, Red Lobster, even the Seinfeld Soup Nazi. It's all here, and it's all tasty.

VHEMT - Voluntary Human Extention Movement - "May we live long and die out." Please make the effort to refrain from furter reproduction, for babies turn to children and children turn to stupid, wasteful adults.

What's up with Henry Earl? - With more than 800 arrests and 3,000 days spent in jail, Henry Earl is receiving a cult following for his antics. This site offers realtime stats to keep up, as well as interesting info and photos.

Movie Collections

ASCII Movie Clips - Sick of ASCII art? Perhaps. But have you seen the ASCII movies? Short little clips of famous movies and TV shows made entirely out of text. Might wanna back up a bit to get the full effect on some of 'em.

Aussie RocketCam - When video cameras get together with rockets, beautiful things can happen. These Aussies had the best idea ever and strapped a lipstick camera onto their missiles. This is what they recorded.

Clipland.net - While DarkHorizons.com is better for trailers, this site has tons of free music videos and commercials up for grabs. I don't use it all that often, since there's *cough* other *cough* methods of downloading free videos of things, but it's still tight.

Happy Tree Friends - All the movie clips are so violent and gory. This link is here because it gives you that odd feeling you get when watching something that's just...wrong. Nonetheless, these are still entertaining in that weird, weird way.
All of the episodes can be seen here.

How to Dance Properly No one wants to make a fool out of themselves, especially with a ladyfriend watching. So make sure you know how to bust a move if the need should arise. This young chap guides you through it. *snicker*

Joe Cartoon.com - Some pretty funny cartoons here. Somewhat odd, since the creator seems kind of strange and probably a hick, but nonetheless funny. Be sure to check out "The Boss" and "Lumpy" for sure. Then go exploring...

Liquid Generation - It's the "sabotages" that brought me here, and they remain the best this site has to offer, ranking somewhere between "Awesome" and "Pretty Awesome." There's tons of other flashy crap to look at too, so what the hell, it's here. :)

Modern Living - Here's a site full of some of the strangest movies I've ever seen. Not strange like random or strange like disgusting, or even strange like foreign. Just ... strange. I think you'll understand once you watch a couple.

MuffinFilms - Stupid flash movies in various styles about muffins. No, that's not slang for anything, seriously just muffins. I recommend Feed Me, Pssst, Hungry, M, The Muffin Tree, Bluebirds in Spring, and The Muffinless. So odd, these movies.

Odd Todd - No Nothing Productions This site became famous for the hilarious flash movies about being laid off, but now it's expanding into some pretty funny diary kinda stuff. Good animations. This Todd fellow seems like an alright guy. Cookays?

Red Vs. Blue - Interesting story that takes place inside the video game Halo! Two motley armies, Red and Blue, fight it out and hilarity ensues. Big downloads (they're all Quicktime movies or AVIs), but really funny. Puma, heh.

Retro TV Intros - Remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Captain Planet? Perfect Strangers? DuckTales? This site has the intros to dozens of old, but not too old, tv shows, including all of your childhood favorites. Nostalgia. Nostalgia galore.

Robovie-M - For $4,500, you get a little robot that can walk around, fight, do a handstand, even play soccer. Thank God you don't need to pay up to watch these awesome movies. Go Robot, go!

Strong-Bad Email - I'm sure you've all seen/heard of HomeStar Runner. Well, screw him, he's just not funny. I go to this site to see the Strong-Bad Emails, and that's it. So this is a link to just the Strong-Bad Emails. And it rules.

Threebrain.com - I first came to this site following a link to a flash music video ("Weeeeee!"), and I instantly fell in love. There aren't any more dailys, but it's still a great site. That is, if you find random juvenile stuff funny. Which I do.

The Trunk Monkey - The Trunk Monkey is the newest in automotive security, able to deal problems like road rage and theft as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here's a mirrored site, since the original is down.

Vehical to Autonomous Biped Robot Conversion - In other words, "let's make a robot in disguise." I still don't believe this site can be real, but some other places linking to it claim this is all real video footage.

Weebl and Bob - Mmm, pie. Hilarious flash movies about ...eggs ...or something. I don't know exactly what they are. But there's a mushroom pirate. And donkies. And a mysterious chicken. You should probably just watch them.

Xiao Xiao Movies - There's something to be said about animated sticks with ninja talents fighting 'til the death. Xiao Xiao has produced the finest stick death movies ever, complete with weapons and awesome bullet-time effects. Watch them all.


Area 51 Zone - Area 51: it's not just for top secret alien technologies anymore. This site contains dozens of photos of the area and any strange happenings, plus some information about the history of Area 51 and today's security procedures.
Try The Federation of American Scientists too.

Ascii Art Farts - Apparently people send this guy Ascii art (art made up of symbols and characters) and he writes funny captions for them. The art isn't all that great, but the captions are hilarious. Careful, some (heh, most) are offensive...

Ascii Babes - Now THESE are worth looking at. Dozens of huge pictures of beautiful female celebrities made completely out of symbols and text. Often times the pictures take up the whole page. Yes, it's a strange hobby, but are you complaining?

Bar Code Art - If you know me, you know that really strange forms of art amaze me. This site clearly shows strange forms of art. Check out this guy's gallery, learn about how barcodes work, even get your own barcode made. His links are pretty cool too.

The Brick Testament - Someone with too much time on their hands made illustrations to Biblical passages out of Lego bricks. Many important stories and moral lessons are completed. Legos + religion = fun. Hell, Legos + anything = fun.

Cinema Redux - Eight awesome movie posters made up completely from the stills. I'm all for cool looking and creative art, and this is definately both. Gotta get one for the dorm!

Concept Carz - Even if you're not obsessed with cars (I drive one, and that's it) this site is really friggin' cool. Loads of pictures of the newest concepts cars, plus huge archives of past idea of the future. Some really awesome prototype pictures!

Cool Optical Illusions - The biggest collection I've seen of optical illusions, and therefore the best site, despite some dorky ads in every page. :-/ There's really a great variety of illusions that play with your eyes, though, so enjoy.
Also, check out Color Cube for more illusions and why they work.

Crop Circles - Largest collection of crop circle pictures on the net. You have to join to see them all, but there's a nice collection of 2003's circles, plus tons of theories and stuff. Even if you don't believe in the mess, the pictures look incredible.

Digital Blasphemy - Each and every one of the pictures I saw on this site made me say "wow", "ooh", or "holy ****." This guy is just amazingly talented, and his free art gallery has pictures that make perfect wallpapers. Seriously, best wallpapers ever.

Duct Tape Fashion - Simply stated, some people decided to make elaborate clothing designs out of a material we all know will last past the apocalypse. I'm starting to think government regulated business wouldn't be such a bad idea...
Try DuctTapeFashion.com too.

The Eight Ball, Revealed! - For decades we shook it for advice without question the source of its wisdom. And now, a few brave souls have dared to break open the ark and expose the mystical secrets only the demigods and Hasbro knew...

Engrish.com - Who could be more random than the Japanese? NO ONE. Click here and enjoy their hilarious misuse of the English language on t-shirts, shop windows, candy bars, everything. Some messages are so random you can't help but laugh.

Eric Harshbarger's LEGO Page - Art isn't art unless it can be recreated through lego bricks. This guy is genius, making the most elaborate designs and challenging himself to construct large models of famous works of art. Astounding, seriously.
Try Andrew Lipson's Lego Page and Henry Lim's Lego Sculptures too.

Exploding Dog - This guy's talent resides in simple drawings and simple captions in a world of stick figures and robots. New pieces are posted frequently, some with humor intended and some just there with his own little message. Cool, relaxing art.

Extreme Pumpkin Carving - These are the most creative pumpkin carvings you'll ever see. Included are tips and stencils for your own creations come next Halloween. Hooray! Or, should I say BOOray! ...no, 'hooray' was more appropriate.

Gum Blondes - Every picture here is made completely out of gum. The first ones pretty much second, but as this dude progresses, they get pretty damn good. And it's all genuine, 100% chewed gum. I just put mine under a desk. :-/

GvetchedInTime - EtchASketch Drawings - Would you believe this guy sometimes spends 70 hours on a single EtchaSketch drawing? Clearly that's too much time to spend on a toy... but look at what he can do. The gallery here is incredible.

Jim Warren - Probably my favorite artist, this guy has an imagination like a WHAT. So much creativity combines with so much talent to yield the best artwork this world has ever seen. Bright, colorful, and often inspiring. Screw Picasso.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page - You will be amazed at what this guy can do with a simple sheet of paper. The gallery here features his commissioned work and the works of others at different conventions. I made a paper hat once..

Julian Beever's Pavement Drawings - Wow, three artsy sites in a row. Anyways, this guy too sidewalk chalk to the extreme. Here are the best pictures you'll ever find on a sidewalk, including 6 incredible optical illusions. I can't wait to see more.

Mark Ryden - Freaky-Ass Artist - Probably the scariest artist I've ever come across. Pictures of scary children in disturbing scenes complete with skeletons, large bugs, and thick cuts of meat. Click through his gallery and prepare to feel a little off..

The Original Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products - ACME products have been featured in Looney Toons cartoons since 1935, and since then have become quite a business. Click here to see pictures of all their 274 products.

Paperclip Art - Ok, so it's still a bit small, but the pictures here are.. how do you say...hella tight? Intricate structures made up of up to 264 paperclips for your viewing pleaure. Cuz what is a 'dymaxion' anyway?

Pencil Carvings - How did sharpening pencils become an art? However it happened, be grateful. This site has several pictures of pencils carved into cool shapes and patterns. Some are so detailed, it's scary. I wanna borrow and lose one, heh.

Personalized Action Figures - Click here to learn more about creating a 1:6 version of you in a posable action figure. Pictures of the designs and finished models are all over the place. SuperRyan the Incredible, with ninja-kick action!

PhotoShop Contests - Each week this site picks a random image and challenges anyone to manipulate it in the most creative and talented way possible. The results are incredibly realistic, constantly pushing the creative boundry. I wish I could do this.

Rotten.com - This is famous for showing the grossest pictures you'll find online, taken from all around the world. Pictures include freak accidents, deaths, diseases, and much, much more. Remember, some things you just can't unsee...

Sandscapes.com - Remember making sand castles at the beach as a kid? Well, some people never quite grew out of that. But the good news is, after an entire lifetime of making them, they've gotten quite good. Scary good.

The Shower Project - The goal? To shower with 100 women and document it with pictures. (And yes there are pictures, but none are revealing.) Click through his adventure and avert your eyes when the fat chicks pop up. Ugh.

SpyBase.com - Shown here are dozens of anti-theft, anti-terrorism, surveilance ...whatever THEY wanna call it, it's SPY STUFF. Loads of cool, miniature gadgets like what you see on tv shows and movies, except this stuff is real and works.
Try SpyStuff.com too.

Snow Sculptures - Just "sculptures"? Understatement of the century, I'm tellin' ya. Huge sculptures made by hand with all the snow in this guy's yard. Makes my snowmen look like snowcrap. Who does this with snow? And why...?

Terra Server - Satellite Imagery - Type in a street address and view pictures of it taken by a satellite. Does this mean all of America is under strict watch by our government? Yup. So next time you're outside, give Big Brother a clear message and flip off the sky. Just make sure you specify it's towards our paranoid country, not God.
More satellite photos can be found at Fourmilab.

T-Shirt Hell - Like buying offensive T-Shirts? Good, cuz this site likes selling them. Captions on the clothing make fun of stuff that really shouldn't be made fun of. Whether you're shocked, amused, or irritated, this site is a must-click. :o

Turning the Pages - Browse through the most famous and important literature of the past by reading a virtual copy made in flash. Everything frm Leonardo's Notebook to the world's oldest book is available to examine. Pretty sweet pictures.

Washington Post - Comics - Who needs newspapers when you can have the comics section right here? Links to all your favorite daily newspaper comics, plus more. I think every funny still in print is updated daily here, but I'm not 100% positive.

Who is that with Jeremy? - Luckiest baby ever. This kid has gotten his picture taken with dozens of big name celebrities, and has a large photo gallery to prove it. Names like Jay Leno, Halle Berry, Spike Lee...I'm so jealous.

Wrecked Exotics - Packed full of pictures of the most beautiful cars you've ever seen in awesome wrecks. "All in all, you'll find almost a quarter of a billion dollars worth of damage within this car crash collection." How incredibly entertaining.


ASCII art Generator - Type in something, select a style, and watch your normal text change into a wonderful work of ASCII art. While its uses are obviously limited, it looks damn cool, and it's fun to mess around with.

AOLer Translator - Write your own message or copy and paste stuff from other web pages into this handy, dandy text box and translate it into an obnoxious mess. I suggest its use with CNN.com, The Bible, and The Whitehouse.

AT&T Text-to-Speech Demo - Type whatever you want into the little text box and choose from one of a dozen differents voices to "speak" it. This site then creates a sound byte (choose the format) and plays it for you. A nifty little utility.

The Death Clock - Answer a few basic questions and viola! you know when you're gonna die. A little upsetting and not even that fun, but it's one of those sites where, you know, why not? Hint: If you don't smoke, you'll live longer, stupid.

DiedOnline.com - Many of us have found friends from far away with IM and email, right? Well, what if you would somehow perish? Who would tell your buddies the news? DiedOnline is a free service that promises to do just that. Piece of mind.

Drawtoy Vs. Byokal Kaleidoscope - Here's a cool little visual for you. Make your own kaleidoscope using lines, shapes, and little animate objects. Lots of options ensure it's always interesting and different.

Earth Impact Effects Program - Enter in a few numbers about an imaginary meteorite and calculate how devestating the impact could be. Then make all the numbers bigger and calculate our apocolyptic doom with disturbing accuracy. The end is near.

Ebonics Translator - Write your own message or copy and paste stuff from other web pages into this handy, dandy text box and translate it into a cesspool of slang. I suggest its use with CNN.com, The Bible, and The Whitehouse.

FindAGrave.com - Search for the grave site of past relatives or famous celebrities. Don't ask me how they do it, or even why they do it, but they find them. Now all you need is a reason to look this kind of thing up. Necrophilia?

FrogGuts.com - FrogGuts.com takes the messy part out of disecting animals with realistic and anatomically-correct flash disections. The main attraction? The Frog. Rip that sucka open, homeslice.

GoogleFight - Pick any two words and let them "fight" to see which would get more hits when put into the Google search engine. (Who comes up with this?) It's a weird, weird popularity contest, and only the strongest survive the Google Fight.

GraffitiCreator - As simple as graffiti art can get. Type in your thug name (I suggest 'Crispy Mix') and play around. Just about everything is easy to color, stretch and rotate. Only two fonts though.

Guess the Dictator or Sitcom Character - Think of someone from TV or a dictatorship - Danny Tanner, Marge Simpson, Julius Caeser - and answer the questions. Chances are, this nifty little site will guess who you're thinking of.

HotOrNot.com - Are you hot? Probably not. But this site can at least give you a good idea of how truly ugly you are. Thousands of people just like you patrol the site and rate everyone they see. And that's a good thing. The earlier you accept it, the better.

Let Them Sing it For You - Interesting text-to-speech convertor. Instead of just saying the words, it plays the words as clips from different songs, completely singing your entire phrase. Only on the internet, my friend. Only on the internet.

LoopLabs - The best flash music mixer I think I've ever seen, LoopLabs is an easy-to use-music generator with loads of different present beats and sounds for all your mixing needs. Complete your beat with fades, paning, and solo action. Hooray for music.

MetaSpy - Want to see what people are typing in search engines? It just don't get more random than this. There's either a filtered version of safe searches or the real thing that shows all queries. Delve into human mind and find ..."Pottery Barn"?

Play (like 20 Questions) - While it can't always guess what you're thinking of quickly, it can almost always do it accurately. The smart A.I has already guessed 'bout everything in my room correctly. Can you stump it?

The Prior-Art-O-Matic - Seriously, this is one awesome site. Push a button and out pops a randomly generated product idea. Remember the numbers of your favorites and share them with friends! That reminds me: 4264250428.

The Rasterbator - What is "rasterbation"? Well, I can tell you it's healthy, normal, and involves lots of cool pictures. And now you can rasterbate right online, without touching yourself at all! Free image rasterbation here.

The Reflex Tester - Now you can test your reflexes the easy way, without small rubber hammers or faulty brakes. Wait 'til the background color changes, then click as fast as possible. Can you beat .047 seconds? I have "the reflexes of a snake." :)

Rubik's Repair - Having problems with your cube? Paint your very own Rubik's cube, then have it solved for you detailed step by detailed step . Great for fixing your old cubes so you can mess 'em all up again. :o

Soda Constructor - The Soda Contructor applet is made up of masses, springs, and muscles. From those three components you can make little working machines and lifelike creatures. The minutes just life by, don't they?

Text-Image.com - Convert Pictures to Text - This is quite an amazing little site here. It can automatically convert any picture from your hard drive into colored text. Lots of options specify the characters, picture size, and color. Good fun.

Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age - Tell them how old you are, and instantly your achievements seem trivial. At age 9, Shirley Temple was a millionaire, Mozard was making symphonies, and William J. Sidis Jr. entered Harvard.

You Are My Friend - Feel like faking you designed a flash movie to express gratitude towards a friend? Just put in your friend's first and last name in the link and a flash video will play with their name in it. It'll make them giggle like a schoolgirl! :o

Web Comics

Awful Comics - Ok, so they're obviously done in MSPaint, but c'mon, they're still hilarious. Mad props to the amateurs who make me giggle more than Garfield. I still need to know: who killed Hero Stabber? My prediction is the detective...

Elftor - Elf + Cheese + 'Tor suffixes = hilarity. It makes me giggle, especially when there's just hookers and profanity. Oh yeah, and twisted violence. Why? Because I'm sometimes sick wit it. Oh fo' sho' doe, iz off the heezy fo shneezy, ma neezy. ...:(

Her! - Girl vs Pig. Simply hilarious. I read every comic after I saw the first, and I was not disappointed. If not satisfied, just use their do-it-yourself and mix up better ones 'til you hurt really badly. Always four panels. Just about always awesome.

Penny Arcade - Finally, I've stumbled upon a new comic worth adding to my site! Two obsessed video games take on the real world through swearing and typical prank stuff. Really well done and absolutely hilarious.

Pokey the Penguin - Every time I read this comic with Dan, I laugh. It's not even funny, just so poorly drawn and random. Penguins explore the antartic and have short little adventures together. That all makes sense, but why do they always have guns?

Sea Strife - Pretty amateur, pretty funny. There's a few episodes (18, 40, 41) where I just about peed my pants. See how you like it. Unfortunately, there haven't been any updates here for a while, so if it stays dead, it'll have to come off. :(

The Starship Destiny (formerly A Modest Destiny) - The first series was one of the few webcomics I really truly followed all the way through. Now they're starting anew and I'm getting into it again. Weird characters, cool plot, and pixel art. Joy!

Toothpaste for Dinner - Now updated daily, Toothpaste for dinner is a simple comic about funny observations in everyday life. The drawings are crude, and not even colored, but this is easily one of the best webcomics ever. I visit daily.

White Ninja Comics - I recently tried explaining this comic to a friend of mine, and I don't think she quite got it. But the last guys I showed this to now check back often and tell me how much they <3 it. And can you blame them? It's White Ninjery.

Wigu - I wish this one was updated more, but when it is, it's quite good. Interesting storylines about the Tinkles and a boy's cartoon friend, Topato. Everything from goth cheerleading to monkeys. (I want the monkey t-shirt.) Do you wrangle monster trucks?

Zxipi - This guys photoshop skills are almost as amazing as his funny skills. Read all of these, especially the really old black and white ones. Strange, twisted, but so cool. Unfortunately, there haven't been updates recently, so it may come down. *tear*

Flash Stuff and Other

The Egg - It's an egg, and it rolls to the cursor. But instead of hatching, it does something else. It evolves.

I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives - Before there was Pianographique, there was Bruce Lee. Here's a sweet music mixer that combines great beats with everyone' favorite Kung Fu master, Bruce Lee. Complete the beat, mixer-san.

The Pixel Lab - Here's a great set of flash, javascript, even executable visual applications this guy made. No purpose, really, except they look friggin' cool, and most (maybe all) are interactive too. It makes you feel good...

The Simulator - Want to work at a McDonalds and have just about the most boring day ever, again and again? Now you can! And through a website too! It's amazing what people will spend their time making. Or actually playing...

Speech Accent Archive - Listed here are well-over 300 speech samples in different accents. Ok, so there it's not all that fun, but it IS cool to listen to what Stella needs to bring from the store in Farsi and Bengali, right? Right?

The Square Root of -1 - Weird, interactive visuals for you to play with. Most of it's just simple flash eye candy, but you can easily spend a few hours here. Enjoy the show.

The Subservient Chicken - Tell a man in a chicken suit to do whatever you want him to do. While not everything works, there's a surpising amount that he will do if you're creative enough to think it up.

Surface.Yugop.com - Mono Crafts 3.0 - Here's some fun flash visuals to toy with. Between clocks and timers, flip books, and black ribbons, this site harnesses the power of flash as pure eye candy. Prepare to spend half an hour here, at least.

Try2Hack.com - This site encourages you to hack into their code, steal a password, and break into other parts of their webpage. As the levels progress, the puzzle becomes more complex. I got pretty far. r j00 l337 h4><><0r 2?

The Tesseract: Four-Dimensional Space - Big scientific hot shots said that it was impossible to look at the fourth dimension. Man, were THEY wrong. Here's a simple java applet that lets you see the unseeable for yourself.

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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