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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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Fact: Mr. T is not my brother, though I can see why you'd assume we were.  (Must be the sombrero.)

Interested in something that's not already posted? Give a bunch of question ideas to me now. Then I'll put 'em up, and you can learn even MORE about me. CUZ YOU JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!!

Facts About Me

The Basics

Name: Ryan. Eeeeeyyyyyy.
Nickname: Who needs nicknames with a name like "Ryan?"
Age: Nineteen.
Sex: [insert joke about sex here]
Sign: Scorpio. Best one.
Location: Wisconsin. Worst one. Well, probably.
Picture? Ha, wrong section buddy.
Height: I'm 6'0", last check.
Weight: 150 lbs. Yeah, I'm weak.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brownish.
Shoe Size: My feet still aren't growing, so I'm at 10.
Right/Left Handed: Left when I write, right when I do anything else. I'm "ambidextrous", which means I can't make up my mind but at least I know big words.

Family Life

Mom's Name: Umm..no.
Dad's Name: Ditto.
Siblings? Just one. That's enough.
Names: Shh! It's a secret.
Ages: Like you care.
Pets: But of course.
Names: I'll tell ya this one. Mindy, my sickly little puppy. :(

School and Other Stupid Stuff

School: Madtown, hoo.
Grade: I'm a freshman.
Grades You Get: Lookin' at B's this semester.
Best Subject: Writing.
Worst Subject: Math! I'll be so glad when I'm done with it for good.

Hobbies and Interests

What You Do in Your Spare Time: Video games, computer stuff, piano, writing. I do stuff with friends.
Hobbies: I play piano and write songs. Or kind of poetry. I'm also on a screenplay kick.

Beliefs and Ideals

Religion: I'm a weak atheist.
Active in Church: I no longer go.
Heaven: I don't believe in an afterlife.
Hell: See above.
Purgatory: Reality.
Reincarnation: I'd really like that, but probably not.
Ghosts: Haha, again, I hope so, cuz I'd wanna be one.
Aliens: There's just gotta be. The universe is really big, ya know?
Abortion: Let's all abort everything.
Gun Control: Guns are fun until someone gets shot.
Assisted Suicide: When I want to go, I'm going, with or without help.

Love Life

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Not currently.
Crush? Hard to say. Probably not.
Been in Love? Once.
How Far You've Gotten: Ummmm...no.
Panties or Thong: What the hell...? No wait, panties.
Painted Nails or Not: Not? I guess it's more natural.
Bra or Sports Bra: These questions are silly.
Cute N Mysterious or Wild N Sexy: Cute and Sexy.
Dressy or Casual: Casual
Dark or Blonde: Blonde
Long or Short Hair: Long
Dark or Light Eyes: Light. :)
Glasses or Contacts: Doesn't matter.
Hat or No Hat: Haha, anyone that cares about this question sucks. hahaha
Good or Bad Girl: Good
Fat or Thin: Of the two, I'd prefer thin, but I like an average-weight girl. Seriously skinny = bad.
Hair Up or Down: Down.
Jewelery or Not: Meh.
Curly or Straight Hair: Straight.
Pants or Dress: Pants.
Freckles or None: Meh.
Pretty Indoor Chick or Outdoors-like Chick: Indoor, I guess. More like me.
Prissy Or Grunge: Not any good choices there.
Accent or None: Eh.
Shy or Outgoing: Either, neither extreme.
Athletic or Smart Girl: They both are bad extremes. In the middle.
Bikini or One-Piece: I'm a guy. Guess.
Girl Approach You, or Wait for You to Approach Her: Girls always approach me. OH yeah.

The Future

Plans After College: Job, maybe? My plans for the future don't go past this week.
Dream Job: Screenwriter.
Kids? Sure, I'd like a couple.

Miscellaneous Shnit

What You Order at McDonalds: A McChicken sandwich, small soda, large fry.
One Thing You Could Never Live Without: My perspective. And my heart.
Chocolate or White Milk: Chocolate. Unless you're eating something chocolate. Then white milk.
Rootbeer or Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper tastes like happy.
Sunshine or Rain: Both. Need sunshine, but rain speaks to me.
Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream: Kinda depends on my mood and the assortment of toppings.
Skiing or Boarding: Never done either. :o
Day or Night: Night. Me = Nocturnal.
Summer or Winter: Summer. I'm not really a "snow" person.
Cake or Pie: Cake. Unless it's French Silk Pie.
Love or Lust: Love, but lust sounds pretty sweet.
Silver or Gold: Silver
Diamond or Pearl: Diamond, but really neither.
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunrise.
Snow or Rain: Rain. Comforting, inspiring, and wet.
What You Dream About: People.
Who You Tell Your Dreams To: People who'll listen.
Who Your Friends Are: If you don't know already, I must be a pretty crappy friend.
Loudest Person You Know: Tim, haha.
Piercings? None yet.
Tattoos? Considering it.
Broken Bones? I broke my collar bone. It was interesting.
Experienced Love at First Sight? If I have, I think I'd know, so no.
Sing in the Shower? Not at college, heh.
Are You Hungry Right Now? Just had a brownie, so I'm good.

Oh no, not another category!

Nah, we're done.

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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