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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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Put your mouse over the pictures that pop up here.  There'll be jokes, interesting stuff... just do it.

. If not for me, then for old jokes I'm finally running out of ideas for.

December 31st Update

Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Aha! Aha ha! Ah-hooo..... anyways.

So I took a good... five month break there? Almost exactly five months. Sorry 'bout that. Had to enjoy summer, and then enjoy college, and yeah, this got shoved way down on my priority list. Way, way down. But at least I'm back, right? Don't know for how long, but hopefully for good. Oh, btw, this picture here, ain't it funny? I found it being used on this site. I giggled so much it's here now.

What happened in the last five months? Several hundred things, maybe more. I got situated in Madtown, made a bunch of friends, did a few spontaneous things, did a few stupid things, managed to drop a class and get a few B's under my belt. My dorm room is just about the coolest ever, just like my friends, so I'm doing alright. I found out I really loved writing, so now I'm trying to write a screenplay to sell as a spec script for big moola. And I got an SNES.

As far as the site went, I didn't do much. Actually, I didn't do anything. You awesome visitors sent me emails and IMs and all this cool stuff and I was like "...". Sorry for being a prick, but I was just busy. I'll get around to putting up all the emails I got sometime soon. Then some dude sent me a suggestion for a movie to put on my site, and I was like "Dammit, time to update this thing!"

So I check back, and links don't work. Movies don't play. Sites are being redirected. Chaos. I got my 5000th visitor while away (!) and whoever that was saw this site at its worst. So I checked for broken links and fixed every one but one (Spyhunter, no mirror sites). It's quite an accomplishment, considering I had just under 800 links. I also made a nice big list of everything that needed fixing/updating, and got to work on a few of them: rewrote the facts and favorites pages. Not a big improvement, but it's a start of things to come.

Next Time: Sweet Jesus, beats me. I got SO MUCH TO DO. I imagine a neat way of organizing the new Wonderfulinks, new pictures from college in the gallery, a long list of newly added games and movies, and fan mail everywhere. I'd like to finally get the downloads page cleaned up too, and I'd like to delete some old content as well. Clean this place up. GO.

With all this last-minute updating, I gotta tell you, I got nothing. Well... almost. ONE set of movies, from the dude that IMed me that faithful night asking me to drop his film for him. So here it is. Great flick.

Shades of Gray - Funny-ass comedical laughter joy.

This Update's Deep Thought

Whenever anyone says "I can't," it makes me wish he'd get stung to death by about ten thousand bees. When he says "I'll try," five thousand bees. ("I can," one bee.)

Brought to you by Jack Handey

(August 1st Update)
What a summer. Ain't over yet.

So much is going on right now, it's incredible. Canada was great, college registration was a blast, and the Dells trip was unforgettable. A new job, family issues, and new responsibilities are just devouring my time like [famous person] devours [noun]. (<3 Mad Libs.) Plus, I've been back into thinking mode about big stuff like creation, religion, etc. etc, so I'm spending all this extra time looking for answers online and stuff, and that surely doesn't get anything done.

Fruity Mentos?
Sure, I'll have one. Thanks, JC!
Speaking of big stuff, I'm back at the site template again. I know, I know, I'm working on that too much, and I should be concerned with more content, right? WRONG. You're so wrong. This time, the template changes were needed. I noticed my site doesn't look too nice on everyone's computer, so I fixed it up pretty. Now it should look nicer on old resolutions and huge text sizes in case, you know, you're slowly becoming blind. I've also shaved a good 35 kilobytes of space off my site, meaning a 6-7 second cut from the site's loading time for all you 56k modem folks out there, though everyone should see a huge change in speed. What changed, you may ask? Well, let's see.

First, off goes the random facts. I know, everyone loves 'em (well, most everyone, anyway), but they just take up too much space. I replaced that spot with a new QuickLinks section, which I've already determined I loved, since this is, of course, my homepage. Then I condensed some graphics, removed some graphics, and altered the design quite a bit. You'll notice new pictures appear in the upper left there, and the navigation bar looks quite a bit different. I think the changes are a tremendous improvement, both asthetically and practically. Not everything's fixed yet, but I expect all the kinks out by next week. More on that later.

While I was gone for that last month in a half, we've stumbled upon our 4000th visitor! That's seriously amazing. In 45 days, we've had more than 500 visitors. Consistent traffic is always nice. Hopefully I'll be able to provide consistent updates for all my return visitors sometime in the near future. I'm sorry to say, but that's about it as far as updates go this time. I had big plans, but a shortage on time kept me from following through. But hey, there's always next time. ;)

Next Time: Lots and lots, hopefully. I have to check broken links, first off. That's pretty major. I've also finalized my ideas for organizing the useless links section, and hopefully I'll get that squared away for next time too. I'd also like to condense the graphics for the movies and games pages, but that's 250+ images to work on, and I doubt I'll get that done. Then a couple little things; finish the template, delete some files I'm no longer using, etc. etc. Planning on a big update. That means it might be a little while, but it's gonna be good!

You betcha! Last update I didn't do these, which wasn't cool, so this week I have to make up for it. How? Well, I thought I'd make only game WonderfuLinks! Like it? Yes, no? TOO BAD! Onto the games!

Freakishly awesome scarecrow game. Seed flingin' action.
The new Redline Rumble race game! Rubber burnin' action.
Cool pixelated puzzle with bugs, glowy tiles, and things. Thing movin' action.
Cynical yet entertaining anti-Bush game. Politically distrubing action.
The next round in Yeti Games: Yeti Drive! Pingu chippin' action.
Slickball: 3D adventure rolling game. Beautiful spherical action.
Much like Fishy, but with bubbles and Chemical Brothers. Air absorbing action.
Megaman meets Ghosts N Goblins. Retro action action.
Control a robot, destroy other robots. Chaotic violent action.
Excellent 3-D aerial assault game. Dog-fightin' action.
Shoot hoops with paper wads. Casual office action.
8 Queens of Death. Difficult chess action.
Moon rider! High-speed, road-rash action.
Nail your fellow mosher into breakable crap. Pointless pain action.
HoldTheButton. Classic mouse-riggin' action.
Shoot them ducks, carni style. Target-shootin' action.
Race snails, avoid salt and obstacles. Weird, slow action?
BombGolf. Explosions-make-everything-better action.
Avoid the feds for as long as possible. Border-hoppin' action.
Don't let the ball hit the top of the screen. Quick reflex action.
Don't let your drunkass self wobble over and pass out! Sweet balancing action.
How well can you throw midgets? Politically incorrect action.
No goal, just drive-time with the Gorillaz. 3D cruisin' action.
Chuck 'dem bands at co-workers. Quit-it-that-seriously-stings action.
Don't let go. HoldTheButton ripoff action.
Supersize Me presents a burger eatin' flash game. Pacman ripoff action.
Climb that wall, my little Jamaican friend. Grabble hookin' action.

This Update's Deep Thought

If I ever do a book on the Amazon, I hope I am able to bring a certain lightheartedness to the subject, in a way that tell the reader we are going to have fun with this thing.

Brought to you by Jack Handey

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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