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Kenya dig it?

Funny Movies

If you have any movie suggestions, share them with me and I might put them up.

All Your Base
An older internet phenomenon sparked by a poor translation. If you haven't seen this yet, clicking on this probably won't help your sorry ass. This is culture, dude. Get a life.
Banana Phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring....
Dancing Berk
I was told by a buddy that this dude reminded them of me. I don't see the resemblence... :o
Cowboys are already pretty cool, but monkey cowboys? There ain't nothing cooler.
The Easy Cheese Dare
Think YOU could put down an entire can of Cheese Whiz in "one continuous flow"? This guy tried. But did he succeed?
Funny Cats Medly
Cats aren't my favorite housepet, but they're a lot more tolerable when doing funny stuff. Hence my enjoyment of this movie.
God Kills a Kitten
We all love kittens. But fact is, they're in quite a dangerous situation. Better watch this video and learn the truth.
Group X
"Bang Bang Bang"
Not appropriate if you can't take cartoon sexual jokes. But if you can, this is hilarious.
Group X
"Cereal Bawks"
A funny little prank call to a grocery store about what would be the coolest cereal ever. Hooray for Group X.
Group X
"Don't Touch That"
Total rip-off from MC Hammer, but I'm not complaining. Same beat, but cool new Group X lyrics. Love it.
Group X
"Mario Twins"
A funny little prank call to a grocery store about what would be the coolest cereal ever. Hooray for Group X.
Group X
Weird movie about counting to 55. I say it's weird because of that strange little girl he's talking to. BTW: <3 Albino Blacksheep for having every Group X video. :O
The Horn Guy
I'd say this is Extreme cuz there's a lot of talent here, but it's just too damn funny to fit there. Behold, the Horn Guy.
James Brown High
James Brown decides to do an interview while higher than a friggin' hippie. Hilarity ensues.
Karate Chimp
Who doesn't like a chimp who knows karate?
Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya!
Some stupid people decided to videotape themselves acting out this movie. I'm very unhappy with the state of the world.
Kickass Asian Dudes
Two kids dancing in a bathroom to some popular foreign song. So weird, it's funny.
Kitty Cat Dance
I still hate this movie. (And I dance dance dance.)
Library Musical
You know when you get together with some friends and plan something like this out, and get it all on paper, but never actually do it? Heh, they did. Losers!
The Moon Song
Quiznos recently let these guys do some ads for them.

In other news, I now hate Quiznos.

Natalie's National Anthem
It's all going good, until she hits "star's lights." The crowd then joins in and helps her out. Half of me feels bad about this chick, but the other half is still laughing hardcore.
Five guys jumping around and lipsyncing N'Sync. Any yet, somehow, it's entertaining. Slow motion, choreography, floating heads, even singing backwards! Still, N'Chink?
Nintendo Cartoon Hour
Strangely amusing movie made up of Nintendo sprites. "Steve, where are you going?" Watch for the Mario!
Nutrigrain (feel great)
Ogre Battle
For a long time, this was my favorite internet movie. And now, it's finally in it's home. I present Ogre Battle.
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Peanut Butter Jelly wit a baseball bat. Don't ask.
("Hot Dog")
Nothing to see here, just a little bitty puppy dog with a firecracker in his mouth. Hahaha
Here's an interesting way to advertise music. Funny, sexual, AND effective! Worked on me.
Rumsfeld Chokes
Pwned on national television. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.
Sportka 1 (kitty cat)
"Evil" doesn't accurately describe how darkly humorous this commercial is. Wonder why Ford didn't approve this?
Sportka 2 (birdie)
The second Sportka commercia on the web, this time involving a bird who flew a bit too low. I'm crossing my fingers for a third... with NINJAS!
Star Wars Kid:
Kill Bill
I typically don't find much of the Star Wars Kid stuff funny, but this one is just a friggin' masterpiece. Really good editing. And for once, funny.
That's My Boy
Proud father videotapes his son's reaction to a doll. Hell, I'd be proud too.
Tokyo Breakfast
Apparently the Japanese loved the slang term 'nigga' and made a TV show pilot around JUST that word. A bit large, but hilarious.
Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog
Yes, it's true. This little fella skates around all over the place. I'll be impressed when he ollies.
A short little movie about two guys in a friendly go-kart race. Without the go-karts. You'll see what I mean.
Zazoo Cannes
I remember doing something like this as a kid. Often, too. Well, not that often. Just when I wanted candy...

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