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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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Sunkist is probably my favorite soda.  ITS DELICIOUSNESS NEEDS NOT AN INTRODUCTION.

Have some more favorite ideas that you feel like sharing? Or, wanna just piss the hell outta me by never leaving me alone? Send me some new favorites ideas now. I'll add them when I feel like it. Hopefully soon. But probably more like later.

What is your favorite...

Alien: The E.T. in that Family Guy, running around and wailing.
Author: I don't read, but Richard Krevolin blew my mind with Screenwriting for the Soul
Band: Queen, Bowie, Stones, Floyd, Skynyrd, Beatles, Dylan, and dozens more. DOZENS.
Board Game: Risk or Monopoly. Of course.
Bone in your Body: My clavical, the only one I broke. Can't top that unless I break something cooler.
Book: Screenwriting for the Soul. Even if you don't write. So good.
Candy: OH! Those Maple Creme dealies. Or buttercreme... or something creamy. Anyone?
Car: The Mini Cooper S. I wish they'd make one with a fuel cell. That'd blow my mind.
Cartoon Character: The White Ninja from WhiteNinjaComics.com because I laugh.
CD: Not big on CDs. I like MyTunes a lot, though. :-/
Celebrity: Jon Stewart. One day he'll be bigger than peanut butter.
Chinese Food: General Tsao's. Now there's a man bigger than peanut butter.
Class: I don't like any of my classes, and I doubt I will again.
Clothes Manufacturer: What? Whatever fits and is cheap. I don't care.
Cologne: Uh... "Chrome" by someone.
College: Madtown, bitches.
Color: Colors make this world tolerable. I love them all.
Comic Strip: White Ninja or Pickles. Or Get Fuzzy or Zits.
Country: Not this one.
Day of Week: I chill every day.
Dinosaur: What's that one that spat black stuff in Jurassic Park? That one.
Direction (on a compass) Like 'em spinning, like when you stand on the North Pole.
Disease: Exploding diarreha. Come on, it's funny.
Disney Movie: The Lion King, but I've watched it so many times...
Family Guy Character: Stewie or Brian. Or Quagmire.
Fast Food Place: Webb's or Jimmy Johns.
Finger: Thumbs are fingers. Thumbs.
Flower: Cyclamens or Birds of Paradise.
Food: Tasting things is one of my favorite pastimes. I can't choose.
Hood Ornament: If it could be anything, I'd want a woman laying down. But a jaguar is cool too.
Ice cream flavor: Bubble Gum. Haven't tried it yet? You're nothing to me.
Joke: "Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me, you."
Kind of computer: Eh.
Kind of Weather: A warm sunny day. The on-your-back, cloud-watching weather.
Kind of Wood: Oak. Solid.
Language: Languages kind of suck. I suppose English has been doing alright, though.
Late Night Show: Conan O' Brian!
Letter: Q. It's just fun to say. Say it. See?
Lunch at College: That Brocolli Fettuccine is damn good. And stew.
Memory: Live in the present
Mode of Transportation: Walking.
Movie: If you know me at all, you know there's no way I could do this.
Musical Instrument: Piano or guitar.
Name (boy): Jonah
Name (girl):Grace
Narcotic: Weed, but I've never done it.
Number: 18. So pivotal.
Online Lingo: Haha, online lingo sucks.
Outside Game: Kickball rules with a Z. Rulez.
Photo: I once moved around while scanning my face. It looks so cool.
Piano Piece: "The Luckiest." Its still my favorite.
Piece of Artwork: This.
Place to Work: I'd like to do construction, I think.
Quote: "Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were going to live forever." Gandhi.
Radio Station: 94.1 WJJO.
Restaurant: Any place with lots of class or no class.
Saturday Night Live Person: Will Ferral. Can't ever top him.
Season: Summer. No question.
Shampoo: Right now it's Pert Plus.
Simpson's Character: The Simpsons suck. I'm so sick of them.
Slang Word: Ummm... coooah? Brandon makes me laugh.
Slogan: No favorite there.
Smiley: :-/
Snack: Ice cream or Uncle Bens.
Soda: Cherry Coke.
Song: "Imagine" by John Lennon.
South Park Character: Probably Kyle. He reminds me of me, except I'm not Jewish.
Sport: Football.
Sports Athlete: I couldn't care less. They're overpaid.
Spy: James Bond. What a pimp.
Subject in School: Writing.
Swear: ****.
Teacher: Newman or Schneider.
Time of Day: Afternoon.
Toe: I like my pinky toes. They're so small.
TV Show: Family Guy. My God, that show is hilarious.
Type of Adhesive: Duct Tape. The answer to everything.
Type of Death: The inevitable kind.
Type of Music: I only dislike country, but even that is growin' on me.
Vacation Spot: Doesn't matter where I go, just who I'm with.
Version of Windows: XP Home Version, I guess.
Video Game: Super Mario Bros. 3. HELLS YES.
Wattage on a Light-Bulb: 25 Watts. Just a dim little light.
Weed: Dandelion. It's like the underdog flower.
Website: This one. I <3 this site. Or Google.
Word: Oh wow. No clue. I love words.
Writing Utensil: Pencil? Cuz you can doodle.
Yahoo! Game: I'm not on Yahoo much anymore.

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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