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Only two words can describe a web site with this many games, downloads, pictures, links, and movies: web site.
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I could honestly spend all day here.

Useful Other Information

AZ Lyrics - There are two ways to find the lyrics to virtually any song. The first way is to load up Google and type in the artist name, song name, and the word 'lyrics'. The second, through this site, involves less typing and more clicking. Eh.

BetaNews.com - Remember when it was hard keeping up with tehcnology? BetaNews keeps you on the edge with all the gossip and rumors about new hardware, software, and everything in between. Keep on top of things by casually checking back.

The Bible - I'm not too Christian, but I'm also not stupid. I know this is a pretty important book here, and I gotcha covered. Use this site to motivate, manipulate, inspire, or settle bets. Hint: Don't bet against Jesus.

CampusDirt.com - Tired of wadding through pamphlets and junk mail, searching for the college info you really want to know? Packed with user-submitted info, CampusDirt has colleges and tech schools rated and reviewed by actual college students. How refreshing.

CNN.com - The only news source I considered unbiased. Click here when you want the actual story, not the sensationalized bullshit they'll drill into you anywhere else. Plus there's often funny stories printed, so avid readers will stumble upon something.

DevShed.com - DevShed.com has tons of programming information in multiple programming languages. The tutorials are so-so, but the forums are wonderful. Ask a specific question, get a specific answer from the experts.

eHow.com - Need help doing... anything? eHow sports over 15,000 articles explaining how to do something. Everything from changing radiator fluid to Texas Hold'em lessons to finding a Jewish mate. So many articles...

Epicurious Recipes - "The World's Greatest Recipe Collection." Over 16,000 recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts. Tips and tricks are included for those who aren't that skilled with a skillet. I'm thinking I'll need this site for college...

Epinions.com - Another shopping site. Learn how satisfied people are with thousands of different products and how cheap those products can be bought. Worth a click when in the market for ... well anything, really.

FreeTechBooks.com - This site offers free, extensive tutorials on programming, operating systems, computer science, and more. No registration or forms, just reading, and maybe a little learning.

Good-Tutorials.com - I actually stumbled upon this site looking for the site I normally use to help me with Photoshop. It's LOADS better. Hundreds of detailed tutorials, complete with screenshots, to learn virtually everything about Adobe Photoshop.

Google Features - Few people recognize the power behind the Google search engine, and all the nifty stuff it can do for you automatically. A little reading now can save you hours of time later. Definately recommended reading here.

GuitarETab.com - I play piano, not guitar, but an anonymous fan suggested I put this site up here. I looked around, and he's right; this site is the best tab site on the web. Simple searching, accurate tabs. Too bad there's nothing like this for sheet music. :(

GuitarNoise.com - Everything any amateur guitarist needs to turn pro, including free lessons, sample songs, music theory, buying a guitar, even improv tricks and songwriting help. Even if you don't play guitar (I don't), this is a great site.

HowStuffWorks.com - Learn how virtually any gadget, technology, or invention works and makes life easier for us today. While this is a great source for research, I recommend it more for casual reading.

New Scientist - Breaking news on important scientific and technological discoveries. Everything from quantum computers to marijuana, New Scientist has incredible information that's interesting to just about anyone.

RateYourCampus.com - Thousands of surveys on virually every college in the US have been taken by their respective students, offering you the real scoop on college life. Loads of good, hard-to-find information for anyone going to a university.

SoYouWanna.com - Wanna learn how to get out of a speeding ticket? Arrange your room according to Feng Shui? Lie persuasively? This site teaches you all the interesting lessons that school never got around to teaching.

Weather.com - Planning a trip? Curious about what to wear? Verifying that your rain dance worked? This site provides wonderfully detailed weather predictions and maps all accessible once you pop in your ZIP code. Simple, accurate, hooray.

WebMD - Free medical advice is always good, but this site is also a great source for school projects and reports. I've used it for both, and not only did I get an 'A', but that rash started to recede! ... For a while.

Webmonkey - Want to make a homepage of your own? This site is full of free tutorials and tips to get you going. Loads of good information, plus cheat sheets in case you forget anything or need a quick code sample. I still use this site all the time.

Webopedia.com - There's a lot to know if you want to be computer literate these days. This site is like one big encyclopedia for all that funky technological jargon floating around. Daily updates mean you're never obsolete.

The White House - Want to read the politically biased news filtered without your consent through dozens of lying politicians to ensure they'll stay in office for another term to do the exact same thing for a few more years? Sure you do! Enjoy this website!

Windows Registry Guide - This site has tons of tips to tweak your computer just the way you want it. Tweaks for on security, networking, hardware, just about everything. There's also some software you can download, so you don't have to mess with code.

Images, movies, games, quotes, and lots of other crap are being used without permission. Thanks for not suing. <3
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