Guest Rants!

Okay everyone! Here we go! A few people have wanted to write a few rants for me, but not be on staff, so, here it is, guest rants! So, write a rant, send it Me, and I'll gladly post it on this page! So go ahead, write down a few thoughts and send 'em to good 'ol mike, or I'll look pretty stupid with a blank page....


Guest Rants will go HERE

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Men are assholes -By Stevie
Morp Sucked -By Tiffany
Spam Sucks -By Chuck
Stevie Strikes Back!! -By Stevie
Tiffany Strikes, uh, Again!! -By Tiffany
Mormons -By Kelly
My Problems... -By Tiffany
My arm hurts -By Laura
The Mole people!! -By Brady
Things that really should be illegal -By Rachel
Unwanted Advice is Critisism -By Rachel, again...
Mike Sucks -By Sarah
Hell is the Mansion on the Hill -By Uncle Tony
Rants Rants Rants -By Kidwell
In Response to Josh -By 'Some Guy'
Dammit -By Deasy