Okay. You know what I hate?

Mormons have a rep at this high school. No, you can't date her, she's Mormon. She won't talk to you she's Mormon. She won't know what you're talking about, she only talks to other Mormons, they're all a cult....They're Mormon! Especially at band camp this year, and the year before, and the year....John Schneider is always there. As we walk out onto the field for the field show it's always "hey Mormon, pick it up will ya?" I have a name. It's a darn good one too Ceallaigh Anhe Mac an`Ghoilla Dhonnachaidh Fionntagh. Yep, that's what shows up on the birth certificate, but we americanized it. But back to Mormons, oh yeah, we're not stupid, we're just Mormon. Don't ask us what the current gross gesture is because we don't care. And yes! We do date people who aren't Mormon (quite frequently) Just walk up to Alexandria and ask about Alicia. And as we say in Mormonish "Heck is the place for people who don't believe in Gosh"