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Yeah, yeah, whatever Rizzo.

  Look, I know.  I was just having a crappy guy day and I'm having another one today. 

Hey what's up with this, Rizzo?  Your sister said she heard we were like fighting online or whatever today.  What's up with that?  But my week has gone from bad to worse to even crappier.  Monday sucked and today was really bad.  My "guy problems" have both improved and decreased.  They improved in the sense that I finally figured out who that guys was that has a crush on me.  The bad news is that I found out about 2 other guys that are PO'd at me.  One of them I really don't care about because he's an Eastsider and I never see him.  But the other guy I'm so mad at back I could hit him.  On top of all that, my parents are really mad at me.  My mom is so mad that she's barely even talking to me.  I just get dirty looks at my house and my dad is just grumping at me.  He got me up at about 5 am this morning to tell me that my dogs were barking and to get up or I was going to be late for Seminary.  What he didn't even bother to notice was that I was already up and showered and I was on my way down to get the dogs.  Then I got told off all the way to Kelly's house to pick her up.  What did I do to make them so mad?  I went to Kelly's house without asking permission then "lied" when I said that I couldn't call.  Ooooh.  Don't get me wrong, I luv my parents and family to death, but sometimes...  Oh well, tomorrow is another day!