Hell is The Mansion on the Hill

Ah yes

The summer is a wonderful time to be alive. I get to sit around, sleep, watch TV, and just kick back and watch the world die. All of this, however, is bittersweet when I realize that the summer is nearing its close and my pile of "Summer Readings" for English Class gas been collecting dust for a good two months now. I wouldn't have a problem with this if my teachers had good taste in literature, however due to an ungodly fascination she has with them, most of the books are by Victorian Era authors, you know extremely dry, uninteresting. What is her deal?

How many books does one need to read about the British Aristocracy and their petty little problems in their silver-spoon fed lives. Who cares about their servants named Heathcliff? Who cares about their mansions on the tops of hills? What makes teachers think this is even remotely interesting? They treat these grocery-store, housewive cheesy romance novels (you know..the ones w/ Fabio on the cover...)like works of art....When all the are is the former, they just happened to be written in a different century...so that automatically makes them "art".

I would defy anyone to tell me the difference between Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Pride and Prejudice. I'm sick of it. All of these stuck up British Aristocrats bithing about how "my life is so terrible because my maid served me dinner at five o'clock when i specifically requested it at four-thirty." or "woe is me, my horse was sick today so i couldn't play polo with all of my constituants...i must go cry myself to sleep now for fear that i'll never be accepted in high-society again." Boo-Frickin-Hoo. It is impossible for me to care about the "problems" of the rich.

I think France had the right idea when they just sent all of their richers to the guillotine. Vive La Revolution! I wish England had done the same, but of course had they done that then there would be no tourism industry and all the anglo-philes (crackers) would have no place to go on vacation and talk about their family lineage...(again...boo-fickin-hoo).

On the plus side, no Georgie Bush....his bloodline would have been wiped out long ago with all the rest of them (him having descended from the royal family) ...you know...back in the old days there was alot of inbreeding among the elite families beacause of a lack of fresh blood in the aristocracy...this supposedly was stopped...but looking at Dub-Ya........

anyway i'm a bit off the subject. one can only hope that in the future english teachers will see the error in their ways and to quote Bushie..."stop supportin' terrorism...because it's the great evil"

hope you enjoyed.....my email is at: MyNameisjonas42@excite.com