Tiffany Talks... AGAIN!

You know what, Brandon?

  Same at you.  I put that part in about the language because it IS something that you would probably do.  And you know it, too.  You asked me for a rant and I gave one to you.  Sure it wasn't what you were expecting, because you just wanted me to diss Kelly.  But I wasn't going to.  So there.  And Clay and Rizzo, you're just being butts.  I totally agree with Stevie all the way.  Sure, girls can be butts, but guys can be the biggest jerks of all.  Like today during 7th period I sat in the bathroom to get one of my friends to stop crying so she could actually breath. And you know why she was crying?  Because a dang guy.  And he was an ex, too, but that doesn't mean a thing.  He was being really mean to her.  We girls put up with a lot of crap from guys.  Those rules Clay had weren't even funny.   You guys are full of crap if you think that we're going to believe that you didn't agree with them.  And I can be just a big of a guy disser as you guys are girl-dissers.  Just ask anyone.  Ask Marc and Kelly and Alexandria especially.  I was the biggest guy disser for the longest time, but I've stopped doing that.  But if you want to me to start up again, I will.  You're asking for it.  And guys are butts.  Today I got told by this one guy that his friend has humongous crush on me.  When I asked him who it was, he wouldn't tell me!  Now, does that sound like a guy or what?  And that crack you made, Clay, about the kitchen and babies and cooking.  Ooooh, I ought to kick your little butt for that.  That was NOT even funny.  You all are male chauvinist pigs, and I'd better stop this before I start going against my religion again and cuss you all out.