Stevie strikes back!

I'm back for another rant!

Ok. First of all I want Clay to know I don't give a shit what he thinks. Alrighty, now that we've got that cleared up- lets get down to buisness.

Rizzo, I want to thank you for taking your time and being man enough to give such a reply (just like men, they can never be beat.)

Which comes to my second rant.

Men can never be "topped" by a woman. Its the end of their manhood if they do. If a girl beats them at something they TRY to come back with a bigger and better something. Sometimes succesful, most others not. So I really do appriciate the guys' replys.

One way guys try "top" a woman is by being their normal self and just bashing women. I do know that some women deserve it but hey those that don't, leave them the hell alone. So, I'm going set my mind to "acting like a man" and see exactly why they belive they're better than women. Oh... but wait, in the mental state of a man nothing seems to be to clear, I'm going to say something that I may regret because men don't think before they speak which only makes them look dumber than they already are (if that is possible.) MOST women are smart. They actually think before they say, and if they don't know what they're talking about, they normally keep their mouth shut, unlike guys.

So, in conclusion I asked again for a reply (Rizzo.) Go ahead, I dare ya.

And until next time TTFN!

Stevie (

P.S. Mike------I have a suggestion.

First of all, I want a picture on your site to symbolize me. And If Rizzo reallt thinks he wants to reply to everything, give us our own little rant section entitled: "Screw Genders (male/female rants by Sevie and Rizzo)"

Please consider it!

Thanx budd-i-----------peace out!