Rants Rants Rants

Grand Momma Mushka!

Ok, I was just reading the guest rants page.. Everyone made me angry, except the one about Mormons, because Mormons are silly! Anyway, Stevie should learn to get over it. I mean come on at least you get SOME attention, and yes, I am listening to "Baby got back" now so, Shaddup. I've looked at your bum before, and It's... eh. Yeah.. And to Sarah, whose site is "better".. Yea right. Come on. At least Mike's site is put together, unlike a generated piece of crap like your site.. I can't stand generated sites. “Express yourself on the web” Blah blah blah.. Well, how can you do that when it looks exactly like the next persons?.

And to Tiffany who also writes about “Guys being butts or something…” Use vulgar language, it’s fun! I don’t actually believe that you actually sat on a toilet with a friend who cried and couldn’t breathe. Your just a bad, bad, bad, maker upper of stories. And if it is true, then tell your friend to toughen up.. This is the 21st century! “Look at me a girl was mean to me, Wahhh wahh wahhh.” And to the other ones that I didn’t write about… YOU SUCK TOO. M~hahahaha M~hahahaha

To finalize my Rant, Mississippi is fun to spell! Thank you and Goodnight!

Andy Kidwell, The Great 5ver.