In response

This guest rant is pertaining to Joshs rant about Women.

Josh is wrong

People don't date people just cause they feel they have to have someone.Most people date people because they have feelings for them and want to be with them.I mean,who are you to say for everyone else why people really do date? People don't get themselves boyfriends and girlfriends because they feel bad about themselves either.So what if people want to feel loved? What's so wrong with that.Just because you can't find anyone doesn't mean you have to go and ridicule the people who are happy,doesn't it? No.And what's with your list of qualities? You shouldn't date a girl just because they fit YOUR liking.The one about the body? That's just wrong.Yeah,looks do help..but you shouldn't base it on whether you're going to date them or not.That's just conceited.It's really sad that you think that way and I really do feel sorry for you.Check this out...what if you meet a really nice girl.You guys get along perfectly.But what if she isn't the prettiest one in the bunch..or she doesn't like extreme're gonna throw a good girl away just cause of things she doesnt like? How would you like it if a girl didn't date you cause you didn't like what she liked.That wouldn't be so fun now would it.Maybe you shouldn't put your standards up so high..and by the way,I'm not a chick,I'm a guy so don't be saying how I'm just sad cause I don't have a boyfriend..cause I don't go that way.