The mole people! (aka: The retard speaks)

This is my theory on...the mole people!

Living deep inside the Earth, maybe 500-1000 feet, is a large cave. Within this cave you can find a group of the worst people you will ever find. These people make Satan look like a darling, little baby. They make people living a great life move to a hellish reality (sorta like West Virginia). They also make the toughest son of a gun that say they can kick anyones butt run away like a little school girl. Who are these people you ask...they are the mole people!

The mole people's one goal in life is to make kids lifes a living hell. They disguise themselfs like normal, nice people, but when you get close to them they turn on you. The only thing worse than you being in relation is 20 straight hours of Carrot Top and maybe the occasional beat down with and ASP (if you don't know, ask ZacK).

Be careful of the following signs. If you have 1 or more of these,RUN LIKE HELL FOR YOUR DEAR LIFE! You'll be better off.

1. Teachers in school that are nice to you for about the first month then turn on you(::cough::Mrs. Holcombe/Casto::cough::)

2. Teachers in school that don't even know you but still want to hunt you down like an angry cheetah hell bent on catching a jackle(::cough::Mrs. Lasiter/Raspa::cough::

3. Your parents(::cough::Mom::cough::)

4. Your parents(::cough::Mother::cough::)

5. YOUR PARENTS(::cough::MOMMY::cough::)

6. Also the little sister, neighbor, or kid in your neighborhood acting like stupid all the time

So as you can see, mole people are everywhere. We're just too blind to see it. There everywhere! Everywhere!