Men are Assholes

Hey Mike! I thought since I was so bored I'd write a rant for your site. Well, here it is.

Why are almost all guys such assholes?

1.They're never happy or satisfied! They make fun of you if your boobs are too small but God forbid if they're too big. Or, even if they do like them they always find ways to touch them. I emensly dislike them!

2. SAme way with your ass. If you don't have one they make fun of you and if it's too big they give you a bunch of shit. And yet again if they like it, they insist on touching it. I emensly dislike them!

3. Guys also have a really stupid way of trying to say they like you. They either abuseive, too touchy feely, or are just really mean like calling you names. I emensly disllike them!

Well, hope you enjoyed my rant if you have any replys post it on Mike's site or send it to me:

C-ya all later!