Why Mike Sucks

OK…here it goes...

Mike totally has his mind set to where that, he thinks he can get more hits on his page than I can get on mine. Now, come on, you know that’s not true. But you’re probably thinking "what kind of shit is that, I mean come on, who cares!?" Well I care and apparently Mike cares so HA! Deal with it! Anyway…I have my reasons…

The TOP 5 Reasons Why Mike’s Page Could Never Get More Hits Than Mine (and that he is just wrong)...

5) My page has had more hits all along…(not considering the fact that my page has been open longer)
4) More people visit Expage’s web directory than Angelfire’s.
3) Mike is definitely not manly enough to get more hits than me. (yes, that’s right you sisy!)
2) Mike sucks!
1) Brandon is losing in the Unimportant Poll (that just makes it look really bad)

Well, that’s all I have to say for now…but, by the way…check out my page (http://expage.com/sportygirl5) and see for yourself.



Sarah,I keep telling you, you need to get that sand out of your vagina, it's not good for you, Makes ya cranky. Poor Poor Sarah. Thinking her page is better. WoW. There is absolutly nothing on her page of interest. I mean, Dolls? Who cares? To get people back to your site you promise to 'Link Them' whoopty-doo. Yor site has been open for what, close to 2 years now? Our 1st Year Birthday is on Dec 15, 2002. we're still quite a ways away. (it is now, July 24, 2002) So now, my Top 5 Reasons Sarah needs Settle down and shut up:

5)To much Sand in your Vagina, ouch
4) You need to drink your juice, so You're not all Cranky
3) We've had visitors from England, you?
2) How much do I really care about your loosing softball team?
1) The only reason I put up with you is because Brandon makes me.

And for those of you wondering, I'm not really mad, nah, not a lot anyway. Sure, Sarah pisses me off, but it's all in semi-good fun. on her page, she has a guestbook to see who's page is better, mine, or hers.
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