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Air disaster strikes again in this third Airport film that finds passengers on a luxury jet stranded beneath the sea when a hijacking plot goes awry. (AC,AL,V) PG-1:53

Bad blind dates don’t usually bring second ones—unless she’s a bit screwy and crosses the country hoping for more! Oscar®-winning actress Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) stars in this zany comedy as a chatty crossword creator who chases after cute cameraman Steve after falling hard for him on their first date. Urged on by Steve’s pal, Bullock brings her wacky wit—and everpresent bright red boots—to their news assignments around the nation on a heartfelt and funny quest to capture Steve’s heart. With Thomas Haden Church and Bradley Cooper. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:39.

Alzheimer's disease is the second-most-feared illness in America, after cancer. Is our anxiety justified? HBO presents this multi-part campaign that provides answers to many questions surrounding the disease. Featuring four HBO feature documentaries and a host of other specials on HBO’s various multi-media services, including and HBO On Demand, this groundbreaking project will focus on Alzheimer's—including its causes, symptoms, treatments and possible cures— as well as the personal stories of those living with this terrible disease

A group of ’50s teens experience the highs and lows of youth on their last night together before college in George Lucas' 1973 classic. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG-1:52

A widowed U.S. President finds love with a lobbyist. Michael Douglas, Annette Bening. (AC,AL) PG13-1:53

An expedition into the Amazon turns to terror when a group of filmmakers encounter a 40-foot snake! Jon Voight, Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:29

Many people have dreamed of rocketing into space, but for Charles Farmer, it’s a dream that he’s determined to turn into a his own backyard. Billy Bob Thornton stars as the gutsy Texas rancher who constructs a rocket in his barn with plans for an orbit around the earth. But can he even get the ship off the ground with federal agents and a press crush descending on him and his family? Virginia Madsen, Bruce Dern and Tim Blake Nelson co-star in this inspiring drama. Directed by Michael Polish; written by Mark Polish and Michael Polish. (AC,AL) PG-1:44. Showing on various other HBO channels

Director James Cameron delivers “a titanic entertainment” (Hollywood Reporter) with this eye-popping blockbuster — the biggest box-office hit of all time! Set in the year 2154, this sci-fi epic follows a U.S. effort to mine a valuable mineral from the tiny distant world of Pandora and its blue inhabitants, the Na’vi. Sam Worthington stars as a wheelchair-bound former Marine who becomes an Avatar to Pandora, where he falls for a female Na’vi (Zoe Saldana) and winds up at the center of a war between the two worlds. Directed and written by James Cameron (MV) PG13-2:42

Cold-blooded mercenary Vin Diesel undertakes a risky job to bring a “special” young woman from Eastern Europe to New York City in this action-thriller set in the near-future. Joined by the girl’s guardian and Diesel’s war buddy, the foursome survive an explosive train ride out of Kazakhstan, a deadly nightclub encounter in Vladivostok, a breathtaking snowmobile chase across the Bering Strait, and more on their way to the Big Apple--where further surprises await them. Michelle Yeoh, Melanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson and Mark Strong costar. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:30.

"When alcohol was outlawed, outlaws became kings." HBO presents this epic new drama series that follows the birth and rise of organized crime in “the world’s playground” at the dawn of Prohibition, 1920. Steve Buscemi heads up the cast as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the city’s undisputed czar who is equal parts politician and gangster. With illegal alcohol opening up lucrative opportunities, Atlantic City becomes a major hub of bootlegging activity as Nucky and his inner circle—led by an ambitious young World War I veteran named Jimmy Darmody—preside over notorious backroom politics, vicious power struggles, a constant onslaught by the Feds, and Nucky’s own insatiable appetite for women, profits and power. The supporting cast includes Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon and Kelly Macdonald. (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:12. Premieres September 19 BORED TO DEATH
When he was last seen, Jonathan Ames was taking a pounding in the boxing ring. Now, the New York writer, romantic and unlicensed private eye is back in Season Two of this “noir-otic” HBO comedy series. With his second novel completed (and rejected), Jonathan must augment his income by moonlighting as a creative- writing teacher, while also taking on some desperate new clients—ranging from a kinky cop to the publishing rival of his sexagenarian pal, George Christopher. Jason Schwartzman stars along with Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-:25. MAX Sundays starting September 26

Push a button and get a cool million bucks. With one simple catch: somebody you don’t know will die. That’s the Twilight Zone - esque scenario facing a young couple who receive the mysterious package on their doorstep. Cameron Diaz and James Marsden star as the husband and wife faced with this chilling dilemma that leads them down a sinister trail of horror and deception. Frank Langella co-stars as the box’s devious, mutilated creator. Written for the screen and directed by Richard Kelly, based upon the short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:56

“Spellbinding” Roger Ebert. Jodie Foster delivers one of her most riveting performances in this dark thriller about a talk-radio host who turns vigilante. Shattered by a brutal assault, Erica Bain (Foster) tries to put the pieces of her life back together. But it’s not until she guns down a crook in self-defense that she finally discovers an outlet for her rage—and a need to feed her appetite for revenge. Terrence Howard, Naveen Andrews, Nicky Katt and Mary Steenburgen co-star. Directed by Neil Jordan; screenplay by Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor and Cynthia Mort, story by Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-2:02.

Murder and marriage go hand in hand for demonic doll Chucky and his bride Jennifer Tilly in this fourth bloody Child’s Play film. (AC,AL,GV) R-1:29

He pushed the boundaries of comedy with Borat. Now, Sacha Baron Cohen returns as Bruno, the outrageously flamboyant Austrian fashionista who has come to L.A. to find stardom. Along the way, Bruno creates an uproar as he offends, harasses and embarrasses every-one under the sun--including swingers, hunters, an African American talkshow audience, conservative politician Ron Paul, rabid wrestling fans, two ministers who try to “cure” him of his homosexuality, and many more! “Undeniably funny, outrageous and boundary- pushing” (Variety). Gustaf Hammarsten costars. (AC,GL,N,V) R- 1:21.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman set out to accomplish a list of things to do before they kick in this engaging comedy. Meeting as roommates in the hospital where they are being treated for cancer, the polar opposites--Nicholson’s a filthy-rich tycoon, Freeman’s a working stiff--find common ground in their desire to go out with no regrets. Their solution? A wild road trip that takes them all around the world to see all the things they’ve never seen—and do all the things they’ve never done! Sean Hayes and Rob Morrow co-star. (AC,AL) PG13-1:37

A valley girl discovers her destiny lies in killing vampires in this horror/comedy. Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry, Paul Reubens, Donald Sutherland. (AL,V) PG13-1:25

Armed only with video cameras, a band of Burmese reporters face death to expose the repressive regime controlling their country in this 2009 Oscar®-nominee for Best Documentary Feature. Capturing images of 2007 demonstrations spearheaded by Buddhist monks, this group of video journalists risk torture, life in jail and even death to smuggle their footage out to the free world. 1:25. STARTS TUESDAY, APRIL 20

The Coen brothers meld sex, spies, lies, extortion and plastic surgery to form this darkly comic concoction that is “funny, sometimes delightful” (Roger Ebert). George Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton, Richard Jenkins and Brad Pitt head up the stellar cast of quirky characters--an angry, drunken former C.I.A. agent, two numbskull personal trainers and a doltish cheating husband, among them--whose screwball lives wind up intertwined in a bizarre plot full of dark and often comical turns. Written, produced and directed by Joel & Ethan Coen. (AC,AL,V) R-1:36

Everyone’s favorite friendly ghost scares up some family fun in this live-action film based on the beloved cartoon (MV) PG-1:40

Clint Eastwood’s intimate look at one angle of the notorious 1928 “Wineville Chicken Coop Murders” chronicles the ordeal of Christine Collins, a single mother whose joy at the finding of her son five months after his disappearance is destroyed by her realization that the boy is a fraud. Angelina Jolie delivers an Oscar®-nominated performance in this gut-wrenching drama about a mother’s search for her missing son. What follows is a story of one woman’s dogged determination to find her son and expose a corrupt police force at any cost. John Malkovich co-stars. (AC,AL,V) R-2:22

He was a hard-partying Texas congressman whose socialite girlfriend inspired him to help Afghan freedom fighters. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star in this fact-based tale about “Good Time Charlie” Wilson and how he brought his crazy plan—-providing weapons to the Afghans against their Russian invaders—-to fruition. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a renegade CIA agent who helps the duo. (AC,AL,BN) R-1:42

"The Dark Knight is pure adrenaline" (The Hollywood Reporter). The Caped Crusader is pushed to the limit by the diabolical Joker in this blockbuster action sequel. Christian Bale reprises his role as Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy by day, masked avenger by night. When Gotham is overrun by the Joker--a cunning, but insane criminal mastermind--it's up to Batman to save the day. But this Joker is no laughing matter as he drives Batman and rest of the city's elite to the edge of madness. Michael Caine returns as Bruce's ever-faithful butler, and Heath Ledger is electrifying in his Oscar(R)-winning performance as the Joker. Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Morgan Freeman co-star. Directed by Christopher Nolan; screenplay by Jonathan & Christopher Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer based upon Batman characters created by Bob Kane. (AL,V) PG13-1:52

A maimed scientist uses his talents to take revenge on the gangsters who injured him in this thriller. (AC,AL,V) R-1:35

A man awakens from a coma to find he's developed strange psychic powers in this thriller. (AL,BN,V) R-1:44

Klaatu...Barada...Nikto! The words made famous in the 1951 sci-fi classic must be uttered once again in this remake. Keanu Reeves stars as the alien Klaatu who arrives on Earth to eye-popping effect with a warning for mankind: stop poisoning the planet or face extermination at the hands of his massive robot/weapon Gort. Jennifer Connelly co-stars as awidowed scientist who may be the only hope for stopping Klaatu from making good on his devastating promise. Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Jon Hamm and Kathy Bates co-star (MV) PG13-1:44.


More than 10 billion animals are raised to wind up on American dinner plates each year. But because laws mandating humane treatment for these animals are weak and rarely enforced, animal-rights groups have turned to undercover investigators to help expose the abuse on these “factory farms.” In this follow-up to the 2006 film Dealing Dogs, directors Tom Simon and Sarah Teale reteam with animal-rights investigator “Pete” who goes undercover on an Ohio hog farm to explore allegations of animal cruelty. The late Paul Harvey said you must see this. Widescreen. (AC,AL,MV) TVMA/L-1:28

Prison inmates get behind the wheel of armament-laden cars to race for freedom—or death—in this gearjamming remake set in the not-so-distant future. Jason Statham (The Transporter series) stars as a man framed for the murder of his wife by a mysterious intruder. Sent to the fortress-like Terminal Island, he must compete in a deadly series of car races in which the winner gets his freedom...while the losers get fitted for a pine box! Tyrese Gibson, Ian McShane and Joan Allen co-star. Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Remake of Roger Corman's Deathrace 2000 and Arnold Scwarzenegger's The Running Man (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:45

He’s made a career of exposing artifice, excess and pretense. Now, he’s returning to HBO for his first standup special in nearly five years! Emmy®- winning comedian/ commentator/actor Dennis Miller takes to the stage before a packed house at the Irvine Barclay Theatre in Irvine, CA for his eighth solo HBO comedy special, a powerpacked, full-length routine featuring his unique takes on politics, celebrity, and society’s most idiotic foibles. (AC,AL) TVMA/ L-:57. HBO PREMIERES FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19

Seven legendary dragonballs hold infinite power for its possessor when joined together. Young teen Goku has one and embarks on a thrilling race to find the others before a centuries-old zealot can use them to obliterate Earth. Justin Chatwin stars in this sci-fi film based on the popular graphic novel series as the young martial artist trained by his grandfather for the brewing war against Lord Piccolo— a vindictive mystical menace plotting planetary eradication...if Goku and his pals cannot stop him first. Emmy Rossum, Jamie Chung and Chow Yun- Fat co-star. (AC,AL,V) PG-1:25.

A frightening cyberterror frames two Chicagoans in a deadly plot and leaves them on the run from the law in this harrowing actionthriller. Forced to act by a mysterious caller who seems to be everywhere and can control everything around them—cell phones, traffic lights, trains, and more—innocent citizens Jerry (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) find themselves on a terrifying rollercoaster-ride. Can they unravel the hightech mystery before it costs them their lives? Rosario Dawson, Michael Chiklis, Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton co-star. (AL,V) PG13-1:58

Kenny Powers was once on top of the baseball world. Now, spurned by the big leagues and humiliated in his own hometown, he s heading south of the border to lick his wounds and plot a comeback. HBO presents Season Two of this hit comedy series that stars Danny McBride as the arrogant, burned-out former pitching star. In the wake of a bogus pitching offer, Kenny takes up residence in a small Mexican town Joined by his lackey Stevie Janowski and a new love interest, Kenny prepares to fashion a comeback scenario that involves a local baseball team and its filthy-rich owner. (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,S

Mel Gibson crackles and pops as an enraged Boston police officer who isn’t looking to make any arrests in the investigation of his daughter’s coldblooded murder. He simply wants revenge. At first glance, it seems like Emma Craven was gunned down by a bullet intended for her father Thomas (Gibson). But clues take the resourceful cop down a dangerous path that brings him into contact with a powerful government operative... and the shadowy corporation where Emma was employed. Ray Winstone, Danny Huston and Bojania Novakovic co-star. (AL,V) R-1:57

Vince’s career is back in high gear—but will his friends be by his side when he crashes off course? In Season Seven, a near-fatal on-set accident left Vince with a new lease on life that makes him even more difficult to manage. Meanwhile, each of the guys must decide which steps to take to map out their increasingly complicated personal and professional lives. Fasten your seatbelts for the Season Seven finale of the hit HBO comedy series! Vince’s out-of-control behavior makes him even more difficult to manage. Meanwhile, each of the guys must decide which steps to take to map out their increasingly complicated personal and professional lives. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven star. (AC,AL,N) TVMA/L-:32

A space rescue crew enters a world of nightmarish evil when they happen upon a spaceship lost more than seven years earlier. Has it literally been to Hell and back? Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill star. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:36

On May 1, 2005, Wendy Maldonado, an Oregon mother of four, called 911 in hysterics. “I just killed my husband,” she confessed. When the operator asked how long her husband had abused her, Maldonado replied, “Every f---ing day of my life.” Wendy, along with her eldest son Randy, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. This film follows Wendy and her family in the few days before she begins a 10-year prison sentence for the crime. Alternately shocking and heartbreaking, the film tells the story of one woman’s fateful decision to make a new life for herself and her children at all costs, even her own freedom. (AC,AL,V) TV14/S,L-1:10

Tragedy brings wanted hot rodder Vin Diesel back to L.A. where he and rogue FBI agent Paul Walker put the pedal-to-the-metal in this fourth film in the high-octane series. Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster also return for this installment as Diesel’s girlfriend and sister, respectively, in this lightning-fast thriller that’s packed with tirescreeching, metaltwisting action as the unlikely partners race to bring down a drug cartel. The supporting cast includes John Ortiz and Laz Alonso. Directed by Justin Lin, based on characters created by Gary Scott Thompson, written by Chris Morgan. (AC,AL, MV) PG13-1:47.

Death returns to claim the lucky—or unlucky, depending on your point of view—survivors of a speedway tragedy in this fourth frightening Final Destination film. A car-racing wreck results in an epic disaster for fans at a local speedway. But young Nick (Bobby Campo) had an eerie premonition and got out just in time with his friends. Now, Death has returned to claim what rightfully belongs to it: their lives! (AC,AL,GV,N) R-1:22. HBO starting July 31

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie moved to New York City to capitalize on their popularity as "New Zealand's 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo." Unfortunately, despite living as Big Apple bohemians for over a year, they still remain hopelessly out of place! Will the pair find excitement, romance and the elusive paying music gig in 2009? Find out in Season Two of the hit HBO comedy series as the boys resort to a variety of desperate tactics--prostitution, starting a gang and impersonating Simon & Garfunkel, among others--to jump-start their lives and career. HBO presents four new episodes--including the Season Two finale--of the hit HBO comedy series that follows the boys and their hilariously desperate attempts to jump-start their lives and career. As usual, their efforts rarely yield dividends, but they do spawn laughs and tunes about life, love and the pursuit of the elusive music video. Widescreen.

The 1994 Oscar®-winning Best Picture with Tom Hanks as a man whose sweet innocence leads him on a journey of discovery through America of the ’60s and ’70s. (AC,N,V) PG13-2:22

Hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees lines up a new group of party-hearty youths for slaughter in this remake of the slasher classic (AC,AL,GV,N,SC) R-1:37

A teenager and his TV horror host pal battle a vampiress and her sinister cohorts in this sequel. (AC,AL,N) R-1:44

What does a superstar comedian do when he’s been told he’s got a terminal illness? Make fun of the doctor, of course. Adam Sandler is outstanding as the isolated stand-up and film star whose diagnosis prompts him to seek out true friendship and reconnect with his past. But will a second chance at life only turn him back into his arrogant former self? Seth Rogen co-stars in this stirring comedy/drama written and directed by Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up). Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman round out the stellar supporting cast. (AC,GL,MV) R-2:26.

Let’s cut the crap. The indefatigable carmudgeon George Carlin continues to set the standard by which stand-up comedians are judged, with relentless routines that rip society's most sacred taboos and institutions. In his 14th solo special for HBO, Carlin unveils his latest catalogue of comic complaints, originally broadcast live on 3/1/08 from Santa Rosa, CA. Filled with the comic's deadon-funny insights, IT’S BAD FOR YA features his takes on such issues as the advantages of being old; euphemisms associated with dead people; self-esteem obsessions; child worship; stupidity; superstitions; and above all, our abnormal preoccupation with BS, i.e., "stuff that's bad for ya!" An HBO® Comedy Special (AC,AL) TVMA/L-1:09.

George Lopez has already proven to HBO viewers that he is indeed America’s Mexican. Now, he returns in his second HBO special that’s sure to generate plenty of live heat this summer! Well known as the co-creator, writer, producer and star of the hit sitcom George Lopez, the multi-talented actor/ comedian steps in front of a packed arena crowd at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas for this live stand-up special that will feature material from his current U.S. tour. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-1:30

Steve Carell brings screwball secret agent Maxwell Smart to life in this hilarious update of the TV series. Joined by snappy sidekick Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), Smart must live up to his name for once when his co-workers at the U.S. spy agency CONTROL become compromised by the devious plans of KAOS and its nefarious leader. Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp and James Caan costar in this hit comedy that Roger Ebert called “funny, exciting, preposterous, great to look at, and made with the same level of technical expertise we’d expect from a new Bond movie.” MV) PG13-1:50

Crusty widower Clint Eastwood forms an unlikely bond with his Asian neighbors in a gang-infested Detroit neighborhood in this gripping drama. Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) is a retired autoworker and Korean war veteran whose solitary life consists of caring for his pristine 1972 Gran Torino and uttering an endless array of racist remarks. When gang tactics leave a naive teen in Walt’s debt, a surprising relationship develops that changes the curmudgeon’s life forever. Directed by Clint Eastwood; screenplay by Nick Schenk, story by Dave Johannson & Nick Schenk. (AC,AL,V) R-1:56.

Rousing film version of the hit musical about a teen who becomes a dance sensation. “Hairspray is just plain fun” (Roger Ebert). The smash Broadway musical based on John Waters’ unforgettable 1988 film comes to the big screen once again in this rousing and heartfelt Golden Globe nominee for Best Picture–Musical or Comedy. The streets of Baltimore are paved with song as sweet-natured, high-haired teen Tracy Turnblad learns some funky new dance moves that launch her to stardom. John Travolta heads up the cast. (AC,AL) PG-1:56.

One night in Vegas is more than four guys arriving for a bachelor party can handle in this riotously raunchy, Golden Globe®-winning comedy. With short-term memory proving elusive, the three groomsmen — the groom-to-be’s two best friends and his lunatic future brother-in-law—awaken to find: 1) a tiger in their bathroom; 2) a baby in their closet; and 3) the groom is missing. With time running out, the trio race to recover their friend—and their memories—before it’s too late. Starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Heather Graham. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-1:40.

Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters are attacking muggles and wizards at will, spreading terror across London and its countryside. Is Hogwarts School next? Harry Potter prepares to fulfill his destiny as the “Chosen One”—the only wizard who can destroy the Dark Lord—in this sixth film in the series. As Harry starts the school year, he faces formidable new challenges including private instruction from Dumbledore, raging romances among his Hogwarts pals...and a dark secret harbored by a professor that may be the key to defeating Lord Voldemort once and for all. (AC,V) PG-2:33.

A group of Baltimore men and women shine a light on the complexities of coupling in this romantic comedy. From flirtatious first dates with no follow-up to commitment-phobes to affairs, this funny, endearing film follows the pals through the modern mating matrix where sexy signals are routinely misread, and may be summed up with one simple phrase: he’s just not that into you. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlett Johansson and Justin Long head up an all-star cast. (AC,AL) PG13-2:09

Ex-cop Alec Baldwin’s yearning to get back in the game leads him down a dark path in this film noir thriller set in New Orleans. (AC,AL,N,V) R-2:12

The surly, burly, cigar-chomping Hellboy is back to do battle with a villain who is about to awaken a massive mechanical army in this butt-kicking sequel. Ever the reluctant (and destructive) hero for the government's Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense, Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and his team face their greatest threat yet: a menacing elf prince whose long-simmering rage at humanity's treatment of the planet prompts him to unleash the ferocious Golden Army as revenge. Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, Seth MacFarlane and John Hurt co-star. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, based upon the Dark Horse Comic Book created by Mike Mignola, story by Guillermo Del Toro & Mike Mignola (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:19

A horrific death sends a TV reporter on a story that leads her into the depths of Hell in this terrifying horror sequel. (AC,AL,GV, N) R-1:34

“The hills are alive again with the sound of mutants” (The Hollywood Reporter). Following the hit 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes comes this shocking sequel that leaves an unprepared squadron of National Guard trainees in the deadly desert lair of the murderous miscreants. Battling the rugged terrain and their clashing personalities, the overmatched recruits are slaughtered in grisly fashion one by one as they try to escape the horrifying creatures— residents of the remote region who were left hideously deformed by nuclear testing. Michael McMillian, Jacob Vargas, Flex Alexander and Jessica Stroup star. (AC,AL,GV,RP) R-1:30.

One in 50 children experience homelessness in the U.S. each year. In Orange County, CA—one of the wealthiest regions in America—children of the working poor are forced to live with their parents in oneroom motel rooms and attend a special school for transient children. From journalist/producer/filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (Journeys With George) comes this film that follows several Southern California children stuck in this motel limbo and whose day-to-day lives are a numbing exercise in boredom, frustration and everdiminishing expectations (AC,AL) TV14/L,D-1:00

Saddam Hussein was the most vilified dictator of our generation, a man whose allconsuming desire to impose his will on Iraq and its neighbors led to two wars with the U.S., and finally, his capture and execution. This four-hour HBO miniseries reveals the private world of the Iraqi dictator and his inner circle. Over 27 years, he rose from peasant origins to the highest office in Iraq, consolidating his power by executing anyone who posed a threat—real or imagined. Igal Naor stars as Saddam. Widescreen (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-1:57

A Russian submarine commander’s (Sean Connery) scheme to defect puts him in the crosshairs between enemy forces in this Cold War thriller. (AL,V) PG-2:15

Three years after a virus has decimated humanity, Robert Neville is the last man alive in New York City...but he’s not the only living thing there. Will Smith stars as the military scientist who journeys throughout Gotham by day, but shutters himself in by night—to protect himself from the murderous mutants that lurk in the shadows. But as he closes in on a cure for the virus, Neville must deal with a twist in the behavior of the crafty creatures—as well as his own increasingly fragile mental state. Alice Braga and Dash Mihok co-star in this blockbuster thriller filmed twice before, as Omega Man (Charlton Heston) and Last Man On Earth (Vincent Price). (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:40

What if you could materialize the imagined worlds depicted in books by merely reading aloud? For one fiction-loving father, that power is very real. Brendan Fraser stars in this out-of-this-world fantasy film as a Silvertongue, a man whose audible reading can bring literature to life, but at a perilous price. As daunting characters roam the real world, a loved one is left trapped inside an ancient tome titled Inkheart, forcing the daring dad on a fantastic mission with his preteen daughter in tow. Also with Paul Bettany, Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent. (AC,AL,MV) PG-1:48

Gabriel Byrne returns for Season Three of HBO's acclaimed series set within the highly charged psychotherapy sessions of Dr. Paul Weston. This year, Paul finds himself in the midst of several new challenges—including hand tremors he fears might be the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. Meanwhile, he begins treating three new patients (played by Debra Winger, Irrfan Khan and Dane DeHaan), while seeing a new therapist of his own (Amy Ryan). (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:30. TWO EPISODES A NIGHT, MONDAYS & TUESDAYS

What’s old is new again for two successful divorcees who rediscover a bit of their old bedroom spark in this riotous comedy starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski. Bakery chef Jane Adler (Streep) and her feisty ex Jake (Baldwin) split ten years earlier and he has since remarried. But cocktails in New York City turn into a passionate affair that breathes new energy into their lives...and leads to major complications! “Simply a good time” (The Chicago Tribune). Directed and written by Nancy Meyers (AC,AL,BN) R-2:00

Jules Verne’s sci-fi classic is brought to stunning life in this epic adventure about a trio of explorers who discover a pathway to Earth’s core. Brendan Fraser is a handsome seismological expert who treks to Iceland with his surly nephew and a gorgeous mountain guide to prove his missing brother’s theory of the existence of volcanic tubes into Earth. What they discover is an amazing and wildly dangerous world of monsters and mayhem. Josh Hutcherson and Anita Briem co-star. Directed by Eric Brevig; screenplay by Michael Weiss and Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin. (MV) PG-1:33.

Steven Spielberg brings dinosaurs to stunning life in this epic thriller. Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:06.

KING FU PANDA (animated)
A portly panda becomes the unlikely kung-fufighting guardian of a peaceful valley in this “imaginative” (San Francisco Chronicle) animated hit. It’s time for a new Dragon Warrior to be chosen and five contenders stand before the great (and possibly senile) temple master. To the shock of everyone, he picks an overweight noodle-selling panda named Po who finds an inner strength he never knew he had—even as he prepares to take on the evil Tai Lung in a kung-fu battle! With the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu. (MV) PG-1:32.

Screwball quantum paleontologist Will Ferrell and three companions time warp back to the prehistoric age in this comical adventure based on the cult 1970s TV series. Danny McBride, Anna Friel and Jorma Taccone star as Ferrell’s cohorts whose routine expedition winds up leaving them in a primitive world of dinosaurs, cave-dwelling lizards, ape-like creatures and hungry mosquitoes. Directed by Brad Silberling; written by Chris Henchy & Dennis McNicholas, based on Sid & Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:42

A couple seeks revenge on the criminals who attacked their daughter in this shocking remake of the 1971 cult classic. Away for the summer with her parents at their idyllic vacation house, young Mari Collingwood and her friend cross paths with depraved thug Krug and his family, where things take a violent turn. In an ironic twist, Krug and company wind up taking shelter with the Collingwoods, unaware that Mari’s wholesome parents know what has happened to their little girl...and plan to make the fiends pay for it in blood. Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter star. (AC,GL,GV,N,RP) R-1:50

Once every four years, on February 29, Irish legend permits young ladies to propose marriage to the man they love. With the calendar on her side and no ring in sight, one gingerhaired Boston lass decides to enlist the luck of the Irish to realize her dreams of matrimony. Amy Adams stars as the feisty American who departs for Dublin to surprise her longtime boyfriend. But when a string of bad fortune strands her in a small village, the fiancée-to-be finds herself forced to rely on a wry, handsome Irishman (Matthew Goode) to get to Dublin before Leap Day leaps by. (AL,MV) PG-1:40

LUCKY (HBO Documentary Films)
Odds you believe your best shot at getting rich is winning the lottery: 1 in 5. Odds you will actually hit the Powerball jackpot: 1 in 195,249,054. Is winning luck or fate? What happens when you really do win big? This documentary takes a cross-country look at some of America’s biggest lottery winners and how they’ve handled their sudden, intoxicating change of fortune, as well as some of the millions of hopefuls who have nothing more than “a dollar and a dream” (AC,AL) TVMA/L-1:31

The fur-brained escapees from the Central Park Zoo continue their wild overseas adventure in this animated sequel. Still in Madagascar, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and hefty hippo Gloria attempt to get back to their luxurious Gotham digs. Instead, their madcap flight lands them in Africa for an adventure in which they encounter hunters, tourists and even wild versions of their own species! The all-star voice cast features Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric Kyles a.k.a. Cedric The Entertainer and Andy Richter. (MV) PG-1:29. HBO

A bride-to-be reunites her mother with three former suitors in an effort to find her father in this adaptation of the smash-hit musical featuring the music of ABBA. Meryl Streep straps on her dancing shoes as mother-of-the-bride Donna, a free spirit running a hotel and raising daughter Sophie in the Greek islands. But as Sophie’s nuptials near, the fatherless lass desires her biological pop to properly give her away—and invites three paternal prospects from her mom’s wild past! With Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Julie Walters, Dominic Cooper, Amanda Seyfried and Christine Baranski. (AC,MV) PG13-1:49.

He was the cute puppy dubbed “the world’s worst dog” by his owner John Grogan. But yellow lab Marley wagged his way into the writer’s heart and inspired a career chronicling their unruly, yet often riotous relationship. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star in this family film following the Grogans as they married, moved and met Marley: a cute canine with a hilarious destructive streak who deeply impacted the next decade of their lives. Eric Dane and Alan Arkin co-star. Directed by David Frankel, based on the book by John Grogan, screenplay by Scott Frank and Don Roos. (AC,MV) PG-1:56.

A young boy is overjoyed when his favorite filmmaker arrives in Key West to make a movie in this spoof of William Castle and his monster movies. William Schallert even reprises the kind of roles he played in 1950s movies about mutant ants. John Goodman, Jesse White, Robert Picardo. (AC,AL,MV) PG-1:39

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back in this sequel that pits them against a sexy, but villainous extraterrestrial. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:28

Supernatural terror reflects into the life of a night watchman at a burned-out department store in this scary remake of the Korean hit Into the Mirror. Kiefer Sutherland stars as the disgraced former NYPD cop with a drinking problem who is forced to take the night-duty job. If the charred halls aren’t eerie enough, Sutherland must contend with a vast number of haunted mirrors that unleash an evil force on his life—and threaten the lives of his family. Can he solve the mystery of the building’s past before it’s too late? This is no night at the museum! Paula Patton and Amy Smart co-star. (AC,AL,BN,GV) R-1:51

What do you do when you awaken after four years in a coma to find out that the girl you’ve been saving yourself for has become a centerfold? Road trip to the Playboy Mansion! Best friends since birth, Tucker (the party-hearty womanizer) and Eugene (the once-comatose virgin) race to Bunny heaven in a raunchy and misguided effort to win back the love of Eugene’s life...or at least score in the process. Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore star in this screwball comedy that takes the term “gross-out” to new heights. With Craig Robinson and Hugh M. Hefner as himself. (AC,GL,MV,N) R-1:30

Intrepid explorer Brendan Fraser awakens an evil 2,000-year-old emperor and his undead army in Shanghai in this third film in the Mummy series. Jet Li is the shapeshifting emperor who joins forces with a devious general in a quest for power and revenge unless Fraser—with help from an immortal sorceress and an army of skeleton warriors—can stop him first. Roger Ebert calls it, “the best in the series.” Maria Bello, John Hannah, Russell Wong, Liam Cunningham, Luke Ford, Isabella Leong and Michelle Yeoh co-star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:54.

The premiere of HBO’s new late-night series that showcases the talents of two NYC filmmakers who create short films based on their lives. Meet Van and Casey Neistat—the envy of viral video auteurs everywhere. This fresh and funny HBO series showcases the talents of this pair of filmmakers who have created over 200 short films based on their lives and/or issues facing society. Each edition features a fast-moving mix of comedy and drama shot in mixed media and highlighted by largely unscripted “adventures,” starring and narrated by the two brothers. (AC,AL) TV14-:27.

It’s off to the Smithsonian for Ben Stiller and a plethora of museum exhibits in this comedy sequel. When his pals from the Museum of Natural History get shipped off to storage in D.C., the former night watchman springs into action. But once free, Stiller & company discover an even bigger threat: the ancient Egyptian ruler Kahmunrah has awakened and assembled the ultimate team of villains--Al Capone, Ivan the Terrible and Napoleon--to help him take over the world! Also with Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria, Christopher Guest, Alain Chabat and Robin Williams. (AC,AL,MV) PG-1:45

A shorefront inn houses romance for reluctant lovers Diane Lane and Richard Gere in this drama based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. Hurt by her husband’s betrayal, Adrienne (Lane) takes up an offer to care for a friend’s Rodanthe resort and consider her messedup marriage. But she isn’t alone: a handsome surgeon has sought out the resort for his own reflection. (AC,AL) PG13-1:37.

He was taken in as an orphan and trained in the art of violence and abuse. Now, he’s a lethal ninja...and he wants revenge against the murderous clan that once trained him. Korean pop star Rain stars as the vengeful ninja who teams with a sexy Europol agent (Naomie Harris) after she uncovers clues that point to the deadly group being paid to direct high-level political assassinations. Directed by James McTeigue; screenplay by Matthew Sand and J. Michael Straczynski, story by Matthew Sand. (AC,AL,GV) R- 1:39.

Lily Dale is a quaint Victorian community in upstate New York that has a surprisingly strong tourist trade thanks to its supernatural trademark: it is home to the world’s largest group of mediums--women and men who communicate with the dead. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Steven Cantor (HBO’s Devil’s Playground), this film heads to Lily Dale to meet some of the town’s unusual residents as well as some of its thousands of visitors--many of whom are on emotional quests in search of answers after a sudden or unexpected loss. (AC,AL) TVPG/ L,D-1:24.

From Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman—the producers behind the Emmy®-winning HBO miniseries Band of Brothers®—comes this epic 10-part miniseries based on the true stories of World War II Marines. Focusing on the intertwined odyssey of Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda), The Pacific follows these heroic men and their brothers-in-arms through the first battle on Guadalcanal, into the rain forests of Cape Gloucester and strongholds of Peleliu, across the bloody sands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and, finally, to their triumphant but uneasy return home. (AC,AL,N,GV) TVMA/V,S,L- :56.

Whispers of an island murder bring chills to a Hawaiian paradise for a honeymooning pair in this frightening thriller. Cliff and Cyndey are bound for a quiet Kauai beach when they learn of a psycho killer said to be slaying tourists. It isn’t long before the newlyweds’ trek takes an unnerving turn upon meeting two curious couples whose motives remain eerily unclear. Starring Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich, Kiele Sanchez, Steve Zahn, Marley Shelton and Chris Hemsworth. Directed and written by David Twohy. (AC,GL,GV,N) R-1:38.

Tim Burton's eyepopping remake stars Mark Wahlberg as an astronaut who lands on a planet ruled by apes. Helena Bonham Carter. (V) PG13- 2:00

Clint Eastwood stars in this 1971 thriller about a late-night deejay who is pursued by a psychotic fan. (AC,V) R-1:42

The phantoms return with a vengeance in this terrifying sequel to the hit thriller Poltergeist (AL,MV) PG13-1:31

In 1997, actor Morgan Freeman offered to pay for the senior prom at Charleston High School in Mississippi, on one condition: it had to be racially integrated. His offer was ignored. Ten years later, he offered again—and this time, the school board accepted. HBO presents this film that follows the efforts of students as they prepare for the groundbreaking dance. (AL) TV14/L-1:29.

Vince Vaughn stars as motherobsessed maniac Norman Bates in Gus Van Sant’s slick shot-for-shot remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic flick. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:44

He was an outlaw whose charisma and cunning made him a folk hero to a Depression-era public... and Public Enemy Number One to J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Johnny Depp turns in a riveting performance as the notorious bank robber who stood at the forefront of the epic 1930s crime wave: John Dillinger. Christian Bale co-stars as the FBI agent who leads the war against Dillinger and his gang that culminates in their shocking, legendary confrontation at Chicago’s Biograph Theater. Also with Oscar®-winner Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose). (AC,AL, N,V) R-2:20.

In 1975, Robert Klein starred in HBO’s first original comedy special. Now, the comedian/ actor returns for his ninth stand-up special, an hour of hilarious new insights into society’s foibles and follies, plus several memorable musical interludes in which he’s backed by a symphony orchestra. Recorded live, this special will feature Klein’s comical insights on such topics as: political indiscretions & hypocrisy in Washington; pharmacological concert experiences; TV & pop culture; and comedic musical numbers about Barack Obama, medicinal marijuana and gay marriage. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57.

Robert “Fish” Fishman (Rainn Wilson) was the drummer of a hair metal band until his mates ditched him to land a record contract. When his nephew’s band needs a fill-in on the skins, Fish helps him out...and rediscovers the flamboyant (and often naked) rock star within! Christina Applegate, Jeff Garlin, Josh Gad, Teddy Geiger and Emma Stone co-star. (AC,AL,BN) PG13-1:42.

A small-time con artist and his pals attempt a ruse that ensnares them in an ever-widening series of scams and situations in this “cleverly constructed, sensationally stylish and often darkly hilarious” (Variety) action opus from writer/director Guy Ritchie. Gerard Butler stars as the scammer with big dreams whose gang gets conned by gangster Tom Wilkinson. (AC,GL,GV) R-1:55.

Running from a life of abuse and racism, a 14-year-old girl and her best friend are taken in by a kind-hearted beekeeper and her sisters in this “enchanting” (Roger Ebert) adaptation of the bestseller. Set in the South in 1964, the film stars Queen Latifah as the matronly honey-maker who opens her home—and her heart—to the desperate young women, played superbly by Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Hudson. Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo co-star. (AC,MV) PG13-1:50

At 17, Mike O’Donnell is a senior-high hoops star with a high-school sweetheart and a stellar future. At 37, Mike’s a miserable dad in a mediocre career dreaming of a life redo. With a little magic, he might get that chance. Matthew Perry and Zac Efron share the role of the middle-aged Mike who magically turns back into a 17-year-old babe. But being a modern-day teen isn’t without complications, as Mike discovers while connecting with his kids in school...and rekindling romance with his wife. Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon and Michelle Trachtenberg co-star. (AC, AL,MV) PG13-1:42.

Break out the Cosmos: Carrie and the girls are back! Picking up four years after HBO’s hit comedy series, this film follows Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda on their newest adventures in New York City and beyond. With the foursome facing various crises—marital troubles, pre-marital troubles, location troubles, even bowel troubles—they are forced to lean on their friendship more than ever! Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon reprise their roles from the series. Also with Jennifer Hudson & Candice Bergen and Chris Noth. (AC,AL,BN,MV) R-2:25.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective is an athletic Victorian action hero in this revisionist take on the character. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law star as the partners in crime-solving. Joined by his partner Dr. Watson, the young super-sleuth puts his powers of deduction to work—along with some muscle—to stop an occult-dabbling criminal who has returned from the dead. Rachel McAdams costars. Directed by Guy Ritchie, screen story by Lionel Wigram and Michael Robert Johnson, screenplay by Michael Robert Johnson and Anthony Peckham and Simon Kinberg. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:08. MAX

The motley green ogre has to deal with some new responsibilities—including fatherhood and a possible kingship—in this third installment in the series. For a guy who loves the swamp life, Shrek is dealing with more stress than an ogre can take. It’s off with Donkey and Puss in Boots to find the only other heir to the throne while encountering one comical adventure after another involving everyone from the Gingerbread Man to a tough pack of ladies who include Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Shrek’s pregnant wife Fiona! Featuring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas. (MV) PG-1:33.

D’oh! Homer Simpson and his clan find themselves involved in a series of foul-ups in this riotous film version of the TV series. Homer’s got a new pet pig, but he earns Springfield’s wrath when he dumps its waste in a local lake that daughter Lisa has just cleaned up. Enter EPA chief Russ Cargill who wants to put a dome over the town. Can the Simpsons save the day? Featuring the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer and A. Brooks as Russ Cargill. (AC,MV) PG13-1:27.

Love and the hardships of life in a Mumbai slum provide the inspiration for an orphaned Indian youth’s amazing run on a popular TV game show in this 2008 Best Picture Oscar® winner. Dev Patel shines as the ever-resilient Jamal whose hellish upbringing helps him answer question after question on the popular quiz show—and offers him an unlikely shot at big money and a reunion with his long-lost love. (AC,AL,V) R-2:01.

A SMALL ACT, HBO Documentary Films
When Hilde Back decided to sponsor a young Kenyan student through a Swedish program, she had no idea of the impact her modest contribution would make. This documentary delves into the story of how Hilde’s small donation paved the way for Chris Mburu to go all the way to Harvard Law School and beyond. Inspired by Hilde’s generosity, Chris sets out to meet her and decides to start his own scholarship fund— named after his own benefactor. The film also follows three Kenyan students as they struggle to qualify for Chris’ scholarship amidst the political unrest that grips the country. (AC,V) TVPG/ V,D-1:28.

This year, 13 million people around the world will be diagnosed with cancer. On September 10, two years after an historic fundraising telecast, Stand Up To Cancer returns with this star-studded appeal to build continuing public support and donations for cutting-edge cancer research. Hosted by Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and Brian Williams, the appeal will feature live performances by legendary recording artists and stars from film, television and sports, along with insights and information on the ongoing fight against cancer. TVG-1:00. HBO

Kirk and his crew battle villainous Khan, who stalks the galaxy with his ruffians, bent on revenge. William Shatner, Ricardo Montalban. KHAN!!! (AL,MV) PG-1:53.

Ex-C.I.A. agent Liam Neeson becomes a oneman killing machine after his daughter is kidnapped by vicious slave-traders in this gripping thriller. With only four days to find the teen and her schoolfriend before it’s too late, the former Black Ops specialist jets to Paris to serve as judge, jury and executioner to the Albanian thugs responsible for the abduction. Maggie Grace, Leland Orser, Jon Gries, David Warshofsky, Katie Cassidy, Holly Valance and Famke Janssen costar. Directed by Pierre Morel, written by Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen. (AC,V) PG13-1:31.

Ted Williams wanted to be the greatest hitter who ever lived...and he became just that. This documentary explores the life, career and bizarre end of “The Kid,” the Boston Red Sox slugger who lived in the constant pursuit of perfection. Utilizing rare film clips, interviews and archival insights from Williams himself, the film paints a definitive portrait of this magnificent athlete, his two stints as a Navy pilot, his success as a Hall of Fame fisherman, his three volatile marriages, his emotional reconciliation with fans and the strange circumstances surrounding his 2002 death. (AL) TVPG/L-1:15.

In 2018, the world that we once knew is gone. In its place lies a wartorn battleground in which man must make his final stand against the machines. Christian Bale stars as John Connor—mankind’s last hope—in this stunning fourth Terminator film. With the deadly terminators of the evil Skynet Corporation devastating the land, it’s up to Connor and a fierce human resistance to preserve a future free of Skynet’s technological tyranny. Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Jane Alexander and Helena Bonham Carter co-star. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:55.

THRILLA IN MANILA, HBO Sports/HBO Documentary Films
On September 30, 1975, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier faced off in the boxing ring for the third and final time. What unfolded remains one of the most incredible fights in history—with an ending so dramatic it defies belief. HBO revisits that epic fight in this documentary that pulls back the veil on a story of betrayal, resentment and revenge stoked by the racial politics of 1970s America. Analysis of the fight is punctuated by interviews with several figures, most noteworthy Frazier himself, who comments poignantly before watching a replay of this classic bout. TVPG-1:30.

There may be no time like the present, but for Henry De Tamble, the present is an unpredictable paradox with only one constant: love. Based on the bestseller, this supernatural love story follows the hapless librarian—who has an uncontrolled ability to teleport through time—and the love of his life, Clare. Together, they forge a love against all odds and with only one expectation: that they can be suddenly separated at any given moment. Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana star in this whimsical, bittersweet tale. With Arliss Howard and Ron Livingston. (MV) PG13-1:47.

Get ready to throw your inhibitions out the window as comedian/actor Tracy Morgan stars in his HBO stand-up comedy debut—and no subject, celebrity or situation will be off-limits. Taped before a live audience at the famed Apollo Theatre in New York City, this one-hour show will feature the Emmy®-nominated superstar delivering his hilarious takes on race relations, politics, celebrity, his status as a sitcom icon, flying, and more. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO PREMIERES SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13

The destructive war between the Autobots® and the Decepticons® continues...and Sam Witwicky is once again at the center of the explosive conflict in this blockbuster sequel! Picking up where the first film left off, this action extravaganza finds the evil Decepticons ® regrouping with a devious new plan to destroy the world. It’s up to college-bound Sam (Shia LaBeouf) to help Optimus Prime®, Bumblebee® and the Autobots® save the day. Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson head up a great supporting cast. “The special effects are spectacular” (Linda Cook). (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:30.

The rumble in this jungle is laughter! Ben Stiller stars in this outrageous comedy about an oblivious group of actors who head into the jungle to shoot a Vietnam epic only to find themselves in real (funny) danger. Unaware that the shoot has taken a wrong turn, the thespians—led by Stiller as a fading action star, Robert Downey Jr. as a method madman who dyes his skin black for the role, and Jack Black as a fart-joke specialist--dodge bullets, explosions and a 12-year-old drug lord while delivering the performances of their lives. Steve Coogan, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Brandon T. Jackson, Bill Hader and Nick Nolte co-star. (AC,AL,V) R-1:47.

Sookie Stackhouse and the townspeople of Bon Temps are about to face a new threat—ushered in by a pack of vicious, blood-sucking werewolves! Welcome to Season Three of the smash-hit HBO series based on the novels by Charlaine Harris. As Season Three opens, Sookie tries to determine the whereabouts of her vampire-fiance Bill Compton who went missing in the Season Two finale. What she finds is a netherworld filled with human and undead interlopers, among them the Vampire King of Mississippi and his mutant werewolf followers. The mystery of the Bon Temps killer has finally been solved, to the relief of perky telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her 173-year-old vampire soulmate Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). But just as things have settled down, some deadly new twists threaten to ratchet up their saga to bloody new heights! (AC,AL,GV,N) TVMA/V,L-:59.

A young woman finds herself haunted by nightmarish visions and a venomous stepmother upon her return from an institutional stint in this chiller. Anna (Emily Browning) was put in a clinic following her mother’s tragic death. When she returns, her mother’s former caregiver is married to her dad--and ghostly apparitions keep trying to tell her something. Elizabeth Banks costars. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:27.

Cupid’s big day results in passion, romance and heartbreak in this romantic comedy. It’s February 14th, a day for love, flowers and cheesy greeting cards. But for one intertwined group of Los Angelenos, it becomes an unforgettable 24 hours filled with romance, heartbreak, laughs, revenge, phone sex, proposals, betrayals, secrets revealed...and even a plot to lose one’s virginity! By day’s end, none of them will ever be the same. The allstar ensemble cast includes Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Hector Elizondo, and more. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG13-2:05

Snake Boy. The Bearded Lady. Corma Limbs. Those are a few of the attractions in the Cirque du Freak, a modern-day traveling freak show run by a 220-year-old vampire. When two mischievous high-school teens sneak their way into the adults-only show, they get more than they bargained for as they wind up bearing fangs on opposite sides of an ancient vampire war. The superb cast features John C. Reilly, Ken Watanabe, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Massoglia, Ray Stevenson, Patrick Fugit with Willem Dafoe and Salma Hayek. (AC, AL,V) PG13-1:49.

WARTORN: 1861-2010
"In every war, there are invisible wounds." Executive produced by James Gandolfini, this documentary explores the crippling effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on the military personnel and their families. Using letters, journals, photographs, combat footage and firstperson interviews, the film reveals the long lineage of PTSD in American history beginning with the first documented cases from the Civil War to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also included are insightful conversations between Gandolfini and top U.S. military personnel, enlisted men in Iraq, and medical experts (AC,AL,V) TV14/V,L,D-1:15

U.S. Marshal Kate Beckinsale is ensconced in murder and mystery at an isolated research outpost in frosty Antarctica in this chilling shocker. Haunted by a past blunder, Carrie Stetko (Beckinsale) vows to stop an ice-axe-wielding murderer whose bloody work may be connected to a 50-year-old mystery involving a downed Russian plane frozen deep in the permafrost. Gabriel Macht, Columbus Short and Tom Skerritt co-star. Directed by Dominic Sena; screenplay by Jon Hoeber & Erich Hoeber and Chad Hayes & Carey W. Hayes, based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. (AC,GL,GV,N) R-1:41

Will Smith and Kevin Kline battle a psycho who wants to take over the country using a giant mechanical torantula in this comic western. Kenneth Branagh, Salma Hayek and Ted Levine co-star. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:46.

Hugh Jackman unleashes the claws of his fierce mutant alter ego once again in this thrilling tale that explores Wolverine’s dark genesis. Beginning in 1845, the film follows Logan a.k.a. Wolverine as he and his fellow mutant brother Victor (a.k.a. Sabretooth) go to war and later join the covert Team X under the sinister General Stryker. But a violent split between the brothers incurs Logan’s thirst for revenge—and prompts him to have Stryker conduct a dangerous experiment that will transform him into the conflicted, metal-infused mutant he has become. Liev Schreiber co-stars. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13- 1:48.

Five sexy friends enjoy the steamy fantasy stories on the blog of writer Zane in this erotic MAX series. No relation to Zane Grey. Widescreen

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6:00a HBO Tarzan and the Lost City
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7:30 HBO Apollo 13
9:00 MAX Standing Still
10:00 HBO Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
10:30 MAX Bride Wars
12:00 MAX I Spy
12:45p HBO The Making of Avatar
1:00 HBO Amelia
1:40 MAX The Final Destination
3:00 HBO Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant
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10:00 HBO Amelia
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10:00 HBO By the People: The Election
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6:00 HBO Recount
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8:00 HBO In Treatment
8:30 HBO In Treatment
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Eastbound & Down
MAX Night at the Museum:
Battle of the Smithsonian
10:30 HBO Eastbound & Down
11:00 HBO Bored to Death
11:30 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:45 MAX Lingerie
12:20a MAX The Last House on the Left
12:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
1:00 HBO Brave New Voices 2010
2:00 HBO Recount
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4:00 HBO Proximity
4:15 MAX Fiddler on the Roof
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7:00a HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
7:15 MAX The Tale of Despereaux
8:30 HBO Invictus
8:50 MAX Beverly Hills Cop III
10:35 MAX The Final Destination
10:45 HBO The Making of Avatar
11:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
11:30 HBO Sunshine State
12:00 MAX Satisfaction
1:35p MAX Public Enemies
2:00 HBO Flight of the Conchords
2:30 HBO Post Grad
4:00 HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
MAX Juwanna Mann
5:30 HBO The Making of Avatar
5:35 MAX Duplicity
5:45 HBO Adam
7:30 HBO Invictus
7:45 MAX MAX on Set
Valentine’s Day
8:00 MAX Footloose
10:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX The Final Destination
11:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
11:30 MAX Miss March
12:00 HBO In Treatment
12:30a HBO In Treatment
1:00 HBO In Treatment
MAX Lingerie
1:30 HBO In Treatment
1:35 MAX Rush
2:00 HBO Eastbound & Down
2:30 HBO Bill Maher...But I’m Not Wrong
3:35 MAX River’s Edge
3:55 HBO The Guilty
5:15 MAX Broadway Danny Rose
6:00a HBO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
6:45 MAX Scooby-Doo
7:45 HBO Starsky & Hutch
8:10 MAX Barb Wire
9:30 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
9:50 MAX Three Men and a Baby
10:30 HBO Pootie Tang
11:35 MAX Appaloosa
12:00 HBO The Soloist
1:30p MAX The Chaos Factor
2:00 HBO The Secret Life of Bees
3:15 MAX Code of Silence
4:00 HBO Cirque Du Freak:
The Vampire’s Assistant
5:00 MAX The Fourth Kind
6:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
6:30 HBO Starsky & Hutch
6:40 MAX Fast & Furious
8:15 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
8:30 HBO Real Sports
With Bryant Gumbel
MAX Four Christmases
9:30 HBO Bored to Death
10:00 HBO Bored to Death
MAX Beverly Hills Cop II
10:30 HBO Bored to Death
11:00 HBO Real Sex 26:
Lessons in Love and Lust
11:45 MAX Co-Ed Confidential Feature
12:05a HBO Invictus
1:15 MAX Army of Darkness
2:25 HBO Robin Williams:
Weapons of Self-Destruction
2:40 MAX Murderous Intent
3:55 HBO Domino
4:30 MAX The Limits of Control
6:05a HBO Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
6:30 MAX The Seven Year Itch
7:30 HBO Masterclass
8:00 HBO Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
8:15 MAX Role Models
10:00 MAX Black Rain
10:45 HBO State of Play
12:05p MAX The American President
1:00 HBO Aliens in the Attic
2:00 MAX Ricochet
2:30 HBO Recount
3:45 MAX Hotel for Dogs
4:30 HBO What to Watch
4:45 HBO Spider-Man
5:30 MAX Pride and Glory
6:45 HBO Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
7:45 MAX MAX on Set Public Enemies
8:00 MAX Shallow Hal
9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
10:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
MAX Role Models
11:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
11:45 MAX Lingerie
12:05a HBO Eastbound & Down
12:15 MAX Secret Lives
12:35 HBO Brave New Voices 2010
1:35 HBO Old School
1:45 MAX Panic Room
3:10 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
3:40 HBO Resident Evil
MAX Into the Night
5:25 HBO Section 60:
Arlington National Cemetery
5:35 MAX A Home at the End of the World
6:30a HBO First Look Unstoppable
6:45 HBO Joe Somebody
7:15 MAX Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
8:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
8:50 MAX The Wrestler
9:00 HBO The Box
10:45 MAX Gothika
11:00 HBO The Lovely Bones
12:20p MAX The Mod Squad
1:30 HBO Invictus
2:00 MAX Cruel Intentions 2
3:30 MAX License to Drive
3:45 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
4:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
5:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX A Perfect Getaway
6:00 HBO The Box
6:40 MAX Beverly Hills Cop
8:00 HBO Avatar
8:30 MAX Bride Wars
10:00 MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
10:45 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
11:15 HBO HBO Boxing After Dark
Judah vs. Matthysse;
Guerrero vs. Escobedo
11:50 MAX Lingerie
12:20a MAX Life on Top Feature
1:15 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
1:45 HBO Boardwalk Empire
2:00 MAX Tempted
2:45 HBO Avatar
3:35 MAX Trippin’
5:10 MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
5:30 HBO What to Watch
5:45 HBO Bulletproof
6:00a MAX Coraline
6:15 HBO The In-Laws
7:40 MAX Twins
8:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
9:00 HBO HBO Boxing After Dark
9:30 MAX The Day the Earth Stood Still
11:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
11:15 MAX Encino Man
11:30 HBO The Making of Avatar
11:45 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
12:45p HBO The Making of Amelia
MAX Dragonball Evolution
1:00 HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
2:15 MAX Firetrap
2:30 HBO Post Grad
4:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX The Uninvited
5:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
5:30 MAX Minority Report
6:00 HBO Avatar
8:00 MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
9:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
10:00 HBO Bored to Death
MAX Half Baked
10:30 HBO Eastbound & Down
11:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:30 MAX Lingerie 3 Episodes!
12:00 HBO Bored to Death
12:30a HBO Eastbound & Down
1:00 HBO Amelia
1:05 MAX Whiteout
2:45 MAX Nobody’s Fool
2:55 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
3:55 HBO Training Day
4:40 MAX The Sun Also Rises
6:00a HBO Michigan vs. Ohio State:
The Rivalry
6:50 MAX Madame Sousatzka
7:00 HBO By the People: The Election
of Barack Obama
8:50 MAX Duplicity
9:00 HBO 12 Rounds
11:00 HBO Behind Enemy Lines
MAX Transamerica
12:45p MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
1:00 HBO Avatar
2:35 MAX Fast & Furious
3:45 HBO Home Alone
4:30 MAX Death Becomes Her
5:30 HBO 12 Rounds
6:15 MAX Night at the Museum:
Battle of the Smithsonian
7:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
8:00 HBO Real Time
With Bill Maher
MAX Fast & Furious
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Avatar
MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
11:50 MAX Life on Top Feature
12:45a HBO HBO Boxing After Dark
1:20 MAX Beverly Hills Cop III
2:45 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
3:05 MAX Nomad
(The Warrior)
3:15 HBO Bored to Death
3:40 HBO The Making of
3:55 HBO 21 Grams
5:00 MAX Lady in Cement
6:00a HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
6:40 MAX Mistress of Spices
7:30 HBO Aliens in the Attic
8:20 MAX City of Industry
9:00 HBO Spider-Man
10:00 MAX Miss March
11:00 HBO Amelia
11:30 MAX Don’t Tell Mom the
Babysitter’s Dead
1:00p HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
1:15 MAX Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
2:30 HBO Adam
3:00 MAX 17 Again
4:15 HBO Harry Potter/Half-Blood Prince
4:45 MAX O
6:20 MAX Solaris
7:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
8:00 HBO In Treatment
MAX Pirate Radio
8:30 HBO In Treatment
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Eastbound & Down
MAX Stephen King’s Thinner
10:30 HBO Eastbound & Down
11:00 HBO Bored to Death
11:30 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:35 MAX Lingerie
12:05a MAX Public Enemies
12:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
1:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
2:00 HBO Watchmen
2:30 MAX The Osterman Weekend
4:10 MAX Looking for Richard
4:45 HBO Thirteen Conversations
About One Thing
6:05a MAX The Great Escape
6:30 HBO The Addams Family
8:15 HBO The Making of
The Lovely Bones
8:30 HBO Whip It
9:00 MAX The Women
10:30 HBO Starsky & Hutch
11:00 MAX Black Sunday
12:15p HBO The Making of State of Play
12:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
1:00 HBO The Lovely Bones
1:30 MAX Role Models
3:10 MAX Barb Wire
3:30 HBO The Box
4:50 MAX I Spy
5:30 HBO Making of It’s Complicated
5:45 HBO State of Play
6:30 MAX Four Christmases
8:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX Deceived
9:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
10:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
11:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
11:50 MAX Beverly Hills Cop II
12:00 HBO In Treatment
12:30a HBO In Treatment
1:00 HBO In Treatment
1:30 HBO In Treatment
1:35 MAX Lingerie
2:05 HBO Eastbound & Down
MAX Pride and Glory
2:40 HBO Cirque Du Freak:
The Vampire’s Assistant
4:20 MAX Wild River
4:30 HBO Gran Torino
6:15a MAX Vault of Horror
6:30 HBO What to Watch
7:00 HBO Home Alone
7:45 MAX The Mod Squad
8:45 HBO Invictus
9:20 MAX Cruel Intentions 2
10:50 MAX Juwanna Mann
11:00 HBO The Pacific
Catch all ten parts of
HBO’s hit WWII miniseries
back-to-back today!
12:20p MAX The Final Destination
1:45 MAX Monster’s Ball
3:35 MAX Hollywood Ending
5:30 MAX The Uninvited
7:00 MAX Bride Wars
8:30 MAX The Final Destination
9:00 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
HBO Documentary Films
10:00 MAX The Mod Squad
10:15 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
10:30 HBO Bored to Death
11:00 HBO Katie Morgan’s Sex Quiz
11:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
11:35 MAX Secret Lives
12:00 HBO Amelia
1:00a MAX Zane’s Sex Chronicles
1:30 MAX Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
1:55 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
2:25 HBO Alive Day Memories:
Home From Iraq
3:20 MAX Body of Evidence
3:25 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
4:45 HBO Section 60: Arlington...
5:05 MAX Midnight Cowboy
5:45 HBO Making of It’s Complicated
6:00a HBO Ghost Dad
7:00 MAX Girl in the Red Velvet Swing
7:30 HBO Thrilla in Manila
8:50 MAX Catch That Kid
9:00 HBO The Secret Life of Bees
10:30 MAX The Chaos Factor
11:00 HBO Flight of the Conchords
11:30 HBO The In-Laws
12:15p MAX Encino Man
1:15 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
1:30 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
1:45 MAX Army of Darkness
2:30 HBO 12 Rounds
3:05 MAX Half Baked
4:30 HBO Adam
MAX Rush
6:15 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
6:30 HBO Post Grad
MAX The Day the Earth Stood Still
8:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
See all four parts, including
the finale, tonight!
8:15 MAX A Perfect Getaway
10:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
Season Finale
MAX Beverly Hills Cop
11:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
11:50 MAX Lingerie
12:05a HBO Eastbound & Down
12:20 MAX Alien Sex Files 3
12:35 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
12:50 HBO Collateral Damage
1:50 MAX Xchange
2:40 HBO Orphan
3:40 MAX Myra Breckinridge
4:45 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
5:15 HBO Frailty
MAX I’m Not There
7:00a HBO Assume the Position 201
With Mr. Wuhl
7:30 HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
MAX Cats & Dogs
9:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
MAX 17 Again
9:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
10:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
10:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
10:45 MAX Whiteout
11:00 HBO Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
12:30p MAX Panic Room
1:45 HBO The Making of
2:00 HBO Aliens in the Attic
2:30 MAX What About Bob?
3:30 HBO Cirque Du Freak:
The Vampire’s Assistant
4:10 MAX Fast & Furious
5:30 HBO The Lovely Bones
6:00 MAX The Fourth Kind
7:45 MAX Black Rain
8:00 HBO It’s Complicated
10:00 HBO Tracy Morgan:
Black and Blue
MAX Valentine’s Day
11:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:55 HBO It’s Complicated
12:05 MAX Lingerie
12:35 MAX Naked Lust
2:00 HBO Funny People
MAX Valentine’s Day
4:05 MAX Blue Collar
4:30 HBO Not Another Teen Movie
6:00a HBO Michigan vs. Ohio State: Rivalry
MAX Day of the Jackal
7:00 HBO Starsky & Hutch
8:30 MAX Murderous Intent
8:45 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
9:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
9:30 HBO Amelia
10:20 MAX Valentine’s Day
11:30 HBO Avatar
12:30p MAX Three Men and a Baby
2:15 HBO What to Watch
MAX Beverly Hills Cop III
2:30 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
3:30 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
4:00 MAX Terminator Salvation
4:45 HBO Making of It’s Complicated
5:00 HBO Starsky & Hutch
6:00 MAX Night at the Museum: Battle...
6:45 HBO It’s Complicated
7:45 MAX Valentine’s Day
9:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
10:00 HBO Bored to Death
MAX The Last House on the Left
10:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
11:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:50 MAX Bikini Jones/Temple of Eros
12:00 HBO Bored to Death
12:30a HBO Avatar
1:15 MAX Lingerie
1:50 MAX Gothika
3:15 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
3:30 MAX Mother of Tears
4:15 HBO A Thin Line Between
Love and Hate
5:10 MAX Soldier of Fortune
6:10a HBO Tommy Boy
6:45 MAX Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
8:00 HBO Riding in Cars With Boys
8:10 MAX Solaris
9:50 MAX Valentine’s Day
10:15 HBO Making of It’s Complicated
10:30 HBO Moulin Rouge!
12:00 MAX Minority Report
12:45p HBO State of Play
2:30 MAX Miss March
3:00 HBO Assume the Position 201
With Mr. Wuhl
3:30 HBO Aliens in the Attic
4:00 MAX Shallow Hal
5:00 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
5:15 HBO Invictus
6:00 MAX Beverly Hills Cop II
7:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
7:50 MAX Valentine’s Day
8:00 HBO Real Time With Bill Maher
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO It’s Complicated
MAX Lingerie
10:30 MAX Lingerie
11:00 MAX Lingerie
11:30 MAX Lingerie
12:05a HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
MAX Role Models
12:35 HBO Invictus
1:45 MAX Secret Lives
2:55 HBO Bored to Death
3:15 MAX Pirate Radio
3:25 HBO It’s Complicated
5:10 MAX The American President
5:30 HBO Bulletproof
7:00a HBO The Making of Madagascar:
Escape 2 Africa
7:05 MAX Night Falls on Manhattan
7:30 HBO Shout
9:00 HBO Dear God
MAX The Final Destination
10:20 MAX Tempted
11:00 HBO Post Grad
12:00 MAX Into the Night
12:30p HBO 12 Rounds
2:00 MAX Four Christmases
2:30 HBO Pootie Tang
3:30 MAX Death Becomes Her
4:00 HBO The Secret Life of Bees
5:15 MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
6:00 HBO Behind Enemy Lines
7:05 MAX The Final Destination
8:00 HBO In Treatment
8:30 HBO In Treatment
MAX Bruno
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Tracy Morgan:
Black and Blue
MAX Sniper 2
11:00 HBO Bored to Death
11:30 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:35 MAX Lingerie
12:05a MAX Zane’s Sex Chronicles Feature
12:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
1:00 HBO New Best Friend
1:30 MAX Duplicity
2:35 HBO The Right Temptation
3:40 MAX The Wrestler
4:10 HBO Sugar Hill
5:30 MAX Transmission Test (see below)
6:15a HBO Thank You, Mr. President:
Helen Thomas/White House
7:00 HBO Harriet the Spy
MAX The Stone Boy
8:30 MAX The Uninvited
8:45 HBO Avatar
10:00 MAX Bad Medicine
11:30 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
11:40 MAX Trippin’
12:00 HBO Cirque Du Freak:
The Vampire’s Assistant
1:15p MAX Bride Wars
2:00 HBO HBO First Look
2:15 HBO Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
2:45 MAX Valentine’s Day
4:50 MAX License to Drive
5:00 HBO Spider-Man
6:20 MAX A Perfect Getaway
7:00 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
7:15 HBO Avatar
8:00 MAX Nobody’s Fool
10:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX Valentine’s Day
11:00 HBO Real Time
With Bill Maher
12:00 HBO In Treatment 4 Episodes!
12:05a MAX Online Crush
1:30 MAX Lingerie
2:00 HBO Katie Morgan’s Sex Quiz
2:05 MAX Half Baked
2:35 HBO Redline
3:30 MAX Flash Gordon
4:10 HBO Unfaithful
5:20 MAX Nomad (The Warrior)
6:15a HBO The Making of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
6:30 HBO High Crimes
7:15 MAX on Set Coraline
7:30 MAX Twins
8:30 HBO Amelia
9:20 MAX The Day the Earth Stood Still
10:30 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
11:05 MAX Panic Room
11:45 HBO What to Watch
12:00 HBO The Box
1:00p MAX Dragonball Evolution
2:00 HBO State of Play
2:30 MAX The Man With One Red Shoe
4:00 MAX Whiteout
4:15 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
4:30 HBO Aliens in the Attic
5:45 MAX Beverly Hills Cop
6:00 HBO Amelia
7:30 MAX Public Enemies
8:00 HBO The Box
10:00 HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito
MAX Rush
10:30 HBO Bored to Death
11:00 HBO Cathouse: Menage a Trois
11:55 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
12:00 MAX Zane’s Sex Chronicles
12:10a HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
1:25 HBO Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue
1:50 MAX O
2:25 HBO Funny People
3:30 MAX Public Enemies
4:55 HBO The Trigger Effect
5:50 MAX Transamerica
6:30a HBO Assume the Position 201
With Mr. Wuhl
7:00 HBO The Soloist
7:35 MAX Pride and Glory
9:00 HBO Behind Enemy Lines
9:45 MAX 17 Again
11:00 HBO Couples Retreat
11:30 MAX Fast & Furious
1:00p HBO Whip It
1:20 MAX Pirate Radio
3:00 HBO The Making of
Edge of Darkness
3:15 HBO Avatar
3:20 MAX The Final Destination
4:45 MAX Deceived
6:00 HBO The Making of
Couples Retreat
6:15 HBO Starsky & Hutch
6:35 MAX The Mod Squad
8:00 HBO Couples Retreat
8:15 MAX The Fourth Kind
10:00 HBO Dennis Miller:
The Big Speech
MAX Fast & Furious
11:00 HBO Avatar
11:50 MAX Lingerie
12:20a MAX The Hills Have Thighs
1:40 MAX The Final Destination
1:45 HBO From Hell
3:05 MAX The Chamber
3:50 HBO The Peacemaker
5:00 MAX Appaloosa
5:40 MAX American Me
6:00 HBO First Look 127 Hours
6:15 HBO Addams Family Values
7:00 MAX Who Framed Roger Rabbit
8:00 HBO Amelia
8:45 MAX The Last Legion
10:00 HBO What to Watch
10:30 HBO Invictus
MAX Role Models
12:15p MAX Ricochet
1:00 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
1:15 HBO Avatar
2:00 MAX Standing Still
3:30 MAX Juwanna Mann
4:00 HBO Amelia
5:00 MAX Four Christmases
6:00 HBO 12 Rounds
6:30 MAX Death Becomes Her
8:00 HBO Edge of Darkness
8:15 MAX Miss March
10:00 HBO HBO World Championship
Boxing Live!
Martinez vs. Williams II
MAX Crazy Heart
11:50 MAX Lingerie
12:15a HBO Preview to 24/7 Penguins/
Capitals: Road to the
NHL Winter Classic
12:20 MAX Sin City Diaries Feature
12:30 HBO Boardwalk Empire
1:30 HBO Edge of Darkness
2:10 MAX Stephen King’s Thinner
3:25 HBO Making of Edge of Darkness
3:40 HBO Gran Torino
3:45 MAX Crazy Heart
5:40 HBO Preview to 24/7 Penguins...
6:00a HBO Thank You, Mr. President...
6:45 HBO Home Alone
7:45 MAX Hotel for Dogs
8:30 HBO Whip It
9:30 MAX The Women
10:30 HBO World Championship Boxing
11:30 MAX Crazy Heart
12:45p HBO Preview to 24/7 Penguins/
Capitals: Road to the
NHL Winter Classic
1:00 HBO Spider-Man
1:30 MAX Army of Darkness
3:00 HBO The Making of Harry Potter...
3:15 HBO Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
4:40 MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
6:00 HBO Avatar
6:30 MAX Sniper 2
8:00 MAX Crazy Heart
9:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
10:00 HBO Big Love
MAX A Perfect Getaway
11:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:45 MAX Secret Lives
12:05a HBO It’s Complicated
1:10 MAX Lingerie
1:45 MAX Life on Top
2:10 HBO Dead Presidents
2:15 MAX MAX on Set Public Enemies
2:30 MAX Altered States
4:15 HBO Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue
MAX Lantana
5:15 HBO Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq
6:15a HBO The Making of Harry Potter...
6:20 MAX Cassandra’s Dream
6:30 HBO Jingle All the Way
8:00 HBO Adam
8:10 MAX Encino Man
9:40 MAX Rush
9:45 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
10:00 HBO The Box
11:45 MAX MAX on Set Valentine’s Day
12:00 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
MAX Crazy Heart
1:15p HBO The In-Laws
1:50 MAX What About Bob?
3:00 HBO Sunshine State
3:30 MAX Gothika
5:10 MAX Xchange
5:30 HBO The Box
7:00 MAX Half Baked
7:30 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
HBO Documentary Films
8:30 MAX The Uninvited
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Public Speaking
HBO Documentary Films
MAX Crazy Heart
11:30 HBO World Championship Boxing
11:50 MAX Alien Sex Files 3:
Alien Ecstasy
1:20a MAX The Last House on the Left
1:45 HBO Secretary
3:10 MAX The Limits of Control
3:40 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
3:55 HBO Not Another Teen Movie
5:05 MAX Mother of Tears
5:25 HBO Public Speaking
6:50a MAX I’m Not There
6:55 HBO Paulie
8:30 HBO High Crimes
9:10 MAX Shallow Hal
10:30 HBO Apollo 13
11:05 MAX Nomad (The Warrior)
1:00p HBO Tommy Boy
MAX Panic Room
2:45 HBO Starsky & Hutch
2:50 MAX Scooby-Doo
4:20 MAX The Day the Earth Stood Still
4:30 HBO Aliens in the Attic
6:00 HBO Amelia
6:05 MAX Black Rain
8:00 HBO In Treatment
8:15 MAX Beverly Hills Cop
8:30 HBO In Treatment
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Real Sports
With Bryant Gumbel
MAX Beverly Hills Cop II
11:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:45 MAX Beverly Hills Cop III
12:05a HBO Dennis Miller:
The Big Speech
1:05 HBO Dreamcatcher
1:30 MAX Lingerie
2:05 MAX Bikini Jones and the
Temple of Eros
3:25 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
3:30 MAX Cruel Intentions 2
4:25 HBO Robin Williams:
Weapons of Self-Destruction
5:00 MAX Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
6:00a HBO Making of Edge of Darkness
6:15 HBO That Old Feeling
6:45 MAX Love and Death
8:00 HBO Joe Somebody
8:10 MAX Crazy Heart
9:45 HBO Preview to 24/7 Penguins/
Capitals: Road to the
NHL Winter Classic
10:00 HBO Recount
10:05 MAX Dragonball Evolution
11:30 MAX Solaris
12:00 HBO Shout
1:15p MAX Whiteout
1:30 HBO Moulin Rouge!
3:00 MAX The Mod Squad
3:45 HBO Dead Poets Society
4:35 MAX Catch That Kid
6:00 HBO 12 Rounds
6:15 MAX Into the Night
8:00 HBO Edge of Darkness
8:15 MAX Role Models
10:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
MAX Crazy Heart
11:00 HBO Tracy Morgan:
Black and Blue
11:50 MAX Lingerie
12:00 HBO In Treatment
12:20a MAX Fast & Furious
12:30 HBO In Treatment
1:00 HBO In Treatment
1:30 HBO In Treatment
2:00 HBO Collateral Damage
2:10 MAX Life on Top Feature
3:45 MAX Body of Evidence
3:55 HBO Slumdog Millionaire
5:30 MAX Casual Sex?
6:00a HBO Real Sports
With Bryant Gumbel
7:00 HBO Harriet the Spy
MAX A Beautiful Mind
8:45 HBO Avatar
9:20 MAX The Time Traveler’s Wife
11:10 MAX Valentine’s Day
11:30 HBO Cirque Du Freak:
The Vampire’s Assistant
1:20p MAX The Fourth Kind
1:30 HBO Home Alone
3:00 MAX Stephen King’s
3:15 HBO Spider-Man
4:35 MAX The American President
5:15 HBO Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
6:30 MAX 17 Again
8:00 HBO Avatar
8:15 MAX Night at the Museum:
Battle of the Smithsonian
10:00 MAX Valentine’s Day
10:45 HBO HBO First Look
127 Hours
11:00 HBO Taxicab Confessions:
New York, New York Part 2
12:00 HBO Real Sports
With Bryant Gumbel
12:05a MAX Naked Lust
1:00 HBO Old School
1:30 MAX Bruno
2:35 HBO Bill Maher...
But I’m Not Wrong
2:50 MAX Barb Wire
4:00 HBO Orphan
4:30 MAX Shadrach
6:00a MAX Medicine Man
6:05 HBO Tarzan and the Lost City
7:30 HBO High Crimes
7:45 MAX Fantastic Mr. Fox
9:15 MAX Code of Silence
9:30 HBO Post Grad
11:00 HBO Madagascar:
Escape 2 Africa
MAX Four Christmases
12:30p HBO State of Play
MAX Footloose
2:20 MAX Alive
2:45 HBO Tommy Boy
4:30 HBO The Secret Life
of Bees
MAX Miss March
6:00 MAX Bride Wars
6:30 HBO Post Grad
7:30 MAX American Gangster -
Extended Edition
8:00 HBO It’s Complicated
10:00 HBO Gran Torino
MAX Four Christmases
11:30 MAX Lingerie
12:00 HBO Preview to 24/7 Penguins/
Capitals: Road to the
NHL Winter Classic
MAX Life on Top Feature
12:15a HBO Dennis Miller:
The Big Speech
1:15 HBO Funny People
1:30 MAX Sniper 2
3:05 MAX City of Industry
3:45 HBO Super Troopers
4:45 MAX Max
5:30 HBO Pootie Tang
6:35a MAX Flash Gordon
7:00 HBO Moulin Rouge!
8:30 MAX Appaloosa
9:15 HBO Adam
10:30 MAX Pride and Glory
11:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
12:00 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
12:40p MAX Deceived
1:15 HBO Preview to 24/7 Penguins/
Capitals: Road to the
NHL Winter Classic
1:30 HBO Whip It
2:30 MAX Pirate Radio
3:30 HBO Starsky & Hutch
4:30 MAX Duplicity
5:15 HBO Avatar
6:35 MAX Half Baked
8:00 HBO Leap Year
MAX The Day the Earth
Stood Still
9:45 HBO HBO World Championship
Boxing Live!
Marquez vs. Katsidis;
Berto vs. Hernandez;
Caballero vs. Litzau
10:00 MAX The Informant!
11:50 MAX Lingerie
12:20a MAX Secret Lives
12:30 HBO Boardwalk Empire
1:35 HBO Leap Year
1:50 MAX Zane’s Sex Chronicles
2:20 MAX Monster’s Ball
3:20 HBO The Making of Avatar
3:35 HBO Watchmen
4:15 MAX The Informant
6:05a MAX Night Falls on Manhattan
6:15 HBO Section 60:
Arlington National Cemetery
7:15 HBO Aliens in the Attic
8:00 MAX Shallow Hal
8:45 HBO World Championship Boxing
10:00 MAX Public Enemies
11:30 HBO The Making of
Edge of Darkness
11:45 HBO 12 Rounds
12:20p MAX Beverly Hills Cop II
1:30 HBO Behind Enemy Lines
2:05 MAX Black Sunday
3:30 HBO The Box
4:30 MAX The Final Destination
5:30 HBO Public Speaking
6:00 MAX Rush
7:00 HBO HBO First Look 127 Hours
7:15 HBO Leap Year
8:00 MAX The Informant!
9:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
10:00 HBO Big Love
MAX Panic Room
11:00 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:50 MAX Zane’s Sex Chronicles Feature
12:05a HBO Edge of Darkness
1:15 MAX Lingerie
1:50 MAX The Mod Squad
2:00 HBO Kiss of the Dragon
3:30 MAX Juwanna Mann
3:40 HBO Analyze That
5:00 MAX The Osterman Weekend
5:20 HBO Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas/White House
6:00a HBO Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
6:45 MAX Hotel for Dogs
7:30 HBO Dear God
8:30 MAX Beverly Hills Cop
9:30 HBO Whip It
10:15 MAX Three Men and a Baby
11:30 HBO The Addams Family
12:00 MAX Nobody’s Fool
1:15p HBO Leap Year
1:50 MAX A Perfect Getaway
3:00 HBO Post Grad
3:30 MAX Trippin’
4:30 HBO Madagascar:
Escape 2 Africa
5:05 MAX Army of Darkness
6:00 HBO Whip It
6:30 MAX The Chaos Factor
8:00 HBO Dennis Miller:
The Big Speech
8:15 MAX Beverly Hills Cop III
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Leap Year
MAX The Informant!
11:45 HBO Tracy Morgan:
Black and Blue
11:50 MAX The Erotic Traveler Feature
12:45a HBO World Championship Boxing
1:35 MAX Black Rain
3:30 HBO Dennis Miller:
The Big Speech
3:40 MAX Blue Collar
4:30 HBO The Making of
Edge of Darkness
4:45 HBO Wartorn 1861-2010
5:35 MAX Hollywood Ending
6:00a HBO Jingle All the Way
7:30 HBO Home Alone
MAX Coraline
9:10 MAX I Spy
9:15 HBO HBO First Look Unstoppable
9:30 HBO Public Speaking
10:50 MAX Valentine’s Day
11:00 HBO Real Sports/Bryant Gumbel
12:00 HBO Addams Family Values
1:00p MAX The Uninvited
1:45 HBO Spider-Man
2:30 MAX Role Models
4:00 HBO Avatar
4:15 MAX Valentine’s Day
6:20 MAX Crazy Heart
6:45 HBO Making of Edge of Darkness
7:00 HBO Real Sports
With Bryant Gumbel
8:00 HBO In Treatment
8:15 MAX Whiteout
8:30 HBO In Treatment
9:00 HBO In Treatment
9:30 HBO In Treatment
10:00 HBO Public Speaking, HBO Documentary Films
MAX Gothika
11:30 HBO Boardwalk Empire
11:45 MAX Lingerie
12:15a MAX Co-Ed Confidential Feature
12:35 HBO It’s Complicated
1:50 MAX Crazy Heart
2:40 HBO The Rules of Attraction
3:40 MAX Firetrap
4:35 HBO First Look Unstoppable
4:50 HBO Away We Go
5:20 MAX The Women
A young man with Asperger’s Syndrome 
struggles to profess his feelings
for a sweet neighbor in this drama. Hugh
Dancy, Rose Byrne. (AC,GL) PG13-1:39.
HBO Nov.3,9,12,22,27 C5EH
Family of Ghouls hits the big screen in this
comedy. Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston and
Christopher Lloyd star. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
1:40. HBO Nov.10,29 CSEH
rears its ugly head with the arrival of a new
addition to America's most ghoulish family.
Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston. (AC,MV) PG13-
1:34. HBO Nov.20,30 CDEH
AIRPORT 1975 Charlton Heston must save
the day when a 747 is crippled and left
without a pilot in this Airport sequel. (AC,
AL,MV) PG-1:46. MAX Nov.2 CEH
general sends a renegade agent to Europe
to combat a sex-starved alien invasion in
this erotic tale. (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/
V,S,L-1:26. MAX Nov.12,22 CSH
ALIENS IN THE ATTIC Obnoxious outerspace
beasties threaten an invasion that
only a nerdy teen and his resourceful
cousins can prevent. (MV) PG-1:26. HBO
Nov.5,9,13,15,18,23,28 C5EH
ALIVE When a plane full of college rugby
players crashes high in the Andes, the
survivors must go to shocking lengths to
survive. Starring Ethan Hawke. (AC,AL) R-
2:06. MAX Nov.1,26 CSEH
HBO Documentary Films The stories of
soldiers who survived near-fatal wounds
while serving in Iraq. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,
L-:57. HBO Nov.11,21 CSEH
ALTERED STATES Terrifying experiments
in human behavior race out of control for
William Hurt in this eerie sci-fi tale. (AL,
GV,N) R-1:43. MAX Nov.21CSEH
AMELIA Oscar®-winner Hilary Swank
soars as intrepid aviatrix Amelia Earhart in
this biographical drama. Richard Gere,
Ewan McGregor. (AL,MV) PG-1:51. HBO
AMERICAN ME A young man becomes a
prominent leader in the East L.A. drug
gangs while doing time in prison. (AC,AL,
RP,V) R-2:06. MAX Nov.20CDEH
U.S. President finds love with a lobbyist
during a daunting election year. Michael
Douglas, Annette Bening. (AC,AL) PG13-
1:53. MAX Nov.5,15,25 CSEH
ANALYZE THAT A mob boss moves in with
his hapless shrink in this hilarious sequel.
Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal star. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:36. HBO Nov.28CDEH
APOLLO 13 "Houston, we have a problem." 
A space mission to the moon takes a 
disastrous turn in Ron Howard’s
gripping 1995 Oscar®-winner. Tom Hanks,
Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon star. (AC,AL)
PG-2:20. HBO Nov.1,23 C5EH
APPALOOSA Two mercenaries must run a
devious rancher out of town in this gripping
western. Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen,
Jeremy Irons, Renee Zellweger. (AC,AL,MV)
R-1:55. MAX Nov.4,19,27 CDEH
ARMY OF DARKNESS The third film in the
Evil Dead series finds Ash battling demons
and an army of the dead in medieval times.
Bruce Campbell stars. (AC,AL,V) R-1:21.
MAX Nov.4,12,21,29 CSEH
WUHL Robert Wuhl returns for another
“lecture” that examines some facts and
myths of U.S. history. (AC,AL,BN) TV14/S,
L,D-:29. HBO Nov.13,15,19CSEH
AVATAR A paraplegic war vet finds himself
at the center of a war for a distant world in
James Cameron’s sci-fi mega-blockbuster
hit. (MV) PG13-2:42. HBO Nov.6,7,8,14,
17,19,20,21,25,27,30 C5EH
AWAY WE GO Putting down roots becomes
a matter of great importance to a couple
awaiting the birth of their first child. John
Krasinski and Maya Rudolph star. (AC,AL,
BN) R-1:38. HBO Nov.30C5EH
BAD MEDICINE Steve Guttenberg learns to
be a doctor at a cockroach-ridden Central
American med school in this comedy. (AC,
AL) PG13-1:38. MAX Nov.17 CEH
BARB WIRE A powerfully armed Pamela
Anderson takes razor-sharp aim at wrongdoers
in this futuristic action film. (AL,N,V)
R-1:38. MAX Nov.4,10,25 CSEH
A BEAUTIFUL MIND Russell Crowe stars in
this Oscar®-winner as a math genius who
overcame schizophrenia to win the Nobel
Prize. With Ed Harris. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
2:15. MAX Nov.1,25 CDEH
BEHIND ENEMY LINES A Navy pilot must
rely on his commanding officer to save his
life when he is shot down over enemy
territory. Owen Wilson. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:46. HBO Nov.8,16,19,28CDEH
BEVERLY HILLS COP Detroit cop Eddie
Murphy takes L.A. by storm while tracking
a killer in this hilarious action-comedy.
With Judge Reinhold. (AC,AL,V) R-1:45.
MAX Nov.6,12,18,23,29 CSH
back as the street-smart Detroit cop who is
in L.A. to help his pals on the force solve a
series of robberies. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-1:43.
MAX Nov.4,10,15,23,28 CSEH
Detroit cop Eddie Murphy returns in this
fast-action sequel that has him setting out
to find his boss' killer. (AC,AL,V) R-1:44.
MAX Nov.3,8,14,23,29 CSEH
Russ Meyer’s sexploitation classic about
an all-girl rock group. (AC,AL,N,SC,V)
NC17-1:49. MAX Nov.11 CEH
BIG LOVE HBO’s acclaimed drama series
starring Bill Paxton as a polygamist living in
suburban Salt Lake City. 35: Free at Last
(AC,V) TVMA/V-:56. HBO Nov.21 C5
EH; 36: The Greater Good (AC)
TVMA-:57. HBO Nov.28 C5EH
Dr. Bikini Jones dodges dinosaurs and a
devilish temptress while searching for a
lost temple in this erotic adventure. (N,SC)
TVMA/S-1:21. MAX Nov.14,23CSH
Maher provides his hilarious insights and
opinions on a variety of social and political
issues in this stand-up special. (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-1:19. HBO Nov.3,25 CSH
BLACK RAIN Hair-trigger detective
Michael Douglas brings his rule-breaking
tactics to the Asian underworld. (AL,GV)
R-2:05. MAX Nov.5,13,23,29CDEH
BLACK SUNDAY A beautiful terrorist and a
brainwashed Vietnam vet plan to terrorize
the Super Bowl in this thriller. (AL,V) R-
2:23. MAX Nov.2,10,28 CSH
BLUE COLLAR Frustrated Detroit auto
workers Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel and
Yaphet Kotto find evidence of corruption
while robbing their union. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
1:54. MAX Nov.13,29 CEH
series set in Atlantic City at the dawn of
Prohibition. 04: Anastasia (AC,AL,GV,N)
TVMA/V,S,L-:54. HBO Nov.6 C5E
H; 05: Nights in Ballygran (AC,AL,N,
V) TVMA/V,S,L-:53. HBO Nov.6C5E
H; 06: Family Limitation (AC,AL,N,
V) TVMA/V,S,L-:59. HBO Nov.7,10C5
EH; 07: Home (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V,
S,L-:53. HBO Nov.2,3,6,7,10 C5E
H; 08: Hold Me in Paradise (AC,AL,
V) TVMA/V,L-:49. HBO Nov.7,9,10,13 C
5EH; 09: Belle Femme (AC,AL,V)
TVMA/V,L-:53. HBO Nov.14,16,17,20C5
EH 10: The Emerald City (AC,AL,V)
TVMA/V,L-:59. HBO Nov.21,23,24,27C5
EH; 11: Paris Green (AC,AL,V) TVMA/
V,L-:56. HBO Nov.28,30 C5EH
BODY OF EVIDENCE Madonna’s kinky
bedroom behavior is put on trial when
she’s fingered for the murder of her elderly
boyfriend in this thriller. Willem Dafoe. (N,
SC) R-1:41. MAX Nov.11,24CSEH
BORED TO DEATH The final Season Two
episodes of HBO’s hit comedy series with
Jason Schwartzman. 12: I’ve Been Living
Like a Demented God! (AC,AL,MV) TVMA/
L-:28. HBO Nov.4 C5EH; 13:
Forty-Two Down! (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:25.
HBO Nov.4C5EH; 14: The Case
of the Grievous Clerical Error! (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:26. HBO Nov.1,2,4 C5
EH; 15: Escape From the Castle!
Nov.7,8,9,11C5EH; 16: Super
Ray is Mortal! (AC,AL,MV) TVMA/L-:25.
HBO Nov.14,15,16,18 C5EH
BOUND FOR GLORY David Carradine was
nominated for a Best Actor Oscar® for his
portrayal of folk singer Woody Guthrie.
(AC) PG-2:28. MAX Nov.1 CEH
THE BOX The arrival of a mysterious box
leads a struggling couple to consider a
disturbing, but tempting offer. Cameron Diaz,
James Marsden. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:56.
HBO Nov.6,10,18,22,28 C5EH
BOXING Middleweight champion Sergio
Martinez defends his title versus Paul
Williams in this rematch. (AL) TVPG/L-
2:12. HBO Nov.20,21,22 CSEH
BOXING Juan Manuel Marquez faces off in
a bout against Michael Katsidis. Plus,
Andre Berto vs. Selcuk Aydin and Celestino
Caballero vs. Jason Litzau. (AL) TVPG/L-
2:42. HBO Nov.27,28,29 CSEH
Lucas Matthysse in a junior welterweight
fight. Plus, Robert Guerrero vs. Vicente
Escobedo in a lightweight bout. (AL) TVPG/
L-1:57. HBO Nov.6,7,8 CSEH
BRAVE NEW VOICES 2010 The excitement
and poetry of the Brave New Voices 2010
National Slam team championships. (AC,
AL) TV14/L,D-:55. HBO Nov.2,5CDH
BRIDE WARS Kate Hudson and Anne
Hathaway’s weddings are wrongly set for
the same day in this comedy. (AC,MV) PG-
1:29. MAX Nov.1,6,11,17,26CDEH
BROADWAY DANNY ROSE Life isn’t exactly
boffo, but the laughs are, for a hapless show
biz agent in this Woody Allen comedy.
(AC,AL) PG-1:25. MAX Nov.3CEH
BRUNO Sacha Baron Cohen stars as a
flamboyant Austrian fashionista who
comes to L.A. to find stardom. (AC,GL,N,
V) R-1:21. MAX Nov.1,16,25CDEH
BULLETPROOF Damon Wayans and Adam
Sandler team up as an ex-undercover cop
and the hooligan who shot him in this
hilarious crime comedy. (AC,AL,GV) R-
1:24. HBO Nov.7,15 C5EH
BARACK OBAMA HBO Documentary Films
A look at Barack Obama’s journey from the
U.S. Senate to the White House. (AC,AL)
TVPG/L,D-1:55. HBO Nov.2,8C5EH
CASSANDRA’S DREAM A wealthy uncle
makes an offer of money for murder to two
broke brothers in this comedy. (AC,AL,MV)
PG13-1:48. MAX Nov.22 CSEH
CASUAL SEX? Two '80s ladies switch from
swinging to safe sex in their search for Mr.
Right at a health spa in this comedy. (AL,
N,SC) R-1:27. MAX Nov.24CDEH
CATCH THAT KID A mountain climbing gal
robs a bank to pay for an expensive
medical procedure to save her father.
Kristen Stewart, Sam Robards. (AC,AL,V)
PG-1:32. MAX Nov.12,24 CDEH
never a crowd for the working girls at the
Moonlite Bunny Ranch. (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-:52. HBO Nov.18CSEH
CATS & DOGS Canine secret agents fight a
nefarious plan by cats in this family
comedy. Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins.
(MV) PG-1:27. MAX Nov.13CDEH
THE CHAMBER A lawyer tries to free his
incarcerated grandfather from death row in
this thriller based on John Grisham’s novel.
Gene Hackman, Chris O’Donnell. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:52. MAX Nov.2,19 CSEH
THE CHAOS FACTOR An Army intelligence
officer tries to expose a captain guilty of
war crimes during Vietnam. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:41. MAX Nov.4,12,29 CDEH
ASSISTANT Two mischievous teens sneak
inside a traveling freak show that is run by
a vampire. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:49. HBO
Nov.1,4,10,13,17,25 C5EH
CITY OF INDUSTRY A retired thief lured
back for one last heist seeks revenge on a
back-stabbing young crook. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:37. MAX Nov.9,26 CSEH
Blind Date Compilation of episodes from
the erotic series about the sexy doings at a
college frat house. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/
S,L-1:30. MAX Nov.4,30 CSH
CODE OF SILENCE Chuck Norris is a
Chicago vice cop battling drug mobs and
his own department’s corruption. (AL,GV)
R-1:41. MAX Nov.4,26 CEH
Schwarzenegger goes after the terrorist
who killed his wife and son. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:49. HBO Nov.12,24 CDEH
CORALINE A secret doorway leads a sad
little girl into a dazzling and dangerous
alternate world in this animated tale. (MV)
PG-1:40. MAX Nov.7,30 CDEH
COUPLES RETREAT Four couples find that
their island vacation comes with therapy in
this comedy. Vince Vaughn. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
PG13-1:54. HBO Nov.19 C5EH
CRAZY HEART Jeff Bridges won the 2009
Best Actor Oscar® for his performance as
an aging country singer in this drama.
Maggie Gyllenhaal. (AC,GL,MV,N) R-1:52.
MAX Nov.20,21,22,24,30 CDEH
CRUEL INTENTIONS 2 A rebellious youth
falls for his wicked stepsister's enemy in
this prequel. Robin Dunne stars. (AC,AL)
R-1:27. MAX Nov.6,11,23 CDEH
assassin lays out an intricate plan to kill
France’s Charles de Gaulle while intelligence
forces attempt to foil his plot. (AC,
AL,V) PG-2:22. MAX Nov.14 CEH
Reeves is an alien who warns Earth to stop
poisoning the planet or face extermination.
With Jennifer Connelly. (MV) PG13-1:44.
MAX Nov.7,12,18,23,27 CDEH
lights a fire in his students as a teacher at
a rigorous Vermont prep school. (AC,AL)
PG-2:09. HBO Nov.2,24 CSEH
transitions into manhood after he serves in
Vietnam and returns to a troubled U.S. (AC,
GL,GV) R-1:59. HBO Nov.21C5EH
DEAR GOD Small-time con man Greg
Kinnear finds his inner good guy working
for the Postal Service in this comedy. With
Tim Conway. (AC,AL) PG-1:52. HBO Nov.16,29CSEH
DEATH BECOMES HER Aging beauties
Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn wage war
for the affections of Bruce Willis in this
hilarious dark comedy. (AC,AL,N,V) PG13-
1:43. MAX Nov.8,16,20 CSEH
DECEIVED Goldie Hawn is a married art
expert whose ideal life is shattered by the
discovery of her husband’s deceptive
behavior. John Heard. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:48. MAX Nov.2,10,19,27 CSEH
Miller takes the stage at the Irvine Barclay
Theatre in Irvine, CA for his eighth solo
HBO comedy special. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
:57. HBO Nov.19,23,26,29 CSH
DOMINO Keira Knightley stars as Domino
Harvey, the wild child who shunned a trustfund
lifestyle to become the world’s sexiest
bounty hunter. Mickey Rourke. (AC,AL,N,
V) R-2:08. HBO Nov.4 CDEH
A teen and her four siblings are left to their
own devices when their elderly babysitter
drops dead! Christina Applegate. (AL)
PG13-1:45. MAX Nov.9,23 CDEH
teen embarks on a thrilling race to find the
seven legendary dragonballs that hold
infinite power for its possessor. (AC,AL,V)
PG-1:25. MAX Nov.1,7,18,24CDEH
DREAMCATCHER Four old friends experience
otherworldly horrors during a hunting
trip in the woods in this shocker based on
the novel by Stephen King. (AC,AL,GV) R-
2:14. HBO Nov.23 CDEH
DUPLICITY Corporate spies Julia Roberts
and Clive Owen play a cat-and-mouse game
while attempting a daring ruse guaranteed
to net them millions. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
2:05. MAX Nov.3,8,16,27 CDEH
finale of HBO’s hit comedy series starring
Danny McBride. 11: Chapter 11 (AC,AL,
MV) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Nov.2 C5E
H; 12: Chapter 12 (AC,AL,V) TVMA/
V,L-:29. HBO Nov.2,3,5,9 C5E
H; 13: Chapter 13 (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
:31. HBO Nov.7,9,10,12 C5EH
EDGE OF DARKNESS Mel Gibson stars as
a vengeful Boston police officer who sets
out to find his daughter’s killer. (AL,V) R-
1:57. HBO Nov.20,24,28C5EH
ENCINO MAN Brendan Fraser goes from
simple Cro-Magnon to Big Caveman on
Campus in this riotous comedy. (AC,MV)
PG-1:28. MAX Nov.7,12,22CSEH
Object of Desire Compilation of episodes
from this adult series about a photographer
and her gorgeous protegee. (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:43. MAX Nov.29 CSH
FANTASTIC MR. FOX The temptation of his
former fowl-stealing life proves too tough
to resist for one incorrigible fox in this
animated tale. Voice: George Clooney. (AC,
MV) PG-1:27. MAX Nov.26CDEH
FAST & FURIOUS Vin Diesel and Paul Walker
go after a drug cartel in this fourth film in
the high-octane series. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
1:47. MAX Nov.4,8,13,19,24CDEH
Woodland fairies and their friends try to
stop a tree-eating machine in this animated
film. G-1:16. HBO Nov.5 CSEH
FIDDLER ON THE ROOF The Oscar®-winning
musical about a Jewish milkman in Russia
who must find husbands for his daughters.
G-2:59. MAX Nov.2 CSEH
claim the survivors of a massive speedway
tragedy in this fourth frightening Final
Destination film. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-1:22.
MAX Nov.1,3,11,16,19,28 CDEH
FIRETRAP A crafty burglar’s attempt to
steal a computer chip is threatened by fire.
Dean Cain, Richard Tyson, Mel Harris. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:39. MAX Nov.7,30 CDE
FLASH GORDON The intergalactic hero
fights to save planet Earth from Ming the
Merciless in this sci-fi adventure. (AC,MV)
PG-1:51. MAX Nov.17,27 CSEH
hilarious musical/comedy series about two
New York City troubadours from New
Zealand. 08: Girlfriends (AC,AL) TV14/
L,D-:28. HBO Nov.3,12 CSEH
FOOTLOOSE Kevin Bacon defies the local
minister's ban on dancing in this highspirited
pop musical. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG-
1:47. MAX Nov.3,26 CDEH
Reese Witherspoon are forced to spend
Christmas with their four dysfunctional
families in this comedy. (AC,MV) PG13-
1:28. MAXNov.4,10,16,20,26CDEH
THE FOURTH KIND Milla Jovovich fears a
series of local disappearances could be the
result of alien abductions. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:38. MAX Nov.4,13,19,25CDEH
FRAILTY A man enlists the help of his two
sons to kill people he thinks are demons.
Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:40. HBO Nov.12CDEH
FROM HELL Johnny Depp is a drug-addled
detective who tries to smoke out Jack the
Ripper in 19th-century London. (AC,AL,
GV,N) R-2:02. HBO Nov.19CDEH
FUNNY PEOPLE A comedy star’s life takes
a turn after he’s diagnosed with a terminal
illness. Adam Sandler. (AC,GL,MV) R-
2:26. HBO Nov.13,18,26C5EH
GHOST DAD A single dad turns into a
specter after a fateful crash in this comedy.
Bill Cosby and Kimberly Russell star. (AC,
AL) PG-1:24. HBO Nov.12 CSEH
Joan Collins plays the real-life turn-of-thecentury
showgirl whose charms led to
murder in this 1955 drama. (AC,MV)
TVPG/V,D-1:49. MAX Nov.12CSEH
GOTHIKA Psychiatrist Halle Berry awakens
in a terrifying predicament that leads her
down a dark, evil path. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
1:38. MAX Nov.6,14,22,30CDEH
GRAN TORINO Widower Clint Eastwood
forms an unlikely bond with his Asian
neighbors in a gang-infested Detroit
neighborhood in this drama. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:56. HBO Nov.10,20,26C5EH
THE GREAT ESCAPE An “escape-proof”
Nazi prison camp is no match for Steve
McQueen and a group of POWs. (AC,V)
TVPG/V,D-2:52. MAX Nov.10 CEH
THE GUILTY A troubled youth's discovery
that his real father is a shifty attorney leads
the boy into a sticky situation. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:52. HBO Nov.3 CSEH
HALF BAKED Three pot-smoking pals light
up the laughs in this comedy. Dave
Chappelle stars. (AC,GL,MV,N) R-1:22.
MAX Nov.7,12,17,22,27 CDEH
HARRIET THE SPY A bright girl gets in
trouble with her friends when they read
what she wrote in her notebook. (MV) PG-
1:42. HBO Nov.2,17,25 CSEH
PRINCE Harry Potter faces formidable new
challenges in this sixth film in the series.
Daniel Radcliffe. (AC,V) PG-2:33. HBO
Nov.1,5,9,13,17,21,25 C5EH
HBO FIRST LOOK A behind-the-scenes
look at upcoming feature films. 127 Hours
TVPG-:13. HBO Nov.11,12,15,18,20,22,25,
28 CSH; Unstoppable TVPG-:13.
HBO Nov.4,6,12,14,17,22,30 CSH
HIGH CRIMES An attorney defends her
husband against the Army’s charges that
he killed innocent civilians during a
mission. Ashley Judd. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:55. HBO Nov.18,23,26 CDEH
held captive by luscious mountain maneaters
in this erotic film. (AC,N,SC)
TVMA/S-1:17. MAX Nov.1,19 CDH
HOLLYWOOD ENDING Woody Allen’s last
shot at the big time is threatened by
psychosomatic blindness. (AC,AL) PG13-
1:52. MAX Nov.11,29 CEH
HOME ALONE A boy is accidently left
behind when his family goes to Paris for
Christmas. Macaulay Culkin. (AL,MV) PG-
1:43. HBO Nov.8,11,21,25,30CSEH
Romantic conflict forces two childhood
friends to examine their past relationships
in 1980s New York City. (AC,AL,BN) R-
1:37. MAX Nov.5 CDEH
accidentally shrunk to the size of bugs in
this family adventure. Rick Moranis. (MV)
PG-1:33. MAX Nov.6 CSEH
HOTEL FOR DOGS A scruffy hotel becomes
a real live animal house for two kids and a
multitude of mutts in this family film. (MV)
PG-1:40. MAX Nov.5,21,29CDEH
I SPY Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson play
the classic mismatched spy duo in this
comical remake. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:37.
MAX Nov.1,10,21,30 CDEH
I’M NOT THERE Bob Dylan is played by six
different actors in this film about the music
legend’s life and career. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
R-2:15. MAX Nov.12,23 CDEH
IN TREATMENT Season Three of HBO’s hit
drama series. 83: Sunil - Week Two
(AC,AL) TVMA/L-:24. HBO Nov.1,2,3 C
5EH; 84: Frances - Week Two
(AC,AL) TVMA/L-:25. HBO Nov.1,2,3 C
5EH; 85: Jesse - Week Two (AC,
AL) TVMA/L-:23. HBO Nov.2,3 C5E
H; 86: Adele - Week Two (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:28. HBO Nov.2,3C5EH;
87: Sunil - Week Three (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
:21. HBO Nov.8,9,10C5EH; 88:
Frances - Week Three (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
:29. HBO Nov.8,9,10C5EH; 89:
Jesse - Week Three (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:25.
HBO Nov.9,10C5EH; 90: Adele -
Week Three (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:26. HBO
Nov.9,10C5EH; 91: Sunil - Week
Four (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:29. HBO Nov.15,16,
17C5EH; 92: Frances - Week
Four (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:24. HBO Nov.15,16,
17 C5EH; 93: Jesse - Week
Four (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:23. HBO Nov.16,17
C5EH; 94: Adele - Week Four
(AC,AL) TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.16,17 C
5EH; 95: Sunil - Week Five (AC,
AL) TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.22,23,24C5
EH; 96: Frances - Week Five (AC,
AL) TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.22,23,24 C
5EH; 97: Jesse - Week Five (AC,
AL) TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.23,24 C5
EH; 98: Adele - Week Five (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.23,24 C5E
H; 99: Sunil - Week Six (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.29,30 C5E
H; 100: Frances - Week Six (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.29,30 C5E
H; 101: Sunil - Week Six (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-:30. HBO Nov.30 C5EH;
102: Adele - Week Six (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
:30. HBO Nov.30 C5EH
THE IN-LAWS Michael Douglas and Albert
Brooks star as dads from two extremes
who meet days before their son and
daughter are to marry. Robin Tunney, Ryan
Reynolds, Candice Bergin. (AC,AL,V) PG13-
1:38. HBO Nov.7,12,22 CDEH
THE INFORMANT! Matt Damon bulks up
and delivers the goods as an eccentric and
delusional company VP who turns FBI
informant to expose corporate fraud in this
highly amusing film. (AL,MV) R-1:48.
MAX Nov.27,28,29 CDEH
INTO THE NIGHT Dull Jeff Goldblum trades
drabness for danger when he saves the
super-sexy Michelle Pfeiffer from a host of
bad guys in this nimble suspense tale
directed by John Landis. (AC,GL,N,V)
R-1:55. MAX Nov.5,16,24 CEH
INVICTUS Clint Eastwood’s Oscar®-
nominated drama about Nelson Mandela’s
plan to unify South Africa through the
nation’s rugby team. Morgan Freeman and
Matt Damon star. (AL,MV) PG13-2:14.
HBO Nov.3,4,6,11,15,20C5EH
IT’S COMPLICATED Two successful
divorcees rediscover a bit of their old
bedroom spark in this riotous comedy.
Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin,
John Krasinski. (AC,AL,BN) R-2:00. HBO
Nov.13,14,15,21,26,30 C5EH
JINGLE ALL THE WAY Christmas Eve finds
Arnold Schwarzenegger desperately in
search of a hard-to-find toy for his son in
this holiday comedy. Sinbad, Phil Hartman,
Rita Wilson and Robert Conrad. (MV) PG-
1:30. HBO Nov.22,30 CDEH
JOE SOMEBODY Tim Allen stars as a quiet,
unassertive single dad who is transformed
into a man's man after he beats up the
office bully. Julie Bowen, Kelly Lynch, Greg
Germann, Hayden Panetierre. (AC,AL,MV)
PG-1:38. HBO Nov.2,6,24 CDEH
JUWANNA MANN A basketball star
transforms himself into a female hoopster
after he's kicked out of the NBA for his
offensive behavior in this comedy. Miguel
A. Nunez Jr., Vivica A. Fox. (AC,AL) PG13-
1:31. MAX Nov.3,11,20,28CDEH
sixth HBO adult special, adult-film star
Katie Morgan scores straight A's in this
fun, fact-filled sex romp. (AC,AL,N) TVMA/
S,L-:30. HBO Nov.11,17 CSEH
KISS OF THE DRAGON Jet Li takes on a
city full of corrupt cops in this "hard core"
(L.A. Times) martial arts film. Bridget Fonda
and Tcheky Karyo co-star. (AC, AL,V) R-
1:38. HBO Nov.28 CDEH
LADY IN CEMENT Wisecracking P.I. Frank
Sinatra suspects rich playgirl Raquel Welch
of murder in this 1968 thriller. Also with
Richard Conte and Lainie Kazan. (AC,AL,
N,V) PG-1:34. MAX Nov.8 CEH
LANTANA Connections arise among
various unhappy characters after the
disappearance of a young woman in this
tense drama. Anthony LaPaglia. (AC,AL,N,
V) R-2:01. MAX Nov.2,21 CDEH
seeks murderous revenge on the criminals
who attacked their daughter in this remake
of the ’72 cult classic. (AC,GL,GV,N,RP)
R-1:50. MAX Nov.2,14,22 CDEH
THE LAST LEGION A military commander
in the last days of the Roman Empire leads
a last-ditch effort to preserve the rightful
ruler of Rome. Colin Firth. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-1:42. MAX Nov.2,20 CDEH
LEAP YEAR An Irish Leap Year legend
spurs a feisty Boston lass to follow her
boyfriend to Dublin to propose marriage.
Amy Adams, Matthew Goode. (AL,MV) PG-
1:40. HBO Nov.27,28,29C5EH
LICENSE TO DRIVE Teenage heartthrob
Corey Haim steers a prized Caddy down
the highway of love in this boisterous
comedy hit. Corey Feldman. (AC,AL)
PG13-1:30. MAX Nov.6,17 CDEH
LIFE ON TOP The utra-sexy MAX After Dark
late-night series about a college graduate
who moves to New York City only to
discover that her sister works as an erotic
model. 08: First Date (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.21 CSH
LIFE ON TOP FEATURE A compilation of
episodes from the MAX After Dark series
about a college grad who moves to NYC
and discovers her sister is an erotic model.
01: (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-1:35. MAX Nov.
6,24CSH; 02: (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/
S,L-1:27. MAX Nov.8,26 CSH
espresso-drinker makes his way around
Spain for a peculiar job in this “minimalist
exercise in the key of cool” (The New York
Times). Isaach De Bankole stars. (AC,GL,
N,V) R-1:56. MAX Nov.4,22 CDH
LINGERIE The sexy MAX After Dark series
set in NYC’s lingerie fashion world. 17:
Worse for the Wear (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/
S,L-:30. MAX Nov.7,15 CSH; 18:
Three is Never a Crowd (AC,AL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.2,3,6,7,15 CS
H; 19: The Morning After (AC,AL,N,
SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.5,7,9,10,13,
15CSH; 20: She’s Got Legs (AC,
AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.12,14,
15,16,17,20 CSH; 21: Nothing’s
Ever Easy (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:30.
MAX Nov.19,21,23,24,27 CSH;
22: Screwed (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-
:30. MAX Nov.26,28,30 CSH
LOOKING FOR RICHARD Al Pacino delivers
a “high-spirited and infectiously energetic”
(Variety) look inside the classic William
Shakespeare play “Richard III”. (AL)
PG13-1:52. MAX Nov.9 CDEH
LOVE AND DEATH Woody Allen’s hilarious
send-up of Russian novels, movie epics and
intellectual double-talk. With Diane Keaton
as a befuddled beauty in search of a real
hero. (AC) PG-1:25. MAX Nov.24CEH
THE LOVELY BONES A murdered girl
watches over her family as they struggle to
solve her disappearance in this adaptation
of the best-selling novel. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-
2:16. HBO Nov.1,6,10,13C5EH
fur-brained escapees from the Central Park
Zoo continue their wild overseas adventure
in this animated sequel. (MV) PG-1:29.
HBO Nov.3,7,9,13,26,29C5EH
THE MAKING OF... Inside films. Amelia
TVPG-:13. HBO Nov.7 CSEH;
Avatar (V) TVPG/V-:13. HBO Nov.1,3,7,
13,27CSEH; Couples Retreat (AC,
AL,BN) TV14/S,L,D-:13. HBO Nov.19 C
SEH; Edge of Darkness (AL,V)TVPG/
V,L-:11. HBO Nov.19,20,24,28,29,30 C
SH; Harry Potter and the Half-
Blood Prince (MV) TVPG/V-:13. HBO Nov.
18,21,22 CSH; It’s Complicated
(AC) TVPG/ D-:12. HBO Nov.10,11,14,15
CSE H; The Lovely Bones (MV)
TVPG/V-:12. HBO Nov.10 CSEH;
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa TVG-:25.
HBO Nov.16 C5EH; State of
Play (AC,AL,MV) TVPG/V,L,D-:10. HBO
Nov.10 CSEH; Watchmen (MV)
TVPG/V-:13. HBO Nov.8 C5H
Tom Hanks finds himself strung
between rival factions of the CIA in this
wacky spy spoof. Dabney Coleman. (AC,
MV) PG-1:32. MAX Nov.18 CEH
MASTERCLASS HBO Documentary Series
A look at a program that gives high-school
students who aspire to careers in the arts
access to notable artists. 06: Frank Gehry
TVG-:30. HBO Nov.5 CSEH
MAX John Cusack stars in this portrait of a
fictional friendship of sorts between a
Jewish art dealer and a young Hitler in
1918 Munich. Noah Taylor co-stars. (AC,
AL,V) R-1:49. MAX Nov.26CDEH
MAX ON SET An inside look at hit movies.
Coraline (MV) TVPG/V-:13. MAX Nov.18,
25 CDH; Public Enemies (AC,V)
TV14/V,D-:13. MAX Nov.1,5,21 CSE
H; Valentine’s Day (AC,AL) TVPG/L,
D-:13. MAX Nov.3,22,25 CSH
MEDICINE MAN A doctor discovers a cure
for cancer in the upper reaches of a rain
forest in this rousing adventure. With Sean
Connery and Lorraine Bracco. (AL,MV,N)
PG13-1:45. MAX Nov.2,26 CSEH
One of the greatest rivalries in all of
sports–Michigan vs. Ohio State in college
football–is examined in this doc. (AL)
TVPG/L-:59. HBO Nov.8,14 CSEH
Texan’s dreams of success are destroyed
by the grim realities of life on New York's
streets in this 1969 classic. Dustin
Hoffman and Jon Voight star. (AC,AL,BN)
R-1:53. MAX Nov.11 CSEH
MINORITY REPORT Steven Spielberg's
futuristic hit with Tom Cruise as a cop whose
crime-forecasting unit predicts he will
commit murder. Colin Farrell. (AC,V) PG13-
2:25. MAX Nov.7,15,25 CSEH
MISS MARCH A guy just out of a coma
treks to the Playboy Mansion with his
screwball pal to win back his centerfold ex
in this comedy. (AC,GL,MV,N) R-1:30.
MAX Nov.3,9,15,20,26 CDEH
woman's magical talents with spices goes
awry when she falls in love in this tasty
romantic treat. Aishwarya Rai. (AC,AL)
PG13-1:36. MAX Nov.9 CDEH
THE MOD SQUAD Three delinquents
escape conviction for their crimes by
teaming with the LAPD in this film based
on the '60s TV series. Claire Danes,
Giovanni Ribisi, Omar Epps. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:34. MAX Nov.6,11,19,24,28CSEH
MONSTER’S BALL Halle Berry won the
2001 Best Actress Oscar® for her portrayal
of a black waitress who falls in love with a
racist white prison guard. Billy Bob
Thornton, Heath Ledger. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
1:52. MAX Nov.11,27 CDEH
MOTHER OF TEARS An art restorer
releases an evil witch from an ancient
artifact in Dario Argento's third film in his
"Three Mothers" trilogy. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-
1:41. MAX Nov.14,22 CDEH
MOULIN ROUGE! This 2001 Oscar®-
nominated Best Picture stars Nicole
Kidman as a doomed courtesan and Ewan
McGregor as the naive writer who falls for
her. With John Leguizamo. (AC,MV) PG13-
2:08. HBO Nov.15,24,27 CDEH
MURDEROUS INTENT The romance between
two emergency-room workers takes
a dark turn when they begin plotting the
murder of the man's wife. Corbin Bernsen
and Lesley Ann Warren. (AC,MV) TV14/
V,D-1:49. MAX Nov.4,14 CDEH
brazen transsexual who takes Hollywood
(and everyone in it) by storm in this brash
1970 comedy. Also with Mae West. (AC,
AL,N) R-1:34. MAX Nov.12 CEH
NAKED LUST Erotic encounters provide a
much-needed creative spark for a rock
star who has only two days to write songs
for her next album. (AC,AL,N,SC) TVMA/
S,L-1:23. MAX Nov.13,25 CSH
NEW BEST FRIEND A cop in a wealthy
college town investigates the drug
overdose of a young woman who had been
partying in an elite social circle. (AC,
AL,N,V) R-1:31. HBO Nov.16CDEH
SMITHSONIAN Ben Stiller and his museum
exhibit pals face a group of historical hellraisers
in this sequel. (AC,AL,MV) PG-
1:45. MAX Nov.2,8,14,25 CDEH
York D.A. struggles with his conscience
when a police corruption case points to his
own father. Starring Andy Garcia. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:54. MAX Nov.16,28 CSE
NOBODY’S FOOL Paul Newman is an aging
construction worker who comes to grips
with his family just when he needs them
most. Bruce Willis co-stars. (AC,AL,BN) R-
1:50. MAX Nov.7,17,29 CSEH
NOMAD (THE WARRIOR) In 18th-century
Kazakhstan, a mystical warrior raises a boy
to become a force of peace and unity in the
war-ravaged country. Kuno Becker. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:51. MAX Nov.8,17,23CDEH
spoof of teen movies about a sweet,
brainy girl who becomes the subject of a
bet between two jocks. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
1:29. HBO Nov.13,22 CDEH
O William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of
jealousy and deceit is set in a modern-day
Southern prep school. With Mekhi Phifer,
Julia Stiles and Josh Hartnett. (AC,AL,N,V)
R-1:34. MAX Nov.9,18 CDEH
OLD SCHOOL A yearning for their old party
days prompts a trio of aging college grads
to start their own frat in this comedy. Luke
Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn. (AC,AL,
N) R-1:30. HBO Nov.5,25 CDEH
ONE GOOD COP Michael Keaton is a cop
who fights the law to care for his dead
partner's three daughters. Co-starring
Rene Russo and Anthony LaPaglia. (AL,
V) R-1:45. HBO Nov.1 CSEH
ONLINE CRUSH A single guy logs on the
internet to find love in this sexy adult film
that is set in cyberspace. (AL,MV,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:21. MAX Nov.17 CSH
ORPHAN A family discovers that the sweet
nine-year-old girl they adopted may have
an evil side in this chilling tale. Vera
Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard. (AC,AL,BN,MV)
R-2:03. HBO Nov.12,25 C5EH
Rutger Hauer is recruited by the CIA to
expose three friends who may be Soviet
agents. With John Hurt, Craig T. Nelson,
Dennis Hopper and Burt Lancaster. (AL,N,
V) R-1:42. MAX Nov.9,28 CEH
THE PACIFIC A special Veteran’s Day
encore of HBO’s Emmy®-winning 10-part
miniseries set in the Pacific theater of
World War II. Starring James Badge Dale,
Joe Mazzello and Jon Seda.
Part One (AC,AL,GV) TVMA/V,L-:52. HBO
Nov.11 C5EH; Part Two
(AC,AL,GV) TVMA/V,L-:50. HBO Nov.11
C5EH; Part Three (AC,AL,
N,V) TVMA/V,S,L-:56. HBO Nov.11 C
5EH; Part Four (AC,AL,GV,
N) TVMA/V,S,L-:51. HBO Nov.11 C
5EH; Part Five (AC,AL,GV,N)
TVMA/V,S,L-:49. HBO Nov.11 C5
EH; Part Six (AC,AL,GV) TVMA/
V,L-:50. HBO Nov.11 C5EH;
Part Seven (AC,AL,BN,GV) TVMA/
V,L-:51. HBO Nov.11 C5E
H; Part Eight (AC,AL,GV,N)
TVMA/V,S,L-:56. HBO Nov.11 C5
EH; Part Nine (AC,AL,GV) TVMA/
V,L-:58. HBO Nov.11 C5E
H; Part Ten (AC,AL) TVMA/L-1:01.
HBO Nov.11 C5EH
PANIC ROOM Intruders force single mother
Jodie Foster and her daughter to hole up in
their home’s specially designed “panic
room” in this thriller. (AC,AL,V) R-1:52.
MAX Nov.5,13,18,23,28 CDEH
PAULIE Birdbrain antics fill this magical
family comedy about a talking parrot who
keeps putting his foot in his beak! Gena
Rowlands and Tony Shalhoub star. (AC,
AL) PG-1:31. HBO Nov.23 CDEH
THE PEACEMAKER An intelligence expert
and a nuclear scientist must find a cache
of doomsday bombs before extremists do.
With George Clooney, Nicole Kidman. (AL,
V) R-2:04. HBO Nov.19 CDEH
A PERFECT GETAWAY Whispers of an
island murder bring chills to a Hawaiian
paradise for a honeymooning pair in this
frightening thriller. (AC,GL,GV,N) R-1:37.
MAX Nov.6,12,17,21,29 CDEH
PIRATE RADIO A group of deejays go offshore
to broadcast rock music to the
British in this '60s-set comedy. Philip
Seymour Hoffman. (AC,BN,GL,MV) R-1:56.
MAX Nov.1,9,15,19,27 CDEH
POOTIE TANG The outrageous Pootie Tang
must rely on a bodacious hooker to help
him retrieve his powerful belt. (AC,AL,MV)
PG13-1:21. HBO Nov.4,16,26CDEH
POST GRAD A college grad’s ambitious life
plan takes a detour when she discovers the
rocky realities of the modern job market in
this coming-of-age film. (AC,AL) PG13-1:29.
HBO Nov.3,7,12,16,26,29C5EH
look at HBO’s 24/7 series as it follows the
NHL Winter Classic teams. (AL) TVPG/L-
:12. HBO Nov.20,21,24,26,27CSH
PRIDE AND GLORY A family of men rooted
in the NYPD finds their bonds strained
during an investigation. Edward Norton and
Colin Farrell star. (AC,AL,BN,V) R-2:10.
MAX Nov.5,10,19,27 CDEH
PROXIMITY A prison inmate uncovers a
victim’s-rights vigilante group that
assassinates criminals who don’t get the
death penalty. Rob Lowe stars. (AC,AL,N,
V) R-1:26. HBO Nov.2 CDEH
PUBLIC ENEMIES Johnny Depp is riveting
as John Dillinger, the notorious bank
robber who stood at the forefront of the
epic 1930s crime wave. (AC,AL,N,V) R-
2:20. MAX Nov.3,9,18,28 CDEH
Films Martin Scorsese paints an amusing
and enlightening portrait of celebrated N.Y.
author Fran Lebowitz. (AC,AL) TVPG/L,D-
1:22. HBO Nov.22,28,30C5EH
LUST This adults-only special features five
sexy segments, including one that visits a
convention for swingers. (AC,GL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:02. HBO Nov.4CSEH
HBO’s acclaimed Emmy®-winning sports
magazine. 163: (AL) TVPG/L-:58. HBO Nov.
4,7,9,12CSEH; 164: (AL) TVPG/L-
:58. HBO Nov.23,25,27,30 CSEH
editions—including the season finale—of
HBO’s acclaimed talk/comedy series
hosted by Bill Maher. 195: (AC,AL) TVMA/
L-:57. HBO Nov.1,3 CSH; 196:
(AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57. HBO Nov.5,7,8,10
CSH; 197: (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:57.
HBO Nov.12,14,15,17 CSH
RECOUNT HBO Original Movie Kevin
Spacey stars in this film that explores the
drama surrounding the controversial 2000
presidential election. (AC,AL,MV) TVMA/
L-1:56. HBO Nov.2,5,24 C5EH
REDLINE In the near future, a bionically
resurrected man stalks his killer through
the grim and deadly Moscow underworld.
Rutger Hauer, Mark Dacascos. (AC,AL,GV,
N) R-1:34. HBO Nov.17 CSEH
RESIDENT EVIL Milla Jovovich leads an
elite police squad into a biotech company’s
underground lab where an illegal serum
has turned employees into zombies. (AC,AL,
GV,N) R-1:40. HBO Nov.5 CDEH
RICOCHET Denzel Washington stars as an
assistant D.A. forced to face off against an
ex-con he put away who is out of prison
and out for revenge in this drama. (AC,AL,
GV,N) R-1:42. MAX Nov.5,20CDEH
young woman is forced to replan her future
when she becomes pregnant in this lifeaffirming
drama. Drew Barrymore, Steve
Zahn and Brittany Murphy star. (AC,AL,V)
PG13-2:11. HBO Nov.2,15 CDEH
Rebecca De Mornay gets caught up in
steamy intrigue when she is hired to spy
on a tycoon by his jealous wife. (AC,AL,V)
R-1:32. HBO Nov.16 CDEH
RIVER’S EDGE An alienated group of
teenagers react with shocking indifference
when confronted by a brutal murder in this
gripping 1986 cult classic. (AL,N,V) R-
1:40. MAX Nov.3 CEH
DESTRUCTION Robin Williams takes the
stage at Washington’s DAR Constitution
Hall for this stand-up special. (AC,AL)
TVMA/L-1:30. HBO Nov.4,23 CDH
ROLE MODELS Misdemeanor stupidity
leaves Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd
doing community service as mentors in
this comedy. (AC,GL,MV,N) R-1:39. MAX
Nov.5,10,15,20,24,30 CDEH
undergraduates find themselves mutually
attracted to one another in the sex-anddrugs
setting of a New England university.
James Van Der Beek stars. (AC,AL,N,V)
R-1:50. HBO Nov.30 CDEH
RUSH Two undercover narcotics cops step
over the line of duty when they start
abusing drugs. Jason Patric and Jennifer
Jason Leigh star. (AC,AL,GV,N) R-2:00.
MAX Nov.3,12,18,22,28 CSEH
SATISFACTION Justine Bateman rocks out
as leader of an all-girl band that struggles
with men and drugs during a summer
resort gig. With Liam Neeson. (AC,AL)
PG13-1:33. MAX Nov.3 CSEH
SCOOBY-DOO Scooby and his mysteryloving
pals investigate spooky doings at an
amusement park. Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah
Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard. (V) PG-
1:26. MAX Nov.4,23 CDEH
and her best friend are taken in by a kindhearted
beekeeper and her sisters in this
adaptation of the novel. (AC,MV) PG13-
1:50. HBO Nov.4,12,16,26C5EH
SECRET LIVES A lawyer finds himself
forced to keep secrets from his drop-dead
gorgeous detective girlfriend in this extrasexy
adult film. (AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-
1:19. MAX Nov.5,11,15,21,27CSH
SECRETARY A young secretary with a
history of mental illness takes a liking to
her boss who has a fetish for administering
spankings in this drama. (AC,AL,N, SC,V)
R-1:51. HBO Nov.22 CDEH
CEMETERY HBO Documentary Films A
look at the final resting place for those who
died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. TVPG-
:54. HBO Nov.5,11,28 CSEH
THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH This movie version
of the hit Broadway comedy stars Marilyn
Monroe as the irresistible temptress for a
love-starved “summer bachelor”. (AC)
TVPG/D-1:44. MAX Nov.5 CSEH
17 AGAIN A middle-aged dad magically
turns back into a 17-year-old highschooler
in this riotous comedy. Zac Efron,
Leslie Mann star. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:42.
MAX Nov.1,9,13,19,25 CDEH
SHADRACH A bigoted white family takes in
the rich boy next door and a 99-year-old
former slave in this Depression-era tale.
Harvey Keitel, Andie MacDowell. (AC,AL,
BN) PG13-1:29. MAX Nov.25 CSE
SHALLOW HAL A womanizer falls for an
overweight girl after a spell is cast on him
that forces him to see inner beauty in this
outrageous comedy. (AC,AL) PG13- 1:54.
MAX Nov.5,15,23,28 CDEH
SHOUT John Travolta shakes up a Texas
boys’ school as a lively new music teacher
during the dawn of rock-n-roll. With James
Walters and Heather Graham. (AC,AL)
PG13-1:28. HBO Nov.16,24CSEH
Out Vegas high-rollers use a concierge to
live out their fantasies in this compilation
from the erotic series. (AC,AL,MV,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:48. MAX Nov.20 CSH
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Love and life in a
Mumbai slum inspire an Indian youth’s
amazing run on a popular TV game show in
this Best Picture Oscar® winner. (AC,AL,V)
R-2:01. HBO Nov.24 C5EH
SNIPER 2 Tom Berenger is back as an ex-
Marine sniper who gets hired to
assassinate a rogue general in Eastern
Europe in this action sequel. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:31. MAX Nov.16,21,26 CDEH
SOLARIS Steven Soderbergh’s cerebral
remake of the 1972 Russian sci-fi classic
follows a doctor who encounters his late
wife on a space station. (AC,BN,V) PG13-
1:38. MAX Nov.9,15,24 CDEH
SOLDIER OF FORTUNE Clark Gable stars
as a bold adventurer who gets involved
with Susan Hayward in this 1955 classic of
exotic intrigue. With Michael Rennie.
TVG-1:36. MAX Nov.14 CSEH
THE SOLOIST A newspaper columnist
discovers a violin virtuoso living on the
streets of L.A. in this drama. Robert
Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx. (AC,MV) PG13-
1:57. HBO Nov.4,19 C5EH
SPIDER-MAN A spider bite transforms a
teen nerd into a web-slinging superhero.
Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe and Kirsten
Dunst star. (AC,AL,V) PG13-2:01. HBO
Nov.5,9,17,21,25,30 CDEH
wild horse yearns to answer the call of the
wild after he is captured by a nasty U.S.
colonel in this 2002 Oscar®-nominee. G-
1:23. MAX Nov.15 CSEH
STANDING STILL Love, sex, laughs,
confrontation and more ensue when old
college friends reconnect for a wedding in
this ensemble comedy-drama. (AC,AL) R-
1:30. MAX Nov.1,20 CDEH
STARSKY & HUTCH Ben Stiller and Owen
Wilson reteam as plain-clothes buddy cops
in this hilarious spoof of the hit 1970s TV
crime series. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-1:41.
HBO Nov.4,10,14,19,23,27CDEH
STATE OF PLAY A murder of a politician’s
aide scratches the surface of a conspiracy
and leads Russell Crowe on a perilous hunt
for the truth. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-2:07.
HBO Nov.5,10,15,18,26 C5EH
curse causes an overweight man to lose
weight irreversibly in this thriller based on
the novel by Stephen King. (AC,AL,V) R-
1:32. MAX Nov.1,9,20,25 CSEH
THE STONE BOY A grass-roots family
struggles to stay together after a horrible
tragedy threatens to tear them apart.
Robert Duvall and Glenn Close star. (AL)
PG-1:31. MAX Nov.17 CEH
SUGAR HILL Two brothers leave their
traumatic childhood behind to become
Harlem’s most powerful drug lords. Wesley
Snipes and Michael Wright star. (AC,AL,
GV) R-2:03. HBO Nov.16 CSEH
THE SUN ALSO RISES The 1957 film
version of Hemingway’s novel about a “lost
generation” of Americans trying to find
themselves in 1920s Europe. Tyrone Power
and Ava Gardner star in this drama. (AC)
TVPG/D-2:10. MAX Nov.7 CSEH
SUNSHINE STATE A tale of life on a tiny
Florida island where eclectic locals deal
with personal dramas and an uncertain
future. Edie Falco, Angela Bassett. (AC,AL)
PG13-2:21. HBO Nov.3,22 CDEH
SUPER TROOPERS Outrageous comedy
about a pack of screwball state troopers
trying to save their jobs. Jay Chandrasekhar,
Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme. (AC,AL,N,
V) R-1:40. HBO Nov.26 CDEH
little mouse sets out on an unlikely quest
to restore his disgraced kingdom to prominence
in this endearing animated tale
featuring the voice of Matthew Broderick.
G-1:33. MAX Nov.3 CDEH
the Jungle must return to his old stomping
grounds when the mythic lost city of Opar
is threatened. Casper Van Dien stars. (V)
PG-1:24. HBO Nov.1,26 C5EH
NEW YORK PART 2 America Undercover
The 12th edition heads back to NYC to
secretly record more nocturnal conversations
with actual cab passengers. (AC,
GL) TVMA/L-:56. HBO Nov.1,25 CSE
mutant turtles morph into super-cool crime
fighters in this live-action film based on the
hit 1980s comic characters. (AC,AL,
V) PG-1:34. HBO Nov.4 C5H
TEMPTED Wealthy and powerful Burt
Reynolds concocts a devious plan for
testing his new wife's fidelity in this thriller.
Also with Peter Facinelli. (AC,AL,BN,V)
R-1:35. MAX Nov.6,16 CDEH
stars as mankind’s last hope against the
machines in this visually stunning fourth
installment in the Terminator franchise.
Sam Worthington. (AC,AL,BN,V) PG13-
1:55. MAX Nov.2,14,25 CDEH
Documentary Films A profile of iconic
journalist Helen Thomas who has held a
front-row seat at White House press
conferences for over 60 years. (AC) TVPG/
D-:38. HBO Nov.17,21,28 CSEH
THAT OLD FEELING Wedded bliss turns
ugly thanks to the explosive relationship
between the bride’s divorced celebrity
parents. Bette Midler, Dennis Farina. (AC,
AL) PG13-1:45. HBO Nov.24CSEH
starry-eyed romance quickly turns
catastrophic for loverboy Martin Lawrence
in this comedy-thriller. Lynn Whitfield.
(AL,V) R-1:48. HBO Nov.14 C5E
THING Matthew McConaughey leads a
strong ensemble cast in this compelling
drama about a group of characters and
their search for happiness. (AC,AL) R-
1:44. HBO Nov.9 C5EH
confirmed bachelors find a baby on their
front step and try to become responsible
dads to the tot in this comedy. (AL) PG-
1:42. MAX Nov.4,14,29 CDEH
Documentary Films The epic third fight
between heavyweight legends Muhammad
Ali and Joe Frazier is revisited in this
compelling documentary. (AC,AL,V) TV14/
V,L,D-1:31. HBO Nov.12 CSEH
time traveler and his wife forge an unlikely
love affair despite his uncontrolled jumps
through time in this romance. Rachel
McAdams, Eric Bana. (MV) PG13-1:47.
MAX Nov.6,7,8,10,16,21,25CDEH
TOMMY BOY Chris Farley is an overweight
slacker who goes on the road with David
Spade to save his late father’s business in
this riotous comedy. (AC,AL,BN) PG13-
1:37. HBO Nov.15,23,26 CSEH
Morgan delivers his hilarious takes on race
relations, politics, celebrity, flying and more
in this stand-up special. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-
:57. HBO Nov.13,16,18,21,24,29CSH
TRAINING DAY Denzel Washington won
the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance
as a dirty cop who lures rookie partner
Ethan Hawke into the fray. (AC,AL,N,RP,
V) R-2:02. HBO Nov.7 CDEH
TRANSAMERICA Felicity Huffman stars as
a pre-operative transsexual who reconnects
with a recently discovered son on the
road to the West Coast. (AC,GL,N,V) R-
1:44. MAX Nov.8,18 CDEH
yuppies deal with the aftermath of a
citywide blackout in this thriller. Kyle
MacLachlan, Elisabeth Shue star. (AC,AL,
V) R-1:34. HBO Nov.18 C5EH
TRIPPIN’ A Detroit youth who daydreams
about a life of riches and ladies suddenly
finds himself facing a bunch of tough
decisions. With Deon Richmond, Donald
Faison and Maia Campbell. (AC,AL,MV,N)
R-1:33. MAX Nov.6,17,29 CSEH
12 ROUNDS New Orleans cop John Cena
must undergo a dozen death-defying tests
of nerve in order to save his girlfriend from
a psycho criminal. Aidan Gillen, Ashley
Scott, Steve Harris. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:48.
HBO Nov.8,12,16,20,24,28C5EH
21 GRAMS The past and present lives of
three unwittingly entwined characters
collide after a jarring crash in this drama.
Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro
and Charlotte Gainsbourg star. (AC,AL,V)
R-2:04. HBO Nov.8 C5EH
all-access series follows Manny
Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito as they
prepare for their November 13 PPV bout at
Cowboys Stadium. #1: (AL) TVMA/L-:28.
HBO Nov.12,13 CSEH; #2 (AL)
TVMA/L-:27. HBO Nov.1,2,3,4,5,6,12,13
CSEH; #3: (AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO
Nov.6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 CSEH;
#4: (AL) TVMA/L-:27. HBO Nov.
12,13,14,15,16,17,18 CSEH
TWINS Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny
DeVito star as the unlikeliest (and loopiest)
twins ever to cut the cord. With Kelly
Preston and Chloe Webb. (AC,AL,V) PG-
1:47. MAX Nov.7,18 CDEH
UNFAITHFUL Diane Lane earned a 2002
Best Actress Oscar® nomination for her role
as a housewife who gets blown into a
whirlwind affair. Richard Gere. (AC,AL,N,
V) R-2:04. HBO Nov.17 CDEH
THE UNINVITED A young woman finds
herself haunted by nightmarish visions and
a venomous stepmother upon her return
from an institutional stint in this remake.
Emily Browning. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:27.
MAX Nov.7,11,17,22,30 CDEH
VALENTINE’S DAY Cupid’s big day results
in passion, romance and heartbreak for an
intertwined group of Los Angelenos in this
ensemble romantic comedy featuring an
all-star cast. (AC,AL,BN,MV) PG13-2:05.
MAX Nov.13,14,15,17,25,30CDEH
THE VAULT OF HORROR Trapped together
in the basement of a skyscraper, five men
reveal their recurring dreams of terror.
Daniel Massey, Glynis Johns star. (AC,AL,
V) PG-1:26. MAX Nov.11 CEH
WARTORN 1861-2010 HBO Documentary
Films A look at the history of U.S. soldiers
suffering from post-traumatic stress
disorder from the Civil War to the present
day. (AC,AL,V) TV14/V,L,D-1:15. HBO
Nov.11,14,18,22,27,29 CSEH
WATCHMEN A group of retired super
heroes reunite when the murder of one of
their own points to a much-larger threat in
this spectacular adaptation of the
renowned graphic novel. (AC,AL,BN,RP,
V) R-2:42. HBO Nov.9,27C5EH
WHAT ABOUT BOB? Bill Murray is a multiphobic
mental case who follows pompous
psychiatrist Richard Dreyfuss to his
summer home in this uproarious comedy.
With Charlie Korsmo. (AC,AL,MV) PG-
1:39. MAX Nov.13,22 CSEH
WHIP IT A rebellious small-town Texas girl
comes of age in the bone-jarring world of
women’s roller derby. Ellen Page, Marcia
Gay Harden. (AC,AL,V) PG13-1:51. HBO
Nov.2,10,19,21,27,29 C5EH
WHITEOUT U.S. Marshal Kate Beckinsale
is ensconced in murder and mystery at an
isolated research outpost in Antarctica in
this chilling shocker. (AC,GL,GV,N) R-1:41.
MAX Nov.7,13,18,24,30 CDEH
rabbit is framed for murder and must
rely on a hard-boiled private eye to save
him in this live action/animated hit. (AC,V)
PG-1:44. MAX Nov.9,20 CDEH
WILD RIVER Montgomery Clift finds
backwoods violence and romance when he
tries to persuade an old woman to sell her
land in this 1960 film. With Lee Remick.
TVG-1:50. MAX Nov.10 CEH
THE WOMEN The classic 1939 film gets an
update in this ensemble comedy about
NYC women facing issues with family,
friendship and infidelity. (AC,AL) PG13-
1:54. MAX Nov.10,21,30 CDEH
THE WRESTLER Broken-down prowrestling
star Mickey Rourke seeks
reparation in his life outside the ring in this
drama. With Marisa Tomei. (AC,AL,GV,N)
R-1:49. MAX Nov.6,16 CDEH
XCHANGE In the near future, an executive
using a mind-transference travel service
unwittingly switches bodies with an
assassin. Starring Stephen Baldwin, Kyle
MacLachlan and Kim Coates. (AC,AL,N,V)
R-1:50. MAX Nov.12,22 CDEH
MAX After Dark series about five friends
who enjoy the steamy stories of erotic blog
writer Zane. 22: Trading Spaces (AC,GL,
N,SC) TVMA/S,L-:29. MAX Nov.11
CSH; 25: End Game (AC,GL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-:30. MAX Nov.27 CSH
compilation of episodes from the sizzling
adults-only series about five sexy friends
who enjoy the steamy stories of erotic blog
writer Zane. 07: Endear (AC,GL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:23. MAX Nov.16,28
CSH; 08: Envy (AC,GL,N,SC)
TVMA/S,L-1:49. MAX Nov.18 CSH
Coming in December: SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE WOLFMAN, Bette Midler: the Showgirl Must Go On ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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TVY7 Directed to older children
TVG For General audiences
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TV14 Parental guidance strongly suggested
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s indicates programs in stereo, where available. 
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"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. The Dalai Lama, exiled leader of Tibet

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"United 93"
The horror and heroism of September 11, 2001, is seen from the perspective of the hijacked airplane that did not reach its intended target, thanks to a selfless group of passengers. Described by Variety as “taut, visceral and predictably gut-wrenching,” United 93 chronicles the flight as the four hijackers take control and steer a course of terror. While air-traffic controllers and military personnel scramble in the wake of planes slamming into the Twin Towers, the passengers of Flight 93 realize they are part of another suicide mission—and that they are the only hope to stop it. Written and directed by Paul Greengrass. United 93 has been seen on various HBO channels: HBO, HBO SIGNATURE, HBO LATINO and HBO HighDef.
All 3000 names (AL,V) R-1:51.

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