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Movies so far have included: the comedy Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (Mike Myers), Blast From The Past (1999, comedy raised in a fallout shelter), Delirious (2005, John Candy as writer who wakes up in town he created), Love Potion #9 (Sandra Bullock, 1992), Once Bitten (Jim Carrey falls for an older woman, a vampire), Hitchcock movies, Walk Like A Man (Howie Mandell as a man raised by wolves in a Tarzan spoof), AIRPORT '77 (in the Bermuda Triangle), Xanadu (1980, Olvivia Newton John as dancer Gene Kelly's muse), AMAZING STORIES: THE MOVIE, James Bond 007 movies, and others

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Friday, 5·1
6:45a Harvey
Other zones: CT ·5:45a• MT ·4:45a
8:20a Macshayne: Final Roll Of The Dice
Other zones: CT ·7:20a• MT ·6:20a
9:55a Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer
Other zones: CT ·8:55a• MT ·7:55a
11:30a Hannah and Her Sisters
Other zones: CT ·10:30a• MT ·9:30a
1:20p Getting Even With Dad
Other zones: CT ·12:20p• MT ·11:20a
3:15p Harvey
Other zones: CT ·2:15p• MT ·1:15p
4:50p Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer
Other zones: CT ·3:50p• MT ·2:50p
6:25p Orca
Other zones: CT ·5:25p• MT ·4:25p
8:00p Getting Even With Dad
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:50p Hannah and Her Sisters
Other zones: CT ·8:50p• MT ·7:50p
11:40p This Property Is Condemned
Other zones: CT ·10:40p• MT ·9:40p
1:35a Adventures Of Johnny Tao: Rock Around
Other zones: CT ·12:35a• MT ·11:35p
3:05a Desperately Seeking Susan
Other zones: CT ·2:05a• MT ·1:05a
4:50a Getting Even With Dad
Other zones: CT ·3:50a• MT ·2:50a
Saturday, 5·2
6:40a Summer's End
Other zones: CT ·5:40a• MT ·4:40a
8:25a Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
Other zones: CT ·7:25a• MT ·6:25a
10:05a Macshayne: Winner Takes All
Other zones: CT ·9:05a• MT ·8:05a
11:40a Desperately Seeking Susan
Other zones: CT ·10:40a• MT ·9:40a
1:30p King Ralph
Other zones: CT ·12:30p• MT ·11:30a
3:10p Ground Control
Other zones: CT ·2:10p• MT ·1:10p
4:50p Adventures Of Johnny Tao: Rock Around
Other zones: CT ·3:50p• MT ·2:50p
6:20p Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
Other zones: CT ·5:20p• MT ·4:20p
8:00p King Ralph
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p Desperately Seeking Susan
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:30p Summer's End
Other zones: CT ·10:30p• MT ·9:30p
1:15a The Gate
Other zones: CT ·12:15a• MT ·11:15p
2:45a Hail Caesar
Other zones: CT ·1:45a• MT ·12:45a
4:25a King Ralph
Other zones: CT ·3:25a• MT ·2:25a
Sunday, 5·3
6:10a Hondo
Other zones: CT ·5:10a• MT ·4:10a
7:35a Neil Simon's The Odd Couple II
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9:15a Love's Kitchen
Other zones: CT ·8:15a• MT ·7:15a
10:50a Milk Money
Other zones: CT ·9:50a• MT ·8:50a
12:40p Stepmom
Other zones: CT ·11:40a• MT ·10:40a
2:50p Hail Caesar
Other zones: CT ·1:50p• MT ·12:50p
4:30p Neil Simon's The Odd Couple II
Other zones: CT ·3:30p• MT ·2:30p
6:10p By Dawn's Early Light
Other zones: CT ·5:10p• MT ·4:10p
8:00p Stepmom
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
10:10p Milk Money
Other zones: CT ·9:10p• MT ·8:10p
12:05a Bubble Boy
Other zones: CT ·11:05p• MT ·10:05p
1:30a Terminal
Other zones: CT ·12:30a• MT ·11:30p
3:05a Stepmom
Other zones: CT ·2:05a• MT ·1:05a
5:15a Forget Paris
Other zones: CT ·4:15a• MT ·3:15a

MOVIEPLEX Highlights • 2015
A GATHERING OF OLD MEN [TVG]·Drama·1987·(1:32) A bigoted white Louisiana tenant farmer is killed, and a black sharecropper is suspected - but the feisty plantation manager rallies the man's friends to form a united front in this engaging drama. With Holly Hunter. 4/6,30 A NEW LEAF [G]·Comedy·1970·(1:42) A lifelong playboy has gone broke, and decides to marry for money - and later murder his new bride. But the klutzy heiress he picks proves difficult in this hilarious black comedy. 4/15,20 A RAISIN IN THE SUN [PG13]·Drama·2008·(2:11) An African-American family struggles with poverty, racism, and inner conflict as they strive for a better way of life. Based on the play by Lorraine Hansberry. 4/9,10,20,21,26 ACES 'N' EIGHTS [TV14]·Western·2007·(1:27) On the western frontier, a railroad company plans to run its line through a farmer 4/1,2,11,12,28 ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY TAO: ROCK AROUND THE Johnny discovers half of a magic spear - it's part of his dad's guitar! When the other half lands in the hands of an evil spirit bent on world domination, the stage is set for bonecrunching martial arts action! 5/2 ADVENTURES OF A TEENAGE DRAGONSLAYER [PG] Arthur unwittingly discovers the secret to stopping an evil dragon who threatens to destroy all civilization. 5/1 AMERICAN BANDITS: FRANK AND JESSE [TVPG] Jesse James is wounded when his gang hijacks a U.S. Army gold shipment - brother Frank and the bandits split up and agree to rendevous. But a determined lawman sets out to trap the gang. 4/1,18,24 ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID [PG13] A scientist assembles a team and heads to Borneo in search of the rare blood orchid - but tropical perils threaten the expedition: floods, accidents, and giant, bloodthirsty anaconda snakes! 4/24 ANGEL DOG [TVG]·Drama·2011·(1:26) A stray dog that became a pet is the sole survivor of a crash that takes a man's family - slowly, the pair start to bond and heal when the canine's true owners appear. A heartwarming family drama. 4/7,16,26 AT FIRST SIGHT [PG13]·Drama·1998·(2:09) A young NYC architect falls for a blind man at a resort and they move to Manhattan, where an experimental operation could restore the man's vision. But how will he react to a world he can see? 4/7,12,20,24 BEAT STREET [PG]·Drama·1984·(1:46) Talented South Bronx kids attempt to dance, rap and spray paint their way to fame and fortune. 4/10,11 BEAUTIFUL [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:52) Mona's only goal in life is to win America's top beauty pageant - and nothing, including being a secret mom, other contestants, or a snoopy tv reporter, will stop her! With Kathleen Turner. 4/4,16,21 BENNY & JOON [PG]·Romance·1993·(1:38) A brother and his mentally handicapped sister form a bond with an eccentric young man who lives his life like the silent film comedians he admires. Co-starring Julianne Moore. Aidan Quinn, Oliver Platt. 3/31 BIO-DOME [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:35) A moron and his bonehead buddy inadvertently find themselves captive participants in a large-scale ecoexperiment. With Kyle Minogue, Joey Lauren Adams. 4/2 BIRD ON A WIRE [PG13]·Comedy·1990·(1:51) A man has successfully hid from a gangster for fifteen years, but an old girlfriend bumps into him just when the bad guys spot him - now they are both on the run in this actioncomedy. 4/3,11,15,23 BLIND DATE [PG13]·Comedy·1987·(1:35) An ambitious executive, out to impress a business client, is set up on a blind date with a beautiful woman who comes with a warning - do not allow her to drink! 4/1,11,12,26,27 BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO [PG]·Comedy·1984·(1: Those irrepressible, break dancing guys are back! They're trying to turn an old theater into a neighborhood rec center, but greedy developers have their bulldozers ready. With IceT. 4/10,27,5/2 BUBBLE BOY [PG13]·Comedy·2001·(1:24) The girl he adores plans to wed at Niagara Falls, so young Jimmy sets out to win her back. But he was born without an immune system, so the giant bubble he lives in makes for a wild trip! 5/4 BY DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT [TVPG]·Drama·2000·(1:45) An aging cowboy takes on the challenge of a lifetime -- his 16-year-old grandson -- as an 800-mile road trip becomes a heart-and-soul search to mend the past and embrace the future. 5/3 CAT'S EYE [PG13]·Horror·1984·(1:34) An effective, often hilariously demented trio of Stephen King horror stories linked by the adventures of a tabby cat - who encounters electric shocks, steep falls and a demonic gremlin! 3/31,4/5,16,25,29 COUSINS [PG13]·Romance·1989·(1:53) Cuckolded by their spouses at a wedding, a pair of new cousins-by-marriage decide to fake an affair of their own - complications arise then they truly start to fall for each other. 4/4,20 CROSS CREEK [PG]·Drama·1983·(2:00) Author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings moves to Florida in 1928 to run an orange farm and write - the rural lifestyle she found later informed "The Yearling" and other evocative tales. 4/6,7,18,29 DENNIS THE MENACE [G]·Comedy·1987·(1:33) Dennis the Menace discovers an old bone in his front yard - when it turns out to be from a dinosaur, a scientist wants to turn his house into a theme park! 4/2,8,17 DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN [PG13]·Comedy·1985·(1: A bored New Jersey housewife decides to spy on the freespirited Susan - but temporary amnesia, mistaken identities, and stolen Egyptian jewels guarantee a wild Manhattan ride! 3/30,5/2 ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING [PG13]·Comedy·2004·(1: Screwball romantic comedy finds a superstar cosmetics saleslady bringing fatally bad luck to every Elvis impersonator she meets - especially when she arrives in Las Vegas. With Denise Richards, Sean Astin, Tom Hanks. 3/30 ERIK THE VIKING [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:43) Comedic adventures of two cousins who fight to inherit the throne vacated by the deceased Viking King. A Pythonesque adventure, with John Cleese, directed by Terry Jones. 4/2 EYE OF THE HURRICANE [TV14]·Drama·2012·(1:45) A devastating hurricane rocks a small Florida town, and the residents - a woman whose airman husband is missing in the storm, a mom with an injured boy - struggle to put their lives back together. 4/6,22,28 FREEDOM SONG [PG13]·Drama·2000·(1:57) A young teen fights to desegregate his Mississippi town despite his father's objections. 4/5,22,23 FALLING IN LOVE [PG13]·Romance·1984·(1:46) Two married New Yorkers fall head-over-heels after a chance meeting in a bookstore. 4/9,13,26 FIRE IN THE SKY [PG13]·Drama·1993·(1:49) In the White Mountains of Arizona, a man disappears after being hit by a light from the sky. When he suddenly reappears five days later, he has terrifying memories of an alien abduction. 4/7,18,28 FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER [PG13]·Action·1991·(1:55) During the Vietnam War, a Navy pilot talks a veteran flyer into joining him on a secret - and illegal - mission: to bomb Hanoi and its hidden anti-aircraft weapons. 4/18,30 FORGET PARIS [PG13]·Comedy·1995·(1:41) A pro basketball referee falls for an airline executive in Paris, and all is well - until they get married! Big laughs, touching romance combine in this classy comedy. Written and directed by Billy Crystal. 5/4 GATTACA [PG13]·Science-Fiction·1997·(1:46) In a future where genetic engineered people are favored, an imperfect young man assumes another's identity to gain a job as an astronaut - but his deception is discovered in this thoughtful sci-fi drama. With Jude Law. 4/5,13,18,30 GETTING EVEN WITH DAD [PG]·Comedy·1994·(1:49) When his 11-year old son unexpectedly moves in, an ex-con who is planning one last heist has to hastily change plans. 4/3,15,25,26,5/1,2 GLEASON [TVPG]·True Story·2002·(1:29) Entertainer and tv star Jackie Gleason is haunted by memories of his childhood, and his life - ruled by the demons of rage, booze, and insecurity - begins to unravel. 4/2,17 GOIN' SOUTH [PG]·Western·1978·(1:48) A horse thief is saved from the hangman's noose by marrying a local spinster. But she doesn't have romance in mind - she needs someone to help her find buried gold! With John Belushi. 3/31 GROUND CONTROL [PG13]·Drama·1998·(1:38) An ex-air traffic controller - haunted by a tragic accident - is lured back into the control room only to be confronted with another potential crisis situation. 5/2 HAIL CAESAR [PG]·Comedy·1993·(1:37) The lead singer of a garage band and a debutante get involved with a plot to sabotage a peace conference. 5/3 HANNAH AND HER SISTERS [PG13]·Comedy·1986·(1:47) Hannah has a husband who is cheating with one of her sisters and an ex-hubby going out with another - and both sisters look to her for support! Best Supporting Actor Oscars for Michael Caine, Dianne Wiest. 4/3,9,14,26,27,5/1 HARVEY [TVPG]·Comedy·1996·(1:31) Harry Anderson plays harmless bachelor Elwood P. Dowd who confides in a 6-foot rabbit called Harvey that only he can see. Remake of the 1950 classic by the same title starring Jimmy Stewart. 5/1 HATARI! [TVPG]·Drama·1961·(2:38) A team of hunters capture wild animals in Africa to sell to zoos - a beautiful photographer joins up to help corral an elusive rhino. Featuring the Henry Mancini hit Baby Elephant Walk. 4/10,30 HE SAID, SHE SAID [PG13]·Comedy·1991·(1:56) After they split up, a newspaperman and a woman journalist each tell about their romance and becoming a Baltimore TV team - but their stories could not be more different! 3/31 HERCULES AND THE AMAZON WOMEN [TVPG] The son of Zeus kills the serpent Hydra, then meets a queen and her savage band of beauties. 4/6,15,28 HERCULES AND THE CIRCLE OF FIRE [TVPG] The son of Zeus and his dream woman Deianeira must save mankind from a fate without fire. 4/6,16,22 HERCULES AND THE LOST KINGDOM [TVPG] The son of Zeus saves a princess and the city of Troy from a blue monk and his cult. 4/6,21,26 HIGH SCHOOL HIGH [PG13]·Comedy·1996·(1:25) A nerdy teacher takes on a position at inner city Marion Barry High - a school so tough it has its own cemetary and reserved parking for S.W.A.T. teams! A rowdy joke machine from the creators of Airplane. 3/30 HONDO [PG]·Western·1953·(1:24) Wandering the west, Hondo Lane helps out a woman and her young son on their remote ranch - but when an Apache chief visits the homestead with a warning, Hondo must make a decision. 5/3 IMPROMPTU [PG13]·True Story·1990·(1:48) Based on a true story: composer Frederic Chopin is pursued by the eccentric female French novelist George Sand while on vacation with other noted artists in this witty comedydrama. 4/1,12,27 IT STARTED IN NAPLES [TVPG]·Romance·1960·(1:40) Unexpected romance blossoms when a wry Philadelphia lawyer travels to Italy to take his orphan nephew from the boy's wild aunt. 4/8,19 JEREMY FINK AND THE MEANING OF LIFE [PG] Jeremy receives a mysterious box on his 13th birthday that promises to reveal the meaning of life - but he must search all over Manhattan to find the four keys to open it! With Mira Sorvino. 4/2,26 JERICHO [PG13]·Western·2000·(1:41) A traveling preacher finds a man near dead with no memory of how he got there - as they travel together, visions haunt the stranger and lead him to the town where the truth can be found in this solid western. 4/7,20 JOE AND MAX [PG13]·True Story·2002·(1:54) The true story of the unlikely life-long friendship between American heavyweight boxing champ Joe Louis and Germany's champion Max Schmeling comes to life in this inspiring tale. 4/1,10,14,20 JOE DIRT [PG13]·Comedy·2001·(1:31) Abandoned as a child by his parents at the Grand Canyon, blue-collar, white-trash dreamer Joe Dirt begins a search for them - his crazy journey produces hilarious results! 4/10,19,23,27 KEEPING THE FAITH [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(2:09) Two lifelong friends - a rabbi and a priest - discover they're both in love with the girl who was their childhood pal. But how will this unlikely threesome find happiness? A clever romantic comedy, with Jenna Elfman. 4/2,3,17,29 KERMIT'S SWAMP YEARS [G]·Comedy·2002·(1:22) Journey back to when Kermit was a young frog determined to makes his mark in the world - joined by his two best friends, he leaves the swamp in this delightful Muppets adventure! 4/5,13 KING RALPH [PG]·Comedy·1991·(1:36) After the tragic deaths of the entire British royal family, a slovenly Vegas entertainer learns he's the heir to the historic throne - look out London, here comes the brash new monarch! 5/2,3 LABOR PAINS [PG13]·Comedy·2009·(1:29) Desperate to keep her job, a young journalist avoids being laid off by claiming she is pregnant - but now this confirmed party girl has to make her fake condition look real! 4/8,17,27 LITTLE WOMEN [PG]·Drama·1994·(1:58) The classic novel comes to the screen in a sterling presentation - the life and times of the March sisters as they navigate the trials of growing up. With Kirsten Dunst, Clare Danes, Christian Bale. 3/30 LONE RIDER [TVPG]·Western·2007·(1:23) An honored soldier returns home attempting to pick up his life where he left off before the war, only to find that his oldest friend is trying to steal his family's business. 4/7,18,19,22 LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:35) The third Look Who's Talking story features talking pets - a snooty poodle and an uncouth mutt - who enrich the family's lives and ultimately rescue them from danger. 4/2,3,12,20,28 LOST IN SPACE [PG13]·Action·1998·(2:10) Danger Will Robinson! The classic tv space family Robinson embark on a mission to save the earth, but the evil Dr. Smith sends their ship spinning off into the cosmos! With Gary Oldman, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc. 4/5 LOVE N' DANCING [PG13]·Drama·2008·(1:35) When a bored-with-life English teacher meets a West Coast Swing champion dancer - they have an instant connection, but she's got to deal with her workaholic fiance. 4/3,8 LOVE'S KITCHEN [TVPG]·Comedy·2010·(1:30) A once up-and-coming chef - whose love for cooking soured with the sudden death of his wife - gets second chance at love when he meets an attractive food critic who once dissed his restaurant! 5/3 LULU ON THE BRIDGE [PG13]·Romance·1998·(1:44) A jazz saxophonist's life is transformed when he is accidentally shot. 4/4,8,24 MACSHAYNE: FINAL ROLL OF THE DICE [TVPG] MacShayne is hired by a Vegas hotel to keep an eye on its superstar entertainers, one of whom is found murdered. 5/1 MACSHAYNE: WINNER TAKES ALL [TVPG]·Crime·1994·(1: Ex-con gets side-tracked into Las Vegas casino heist while searching for his ex-wife. 5/2 MARRIED LIFE [PG13]·Drama·2007·(1:31) Harry is an older man with a problem - he's fallen in love with a younger woman, and a divorce will humiliate his wife. But while he's plotting to murder his spouse, his best friend is making his move. 4/9,10,14,25,29 MASTER HAROLD... AND THE BOYS [PG13]·Drama·2009· A youg white South African is torn between the hate he has for his invalid father and the respect he has for the family's black shop employee. 3/30 MASTERMINDS [PG13]·Action·1997·(1:45) A deviant security expert takes an exclusive private school and its wealthy students hostage - but he didn't count on a rebellious teenager who knows the building inside and out! An action-packed adventure! 3/31,4/6,12,23,24,29 MILK MONEY [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:49) A boy and his pals pool their money and head to the big city, aiming to get a close-up look at a hooker - but she winds up bringing them home, being mistaken for a math tutor, and more! 5/3 MR. CHRISTMAS [G]·Drama·2005·(:54) A young father struggling to make ends meet can't afford to buy his 5-year-old daughter what she's expecting for Christmas - but the magic of the season won't give up on this family! 4/12,30,5/1 NEIL SIMON'S THE ODD COUPLE II [PG13]·Comedy·1998· Oscar and Felix take an adventurous road trip to their son and daughter's wedding. 5/3 NOTE TO SELF [TV14]·Drama·2012·(1:40) A college basketball star discovers his senior year won't be a party - family issues and the discovery of new love means he must start to grow up. 4/2,14 OLIVER'S STORY [PG]·Romance·1978·(1:30) In the "Love Story" sequel, Ryan O'Neal romances a department store heiress. 4/1,13,23 ORCA [PG]·Drama·1977·(1:33) A killer whale is out for revenge when a shark-hunting seafarer captures and kills its pregnant mate. With Bo Derek. 5/1 OUTLAW JUSTICE [TVPG]·Western·1999·(1:31) Action adventure with an all-star cast a young man's quest to avenge the death of his father with the help of two ageing gunslingers and the local sheriff. 4/5,13 OXFORD BLUES [PG13]·Comedy·1984·(1:38) A Las Vegas parking attendant pursues the woman of his dreams - going all the way to England to enroll at her school: Oxford University! 4/1,13,17,25,26 PAPA'S DELICATE CONDITION [TVG]·Comedy·1962·(1:38) Call him irresponsible. Tipsy turn-of-the-century railroad supervisor buys bankrupt circus and sends his long suffering wife into a tizzy. 4/7,8,25 PAPER MOON [PG]·Comedy·1973·(1:42) A con-man and a feisty young girl travel the midwest during the 1930s, selling Bibles to grieving widows and meeting a gallery of eccentric characters. Tatum O'Neal won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. 4/4,13,29 PARADISE, HAWAIIAN STYLE [G]·Comedy·1965·(1:31) A former airline pilot and formidable ladies man joins a tourist helicopter service, hustling his former girlfriends to help drum up business. 4/1,21,22 PRAIRIE FEVER [TVPG]·Western·2007·(1:21) While transporting three women across the plains, a man encounters an outlaw on the run from her partner. 4/4,13,19,23 PRIVATE VALENTINE: BLONDE & DANGEROUS [PG13] A pampered movie star whose career has stalled gets drunk and joins the Army - and immediately begins to regret enlisting! 4/11,19,27 SANDS OF OBLIVION [TV14]·Horror·2007·(1:36) An avenging ancient Egyptian demigod is unearthed from its California desert burial ground, unleashing giant sand monsters, hordes of scorpions and more unspeakable evil. 4/10,25,30 SANTA WITH MUSCLES [PG]·Comedy·1996·(1:37) When a billionaire gets amnesia, he thinks he is Santa Claus and comes to the rescue of an orphanage. 4/8,21,27 SHE-DEVIL [PG13]·Comedy·1989·(1:39) The hard-working wife of a successful accountant plots a systematic, hilariously complex revenge when her husband takes up with a rich, snooty romance novelist. An underrated comedy, with Ed Begley Jr. 4/8,16,17,25 SNOWBOARD ACADEMY [PG]·Comedy·1996·(1:29) Rival brothers pit skiers against snowboarders at a failing ski resort - throw in an imbecile safety manager, an exasperated dad and his sexy ex-wife, and you've got a recipe for comic mayhem! 4/3,13,22,30 STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN [PG] Berry Gordy hired Detroit's best musicians for his Motown label - the Funk Brothers band played on massive hits by The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and more. An award-winning music documentary. 4/10,18 STEAMBOY [PG13]·Foreign·2004·(1:45) A boy inventor in Victorian England acquires the revolutionary 'steam ball' - a powerful device sought by both war profiteers and criminals. An animated adventure from the director of the anime classic Akira. 4/5,22,28 STEEP [PG13]·Documentary·2007·(1:30) Riveting, over-the-top extreme snow skiing exploits - including an amazing parachute jump - while tracing the history of a sport that routinely pushes athletes to their limits. 4/6 STEPMOM [PG13]·Drama·1998·(2:05) When a young woman becomes romantically involved with an older divorced man, she must learn how to become the stepmother to his children from his ex-wife - who is terminally ill with cancer. 5/3,4 SUMMER'S END [PG]·Drama·1999·(1:41) 12-year-old boy and his older brother have just lost their dad. At their summer cottage, the younger boy befriends a black doctor who has to deal with local prejudice and racism. 5/2 TERMINAL [TV14]·Drama·1996·(1:30) When a doctor and a nurse probe deaths at a Seattle hospital, they uncover a money plot linked to the pharmaceutical industry. From the novel by Robin Cook. 5/4 THAT TOUCH OF MINK [TVG]·Comedy·1962·(1:39) An old-fashioned country girl meets the man of her dreams - a rich playboy who falls for the girl but never wants to marry. 4/16,17,21 THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE Buckaroo Banzai - neurosurgeon / race car driver / rock star - and his band of adventurers take on alien invaders from the 8th dimension in this wild sci-fi comedy-adventure 4/10,15,16 THE CHOSEN ONE [PG13]·Comedy·2010·(1:41) A down in the dumps American car salesman is deemed "The Chosen One" by three shaman from a Columbian tribe seeking his help to restore order to the universe. 4/4,12,16,21 THE COLOR OF FREEDOM [TVPG]·Drama·2007·(1:58) The true story of South African political prisoner Nelson Mandela and the white prison guard James Gregory - their longstanding relationship turned them into friends and changed Gregory's life. 4/9,18,24 THE COURT JESTER [TVG]·Comedy·1955·(1:41) Medieval nobody poses as tyrant king's house comic in plot to return child royal to the throne. 4/9,10,19 THE DEAD [PG]·Drama·1987·(1:23) Following a holiday dinner party, at her husband's prodding, a woman tearfully recounts her fateful affair with her one true love. Final, award-winning film from director John Huston, based on the James Joyce short story. 4/6,11,22,30 THE GATE [PG13]·Horror·1986·(1:26) In pleasant suburbia, a fallen tree reveals a large, mysterious hole in a family's back yard. Soon miniature demons begin to escape from the earth, wreaking havoc. Can a young boy and his sister close the gate? 4/8,15,23,5/3 THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH [TVPG]·Drama·1952·(2: A high-wire circus performer falls for a French aerialist. 4/4,14,15 THE GUNFIGHTERS [PG]·Western·1987·(1:32) A pair of brothers and their cousin run up against a frontier town's biggest landholder - and after an accidental shooting, they join an outlaw gang to battle him. 4/8,17 THE LAST PATROL [PG13]·Action·2000·(1:35) After a massive earthquake destroys Los Angeles, a new order is formed. But disagreement among the ranks leads to more war and disruption, and The Last Patrol must bring order if there's to be any hope for the future. 4/9,22,27 THE LEGEND OF TILLAMOOK'S GOLD [TVPG]·Family·2006· After her family moves to a small Oregon town, young Julie learns of a legendary treasure - Tillamook's gold - supposedly buried there. The search becomes a journey of adventure and self-discovery! 4/1,11 THE LEGEND OF HELL'S GATE: AN AMERICAN A pair of outlaws in 1870s Texas come across another bad guy who claims to have met presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth - the trio go on the run in this Lone Star state treasure-hunt. 4/2,11,22,28 THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES [PG13]·ScienceAfter his wife dies in a bizarre car crash, a newspaper reporter finds himself in a small town, where a series of strange events may be linked to a mysterious creature. 3/31 THE OUT OF TOWNERS [G]·Comedy·1969·(1:37) George and his wife arrive in New York City for his job interview the next day - but the next fifteen hours include a hellish train ride, muggers, torrential rain, a police chase, picket lines and a broken tooth! 4/15,19 THE RAT RACE [TVPG]·Comedy·1960·(1:45) Intelligent comedy-drama about two young people trying to make it in NYC - their economic living arrangement slowly turns to love as they struggle with cynics and bad guys. With Don Rickles. 4/7,24,25 THE RUBY RING [TVG]·Adventure·1996·(1:30) A woman gives her granddaughter a magic ring that can grant two wishes within 24 hours. 3/31 THE SHOOTING [G]·Western·1966·(1:21) Four strangers, hired by a mysterious woman, ride in search of a killer - but their journey is jeopardized when they are joined by a sadistic gunman. An unconventional western, with Warren Oates. 4/14,18 THE SHORTCUT [PG13]·Horror·2009·(1:25) A short cut through the woods can sometimes mean a short life span - or that's what the kids who pass by the supposedly haunted house with the scary old man think. Did he really kidnap children? These teens will find out! 4/21,25 THIS PROPERTY IS CONDEMNED [TVPG]·Drama·1966·(1: A handsome railroad man arrives in a small southern town to lay off the local line's workers, when he meets the beautiful daughter of a bawdy boardinghouse owner. Based on a Tennessee Williams play. 5/1 THOMAS AND THE MAGIC RAILROAD [G]·Family·2000·(1: Mr. Conductor must find a new supply of magic gold dust to protect Thomas the Tank Engine from the mean-spirited Diesels. 4/9 TOP SECRET! [PG]·Comedy·1984·(1:30) From the same team that brought you Airplane!: a rock star unwittingly becomes involved in espionage while on tour in East Germany. 3/30 TRUE HEART [PG]·Family·1997·(1:33) With the help of a Native American trapper and a legendary bear, a teenage brother and sister fight to survive a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness. 4/16,25 TWO BITS & PEPPER [PG]·Family·1995·(1:33) When a young girl ignores her parents' warning about not riding her pony into town, she is reprimanded and then runs away to a friend's house. 3/30 UNDERCOVER BLUES [PG13]·Comedy·1993·(1:30) Two married CIA super-agents have abandoned the daily grind to devote quality time to their baby. But international spy trouble - and a luckless mugger - finds them during a New Orleans vacation. With Stanley Tucci. 3/31 WAGONS EAST [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:48) A group of frustrated Old West pioneers have had enough - they want to go back east, and hire a burly, bungling wagonmaster to lead the way. John Candy's final film. 4/17,21 WARREN MILLER'S CHILDREN OF WINTER [TVPG] Skiing movie legend Warren Miller's crack team delivers a daring escape to electrifying winter sports destinations - Japan, Austria, Iceland, Alaska and more! With Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder Seth Westcott. 4/2,15 WE'RE NO ANGELS [TVG]·Comedy·1954·(1:46) Three convicts escape Devil's Island and take over store of French shopkeeper just as auditors arrive. 4/3,14,23 WHISKERS [G]·Comedy·1996·(1:34) A boy prays to an Egyptian goddess to make his cat human when he thinks his parents want to get rid of it. 3/30,4/9,14 WINCHESTER '73 [TVPG]·Western·1966·(1:37) Two brothers - one an ex-con and the other a law officer - compete for possession of a famed repeating rifle. 4/5,6,24,28,29 YOU MAY NOT KISS THE BRIDE [PG13]·Comedy·2012·(1: A pet photographer finds himself marrying the beautiful daughter of a Croatian mob boss and heading for a tropical honeymoon - where the new bride gets kidnapped! An action-packed comedy, with Rob Schneider, Mena Suvari. 4/11,26 YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES [PG13]·Mystery·1985·(1:49) Victorian London schoolboys Holmes and Watson become friends while in pursuit of a lethal pagan cult. 4/3,4,13,19
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