Encore's Westerns Channel Schedule in 2016

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Weekly Schedule, all times Pacific / Eastern Time
• 2016 •
                                                  • May • 
Monday, 5·23
6:20a Boss Of Lonely Valley
Other zones: CT ·5:20a• MT ·4:20a
7:25a The Navajo Kid
Other zones: CT ·6:25a• MT ·5:25a
8:25a Tumbleweed
Other zones: CT ·7:25a• MT ·6:25a
9:45a Copper Canyon
Other zones: CT ·8:45a• MT ·7:45a
11:10a The Wild Westerners
Other zones: CT ·10:10a• MT ·9:10a
12:25p The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Other zones: CT ·11:25a• MT ·10:25a
2:00p Maverick122 (E122)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp212 (E212)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson13 (E13)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 46 (E46)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne62 (E62)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:10p Wagon Train101 (E101)
Other zones: CT ·4:10p• MT ·3:10p
6:05p Laramie109 (E109)
Other zones: CT ·5:05p• MT ·4:05p
7:00p Death Valley Days 1 (E1)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 139 (E39)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p WILD TIME 1 (E1)
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p WILD TIME 2 (E2)
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:20p Sunset
Other zones: CT ·10:20p• MT ·9:20p
1:10a The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Other zones: CT ·12:10a• MT ·11:10p
2:45a WILD TIME 1 (E1)
Other zones: CT ·1:45a• MT ·12:45a
4:25a WILD TIME 2 (E2)
Other zones: CT ·3:25a• MT ·2:25a
Tuesday, 5·24
6:05a The Walking Hills
Other zones: CT ·5:05a• MT ·4:05a
7:25a Across the Great Divide
Other zones: CT ·6:25a• MT ·5:25a
9:10a The Texican
Other zones: CT ·8:10a• MT ·7:10a
10:40a 5 Card Stud
Other zones: CT ·9:40a• MT ·8:40a
12:25p Wanted: The Sundance Woman
Other zones: CT ·11:25a• MT ·10:25a
2:00p Maverick123 (E123)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp213 (E213)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson14 (E14)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 47 (E47)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne63 (E63)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:10p Wagon Train102 (E102)
Other zones: CT ·4:10p• MT ·3:10p
6:05p Laramie110 (E110)
Other zones: CT ·5:05p• MT ·4:05p
7:00p Death Valley Days 2 (E2)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 140 (E40)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p Man In The Shadow
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:25p 5 Card Stud
Other zones: CT ·8:25p• MT ·7:25p
11:10p Broken Horses
Other zones: CT ·10:10p• MT ·9:10p
12:55a Wanted: The Sundance Woman
Other zones: CT ·11:55p• MT ·10:55p
2:30a Man In The Shadow
Other zones: CT ·1:30a• MT ·12:30a
3:55a The Texican
Other zones: CT ·2:55a• MT ·1:55a
5:25a The Broken Land
Other zones: CT ·4:25a• MT ·3:25a
Wednesday, 5·25
6:30a Riders of the Northland
Other zones: CT ·5:30a• MT ·4:30a
7:30a The Far Country
Other zones: CT ·6:30a• MT ·5:30a
9:10a Santa Fe
Other zones: CT ·8:10a• MT ·7:10a
10:40a Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail
Other zones: CT ·9:40a• MT ·8:40a
12:20p High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane
Other zones: CT ·11:20a• MT ·10:20a
2:00p Maverick124 (E124)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp214 (E214)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson15 (E15)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 48 (E48)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne64 (E64)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:10p Wagon Train103 (E103)
Other zones: CT ·4:10p• MT ·3:10p
6:05p Laramie111 (E111)
Other zones: CT ·5:05p• MT ·4:05p
7:00p Death Valley Days 3 (E3)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 141 (E41)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p The Spikes Gang
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p Louis L'Amour's Crossfire Trail
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:20p The Far Country
Other zones: CT ·10:20p• MT ·9:20p
1:00a High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane
Other zones: CT ·12:00a• MT ·11:00p
2:40a The Spikes Gang
Other zones: CT ·1:40a• MT ·12:40a
4:20a Posse
Other zones: CT ·3:20a• MT ·2:20a
Thursday, 5·26
6:15a McLintock!
Other zones: CT ·5:15a• MT ·4:15a
8:25a Blue Steel
Other zones: CT ·7:25a• MT ·6:25a
9:20a The Dawn Rider
Other zones: CT ·8:20a• MT ·7:20a
10:15a The Horse Soldiers
Other zones: CT ·9:15a• MT ·8:15a
12:20p The Shepherd Of The Hills
Other zones: CT ·11:20a• MT ·10:20a
2:00p Maverick Ep 1 (E1)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp215 (E215)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson16 (E16)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 49 (E49)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne65 (E65)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:10p Wagon Train104 (E104)
Other zones: CT ·4:10p• MT ·3:10p
6:05p Laramie112 (E112)
Other zones: CT ·5:05p• MT ·4:05p
7:00p Death Valley Days 4 (E4)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 142 (E42)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p True Grit
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
10:10p The Horse Soldiers
Other zones: CT ·9:10p• MT ·8:10p
12:15a McLintock!
Other zones: CT ·11:15p• MT ·10:15p
2:25a The Shepherd Of The Hills
Other zones: CT ·1:25a• MT ·12:25a
4:05a True Grit
Other zones: CT ·3:05a• MT ·2:05a
Friday, 5·27
6:15a Secret of Treasure Mountain
Other zones: CT ·5:15a• MT ·4:15a
7:25a The Way West
Other zones: CT ·6:25a• MT ·5:25a
9:30a The Long Rope
Other zones: CT ·8:30a• MT ·7:30a
10:35a Young Billy Young
Other zones: CT ·9:35a• MT ·8:35a
12:05p Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
Other zones: CT ·11:05a• MT ·10:05a
2:00p Maverick Ep 2 (E2)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp216 (E216)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson17 (E17)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 50 (E50)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne66 (E66)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:10p Wagon Train105 (E105)
Other zones: CT ·4:10p• MT ·3:10p
6:05p Laramie113 (E113)
Other zones: CT ·5:05p• MT ·4:05p
7:00p Death Valley Days 5 (E5)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 143 (E43)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p Cat Ballou
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p Young Billy Young
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:10p The Way West
Other zones: CT ·10:10p• MT ·9:10p
1:15a Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
Other zones: CT ·12:15a• MT ·11:15p
3:10a Cat Ballou
Other zones: CT ·2:10a• MT ·1:10a
4:50a 100 Rifles
Other zones: CT ·3:50a• MT ·2:50a
Saturday, 5·28
6:40a Return Of The Lash
Other zones: CT ·5:40a• MT ·4:40a
7:35a Stage To Tucson
Other zones: CT ·6:35a• MT ·5:35a
9:00a Gunsmoke 126 (E126)
Other zones: CT ·8:00a• MT ·7:00a
9:30a Gunsmoke 127 (E127)
Other zones: CT ·8:30a• MT ·7:30a
10:00a Gunsmoke 128 (E128)
Other zones: CT ·9:00a• MT ·8:00a
10:30a Gunsmoke 129 (E129)
Other zones: CT ·9:30a• MT ·8:30a
11:00a Gunsmoke 130 (E130)
Other zones: CT ·10:00a• MT ·9:00a
11:30a Gunsmoke 131 (E131)
Other zones: CT ·10:30a• MT ·9:30a
12:00p Five Guns West
Other zones: CT ·11:00a• MT ·10:00a
1:20p Ten Wanted Men
Other zones: CT ·12:20p• MT ·11:20a
2:45p Red River
Other zones: CT ·1:45p• MT ·12:45p
4:25p Goin' South
Other zones: CT ·3:25p• MT ·2:25p
6:15p Man of the West
Other zones: CT ·5:15p• MT ·4:15p
8:00p Bend Of The River
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:35p Red River
Other zones: CT ·8:35p• MT ·7:35p
11:15p The Horse Soldiers
Other zones: CT ·10:15p• MT ·9:15p
1:20a Goin' South
Other zones: CT ·12:20a• MT ·11:20p
3:10a Bend Of The River
Other zones: CT ·2:10a• MT ·1:10a
4:45a High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane
Other zones: CT ·3:45a• MT ·2:45a
Sunday, 5·29
6:25a The Redhead And The Cowboy
Other zones: CT ·5:25a• MT ·4:25a
7:50a Day Of The Bad Man
Other zones: CT ·6:50a• MT ·5:50a
9:15a Mackenna's Gold
Other zones: CT ·8:15a• MT ·7:15a
11:25a The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Other zones: CT ·10:25a• MT ·9:25a
1:00p Purgatory
Other zones: CT ·12:00p• MT ·11:00a
2:35p Day Of The Bad Man
Other zones: CT ·1:35p• MT ·12:35p
4:00p Bandolero!
Other zones: CT ·3:00p• MT ·2:00p
5:50p Mackenna's Gold
Other zones: CT ·4:50p• MT ·3:50p
8:00p The Shepherd Of The Hills
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p Day Of The Bad Man
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:05p The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Other zones: CT ·10:05p• MT ·9:05p
12:40a Bandolero!
Other zones: CT ·11:40p• MT ·10:40p
2:30a The Shepherd Of The Hills
Other zones: CT ·1:30a• MT ·12:30a
4:10a Death Hunt
Other zones: CT ·3:10a• MT ·2:10a
5:50a The Magnificent Seven Ride!
Other zones: CT ·4:50a• MT ·3:50a
Monday, 5·30
7:35a Denver & Rio Grande
Other zones: CT ·6:35a• MT ·5:35a
9:05a Tulsa
Other zones: CT ·8:05a• MT ·7:05a
10:35a The Spikes Gang
Other zones: CT ·9:35a• MT ·8:35a
12:15p The Magnificent Seven Ride!
Other zones: CT ·11:15a• MT ·10:15a
2:00p Maverick Ep 3 (E3)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp217 (E217)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson18 (E18)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 51 (E51)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne67 (E67)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:10p Wagon Train106 (E106)
Other zones: CT ·4:10p• MT ·3:10p
6:05p Laramie114 (E114)
Other zones: CT ·5:05p• MT ·4:05p
7:00p Death Valley Days 6 (E6)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 144 (E44)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p The Wonderful Country
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p The Spikes Gang
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:20p Monte Walsh
Other zones: CT ·10:20p• MT ·9:20p
1:20a The Magnificent Seven Ride!
Other zones: CT ·12:20a• MT ·11:20p
3:05a The Wonderful Country
Other zones: CT ·2:05a• MT ·1:05a
Other zones: CT ·3:45a• MT ·2:45a
Tuesday, 5·31
6:20a True Grit
Other zones: CT ·5:20a• MT ·4:20a
8:30a Monte Walsh
Other zones: CT ·7:30a• MT ·6:30a
10:30a Paint Your Wagon
Other zones: CT ·9:30a• MT ·8:30a
1:05p Death Valley Days82 (E82)
Other zones: CT ·12:05p• MT ·11:05a
1:35p The Beguiled
Other zones: CT ·12:35p• MT ·11:35a
3:25p Maverick Ep 46 (E46)
Other zones: CT ·2:25p• MT ·1:25p
4:15p Fistful Of Dollars
Other zones: CT ·3:15p• MT ·2:15p
6:00p Hang 'Em High
Other zones: CT ·5:00p• MT ·4:00p
8:00p High Plains Drifter
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:50p True Grit
Other zones: CT ·8:50p• MT ·7:50p
12:00a The Outsider
Other zones: CT ·11:00p• MT ·10:00p
2:00a Hang 'Em High
Other zones: CT ·1:00a• MT ·12:00a
4:00a Texas Terror
Other zones: CT ·3:00a• MT ·2:00a
4:55a Outlaw Justice
Other zones: CT ·3:55a• MT ·2:55a
                                                  • June • 
Wednesday, 6·1
6:30a The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
Other zones: CT ·5:30a• MT ·4:30a
8:05a Branded
Other zones: CT ·7:05a• MT ·6:05a
9:40a Invitation to a Gunfighter
Other zones: CT ·8:40a• MT ·7:40a
11:15a Will Penny
Other zones: CT ·10:15a• MT ·9:15a
1:10p Maverick Ep 4 (E4)
Other zones: CT ·12:10p• MT ·11:10a
2:00p Maverick Ep 5 (E5)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp218 (E218)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson19 (E19)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 52 (E52)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne68 (E68)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:15p Wagon Train107 (E107)
Other zones: CT ·4:15p• MT ·3:15p
6:06p Laramie115 (E115)
Other zones: CT ·5:06p• MT ·4:06p
7:00p Death Valley Days 7 (E7)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 145 (E45)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p The Shepherd Of The Hills
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:40p Invitation to a Gunfighter
Other zones: CT ·8:40p• MT ·7:40p
11:15p The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid
Other zones: CT ·10:15p• MT ·9:15p
12:50a Will Penny
Other zones: CT ·11:50p• MT ·10:50p
2:45a The Shepherd Of The Hills
Other zones: CT ·1:45a• MT ·12:45a
4:25a Shadow Valley
Other zones: CT ·3:25a• MT ·2:25a
5:25a Black Hills
Other zones: CT ·4:25a• MT ·3:25a
Thursday, 6·2
6:25a You Know My Name
Other zones: CT ·5:25a• MT ·4:25a
8:00a Cattle Empire
Other zones: CT ·7:00a• MT ·6:00a
9:25a Hombre
Other zones: CT ·8:25a• MT ·7:25a
11:20a Adiós, Sabata
Other zones: CT ·10:20a• MT ·9:20a
1:10p Maverick Ep 6 (E6)
Other zones: CT ·12:10p• MT ·11:10a
2:00p Maverick Ep 7 (E7)
Other zones: CT ·1:00p• MT ·12:00p
2:51p Wyatt Earp219 (E219)
Other zones: CT ·1:51p• MT ·12:51p
3:20p Bat Masterson20 (E20)
Other zones: CT ·2:20p• MT ·1:20p
3:50p Gunsmoke 53 (E53)
Other zones: CT ·2:50p• MT ·1:50p
4:20p Cheyenne69 (E69)
Other zones: CT ·3:20p• MT ·2:20p
5:15p Wagon Train108 (E108)
Other zones: CT ·4:15p• MT ·3:15p
6:06p Laramie116 (E116)
Other zones: CT ·5:06p• MT ·4:06p
7:00p Death Valley Days 8 (E8)
Other zones: CT ·6:00p• MT ·5:00p
7:30p Wanted 146 (E46)
Other zones: CT ·6:30p• MT ·5:30p
8:00p Hondo
Other zones: CT ·7:00p• MT ·6:00p
9:25p Hombre
Other zones: CT ·8:25p• MT ·7:25p

ADIÓS, SABATA [TV14]·Western·1970·(1:45)
Mercenary soldier of fortune Sabata joins up with a Yankee
gambler and a Mexican bandit to steal gold from Emperor
Maximilian. 6/2

BANDOLERO! [TVPG]·Western·1968·(1:46)
A man disguises himself as an executioner to save his
brother from the gallows - now they're on the run and trying
to go straight, if the sexy women and bandits will let them!
With Raquel Welch. 5/29,30

BEND OF THE RIVER [TVPG]·Western·1951·(1:31)
Wagon train scout James Stewart battles hijacker Arthur
Kennedy in frontier Oregon. Julia Adams, Rock Hudson.

BLACK HILLS [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:58)
Two frontiersmen try to avenge the murder of a struggling
rancher. 6/2

BRANDED [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:34)
A man poses as the long-lost son of a rich cattle baron so
that he can inherit the family fortune. 6/1

Western classic chronicles legendary bank robbers Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - and the lovely young
schoolteacher who went along for the ride. Winner of 4
Oscars, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Song.

CAT BALLOU [TVPG]·Western·1965·(1:36)
Rollicking western about a sexy young woman who hires an
infamous - and very drunk - gunfighter to help avenge the
death of her father. Best Actor Oscar for Lee Marvin.

CATTLE EMPIRE [TVPG]·Western·1958·(1:23)
His men once terrorized their town, but he was caught and
sent to jail. Now the town fathers hire the trail boss to drive
their herd, and he sees a chance for revenge - or will he find
honesty and courage? 6/2

DAY OF THE BAD MAN [TVPG]·Western·1958·(1:21)
A circuit judge - who sentenced a man to death for murder -
holds guilty man's brothers at gun point so the stage
carrying the convicted killer can get out of town. 5/13,14,29

DEATH HUNT [R]·Action·1981·(1:37)
A Canadian Mountie doggedly pursues a trapper wrongly
accused of murder. 5/30

DENVER & RIO GRANDE [TVY7]·Western·1951·(1:29)
Land engineers from rival railroads vie to complete their
respective companies' routes through the Rocky Mountains
in exciting Western of the Industrial Age featuring landmark
train collision at its climax. 5/30

FISTFUL OF DOLLARS [R]·Western·1964·(1:40)
The laconic "man with no name" - a tough gunslinger -
manipulates rival families warring over a small frontier
town. Stylish, violent film was the first spaghetti western hit
and made Clint Eastwood a star. 5/31

FIVE GUNS WEST [TVG]·Western·1955·(1:18)
Five convicted murderers, released from prison and enlisted
in the Confederate Army, overpower stagecoach with Union
spy and money. Plan backfires when they want money
themselves. 5/28

GOIN' SOUTH [PG]·Western·1978·(1:48)
A horse thief is saved from the hangman's noose by
marrying a local spinster. But she doesn't have romance in
mind - she needs someone to help her find buried gold! With
John Belushi. 5/22,28,29

HANG 'EM HIGH [PG13]·Western·1968·(1:55)
Jed Cooper is falsely accused of murder, survives a lynch
mob, and is then deputized to help round up the men who
framed him - but Jed pursues his own vision of justice in
this rowdy, violent western. 5/31, 6/1

A sequel to the 1952 film "High Noon." Will Kane returns with
his wife one year after the shootout with Frank Miller. He
finds Hadleyville once again troubled and in the grip of a
sadistic marshal. 5/25,26,29

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER [R]·Western·1972·(1:45)
A mysterious stranger rides into town, guns down three
"lawmen" and discovers a community willing to give him
anything to stop three bloodthirsty convicts from seeking
revenge. Atmospheric and violent, directed by Clint
Eastwood. 5/7,31

HOMBRE [TV14]·Western·1966·(1:51)
A white man raised by Apaches faces numerous challenges
from bigoted passengers when outlaws ambush their
stagecoach in this taut western drama. With Richard Boone,
from a novel by Elmore Leonard. 6/2

HONDO [PG]·Western·1953·(1:24)
Wandering the west, Hondo Lane helps out a woman and her
young son on their remote ranch - but when an Apache chief
visits the homestead with a warning, Hondo must make a
decision. 6/2

A corrupt town hires a gunslinger to get rid of a
troublemaker, with surprising results. 6/1

MACKENNA'S GOLD [TV14]·Western·1969·(2:08)
A sheriff has committed to memory a mythic map that leads
to a lcanyon of gold - and now a bandit, his gang and others
force the lawman to take them to the legendary loot.

MAN OF THE WEST [TV14]·Western·1958·(1:39)
A seemingly innocent man and woman find themselves
captured by a psychotic gang - but the man has a past, and
a plan to gain revenge! From director Anthony Mann (The
Naked Spur). 5/6,11,12,28

MCLINTOCK! [TV14]·Western·1963·(2:07)
He's no quiet man - rancher George Washington McLintock
battles his spitfire red-headed wife, a willful daughter and
various shysters in a brawling, slapstick western comedy.

MONTE WALSH [PG13]·Western·2002·(1:57)
The west is vanishing for tough old cowboys like Monte
Walsh. But while cattle companies and new-fangled
technologies approach, Walsh deals with a young hothead
the old-fashioned way. 5/7,30,31

OUTLAW JUSTICE [TVPG]·Western·1999·(1:31)
Action adventure with an all-star cast a young man's quest
to avenge the death of his father with the help of two ageing
gunslingers and the local sheriff. 6/1

PAINT YOUR WAGON [PG13]·Comedy·1969·(2:35)
In a California gold rush town, a pair of miners dig for riches,
enter a three-way marriage with a willing woman, and
engineer a wild plan to tunnel under the town. An awardwinning
musical - Clint Eastwood sings! 5/31

PURGATORY [TV14]·Western·1999·(1:34)
Following a bank robbery, a sinister desperado and his gang
ride into a small western town where things are too perfect -
and when someone recognizes the late Jesse James, the
mystery deepens. 5/9,29

RED RIVER [TV14]·Western·1988·(1:35)
A ego-driven cattle baron fights with his foster son on the
first cattle drive up the Chisholm Trail. Remake of the
Howard Hawks classic. 5/4,28

RETURN OF THE LASH [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:53)
Lash Larue's sidekick Fuzzy gets amnesia. 5/9,28

An Apache curse hangs over good guys and a villain seeking
Spanish gold. 5/14,27

SHADOW VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:57)
Singing cowboy saves woman's ranch from gold-greedy
outlaws. 6/2

STAGE TO TUCSON [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:21)
Two men set out to investigate hijacking of stagecoaches
just before the Civil War. Rod Cameron. 5/10,28

THUNDER AT THE BORDER [TVPG]·Western·1966·(1:34)
A brave cowboy and his loyal partner Winnetou agree to help
Mexican villagers defend their home from a vicious bandito
gang. 5/31

TEN WANTED MEN [TVPG]·Western·1954·(1:20)
Rival cattle ranchers become mortal enemies when a young
woman seeks refuge with one man because she doesn't love
the other - the spurned rancher hires ten gunslingers and
proceeds to wreak havoc. With Dennis Weaver. 5/28

TEXAS TERROR [TVPG]·Western·1935·(:51)
Believing he has killed his best friend by accident, a sheriff
gives up his badge and seeks solitude as a prospector. But
soon he learns the truth about the shooting. 6/1

THE BEGUILED [R]·Drama·1971·(1:45)
During the Civil War, a soldier finds refuge in a prim-andproper
female school, and uses his charm to systematically
bed the women - until he learns the true meaning of 'a
woman scorned'! 5/5,31

THE CULPEPPER CATTLE CO. [PG]·Western·1972·(1:32)
A teenager dreams of becoming a cowboy - he must grow up
fast when he joins a cattle drive to Colorado. 5/3,23,24,29

The legendary 1876 bank robbery that was the beginning of
the end of the notorious Jesse James gang is portrayed in
gritty pulp fiction style by director Philip Kaufman ("The Right
Stuff"). 6/1

THE HORSE SOLDIERS [TV14]·Western·1959·(2:00)
Director John Ford's exciting Civil War tale - based on an
actual mission - finds a Union regiment ordered deep into
enemy terrritory on a surprise raid. 5/26,28

THE LONG ROPE [TV14]·Western·1961·(1:01)
A federal judge makes enemies in a small town when he
declares a Mexican man innocent of a murder charge. The
judge must then find the real killer before a local lynch mob
gets out of hand. 5/21,27

A gunslinger-turned-lawman's world is turned upside-down
when a psycho outlaw rapes and murders his wife, setting in
motion a story of seven men out to keep the peace - no
matter the cost! 5/1,2,11,30,31

THE OUTSIDER [R]·Western·2001·(1:59)
In Montana of the late 19th century, wounded outlaw Johnny
Gault (Tim Daly) is given refuge by widowed sheep farmer
Rebecca Yoder (Naomi Watts). This puts Rebecca on the
outs with her own people, a pacifist Quaker sect. 6/1

A cowboy and a Union spy follow a woman taking a message
to a Rebel raider out West. 5/1,29

THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS [TVG]·Western·1941·(1:38)
Young man from the Ozark mountains vows revenge against
his father. Based on Harold Bell Wright's best selling novel.
5/26,27,29,30, 6/1,2

THE SPIKES GANG [PG]·Western·1974·(1:37)
A wounded bank robber teaches three boys the tricks of the
trade after they nurse him back to health. 5/8,25,26,30

THE WAY WEST [TVPG]·Western·1967·(2:02)
Accidental shooting of a young Indian boy causes problems
for a wagon train of settlers headed west. 5/4,5,22,23,27

THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY [TV14]·Western·1959·(1:38)
Hard-hitting tale of a expatriate American working for a
Mexican warlord - but a trip to Texas results in a lost
shipment of arms, the entrance of a beautiful woman, and a
faceoff with the US Army. 5/1,13,30,31

TRUE GRIT [G]·Western·1969·(2:08)
A 14-year-old girl gets a hard-drinking U.S. Marshal and a
Texas Ranger to help her track down the murderer of her
father. John Wayne won an Oscar for his performance.

TULSA [TVPG]·Action·1949·(1:28)
The film traces the matriculation of the sleepy Oklahoma
village of Tulsa into a major oil center. Susan Hayward stars
as an amibitious cattleman's daughter who wishes to wreak
vengeance on the encroaching oil interests. 5/30

WILL PENNY [TVPG]·Western·1967·(1:50)
Aging cowboy, who has been a loner all his life, meets and
falls in love with a young woman who helps him after he is
attacked and left for dead by outlaws. 6/1,2

YOU KNOW MY NAME [TV14]·Western·1999·(1:34)
The real-life story of old west lawman Bill Tilghman - after
riding with the Earp brothers, he became a silent movie
producer, then returned as a peace officer intent on cleaning
up an Oklahoma oil-boom town. 6/2

YOUNG BILLY YOUNG [G]·Western·1969·(1:29)
An old marshal finally faces his son's killer, joined by an
outlaw who becomes his deputy. 5/27

100 RIFLES [R]·Western·1968·(1:49)
Deputy Jim Brown pursues gun-runner Burt Reynolds into
Old Mexico, where he falls for rebel leader Raquel Welch.
Fernando Lamas, Dan O'Herlihy. 5/28

All times listed Eastern/Pacific, Others: CT Central Time, 
MT Mountain Time. THE titles listed as "T", TV-series individual 
episodes are no longer listed
                                    TV series on Encore Westerns
BAT MASTERSON [TVPG]·Western TV-series·1958-1960·(:26)
Starring Gene Barry, with no other regular cast members. Based on the adventures of the West's most colorful hero who became a legend in his own time as a lawman, Indian fighter, scout, and gambler. Presented with derby hat, gold-topped cane and special gun by the citizens of Dodge City as Sheriff, he was a close friend of Wyatt Earp. Moving to Tombstone, Arizona, he preferred to disarm bad guys with his wit and the cane.

THE BIG VALLEY [TVPG]·Western TV-series·1965-67·(:51)
High drama and western adventure on a family ranch in this cult classic, 1960s TV series. Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors, Linda Evans star

BONANZA [PG-14] TV-Series (429 episodes, 1959-73)
The adventures of Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and his sons as they run & defend their ranch while helping the surrounding community. Michael Landon, Dan Blocker (Hoss), Pernell Roberts (left in 1965) Guest stars inc. Slim Pickens, Jack Elam, DeForest Kelley, Will Geer, James Doohan, James Coburn, Buddy Ebsen, and Harry Carey Jr.
Note: episodes of "Bonanza" and "Big Valley" and "The Waltons" and "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" and "Little House On The Prairie" TV-series are showing on the Inspiration Channel

CHEYENNE [TVG]·Western·1955-62·TV-series (:49)
Orphaned as a child and raised by Apache Indians, Cheyenne Brodie is a loner and an adventurer. Never staying in one place too long, Cheyenne is unafraid to use his fists and guns as he restlessly wanders the American West.

DEATH VALLEY DAYS [TVPG]·Western·(:26) 1952 TV-series
The lives and adventures of 1800s Westerners. In the first episode, a group of pioneers finds a desolate wasteland on their way to California, which they aptly name Death Valley. Dale Robertson, Ronald Reagan, Robert Taylor. Guest stars included Deforest Kelley, Jim Davis, Merle Haggard

THE GENE AUTRY SHOW [TVG]·Western TV-series·1950-54
The adventures of singing cowboy Gene Autry and his sidekick restoring law and order in the old west. 27 min episodes

GUNSMOKE [TVPG]·Western·1955-75 TV-series
Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness) attempts to keep the peace in Dodge City. 50 min eps. Note: 1955-1961 episodes are 26 minute and were rerun with the series title "Marshall Dillon," nothing has been edited out. With Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, Dennis Weaver, Ken Curtis, Burt Reynolds, Glenn Strange.
John Wayne intro for first episode of Gunsmoke

HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL [TVPG]·Western·1957-1963 TV-series
Paladin (Richard Boone) is a West Point graduate & war veteran with a strong sense of honor. If you need help wire Paladin, San Francisco. It was one of the top three TV-westerns, along with Gunsmoke and Wagon Train. Head Writer: Gene Roddenberry.

LAREDO [TVPG]·Western·1965-67
A band of Texas Rangers deal with rustlers, bank robbers, and their own wild schemes, always getting in and out of trouble under their Captain named Parmalee. Neville Brand.

LAWMAN, THE [TVPG]·Western·1958-62
Set in Laramie of the Old West, Marshal Dan Troop and Deputy Johnny McKay help the citizens, fight injustice and keep peace.

Hugh O'Brien stars in semi-fictional adventures that start with the first episode, in which Wyatt's friend Marshall Whitney of Kansas is killed, so Wyatt takes his place and is presented two long barrel .45 pistols by Ned Buntline (Lloyd Corrigan). With Denver Pyle, Douglas Fowley as Doc Holliday, Stacy Harris as the Mayor and Lash La Rue for one season (1959) as Sheriff Behan. The series ended in 1961 with a 5-part story involving a shootout at the O K Corral.

MAVERICK [TV14]·Comedy·1957·(:50) James Garner, Jack Kelly TV-series
Brothers Bret and Bart Maverick travel across the West, trying to stay out of trouble, avoid manual labor, and make lots of money playing cards in this unique series. Some with Roger Moore as an English cousin.

RAWHIDE [TVPG]·Western·1959-1966
Trail boss Gil Favor is in charge of a continuous cattle drive along with his right hand, Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood) The crew runs into various characters and adventures along the way.

THE RIFLEMAN [TVPG]·Western TV-series·1957·(:26)
An action-packed Western with Chuck Connors as a two-fisted rancher raising his son in 1880s New Mexico.

The Virginian TV-series: see THE MEANEST MEN IN THE WEST

WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE [TVPG]·Western·1958-61 TV-series
Bounty hunters were common in the Old West. Since it didn't matter whether the criminals were brought back dead or alive to claim the reward, they did as they pleased. Such a man was Josh Randall (Steve McQueen). He used an unusual cross between a handgun and a rifle, a 30-40 sawed-off carbine. He was a man of few words...
For more movies including some westerns, see Turner Classic Movies or HBO & Cinemax
Some past Encore Westerns movies:
ACROSS THE WIDE MISSOURI [TVPG]·Adventure·1951·(1:18)
A conniving trapper (Clark Gable) marries the daughter of a Blackfoot chief in order to hunt in hostile territory and ends up falling for her
ADIOS, SABATA [TV14]·Foreign·1970·(1:45)
Mercenary soldier of fortune Sabata joins up with a Yankee gambler and a Mexican bandit to steal gold from Emperor Maximilian.
THE ALAMO [TVPG]·Action·1960·(2:42)
Explosive, epic account of the Mexican Army's 1836 siege against the outnumbered Republic of Texas defenders at a San Antonio mission called the Alamo. Directed and produced by John Wayne.
THE ALAMO [PG13]·True Story·2004·(2:42)
Realistic account of the legendary 1836 battle: Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and a band of volunteers take on the Mexican Army as the Republic of Texas fights for independence
ALIAS SMITH AND JONES [rated TVG]·Western TV-series·1972
Two notorious outlaws are promised amnesty if they behave for a year and get rid of a band of desperados for the Governor (note: this TV-series also shows on myRTN: the Retro TV Network)
ALVAREZ KELLY [TVPG]·Drama·1966·(1:50)
An adventurer bringing Mexican cattle to a Union major is kidnapped by a reckless Confederate guerilla, who forces the herd to starving Richmond during the Civil War. Based on a true incident
A gunslinger (John Wayne) is torn between the woman he loves (Gail Russell) and a vendetta. Harry Carey, Bruce Cabot
A tough western law-enforcer teams up with a sly con-artist to track down members of a corrupt vigilante group. Kris Kristofferson, Rip Torn, Willie Nelson
ARIZONA [TVPG]·Romance·1941·(2:01)
Young Missourian falls in love with Arizona girl, aids her against opposition in running freight line, and helps her realize her dream of owning biggest cattle ranch in the state
AVALANCHE AT DEVIL'S RIDGE [TV14]·Western·1988·(1:35)
Desperado is searching for the man that can prove he is innocent of murder. While on that quest, he helps a damsel in distress and winds up charged with kidnapping!
BACKLASH [TVPG]·Western·1956·(1:24)
Five white men die in Apache raid, but was there a sixth man? The law and townspeople search for this mystery man, reported to have a fortune in gold!
Back To The Future Part 3 (Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox go back in time 100 years and must use a steam locomotive to hit 85 mph to break the time barrier again). Co-stars Mary Steenbergen of Time After Time as a Jules Verne-loving school marm who discovers that Doc is from the future year of 1985. Extended cameo by Pat Buttram in Saloon. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, who previously cast Buttram (cameo) in his Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a six-gun's talking bullet
BADMAN'S COUNTRY [TVG]·Western·1958·(1:09)
What-if western pitting Buffalo Bill, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp against Butch Cassidy and his gang
THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE [R]·Comedy·1970·(2:01)
A drifter is left for dead by crooks - but the spot he was dumped turns out to be an oasis in the desert, transformed into a profitable way-station on a stagecoach route! A western comedy from Sam Peckinpah
THE BALLAD OF JOSIE [TVG]·Comedy·1968·(1:42)
A widow (Doris Day) shakes up a frontier Wyoming town, raising sheep to the dismay of local cattlemen and organizing women for the right to vote. Andy Devine, George Kennedy, Peter Graves
BAND OF ANGELS [TVG]·Drama·1957·(2:07)
Confederate gentleman Clark Gable falls for lovely Yvonne De Carlo in Raoul Walsh's Civil War epic
BARREL FULL OF DOLLARS [TV14]·Western·1971·(1:21)
A feud breaks out on the border of Mexico when outlaw Hagen's brothers are killed by Nevada Kid's family in this cult classic spaghetti western
George Montgomery negotiates an Indian truce as Oregon settlers seek statehood. Richard Denning, Martha Hyer, Joan Crawford
THE BIG SOMBRERO [TVG]·Musical·1949·(1:19)
A singing cowboy hired as a ranch foreman for a Mexican singer discovers that a former rodeo star wants to take over - trouble ensues!
BLACK FOX [TV14]·Western·1993·(1:33)
Two men - one white, the other black, and as close as natural brothers - risk everything when they agree to negotiate with Indians who kidnapped women and children during a violent raid in Civil War Texas.
BLACK HILLS [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:58)
Two frontiersmen try to avenge the murder of a struggling rancher
THE BLAZING SUN [TVG]·Western·1950·(1:10)
In his 75th film, singing cowboy Gene Autry tracks down a pair of bank robbers. Songs include "Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes."
BLUE MONTANA SKIES [TVPG]·Western·1939·(:57)
A singing cowboy and his sidekick find fur smugglers with a clue written on a rock. Gene Autry
BOOTS AND SADDLES [TVG]·Musical·1937·(:59)
A teenage British earl arrives out west to claim his inheritance - a sprawling ranch - but upsets everyone with his plan to sell the spread! Gene Autry croons "Give Me My Boots And Saddle" and more!
BORDER FEUD [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:54)
Someone is stirring up trouble between the Harts and the Condons in a plan to take over the gold mine at a rate far below market value
BORDER TREASURE [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:00)
A cowboy (Tim Holt) and his sidekick are accused of stealing earthquake relief funds and must catch the real culprits to clear their names
BRANDED [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:34)
Man poses as the long-lost son of a rich cattle baron so that he can inherit the family fortune.
THE BRAVADOS [TVPG]·Western·1958·(1:38)
Intense story of a man who relentlessly tracks down the four men responsible for raping and killing his wife - but as the quest goes on, is he sacrificing his own humanity? A powerful drama, with Stephen Boyd

BRET MAVERICK [TV14]·Western·1981·(:49)
Returning to the role that made him famous, James Garner is once again Bret Maverick who has decided to settle down in the town of Sweetwater, AZ. Now Maverick must learn to get along as the Wild West is tamed by modern civilization. Not to be confused with the 1994 movie "Maverick"
BRIMSTONE [TVPG]·1949·(1:30)
A family of cattle rustlers get ornery when a masked bandit moves in on their territory, and a new deputy is signed on to put a stop to them both. No relation to the fantasy TV-series Brimstone about a demon-hunter
Former Army scout negotiates treaty between Apache leader Cochise and the US government. Jeff Chandler, James Stewart, Jay Silverheels
A trail guide and a con man lead ex-slaves to the West. Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee
BUFFALO BILL [TVG]·Biography·1944·(1:30)
Based on the life and times of William F. Cody, better known as "Buffalo Bill"
THE BULL OF THE WEST [TVPG]·Western·1972·(1:39)
An ambitious woman purchases a ranch and begins to antagonize the locals with her schemes for expansion in this movie created from episodes of The Virginian. With Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb
"Prequel" to the classic Newman-Redford 1969 western recounts the legend of the outlaw pair's meeting. No Newman, no Redford, and not much plot. Directed by Richard Lester of Superman 2. Earlier sequel MRS. SUNDANCE (1974 TV-movie, aka WANTED: THE SUNDANCE WOMAN) at least had Katheron Ross reprising her role from the 1969 original (remade just two years later, starring Elizabeth Montgomery)
THE CANADIANS [TVPG]·Western·1961·(1:25)
Three Canadian Mounties entreat the mighty Sioux who had destroyed Custer, to walk the path of peace.
CAT BALLOU [TVPG]·Western·1965·(1:36)
Rollicking western about a sexy young woman who hires an infamous - and very drunk - gunfighter to help avenge the death of her father. Best Actor Oscar for Lee Marvin, catchy title tune sung by Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye
CATTLE KING [TVPG]·Western·1963·(1:28)
Cattlemen versus sheepherders in the Wyoming Territory fight it out - and even lobby the visiting President of the United States for help!
CHECK YOUR GUNS [TVPG]·Musical·1948·(:53)
Singing sheriff enacts old west gun control to thwart outlaws and a crooked judge

The Cheyenne Social Club [PG]·1970·(1:43)
Two cowboys (Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda) inherit the Cheyenne Social Club and are embarrassed to discover it's an old west bordello run by Shirley Jones. Directed by Gene Kelly

CHIEF CRAZY HORSE [TVG]·Western·1955·(1:26)
The story of a man who made a legend come true--Crazy Horse who followed a path to destiny as the greatest of all the Sioux

CIMARRON STRIP [TV14]·Western TV-series·1967 (1:12 without commercials)
Starring Stuart Whitman as Jim Crown, the marshal of Cimarron Strip, a thousand miles of wild borderland between Kansas and Indian territory

COLORADO [TVPG]·Western·1940·(:53)
When a Civil War traitor refuses to join the Union forces, his brother tracks him down
COLORADO SERENADE [TVPG]·Western·1946·(1:06)
Upright cowboys attempt to prevent a young thug from bullying the locals
COLORADO SUNSET [TVPG]·Western·1939·(1:05)
Gene Autry and his crew stop a dairy war that has erupted on the range
THE COMANCHEROS [TVPG]·Western·1961·(1:47)
A hard-hitting Texas Ranger and his former prisoner team up to penetrate the ranks of an outlaw gang supplying guns and liquor to Comanche warriors. With Lee Marvin
An ex-Texas Ranger joins the cavalry to unmask outlaws in the state patrol. 53 min
John Wayne finds himself with a herd of cattle, which he has to get to market before the winter sets in, but he has no men to help him. He turns to eleven young school boys as his last hope to get the job done. There is no better training for these boys than hands-on as they don't know what they're in for. Bruce Dern, Slim Pickens, Robert Carradine (his first film)
A singing cowboy catches a government trader bilking Indians on a reservation
COW TOWN [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:11)
A singing rancher (Gene Autry) uses barbed wire to keep rustlers off his land, sparking a feud with his neighbors
Teenage wanna-be cowboy becomes a man when he joins a dangerous cattle drive to Colorado. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer's (Pirates Of The Caribbean) first film was originally rated R for violence
DANCES WITH WOLVES [TV14]·Drama·1990·(3:54)
Director Kevin Costner's story of a white Army officer who comes to befriend a band of Sioux Indians and adopts their culture in the post-Civil War American west.
Famed frontiersman Daniel Boone (Fess Parker) leads a wagon train through the perilous Cumberland Gap and into a battle with Shawnee Indians who have been misled by a French renegade. Feature version of the beloved television show.
DAWN AT SOCORRO [TVPG]·Western·1954·(1:21)
A world-weary gunfighter, diagnosed with tuberculosis and ready to hang up his guns, falls for a local beauty in a small New Mexico town - but his haunted past won't leave him alone in this taut western drama
THE DAWN RIDER [TVPG]·Western·1935·(:53)
After seeing his father gunned down, a young man vows to bring the desperados to justice
A DAY OF FURY [TVPG]·Western·1956·(1:18)
Rebellious Dale Robertson resists the conventions of the frontier town where he lives. Mara Corday, Jock Mahoney. A renegade gunfighter saves a town marshall out on the trail, but it's a different story when the gunslinger arrives in the law-and-order town - the two men are headed for a showdown!
Kid Curry has been granted an amnesty and changes his name, but complications arise when an ambitious impostor claims his namesake and stirs up trouble
DEATH HUNT [R]·Action·1981
A Canadian Mountie doggedly pursues a trapper wrongly accused of murder. Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin
THE DESERT TRAIL [TVPG]·Western·1935·(:52)
The star performer in a rodeo stands accused of robbery.
DESTRY RIDES AGAIN [TVPG]·Comedy·1939·(1:35)
Classic Western spoof featuring Jimmy Stewart as an unarmed sheriff brought in to tame a lawless party town. Marlene Dietrich stars as Frenchie, a spunky saloon gal who eventually falls for Stewart (spoofed in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles). Later remade by Audie Murphy
THE DONNER PARTY [TV14]·Drama·2010·(1:31) Based on the true story of the Donner Party - an ill-fated band of homesteaders become stranded in an early winter blizzard in the California mountains and must resort to cannibalism to survive
DUCK,YOU SUCKER [PG]·Action·1971·(2:37)
Director Sergio Leone (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly) spins an explosive spaghetti-western story about a Mexican mercenary who convinces an Irish demolition expert to help him rob a bank.
A gunslinger must bring his large, cantankerous brother back to their mother for Christmas - an unofficial reunion of the characters from the Trinity spaghetti westerns!
A damsel is in distress when her chuck wagon, loaded with grub, is held up by bandits trying to form a monopoly on food supplies.
Clint Eastwood plays the laconic "man with no name", a tough gunslinger manipulating two rival families warring over a small frontier town. Amusing, violent, and very stylish. Eastwood's shrewd performance made him an international star and led to a string of "spaghetti westerns" filmed in Spain or Italian desert sands by Sergio Leone that look fairly realistic (unless you notice the train cars only have 2 axles). Plot is based on 1961 Japanese movie YOJIMBO about a loner samurai-for-hire who decides to teach a lesson to warring factions in a small town. Later remade as LAST MAN STANDING (Bruce Willis, Bruce Dern, 1996 set in 1930s with Chicago gangsters fighting over a small town) and again as Xena TV-series episode Fistful Of Dinars (set in an ancient Mediterranian village)
Sequel finds two gunslingers forming an uneasy alliance in their quest for an outlaw (Volonte). Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef (who uses Klaus Kinski's neck to strike a match), directed by Sergio Leone. Followed by THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966), the final chapter of director Sergio Leone's Man With No Name trilogy (about a drifter, an outlaw and a sadistic gunman racing to claim a treasure buried during the Civil War. Van Cleef, Clint and Eli Wallach)
FOUR FACES WEST [TVG]·Western·1948
Fearing their home may be repossessed, rancher (Joel McCrea) succumbs to temptation and robs a bank, leaving an IOU note
A look at the life, films and times of the famous singing cowboy and recording artist. Featuring interviews with Autry's family and fans--including Glen Campbell, Roy Clark, and Michael Martin Murphey.
A singing Montana marshal and his partner follow a bank robber to Canada.
GENTLEMEN WITH GUNS [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:53)
Cowboy and aging sidekick thwart ranch takeover.
GERONIMO [TVG]·Drama·1962·(1:43)
The Apache chief Geronimo fights to preserve his people, despite brutal treatment at the hands of the US Army - he escapes to Mexico with his mate, his warriors and his right-hand man.
GHOST TOWN RENEGADES [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:56)
Federal investigator and his geezer sidekick foil land grabbing scheme.
GONE TO TEXAS [TV14]·True Story·1986·(2:21)
The story of Sam Houston, the statesman-soldier who spearheaded the creation of Texas - from his time in Congress, through the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto, and ultimate statehood.
THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966), see For A Few Dollars More (above)
The final chapter of the Man With No Name trilogy - director Sergio Leone's spaghetti western classic about a drifter, an outlaw and a sadistic gunman racing to claim a treasure buried during the Civil War.
Straightforward and well-acted account of Custer's Last Stand, with points of view from both sides of the battle.
THE GREAT SIOUX UPRISING [TV14]·Western·1953·(1:20)
Former Union officer Jeff Chandler tries to head off another Indian war. Faith Domergue, Lyle Bettger
1870's: Doc Holliday joins forces with Wyatt Earp to wipe out the Clanton gang
GUNFIGHT IN ABILENE [TVPG]·Western·1966·(1:26)
A sheriff, haunted by the accidental killing of his best friend, refuses to wear a gun. But when the brother of his best friend is murdered, the lawman must make a choice.
THE GUNFIGHTER [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:24)
Former gunslinger Gregory Peck tries to leave his bloodstained past behind him. Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell.
GUNS AND GUITARS [TVG]·Western·1937·(:58)
After being framed for murder, singing cowboy Gene Autry goes after the real killers
GUNSLINGER'S REVENGE [TV14]·Western·1998·(1:27)
A peace-loving man and his family have their lives disrupted when his elderly father - a notorious gunslinger - moves in. A crazed villain bent on killing the old man arrives in town. With David Bowie.
An Army deserter teaches Texas women to defend themselves against an impending Indian attack.
HATE THY NEIGHBOR [TVPG]·Foreign·1968·(1:29)
Bill Dakota rides into a small town with his wife and young son - he is being chased and runs to the sheriff for help, but the sheriff refuses to aide an outlaw and leaves Bill to his fate at the hands of Gary Stevens.
HEAVEN'S GATE [R]·Western·1980·(3:39)
An Ivy League marshal defends immigrant settlers against cattle barons in 1890s Wyoming in this anti-government allegory of the Vietnam War directed by Michael Cimino.
THE HI-LO COUNTRY [R]·Drama·1998·(1:55)
In post-World War II New Mexico, a pair of cowboys aim to maintain the traditional western ways - boozing, brawling and chasing beautiful women. With Penelope Cruz, Patricia Arquette.
HIDALGO [PG13]·Action·2003·(2:16)
Based on a true story! An American cowboy - famous for his riding exploits - and his horse travel to the Middle East to compete in a 3000 mile survival race across the Arabian desert: The Ocean Of Fire!
HILLS OF UTAH [TVPG]·Western·1951·(1:10)
A singing Old West doctor (Gene Autry) settles a feud between ranchers and miners.
THE HIRED HAND [R]·Art House·1971·(1:31)
Rebel Peter Fonda directs an offbeat western about a cowboy working for his abandoned wife. Verna Bloom, Warren Oates
A warm and informative tribute to legendary silver screen Western hero Hopalong Cassidy, and the man who brought him to life, actor William Boyd. 1.08 min
HOUR OF THE GUN [TVPG]·Western·1967·(1:41)
The story of the gunfight at the OK Corral and its aftermath - Wyatt Earp deputizes Doc Holliday and forms a posse to hunt those Clantons that escaped. From the director of The Magnificent Seven.
INCIDENT AT PHANTOM HILL [TV14]·Western·1965·(1:28)
A million dollars in gold waits for two desperate men and a blonde wildcat - if they can make it through a thousand miles of desert heat, mountain cold, Apache terror and bullets!
INTO THE BADLANDS [R]·Fantasy·1991 movie
The character of a bounty hunter links three tales of the unexpected, set in the Old West.
JERICHO [PG13]·Western·2000·(1:41)
A traveling preacher finds a man near dead with no memory of how he got there - as they travel together, visions haunt the stranger and lead him to the town where the truth can be found in this solid western.
JOE KIDD [PG]·Western·1972·(1:27)
Loner is forced to take sides when a Mexican rebel and a wealthy land baron square off in a small southwestern town. Written by Elmore Leonard, from the director of "The Great Escape." Clint Eastwood.
THE JOURNEYMAN [R]·Western·2001·(1:34)
Two brothers, separated as youngsters in a violent shootout, take different paths - one becomes a drug-addicted killer, the other is raised by a priest. But they are about to meet again in this expansive western.
JOURNEY TO SHILOH [TVPG]·Adventure·1968·(1:41)
Seven young Texans travel to join the Confederate Army, arriving just in time for the bloody Battle Of Shiloh. Look for a young Harrison Ford and Jan-Michael Vincent in early career roles
JUDGE PRIEST [TVPG]·Comedy·1934·(1:21)
Folksy judge takes the high road in post-Civil War Kentucky.
A bevy of country music stars head the cast in this fictional account of the final days of the legendary Missouri outlaw Jesse James. With Willie Nelson, Ed Bruce, David Allen Coe.
THE LAST FRONTIER [TVPG]·Western·1955·(1:38)
Director Anthony Mann's story of an uncivilized trapper who joins up with an remote Oregon army detachment commanded by a reckless officer - while the trapper eyes the commander's wife!
An escaped convict kidnaps a retired sheriff's (Charleton Heston) daughter in 1909 Arizona. James Coburn, Barbara Hershey
Marshall pursues his powerful friend's never-do-well son who raped and murdered his wife. Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Carolyn Jones
THE LAWLESS FRONTIER [TVPG]·Western·1935·(:49)
The hunt is on! The Duke searches for Mexican outlaws accused of murder.
Famous gunslinger turns vengeance-minded upstart into post-Civil War hero.
LIGHTNING RAIDERS [TVPG]·Western·1945·(:52)
The leading citizen of western town is trying to fraudulently obtain land and money - but he didn't count on two cowboys discovering his plan!
THE LONE RANGER [PG13]·Western·2013·(2:29)
Native American warrior Tonto recounts the story of his friend John Reid - a young man who donned a mask to seek revenge but became a legendary lawman in this big, brash adventure co-starring Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Carib)
THE LONG RIDE HOME [PG13]·Western·2001·(1:27)
A husband and father returns to his family after a long absence, hoping to reclaim his life after being unjustly accused for a crime he did not commit.
THE LONG ROPE [TV14]·Western·1961·(1:01)
A federal judge makes enemies in a small town when he declares a Mexican man innocent of a murder charge. The judge must then find the real killer before a local lynch mob gets out of hand
THE LUCKY TEXAN [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:52)
The Duke (John Wayne) and Gabby discover a hidden streak of gold, but a murder prevents them from collecting their find.
American gunfighters are hired to protect a small Mexican town from outlaws. Yul Brynner (who reprised this character as a killer robot in Westworld on the condition that he wear the same black cowboy outfit), Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn. Remake of Japanese movie THE SEVEN SAMURAI. Followed by RETURN OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. Spoofed by Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short in THE THREE AMIGOS as Hollywood actors hired by a Mexican village who think they're real gunfighters to rid them of bandito attacks
A marshal, an Eastern reporter and five ex-convicts rescue widows from Mexican bandits; fourth Magnificent 7 movie stars Lee Van Cleef.
MAJOR DUNDEE [TVPG]·Drama·1964·(2:02)
A Union major (Charlton Heston) chases Apaches to Mexico with a condemned Confederate captain and a cavalry of prisoners. Richard Harris, Jim Hutton, James Coburn, Brock Peters, Slim Pickens. Director Sam Peckinpah wanted his name removed from the credits when film was recut before release
A singing cowboy becomes town sheriff long enough to settle a dispute between ranchers.
MAN OF THE WEST [TV14]·Western·1958·(1:39)
A seemingly innocent man and woman find themselves captured by a psychotic gang - but the man has a past, and a plan to gain revenge! From director Anthony Mann (The Naked Spur)
THE MARK OF ZORRO [TVPG]·Adventure·1974·(1:14)
The classic story the masked hero of Old California - his father has been replaced as Governor by a corrupt tyrant, so the noble Don Diego Vega plays the coward by day and rides alone at night to defeat the powers of corruption! With Ricardo Montalban.

THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER [PG]·Western·1975·(1:49)
An old west gunfighter and samurai swordsman realizes he must stop his brother-in-law from slaughtering local natives. Produced by and starring the late Tom Laughlin.
Bat Masterson teams up with Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, sixguns blazing. George Montgomery, Nancy Gates, James Griffith. 1.13 min
MAVERICK [PG]·Comedy·1994·(2:06) Mel Gibson
Gambler Bret Maverick teams with a saucy southern belle and a cagey sheriff as they raise the money to enter a million dollar poker tournament in this glossy western comedy. With James Garner, not to be confused with his 1981 TV-movie "Bret Maverick"
THE MEEKSVILLE GHOST [TVG]·Comedy·2000·(1:25)
A ghost tells his 130-year old story about an old west gunfight to his great, great, great grandson, hoping the boy can clear his name and allow him to complete his after-life journey.
MELODY RANCH [TVG]·Western·1940·(1:24)
Show-biz cowboy and entourage travel to his Arizona hometown, where he's to appear as honorary sheriff in a local celebration.
Director John Huston's contemporary western drama finds three cowboys out to corral wild mustangs to sell for dog food, only to have their plans altered by a beautiful, sensitive divorcee. The final film for both Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable (she hated it)
THE MISSOURI BREAKS [PG]·Action·1976·(2:06)
A wildly eccentric gunfighter - whose moods range from comic to demonic - is hired to protect a cattle baron's herd from the rustler who has fallen for the baron's daughter.
MONTANA BELLE [TVPG]·Western·1952·(1:21)
A racy western outlaw (Jane Russell) has an on-again off-again romance with one of the Dalton brothers before a gambler shows her a new way of life.
THE MOONLIGHTER [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:17)
A cattle rustler escapes from jail as a mob prepares to lynch him and vows vengeance on the mob that lynches a hobo thinking it to be him.
Secret Service agents James T. West (Robert Conrad) and Artemis Gordon tangle with a crazy megalomaniac played by Jonathan Winters (Commissioner Weston in The Shadow)
THE MOUNTAIN MEN [R]·Western·1980·(1:40)
Two old-time Wyoming fur trappers try to protect a runaway Indian from her angry ex-mate
MULE TRAIN [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:11)
A U.S. marshal (Gene Autry) defends an old man's natural cement from a crooked businessman.
MY DARLING CLEMENTINE [TVPG]·Western·1946·(1:37)
John Ford directs an all-star cast in this classic story of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, who put differences aside to settle the score with rivals at the O.K. Corral.
MY NAME IS NOBODY [PG, comedy]·1974
A legendary western outlaw's (Henry Fonda) retirement is derailed when an admirer (Terence Hill) contrives to have him battle an army of bad men before taking his leave to Europe. Produced by Sergio Leone, filmed in US & Spain
MY PAL TRIGGER [TVG]·Western·1946·(1:19)
Roy Rogers personal favorite movie tells the story of how he acquired his golden palomino
THE NAKED SPUR [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:32) In this taut western classic, a bounty hunter must enlist help to get his captive killer back to collect a reward - but then the murderer plays on the group's greed and sets them against one another. Jimmy Stewart, Robert Ryan.
NAVAJO KID [TVPG]·Western·1945·(:57)
An adopted Indian sets out to seek revenge for the murder of his stepfather. Completing his mission, he is arrested by a sheriff who recognizes the locket he is wearing.
'NEATH THE ARIZONA SKIES [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:50)
A little Indian girl, heiress to a fortune in oil, is kidnapped.
NED KELLY [TV14]·Action·1970·(1:43)
A small-time Australian horse thief turns to grander and more daring robberies - and becomes an unlikely folk hero. One of the first film roles for singer Mick Jagger
NEVADA (TVG) Western 1944 (1:02)
A young Robert Mitchum stars in this remake of a 1935 Zane Grey story as cowboy Nevada Jim who starts to get gold fever and ends up mopping up a gang of outlaws. Anne Jeffreys.
A former Texas Ranger teams up with some of his old colleagues to rid the state of corruption in their new police force.
NORTH AND SOUTH [TVPG]·Drama·(1:33) 1985-86
North And South is a sprawling six-part mini-series based on the bestselling historical fiction novels by John Jakes. The southern Main family and the northern Hazard family intertwine in Civil War America.
OH, SUSANNA! [TVPG]·Musical·1937·(:54)
Singing cowboy Gene Autry is robbed, thrown from a train, made a victim of identity theft, and charged with murder - and still finds time to croon some cool tunes! With the Light Crust Doughboys.
THE OLD BARN DANCE [TVPG]·Western·1938·(1:00)
Singing cowboy Gene Autry exposes the crooked businessman behind a mechanical horse scheme.
THE OLD CORRAL [TVPG]·Western·1936·(:58)
A Chicago lounge singer flees into a western town and its sheriff after witnessing a mob murder.
ONE MORE TRAIN TO ROB [PG]·Western·1971·(1:48)
George Peppard seeks Western justice against the outlaw partner who sent him to jail. Diana Muldaur, John Vernon.
OPEN RANGE [R]·Action·2003·(2:19)
A pair of roaming cowboys seek to revenge their friend's death in a frontier town ruled by a powerful, corrupt rancher and his thugs. A stirring western, with Annette Bening, directed by Kevin Costner.
THE OUTLAWS IS COMING [TVPG]·Comedy·1965·(1:28)
The Three Stooges head west and become involved with famous western legends including Annie Oakley, Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok and the Dalton Gang. Co-starring Adam West (TVs Batman)
THE OUTRIDERS [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:33)
A group of Confederate soldiers on the lam help stagecoach robbers before turning the tables.
OVERLAND RIDERS [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:53)
Billy the Kid is causing trouble out in the old west. In rides Crabbe and sidekick St. John to save the day
Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin play frontier prospectors who are both married to Jean Seberg in this 1969 musical western. Yes, Clint & Lee both sing in it!
PANCHO VILLA [PG]·Action·1972·(1:31)
In this over-the-top version of a true story, the Mexican revolutionary goes across the border, attacking a town to retaliate against American gunrunners who cheated him. With Chuck Connors
POSSE [PG]·Western·1975·(1:33)
Self-serving U.S. marshal tries to capture famed outlaw to boost his senatorial campaign
PRAIRIE MOON [TVPG]·Western·1938·(:59)
A singing cowboy and his sidekick shepherd a Chicago gangster's sons.
THE PROFESSIONALS [PG13]·Western·1966·(1:51)
Four soldiers of fortune are hired by an American millionaire to rescue his gorgeous wife from the clutches of a Mexican guerilla leader - but was she really kidnapped? An explosive western, with Claudia Cardinale
PUBLIC COWBOY NO. 1 [TVG]·Musical·1937·(1:01)
A singing cowboy catches rustlers who use trucks, two-way radios and a plane.
THE QUEST [TVPG]·1976 TV-movie
Two brothers search the Old West for their sister, kidnapped by Indians. Co-starring Brian Keith and Keenan Wynn. No relation to 1986 Australian monster movie or 1996 Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie of same name.
THE QUICK AND THE DEAD [R]·Western·1995·(1:45)
In a dusty western town called Redemption, a cowgirl gunslinger enters a quick-draw contest, seeking revenge on the man who rules the town. Co-starring Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Sam Raimi
RANCHO DELUXE [R]·Comedy·1975·(1:34)
Two drifting modern-day cowboys - aiming for nothing more than a good time - wind up in a crazy cattle rustling scheme in this easy-going comedy. Songs by Jimmy Buffett.
RANCHO GRANDE [TVPG]·Western·1940·(1:07)
A singing cowboy helps a young heiress save her ranch.
RANCHO NOTORIOUS [TVPG]·Drama·1952·(1:29)
A gunslinger travels into the heart of darkness when his pursuit of the man who raped and killed his fiancee leads him into a dark underworld hangout run by a mysterious ex-saloon girl. A classic mystery, directed by Fritz Lang.
THE RAWHIDE YEARS [TVPG]·Drama·1955·(1:25)
A young gambler tries to clear himself of a murder charge. Tony Curtis, Colleen Miller, Arthur Kennedy.
RED RIVER VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1936·(:57)
A singing cowboy and his partner unearth saboteurs at a dam site.
RETURN OF SABATA [PG]·Foreign·1971·(1:46)
The morally ambiguous gunfighter is part of a wild west show when he arrives in a town dominated by a tyrannical criminal element - but it's a flying circus when Sabata takes on the bad guys!
THE RETURN OF SAM McCLOUD [TVPG]·Crime·1989·(1:34)
Dennis Weaver's TV-series hero from New Mexico is now a U.S. Senator on the trail of a greedy entrepreneur.
RETURN OF THE SEVEN [TVPG]·Western·1966·(1:36)
Kidnapped for a construction crew by an evil bandit, a member of the original Magnificent Seven forms a new band of mercenaries to once again take on murderous oppressors.
RETURN TO WARBOW [TVPG]·Literary/Book Based·1958·(1:06)
An Arizona outlaw escapes justice and heads off in search of his hidden stagecoach loot.
REVOLT AT FORT LARAMIE [TVPG]·Western·1956·(1:13)
Soldiers at a Western outpost deal with Indian attacks and divided loyalties during the Civil War.
RIDE CLEAR OF DIABLO [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:21)
Young man seeking vengeance for murder of father and brother, becomes deputy. Sheriff, who is in league with killers, plots his death.
RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY [TVG]·Western·1962·(1:34)
Two aging, down-on-their-luck gunmen team up to guard a gold shipment - but one schemes to double-cross his buddy and steal the treasure! Directed by Sam Peckinpah.
RIDERS OF DESTINY [TVPG]·Western·1933·(:51)
The Duke is an undercover secret service agent sent by Washington to help ranchers get water rights.
RIVER OF NO RETURN [TVPG]·Adventure·1954·(1:31)
Robert Mitchum rescues Marilyn Monroe and Rory Calhoun from a leaky raft, then has to fight Indians.
ROOTIN' TOOTIN' RHYTHM [TVPG]·Western·1937·(1:02)
A singing cowboy (Gene Autry) and his sidekick don disguises to stop a ring of cattle rustlers.
ROUGH RIDERS' ROUND-UP [TVPG]·Western·1939·(:53)
A veteran of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders helps protect a mining town from gold thieves.
ROUND-UP TIME IN TEXAS [TVPG]·Western·1937·(1:02)
Two cowboys run into trouble with gem thieves and voodoo men while herding horses in South Africa.
SABATA [PG13]·Western·1969·(1:46)
Sabata - a master gunfighter - foils a small town trio's plan to steal an army payroll, and then blackmails them for the money as he evades multiple murder attempts! A spaghetti western classic!
SADDLE PALS [TVPG]·Western·1947·(1:12)
A landowner gives a singing cowboy (Gene Autry) power of attorney to deal with bad guys.
A singing lawman and his sidekick track the killer of Old Man Martin, who before his death found a gold mine.
The westerns of maverick American director Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch) are explored by an all-star Hollywood lineup in this Encore Westerns original documentary. With Billy Bob Thornton, Benicio Del Toro, Kris Kristofferson, Roger Ebert.
SAM WHISKEY [PG13]·Comedy·1969·(1:37)
A sexy widow convinces Sam Whiskey and his pals to salvage gold, stolen by her husband, from a sunken ship - and return it undetected to the U.S. mint! With Clint Walker.
THE SCALPHUNTERS [TV14]·Comedy·1968·(1:43)
A fur-trader and a runaway slave fight Indians in the Old West; to regain the furs the Indians stole from him and the slave to make his way to Mexico and his freedom.
An embittered veteran who returns to Texas after the Civil War discovers that Comanche Indians have killed his family and kidnapped his nieces, so sets out to find his remaining niece, enduring a five-year search for her. John Wayne
SEVEN MEN FROM NOW [TVPG]·Western·1956·(1:18)
A former sheriff hits the trail to track down the express office robbers who murdered his wife. He meets a married couple and a two drifters along the way - all of them have secrets!
Louis L'Amour's above-average tale of two Civil War veterans on the trail of a woman kidnapped to Mexico. Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Katheron Ross, Harry Carey Jr. Sequel to THE SACKETTS. Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen (McLintock!, "Chisum").
SHADOW VALLEY [TVPG]·Western·1947·(:57)
Singing cowboy saves woman's ranch from gold-greedy outlaws
SHOWDOWN AT BOOT HILL [TVPG]·Western·1958·(1:12)
A bounty hunter must regain the respect of the townspeople.
SIERRA [TVG]·Western·1950·(1:23)
A tomboy frontier lawyer finds an outlaw and his son hiding out from a false charge of murder.
THE SINGING COWBOY [TVG]·Western·1936·(:56)
Western crooner Gene Autry goes on the newly-invented television to help raise money to help save an injured little girl - plenty of bad men are beaten and many cowboy songs are sung!
THE SINGING VAGABOND [TVPG]·Western·1936·(:57)
Captain Tex Autry rescues a girl kidnapped from a wagon train.
SKIN GAME [TVPG]·Comedy·1971·(1:42)
A white conman (James Garner) sells his African American partner (Louis Gossett Jr) to slave owners multiple times before their scheme catches up with them.
SONS OF NEW MEXICO [TVPG]·Western·1950·(1:11)
A singing cowboy (Gene Autry) tries to reform a juvenile delinquent by sending him to a military institute.
SOUTH OF HEAVEN, WEST OF HELL [R]·Drama·2000·(2:12)
In this mysterious, surreal western, a lawman takes on a band of bank robbers - he was raised by their patriarch - while falling for a prostitute with a secret past. With Paul Reubens, Bridget Fonda, Billy Bob Thornton.
THE SPOILERS [TVG]·Adventure·1955·(1:24)
A saloonkeeper loves a mineowner who dukes it out with a claim jumper in circa-1900 Alaska.
STAGE TO MESA CITY [TVPG]·Western·1948·(:52)
The Mesa City stage line is besieged by desperadoes who plan to take over the very lucrative mail route - but who is really behind the criminal plot?
STAGECOACH [TVPG]·Remake·1986·(1:35)
A superstar lineup of country music legends star in a remake of the classic western story - a stagecoach with an eclectic band of passengers travels a dangerous route. With Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, John Schneider, more.
STAGECOACH OUTLAWS [TVPG]·Western·1945·(:55)
Cowboy foils gambler's plan to take over stagecoach line.
THE STAR PACKER [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:50)
A gang is terrorizing a town, when a marshall rides in and organizes the ranchers against the outlaws.
STARDUST ON THE SAGE [TVG]·Western·1942·(1:05)
A singing cowboy and his partner thwart a foreman who wants their mine.
STARS OVER TEXAS [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:57)
A cowhand exploits his uncanny resemblance to a ranch's endangered foreman to help corral a gang of thievin' cattle rustlers.
THE STORM RIDER [TVPG]·Western·1957·(1:10)
Agent for Cattle Association lines up with small ranchers, who are being victimized, and leads them on a fence-cutting expedition.
THE STRAWBERRY ROAN [TVG]·Western·1948·(1:19)
A singing ranch foreman saves a wild horse his boss wants to kill.
THE SUBSTITUTE WIFE [TV14]·Drama·1994·(1:32)
Nebraska, 1869: a dying farmer's wife realizes her husband and family will need a new woman - but the only interested female is a no-nonsense prostitute. Can this arranged marriage work?
SUNSET IN WYOMING [TVG]·Western·1941·(1:07)
Captain Tex Autry tries to save a valley from a flood.
A stranger (James Garner) tames an Old West boomtown and woos the mayor's daughter on his way to Australia. Directed by Burt Kennedy. Followed by sequel:
A con man and his partner profit from mistaken identity in the mining town of Purgatory. James Garner. Directed by Burt Kennedy.
TAZA, SON OF COCHISE [TVPG]·Western·1953·(1:19)
The sons of Apache leader Cochise battle after his death - one argues for war, while Taza strives for peace. But the renegade Geronimo and a hot-headed army officer stir up trouble.
TEXAS TERROR [TVPG]·Western·1935·(:51)
Believing he has killed his best friend by accident, the Duke seeks solitude in the lonely life of a prospector.
THUNDER TOWN [TVG]·Western·1946·(:54)
Paroled from an undeserved prison term, a cowboy seeks to reclaim his ranch and his reputation.
Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell of Big Trouble In Little China), his brothers and Doc Holliday take on the Clanton gang in this action-packed, realistic account of the 1881 gunfight at the OK Corral. Val Kilmer, Powers Booth, Dan Delany, Sam Elliott, Terry O'Quinn, Bill Paxton, Jason Priestley, Billy Zane, Harry Carey Jr., narrated by Robert Mitchum. Look for Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Haden Church, Charleton Heston. Billy Claiborne is played by actor Wyatt Earp (Earp's real-life 5th cousin)
TOP GUN [TV14]·Western·1955·(1:14)
After he is cleared of murder, a cowboy runs for town marshal. No relation to the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun
TOM HORN [R]·Western·1980·(1:38)
Steve McQueen portrays the infamous Wyoming bounty hunter. Linda Evans, Richard Farnsworth, Billy Green Bush.
TRACK OF THE CAT [TVPG]·Drama·1954·(1:43)
In a snowbound Colorado cabin, a dysfunctional family rages against each other while a deadly panther strikes their livestock - two battling brothers head out to track the cat.
TRUE GRIT [G]·Western·1969·(2:08)
A 14-year-old girl gets a hard-drinking U.S. Marshal and a Texas Ranger to help her track down the murderer of her father
TUMBLEWEED TRAIL [TVPG]·Western·1946·(:58)
Attended by his sidekick Roscoe Ates, Eddie Dean takes a ranch hand job with a cowgirl whose father has been murdered.
A medicine-show singing cowboy finds his father dead and his buddy accused.
Gene Autry looks to solves the murder of his rancher friend (Bob Steele)
TWO FISTED LAW [TVPG]·Western·1932·(:57)
A rancher (Tim McCoy) loses his property to a crooked money-lender turned cattle rustler (Wheeler Oakman). The dastardly villain is in league with a sheriff's deputy (Walter Brennan) and together they rob the Wells Fargo
TWO RODE TOGETHER [TVPG]·Western·1961·(1:49)
Director John Ford's tale of a cynical Texas sheriff reluctantly - and for a price - joining up with an Army officer to recover long-missing settlers believed kidnapped by Comanches. Co-starring Shirley Jones (Cheyenne Social Club).
UNFORGIVEN [R]·Drama·1992·(2:11)
An old gunslinger (Clint), his ex-partner and a quick-draw kid go bounty hunting in a town called Big Whiskey. Oscars for best picture, director Clint Eastwood, best supporting actor Gene Hackman
THE UNFORGIVEN [TVPG]·Western·1960·(2:01)
The local Kiowa tribe claims that young Rachel Zachary is not white, but a Native American stolen years before in a raid, a revelation that tears her family apart and leads to an all-out battle. Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn. Directed by John Huston
VALLEY OF FIRE [TVG]·Western·1951·(1:04)
An outcast gambler hijacks a wagon train of mail order brides brought west by a mayor
The classic Western novel comes to life: A laconic cowboy is crossed by his best friend, courts an Eastern schoolmarm, and has a showdown with a cattle rustler. The Virginian (Joel MacCrea), big and awkward, finds delight in a gay Eastern gal who turns from him when Western justice demands he hang his pal for rustling. Brian Donlevy, Sonny Tufts. Joel MacCrea later starred in the radio series Tales Of The Texas Rangers
VIVA MAX [PG]·Comedy·1969·(1:33)
A Mexican general (Peter Ustinov) marches his unarmed parade soldiers north to re-occupy the Alamo in present-day San Antonio. A minor State Department official orders in the National Guard to retake the Alamo, also with unloaded guns, in this comedy of errors. With John Astin (of Evil Roy Slade), Kenneth Mars, Harry Morgan, Keenan Wynn
WAGONS EAST [PG13]·Comedy·1994·(1:48)
A bungling wagonmaster (John Candy) leads a contingent of pioneers that wants to turn around and go home. Candy's final 2 films were this and Canadian Bacon
WANDA NEVADA [PG]·Romance·1979
A New West gambler wins an orphan in a poker game and takes her along on slow-paced Grand Canyon gold prospecting. Notable as the only screen appearance of Henry Fonda, with son (and director) Peter Fonda, Brooke Shields.
WELCOME TO HARD TIMES [TVPG]·Western·1967·(1:43)
After an evil man burns down a frontier town, the spineless mayor (Henry Fonda) rebuilds with the aid of a traveling brothel - and then confronts the man once he returns
WEST OF THE DIVIDE [TVPG]·Western·1934·(:52)
The Duke (John Wayne) returns to his boyhood home to seek his father's killer and locate his younger brother, missing since the murder.
THE WESTERN CODE [TVPG]·Western·1932·(:57)
When Tim Barrett rides into Carabinas, his reputation as a lawman precedes him. He soon rescues Polly Loomis from the unwanted attentions of a saloon ruffian and learns that her wealthy stepfather (now a widower) has proposed to marry
THE WHITE BUFFALO [PG]·1977·(1:37)
After a fever dream, Wild Bill Hickcock teams up with Crazy Horse to hunt down a legendary white buffalo. Co-starring Kim Novak, Will Sampson, Clint Walker and Slim Pickens
WILD BILL [R]·Action·1995·(1:38) The legendary Old West gunfighter arrives in Deadwood to resume his romance with Calamity Jane, fend off an upstart gunslinger, and recall his past - before playing the dead man's hand at a fateful poker game.
WINCHESTER '73 [TVG]·Western·1950·(1:32)
A classic Western from director Anthony Mann: a man tracking his father's murderer wins a prized Winchester rifle in a shooting contest. The gun is stolen by the murderer and the riveting hunt begins again
YELLOW SKY [TVPG]·Western·1948·(1:39)
An outlaw and his gang find a tomboy and her prospector grandfather in a ghost town
YELLOWSTONE KELLY [TVPG]·Western·1959·(1:32)
An independent fur trapper and his young apprentice find themselves caught between the US Army's war of revenge and a Sioux chief's deadly ultimatum.
ZANDY'S BRIDE [PG]·Western·1974·(1:37)
A rough-edged Big Sur cattleman sends for a mail order bride - and gets a strong-willed and determined woman who attempts to civilize him!
3:10 TO YUMA [TVPG]·1957·(1:32)
A farmer (Van Heflin) captures a wanted outlaw (Glenn Ford), and has to hold him until the train arrives to collect his $200 reward - but the bad man cooly offers $10,000 to anyone who frees him, setting up a gripping waiting game. Henry Jones, Richard Jaeckel; themesong by Frankie Laine. A tensely classic western

40 GUNS TO APACHE PASS [TVPG]·Western·1967·(1:35)
A U S cavalry division, besieged by the Apaches, awaits a shipment of rifles - and now a renegade band of army deserters joins the soldiers and the Indians in the struggle to obtain the weapons.
4 (four) FOR TEXAS [TVPG]·Comedy·1963·(1:55)
The Rat Pack goes to Texas as Old Blue Eyes and Dino (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin) play rival gamblers in a slapstick, double-entendre driven Old West comedy. With Anita Ekberg, Ursula Andress, Charles Bronson and the Three Stooges!
6 GUNS [TV14]·Western·2010·(1:36)
A woman - her husband killed while she was raped - convinces a bounty hunter to teach her how to use a gun. Neither of them expected her chance at revenge to come riding into town.
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According to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, driving on the right side of the road was first established in America by wagon trains
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Bonanza episodes can also be seen on TV-Land channel. To watch episodes of the 1960s TV series Wild Wild West, go to the Wild Wild West page to see episode titles, descriptions and links to watch it online! Or would you rather check out Wonder Woman?

Movies on Turner Classic Movies have included Billy the Kid vs. Dracula and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter as well as more traditional Westerns like "The Magnificent Seven." Also check American Movie Classics for any Westerns they may have there this month. The TV-series Daniel Boone (Fess Parker) and Green Acres are showing on WHT channel
The Audie Murphy Westerns Collection is available on DVD
Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys
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This week's listings for Clint Eastwood on other channels

Note: Many movies on Encore's Westerns channel are repeated 1 hour later on Encore's Movieplex channel.
Paul Harvey: Cow with biggest horns
Jeepers Creepers (1939, Roy Rogers) where'd you get those eyes?

They're climbing a Stairway To Heaven (1946)
Sight of blood bother you? Big Jake

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According to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, a desperado named Rip Rowser Bill came into Oklahoma City in 1899 and announced that he was going to start a new graveyard. He was caught and hanged as a rustler, and they made his own grave the 1st in the new cemetery!

"If you want to call me that, smile!" Gary Cooper, The Virginian (1929)

Real estate has sure changed. Before World War 2, only farmers and ranchers needed to get a mortgage on their home (to buy provisions, a neighbor's land, or new stock), and they paid it off as soon as they could. With all the foreclosures, short sales and mortgage modifications, I'd rather be in the Old West!

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Past my window, past my gate, you won't get past my .38