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Poltergeist 2 (1986)

They’re back . . .

(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)
movie poster The yard monsters are back, runnin around the house and refusing to turn off the giant attic fans that are blowing their hair back and destroying their overpriced plastic toys. Why? Because the Indian from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is camped out in the back yard, trying to protect the family from the evil TV-set spirits by beating on a tom-tom. Then Daddy comes home from the office and finds out that, four years after the Steven Spielberg demon possessed the body of Tobe Hooper and forced him to make a movie starring a psychic Munchkin and almost got a five-year-old girl killed, THERE'S STILL MORE PLOT WAITING OUT THERE. All the ghosts of Cuesta Verde are living under the swimming pool, and now they're sending an old man in a black preacher's suit to the house to try to get inside and sell spiritual Herbalife to the whole family. After the usual rainstorms and toy attacks and zombie dreams and a great scene where Robbie gets attacked by his braces, we get the finest gross-out scene since Alien. Craig T. Nelson swallows a worm in a Tequila bottle, starts freaking out, and vomits up a slime demon. Too bad, though, cause this is as good as it gets. Very disappointing journey to "the other side," into the endless abyss of MGM Stage 27.
One pint blood.
Two beasts.
Green barf demon.
Spiritual spelunking.
Three demon possessions.
Earthquake junk.
Levitating chainsaw.
A disappointing 24 on the Vomit Meter.
Gratuitous leaf blowing.
Gratuitous Geraldine Fitzgerald.
With Zelda Rubinstein, reprising her psychic dwarf role,
Will Sampson as the Indian who says "I cahoot with no one,"
and Julian Beck in his final performance, as The Man In Black.
Nelson's best line: "Tomorrow everything will be all right; we can play some miniature golf." One

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