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Movies so far include: The Hulk (he's incredible), Ffolkes (Roger Moore vs. Tony Perkins), 007 movies "Diamonds Are Forever" (deathray in orbit), The Spy Who Loved Me, and "Live And Let Die" (Jane Seymour as psychic voodoo priestess). Point Break (surfin' FBI agents), the four Matt Helm movies (1960s) are seen occasionally, as well as Westworld and Futureworld, The Guyver (Mark Hamill), and Lifeforce (vampires from space), Big Trouble In Little China (Kurt Russell vs. 3000 year old wizard), Godzilla movies inc. Godzilla Vs. Mothra, The Omen, Halloween movies, Spawn, Darkman, Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War, Highlander movies, The Fly, John Carpenter's The Thing, Pulp Fiction, Aces: Iron Eagle 3, Irwin Allen's When Time Ran Out, Marooned (aka MST3000's Space Travelers), Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl (a cursed pirate ship with a real skeleton crew), Freddy Vs. Jason, Taps (developers want to shut down George C. Scott's military academy), Red Dawn (Patrick Swayze vs. Commies parachuting into Colorado), Yor, The Hunter From The Future, Supercop (Jackie Chan vs. druglord in Hong Kong), Bram Stoker's Dracula, Alien Intruder, Heavy Metal (animated space/zombies), Child's Play, Bride Of Chucky (Child's Play 4), Hot Shots!, Comedy movies including Austin Powers, and others.
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TODAY: Times shown EST/Pacific
Friday, 5·1
6:50a Rising Sun
Other zones: CT ·5:50a• MT ·4:50a
9:05a The Spy Who Loved Me
Other zones: CT ·8:05a• MT ·7:05a
11:15a Thunderball
Other zones: CT ·10:15a• MT ·9:15a
1:30p White House Down
Other zones: CT ·12:30p• MT ·11:30a
3:45p Dr. No
Other zones: CT ·2:45p• MT ·1:45p
5:40p Tomorrow Never Dies
Other zones: CT ·4:40p• MT ·3:40p
7:45p The World is Not Enough
Other zones: CT ·6:45p• MT ·5:45p
10:00p White House Down
Other zones: CT ·9:00p• MT ·8:00p
12:15a Rob Roy
Other zones: CT ·11:15p• MT ·10:15p
2:40a Gang of Roses
Other zones: CT ·1:40a• MT ·12:40a
4:20a Virtual Assassin
Other zones: CT ·3:20a• MT ·2:20a
Saturday, 5·2
6:00a Assassination Tango
Other zones: CT ·5:00a• MT ·4:00a
8:00a Philadelphia Experiment II
Other zones: CT ·7:00a• MT ·6:00a
9:45a Moonraker
Other zones: CT ·8:45a• MT ·7:45a
12:00p Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Other zones: CT ·11:00a• MT ·10:00a
1:35p Men In Black
Other zones: CT ·12:35p• MT ·11:35a
3:15p The Man With The Golden Gun
Other zones: CT ·2:15p• MT ·1:15p
5:25p Licence to Kill
Other zones: CT ·4:25p• MT ·3:25p
7:45p Octopussy
Other zones: CT ·6:45p• MT ·5:45p
10:00p Men In Black
Other zones: CT ·9:00p• MT ·8:00p
11:40p Best Of The Best
Other zones: CT ·10:40p• MT ·9:40p
1:20a Species
Other zones: CT ·12:20a• MT ·11:20p
3:15a The Cell
Other zones: CT ·2:15a• MT ·1:15a
5:05a Force 10 From Navarone
Other zones: CT ·4:05a• MT ·3:05a
Sunday, 5·3
7:20a Shanghai Noon
Other zones: CT ·6:20a• MT ·5:20a
9:20a The Jewel Of The Nile
Other zones: CT ·8:20a• MT ·7:20a
11:10a Marked For Death
Other zones: CT ·10:10a• MT ·9:10a
12:50p To Live And Die In L.A.
Other zones: CT ·11:50a• MT ·10:50a
2:50p Shanghai Noon
Other zones: CT ·1:50p• MT ·12:50p
4:50p Double Team
Other zones: CT ·3:50p• MT ·2:50p
6:30p The Cell
Other zones: CT ·5:30p• MT ·4:30p
8:20p Marked For Death
Other zones: CT ·7:20p• MT ·6:20p
10:00p Shanghai Noon
Other zones: CT ·9:00p• MT ·8:00p
12:00a Pawn Shop Chronicles
Other zones: CT ·11:00p• MT ·10:00p
2:00a To Live And Die In L.A.
Other zones: CT ·1:00a• MT ·12:00a
4:00a King Of New York
Other zones: CT ·3:00a• MT ·2:00a
5:50a Day Watch
Other zones: CT ·4:50a• MT ·3:50a

ASSASSINATION TANGO [R]·Crime·2002·(1:54)
A weary professional hitman arrives in Argentina for yet
another job, but discovers something that awakes his soul -
a beautiful dance instructor who teaches him to tango. 5/2

BEST OF THE BEST [PG13]·Action·1989·(1:37)
An explosive group of U.S. kick-boxers must unite as a team
to win a competition against their fierce, highly-skilled
Korean opponents. 5/2

CAMEL SPIDERS [R]·Horror·2011·(1:25)
U.S. soldiers battle large, mutated spiders that pose a
deadly threat. 5/1

CHILD'S PLAY [R]·Horror·1988·(1:27)
Introducing Chucky, America's favorite homocidal doll! In his
debut film, the bloodthirsty serial-killer-turned-toy seeks
revenge on the people responsible for his death - and gets a
young boy accused of the crimes! 5/1

DAY WATCH [R]·Foreign·2007·(2:11)
In this dazzling sci-fi adventure, forces from the Light and
Dark battle for control of a device that could restore an
embattled Moscow, which has been nearly destroyed by an
apocalyptic catastrophe. 5/4

DOUBLE TEAM [R]·Action·1997·(1:33)
A retired CIA agent forced to live in a secret prison engineers
a breakout when he learns that a former enemy is going to
kill the his pregnant wife. With Mickey Rourke. 5/3

DR. NO [PG]·Action·1962·(1:50)
The first James Bond movie! Agent 007 goes to the
Caribbean where he encounters trained killers, deadly
tarantulas, Honey Ryder, and an evil madman bent on using
energy waves to disrupt the planet. 5/1

FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE [PG]·Action·1978·(2:06)
A handpicked team of eccentric military experts assemble
behind enemy lines to take down an indestructible and
heavily guarded German bridge during World War II. 5/3

GANG OF ROSES [R]·Western·2003·(1:33)
Monica Calhoun, Bobby Brown and L'il Kim saddle up as hip
hop travels to the wild west in this six gun shoot em up. 5/2

KING OF NEW YORK [R]·Drama·1989·(1:43)
An ultracool crime boss, just out of jail, hits the streets with
a new plan - give something back to the community. But
when other NYC gang leaders decline to join him, all hell
breaks loose. 5/4

LICENCE TO KILL [PG13]·Action·1989·(2:13)
The 17th James Bond film. Now it's personal! 007 goes on
his own, infiltrating a drug lord's mob to avenge a close
friend's gruesome death. With Benicio Del Toro, Wayne
Newton. 5/2

MARKED FOR DEATH [R]·Action·1990·(1:33)
A retired, burned-out DEA agent returns to his hometown
and discovers that a dangerous drug lord has taken over -
it's only a matter of time before bones start breaking! 5/3

MEN IN BLACK [PG13]·Comedy·1997·(1:38)
Hilarious sci-fi adventure about two secret government
agents whose job is to police alien activity on Earth. The men
in black must track down an intergalactic terrorist and
prevent the planet's destruction. 5/2

MOONRAKER [PG]·Action·1979·(2:06)
The 11th James Bond film! 007 and sexy Dr. Holly Goodhead
discover a plot to conquer the earth from a secret space
station! Globe-hopping chase sequences and the return of
Jaws! 5/2

OCTOPUSSY [PG]·Action·1983·(2:11)
The 13th James Bond film! 007 follows the trail from a fake
Faberge egg to a psycho general bent on nuclear war. A
travelling circus of exotic women, a mid-air knife fight on an
airplane wing and more! 5/2

PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES [R]·Comedy·2013·(1:52)
A backwater pawn shop becomes the focal point for three
wild and crazy stories - skinhead meth addicts, a revengecrazed
husband, and a luckless Elvis impersonator all
collide! With Brendan Fraser, Vincent D'Onorfrio. 5/4

A government scientist's quest to build the ultimate fighter
plane leads to a time-tripping nightmare in Nazi Germany -
his stealth jet wound up winning the war for Germany! 5/2

RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE [R]·Horror·2004·(1:34)
Genetically modified fighting machine Alice turns up alive in
Racoon City. There she joins others trying to escape before
the Umbrella Corporation's newest creation - Nemeisis -
finds her! 5/2

RISING SUN [R]·Action·1993·(2:09)
A young woman is found dead in the L.A. headquarters of a
Japanese corporation - a volatile team of investigators and
cops find far more than they bargained for as they dig into
the crime. 5/1

ROB ROY [R]·Action·1995·(2:19)
The action-packed tale of an 18th century Scotsman who is
double-crossed by a nobleman and his loathsome nephew -
can can his sword save his land and family? With Tim Roth,
John Hurt. 5/2

SHANGHAI NOON [PG13]·Comedy·2000·(1:50)
East meets the old west in this hilarious, high-kicking tale of
a Chinese imperial agent who teams with a smart-aleck
cowboy to find a kidnapped princess. With Lucy Liu. 5/3

SPECIES [R]·Horror·1995·(1:48)
Created by scientists working with DNA from another world,
a voluptuous half-human, half-alien female escapes and
begins to fulfill her destiny - to mate. But her style of lovemaking
proves spectacularly lethal! 5/3

THE CELL [R]·Drama·2000·(1:47)
Eye-popping special effects highlight the strange tale of a
beautiful therapist who enters the sordid dreamscape of a
comatose serial killer's mind in an effort to save his latest
victim. 5/3

THE JEWEL OF THE NILE [PG]·Comedy·1985·(1:46)
Rambunctious sequel to Romancing The Stone: six months
later, Joan runs into trouble with an evil potentate and Jack
is once again in search of a precious jewel. Co-starring
Danny DeVito. 5/3

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN [PG]·Action·1974·(2:05)
The ninth James Bond film! Agent 007 heads for the Orient
to find a deadly hit man with a lethal midget sidekick - and
to search for the Solex Agitator, a solution to the planet's
energy woes. Britt Ekland co-stars. 5/2

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME [PG]·Action·1977·(2:06)
The tenth James Bond film! Agent 007 swings into action
when British and Russian submarines mysteriously
disappear - and the culprit is a mad billionaire with a crazy
plan for world domination! 5/1

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH [PG13]·Action·1999·(2:08)
The 20th James Bond film! 007 is assigned to guard the life
of Elektra - a seriously sexy oil tycoon - while attempting to
stop a madman intent on blowing up a valuable oil pipeline. 5/1

THUNDERBALL [PG]·Action·1965·(2:10)
The fourth James Bond film! SPECTRE's theft of two nukes
and their threats of global annihilation spring 007 into
action! Incredible undersea finale highlights this Oscarwinning
(Visual Effects) adventure. 5/1

TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. [R]·Action·1985·(1:56)
A relentless government agent will stop at nothing -
including breaking the law himself - to bring down the
counterfeiter who killed his partner. An intense, actionpacked
crime thriller! 5/3,4

TOMORROW NEVER DIES [PG13]·Action·1997·(1:59)
The 19th James bond film! Agent 007 partners with a lethal
Chinese beauty to stop a global media mogul bent on
starting a world war for profit! 5/1

VIRTUAL ASSASSIN [R]·Action·1995·(1:38)
Michael Dudikoff stars as an ex-cop who must confront his
old enemies when a software company is taken over by
cyber terrorists in search of a world-dominating computer
virus. 5/2

WHITE HOUSE DOWN [PG13]·Action·2013·(2:12)
A policeman - denied a spot with the Secret Service - finds
himself in the White House when a terrorist group attempts 
a takeover. Non-stop action! 5/1
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