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Saturday, November 6, 1999

Joe Bob's Hollywood Saturday Night presents:
Heaven's Prisoners (1996) at 10:05 pm
A former New Orleans cop (Alec Baldwin of The Shadow) is just minding his business when a plane crashes near his bait shop. Although he and his wife (Kelly Lynch) manage to rescue a little girl from the wreckage, their good deed attracts the wrong kind of attention and they soon find themselves the targets of murderous drug runners. Want to place bets to see if Teri Hatcher's totally nekkid scene makes it past the TNT censors?
Rating: TV-14.

Following Heaven's Prisoners MonsterVision presents:
The Sitter (1991) at 1:15 am
Kim Myers plays a dangerously schizophrenic babysitter who believes the child she is caring for is actually her own and ends up going nutzoid on her mother, stepfather and anybody else who gets in the way. Although it shares some similarities with the Curtis Hanson thriller, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, The Sitter is a made-for-TV thriller that was actually produced a year earlier than the former blockbuster but was completely overlooked by the press and the public. Rating: TV-14-V

Following The Sitter, 100% Weird Presents:
So Fine (1981) at 3:30 am
The son of a New York City garment manufacturer gets dragged into the family business despite his better judgment and ends up creating a fashion sensation with a new line of designer jeans with transparent bottoms. Ryan O'Neal, Jack Warden, and Mariangela Melato star in Andrew Bergman's goofball comedy which also marks his graduation from screenwriter to director. Rating: PG-14

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