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Cats Fan Fics II

Welcome to my Fan Fics page. I would love it if you wonderful Cats people out there would send me your fanfics! It can be anything! Poems, stories. songs! Anything! As long as it's kitten friendly and has to do with Cats!
E-mail your fics to me here:

In From the Alley: The Story of the Other Glamour Cat Part 1: Recovery From ShockJiin's tale of a cat who once knew Grizabella and now attempts to find out where she's disapeared too. E-mail her here:
Part 2: Trouble BrewingThe above continued.
Part 3: Redemption-Poor Jiin has to apologise to the other females and try to undo the damage she's done....
Jellicle Cats-A wonderful retelling of the Jellicle Ball by Jessie. Very well written. E-mail her
Jellicle Cats II-The conclusion to the above.
A friend's Love-A Cats Romance/tragedy....~Blubbers~I'm gonna cry and beat Jemima all at the same time! Read it and find out why!
A Friend's Love II-The above continued....
A Struggle Worth While-Munkus and Demeter go to save thier friend from Macavity's clutches.
A Struggle Worth While II-The above continued.
A Tender Moment in ChaosTugger, Chryssie, Munkustrap, and Jemima must journey to a special island to save Demeter.
A Tender Moment in Chaos-The above continued.
Cats 5: Rawtawny's love, lostChrychaesa finnally find love but will she be able to keep it?
Cats 5: Rawtawny's love, lost II-The above continued.
Cats 6: Guilt and Deception-Talk about your sibling rivalry! Exspecially when you didn't know you had a sister!
Cats 6: Guilt and DeceptionPart 2The above continued.
7: uncertainty and a sad goodbye-Demeter returns but a heavy darkness descends upon her welcome home party.
7: uncertainty and a sad goodbye Part 2The above continued.

Cats 8: sweet dreams to all-Arsenic has come to the JunkYard to repent her terrible life of crime....or has she?
Cats 8: sweet dreams to all(II)-THe above continued.
Cats 9: Arsenic's last breath-Chryssie returns, with orders to kill Munkustrap.
Cats 9: Arsenic's last breath (II)-The above continued.
Cats 10: love and tenderness shown to him-The Jellicles preform Growltiger's Last Stand for Chryssie and Nachkeem comes back for revenge.
Cats 10: love and tenderness shown to him (II)-The above continued! The Disappearing, and Non-reappearing Mistoffelees: Part 1-The kittens discover a picture that Macavity drew in the sand...will it spell the end of the Jellicle Tribe?
The Disappearing, and Non-reappearing Mistoffelees: Part2-The above continued! Mistoffelees is kidnapped and the Jellicles gotta get hime back! The Forgiven (Xandria's Story part one) -Macavity's sister tells her tale. Had to take it down because SOMEONE sent her hate mail. That little looser better hope I don't find out who. ~Snarls~ KerrygillieA cute new kitten story by Jazzcat! E-mail her
A Cat With a Lot to Hide: Part OneThe beginning of the tale of one of Deuteronomy's daughters by Feline. E-mail her
A Cat With a Lot to Hide:Part TwoThe next Chapter!
A Cat With a Lot to Hide:Part Two (II)-The above continued.
Endless Masquerading ~Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5~-A teen cat escapes a close call and finds herself witness to the Jellicle Ball, find out what happens then! By Callista! E-mail her
The Story Of Little Midnight: Ch.1 Misto & His Little Sister-Mistoffelees has a surprise for the Jellicles! What could it be? By Little Midnight. E-mail her
The Story of Little Midnight:Ch.2 Misto's Secret-Mistoffelees reveals hi secret to the Jellicle Tribe.
The Story of Little Midnight:Ch.2 Misto's Secret-The above continued. Chapter 1.-Grizabella disapears leaving her kittens behind. Find out what happens.E-mail silabub
Chapter 2.-Sillabub has kittens! Find out who the lucky Jellicle male is!
Chapter 3.-The next jellicle ball is coming and Plato and Viccy are having problems.
A FANFIC--THE NEWEST TRIBE-A story of wrongful accusations and the beginnings of a beautiful friendship. Written by Terra, E-mail her Revealing a Misty-ery-The beginnings of a story about Mistoffelees's lost Sister. Written by Misty, e-mail her Calsabon-A strange new cat is found and added to the growing list of Jellicles but a memory breaks to the surface. Written by Calsabon, E-mail her ****Jemima*****-Macavity kidnaps Jemima and attempts to break her will. Written by Rachel, e-mail her RumpleTeazer's Story-The beginning of a story how Rumple met Mungo. Check it out. (Kinda graphic, careful kittens.) by Shorty, e-mail her
Jellicles Old and Jellicles New-Mina can't tell if she's asleep or awake but she does know one thing, she's head over tail in love! By Mina, e-mail her
Jellicle Cats are black and white-Lightning/Mina arrives and soon discovers she's a Jellicle cat and is quickly added to the tribe.
Jellicles Old and Jellicles New II-Mina and her friends are quickly fading from thier human worlds and entering...the Junkyard.
"Moonlight, turn your face to the Moonlight."-A specter from the past spy's on Mina.
"Moonlight, turn your face to the Moonlight." part 2-Nightmares haunt Mina's every moment, nightmares that relate to the specter that's out to get her... Episode I - Trainhopping-A great story based on Skimble having a touch of a mid life crisis and finding hope aboard his beloved trains. Written by Lynnskittle, e-mail her here:
Episode II: And So Onů(I)-Etcety is sick of being ignored by Rum Tum Tugger and decides to strike out on her own. Find out what adventures she has.
Episode II: And So Onů(II)-The end of the above.
Part One: Smoggy Evening-A great story by Zhalioverra about Mistoffelees. E-mail her here:
Part Two: Blue Memories-Misto awakens to the cold hard reality of his families death but finds love and forgivness in a female's arms.
THE MATAGOT-A short story about a man trying to get Mistoffelees to be his Magical Cat. E-mail her here: Now And Forever-Tamanoel's Story,a short one about the frightening thought that Cats might stop being preformed! ~Shivers~ E-mail her here:
Life and Death-Another Tama story! Someone killed a new cats Mate and everyone is a suspect! Fin: An Outlaw Torn-Chapter1-We meet the main character of Finfiriel's fan fic. As well as what I assume to be the antagonist. E-mail Fin here:
Fin: An Outlaw Torn-Chapter2-Fin and Taven set off to check out a new patch of forest, little do they know what awaits...
Fin: An Outlaw Torn-Chapter 3-Fin's Trial for the murder of her best friend. THE FUZZY CAT STORY-A cute story about two new Jellicles by Tuffie and Vannie. I can't find the e-mail addy however so I'm gonna ask them to mail me! Nightshade-A story about Macavity's daughter written by Rumpieteaza. E-mail her or Demeter's Pain-The first part of a story explaining what happened to Demeter to make her the way she is. Written by Demeter87. E-mail her here:
From the Author-Explaining why this story is being discontinued. Arya and Electra-Electra and Arya have a very frightening dream, where they're human.... E-mail adress on the page.
Remberance-The Story of how Victoria came to be. ~Sniffle~
Remberance II-Victoria persues her missing past, revealed to her in a stripe of blue/gray fur.
ThunderEye's Past-A small beginning of the kitten ThunderEye's past. Written by Thunder. E-mail him here: Bascall-A young kitten is found by Jelly and Jenny. E-mail Leia at
Drom shorty and jellicle friends-Shorty, the new Jellicle meets her new family but comes between two friends. E-mail Jessy (JESSY! I am SO sorry! I actually lost your fic, but I found it again! SORRY!)
Part II-The above continued. Phantomess of the Jellicles-A wonderful story about a condemned Jellicle, a spin off of Phantom of the Opera as well. Written by Lightspeed, whose e-mail I've lost...damnit.
Phantomess of the JelliclesIIThe above concluded. Somewhere in Time-A New York Jellicle searches for his past in London. Written by Montalvo, e-mail him
Somewhere in TimeII-Montalvo and his new love fight to survive the terrible winter.

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