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January 7, 2000

Update: 5:35 PM
Well I just reviewed one of my favorite tapes. Probably the best ECW tape ever. So what are you waiting for go check it out.

New Tape Reviews:

January 6, 2000

Update: 10:30 PM
I actually watched Thunder tonight! Well I really only was watching it to see the final match between Bret Hart and Terry Funk. It was a good brawl, especially for WCW. Bret started the match beating Funk up a little. Funk fell out of the ring and started throwing chairs in the ring (aww..ECW memorys). Funk then gets beat up some more. Taking chair shots, trach can shots, throwing in to the guard rail twice, and more. Funk eventually comes back and starts punching Bret Hart. Later Funk trys for a moonsault but misses and landed on a trash can (Not sure if he hit the can or not). Funk starts to win again and the NWO comes out. Brawl takes place. Nash takes Funk to the stage. Kevin Nash powerbombs Funk through the stage. Looks like Funk had a bad day. Pretty good match, made Thunder worth watching for once. More tapes reviews coming tommorow cause I will have time to write them.

Update: 7:00 PM
Yesterday WCW Live with Bob Ryder and Jeremy Borash conducted a interview with Terry Funk. I really Recommend checking this Interview out. The link to the interview is below.

Cool Interview from WCW Live:

January 5, 2000

Update: 4:40 PM
Sorry for the late update. I had to do a lot of stuff for school so that delayed me. I got a few more reviews. I soon will start to review the tapes that are not reviewed yet. Also if you have a review of a wrestling tape please submit it.

New Tape Reviews:

December 30, 1999

Update: 11:05 PM
These are my last two new tape reviews of the night.

New Tape Reviews:

Update: 6:12 PM
I just review two tapes, here they are!

New Tape Reviews:

Update: 2:05 PM
I got some more Tape Reviews and they are up now. Also I would like to mention that the columns section is up but the results section is not up yet. If anybody would like to do WWF, WCW, ECW, or JAPAN results or if you want to do a column email me about it. Another thing is if anyone wants to send in Tape reviews please do so. Also I just made a banner for my site. So if you want to put my link on your web site please use this banner. The banner is located at the this link,

New Tape Reviews:

December 29, 1999

Update: 10:25 PM
I have just put the tape reviews that Sycho Sid, Steve, and Super Leather did.

New Tape Reviews:

Update: 7:15 PM
Well I just messed up the first page. So I try to explain all the updates so far.

Today Tape Reviews:

Also I got some more reviews from Sycho Sid and Super Leather. I will try to get them up by the end of the night but the mistake on the front page put me back a few hours. Also please do the poll on the right side. If you need to ask me something please email me at

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