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Slow Sonny Boy - A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


Can any kid really be as slow as this little slowpoke boy?

Talk about being slow... This little boy is such a slowpoke that just about any type of action in the world takes place faster than he completes any given task. He's so slow that animals such as snails, slugs, and sloths even have him beat in the quickness department.

The author, R. Renée Bembry, got the idea for writing this poem from dealing with her son who truly was very slow, it seemed, at just about everything! From brushing his teeth to eating a meal to dressing to go outside, he always seemed to be the last one in the crew to get ready or to complete a task.

Now, the author must admit, her son's slowness was not necessarily a bad thing. He was just very meticulous about his way of getting things done.
Alrighty now... Go on and read the author's interpretation of her son's slowpoke behavior... :}

Snails moving slowly down sidewalk

Slow Sonny Boy

by R. Renée Bembry

My sonny boy,

Slow sonny boy,

Is so, so slow.

He's Slower than a tortoise

When the strongest wind blows.

He's slower than a snail.

He's slower than a slug.

He's slower than a centipede

Crawling under a rug.

He's slower than

A lazy, lazy, sleepy, sleepy sloth.

He's slower than a caterpillar

Changing to a moth.

He's slower than a mole

Digging a footlong hole.

He's slower than a single hand

Pulling two tons of sand.

My sonny boy eats slower than

A spider spins a web.

My sonny boy runs slower than

A toddler in a crib.

Walks slower than a worm-

Talks slower than a germ-

Drinks Kool-Aid slower than

A hard hat man building a berm.

He's slower than a rat

That's running from an "old" tom cat.

He's slower than the mouths of

Three young girls having a chat.

He's slower than a cooked fish

Escaping a dinner dish.

He's slower than I can open my mouth

To make a wish.

My sonny boy,

Slow sonny boy,

Is just so, so, so slow.

When will he become faster?

Oh, I just don't know!


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