My New Red Shoes

A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


Buying new shoes is so much fun; and even more so when you are still a little girl.

As many families that live in houses that have two stories know, sometimes children leave things on the stairs whether they should be left there or not. Toys, sweaters, coats, and books represent examples of the types of things that tend to clutter staircases and get in the way of feet trying to pass up or down the staircase.

Another type of item that often finds itself on staircases is shoes; but of course, often there are not just one, but two since shoes come in pairs. There could be a good reason to leave shoes on or near stairs, however, and for this reason some families may find it acceptable to put sandals, boots, and flip-flops in that area. A good reason for keeping shoes nearby is that sitting on steps makes it easy to put shoes on your feet. Sitting on stairs to put shoes on also aids those helping young children with their laces to get those little suckers tied.
Ms. Bembry's experience in the area of shoeing her own feet as well as those of children and discovering the lower step to be a good place to teach children to tie shoes incited her to write the poem about a little girl's new red shoes. :}

A child's red shoes with laces

My New Red Shoes

by R. Renée Bembry

It was time to go.

I was almost ready.

I did not move slow.

I was fast as a jet zooming.

I took a quick bath.

I brushed all my teeth.

I put on my clothes.

And combed my hair neat.

I was going downstairs.

So that I could eat.

But first I had to.

Get shoes for my feet.

I'd wear my new shoes.

All shiny and red;

And sparkly too;

With thin straps of blue.

I looked on my dresser.

I looked on my chair.

I looked in the closet.

The shoes were not there.

Peered under the bed;

And around the floor;

Yet, I could not see

My new shoes anymore.

How could I lose

My beautiful shoes

So shiny and red

And sparkly too?

Then, I heard Mom say,

"Come downstairs.

Your breakfast is ready."

But I didn't care,

'Bout breakfast that is

I needed my shoes

So shiny. So red.

So sparkly too!

Oh where,

Oh where,

Could my little shoes be?

Where could I have left them?

Oh my!

Oh me!

I was taking long now;

No more speedy me.

I was going too slow now;

As slow as could be.

So sad and depressed.

I went down the stairs.

To tell mom my new shoes.

Had vanished some where.

But when I got down there.

My shoes I did see.

At the foot of the staircase.

Just for me.

I was so happy.

I was so relieved.

I grabbed them and kissed them.

And gave them a squeeze.


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