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"Kids Write Poetry Pages"
Poems Written By Children (FPFK) welcomes children's poetry written by kids who would like to see their poems on this Kids' Page. Poems may be submitted from the form on the bottom left-hand side of this page. All submissions will be reviewed by children's poetry author, R. Renee Bembry to determine whether to place them on this site. Placement is NOT guaranteed. Poems that are posted will include child author's first name and age if provided with submission..

Author R. Renee Bembry also welcomes poetry topic ideas which may also be submitted via the submission form.

After reading the children's submissions on this page, continue scrolling down the page to find links leading to silly humorous poems written by author Ms. Bembry. The vast majority of poems offered at this site are written by Ms. Bembry who also has a children's eBook series, in its beginning stages, located at Ms. Bembry has works published in educational mediums for schools as well as in online learning sites for children. Check here for her series of children's eBooks that address life's lessons.

Poems on this page began with food poetry ideas by children; however, kids may submit poems about any subject they like...

...and now for some children's poetry written by kids themselves...


Lasagna! Lasagna!
You're really cheesy,
I love you, Lasagna,
I can't get weezy.
You're better than best.
And you're yummy and meaty.
Lasagna! Lasagna!
Oh, real, real hot and heaty.
Jorge - Age 8


I'd never eat mustard because
I cannot stand the smell;
I'd rather nibble a television,
Or paper, or a bell.
I would eat a gnat
I would eat a ball,
I might even eat a bat,
But mustard?
No! Not at all.
Jorge - Age 8


Chocolate, chocolate
What a big treat
It is much much better
Than old smelly meat,
Chocolate chocolate
Plain milk or white
I'd rather have chocolate
Than a pint of milk.
It is not all that good for you
But who really cares???
It tastes so nice
So what's a few pounds??
Too much might make you sick
But you'll do it again,
Because chocolate chocolate
Is such a big big treat.
Alexis Overend


Nothing to do, nothing to say
Just laying at home
On this rainy day
No school, no work
Not even a little homework
Just looking at rain
While the drops
At the bottom
Of my window frame

Can't stand the boredom
Of this day
I just can't stand
This horrible display

Rain or thunder
That's what I wonder?
First comes rain
Then comes thunder
Something so easy
So why do I wonder?
Or maybe its thunder...
Then rain

Is this so dificult
To explain
I think I'll just
Blame the rain
Or is it
The thunder
I have to blame

Or rain
It seems
Like just
A word game
Marion - Age 11


The Ocean breeze
Tickles the trees,
But with a wave splash
All the people dash,
Ocean is blue
So people have a clue.

I like the Ocean
It shines so bright,
Not only at day
But even at night

The Ocean goes very far
But I have my lucky star,

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What a mess my room is!
I can barely see the floor!
My little sister Lauren...
Can barely shut the door!
Dishes lie upon the floor
Clothes lie on our beds
The cat lies on our pillows
Where do we lay our heads?
I wonder what's under this mess
What was that?
It must of been...
My grandmother's bat
Hair brush hanging here
A stocking over there
OH! NO! I think I lost...
My faviorte underware
Rose - Age 12


Computer lover
Fancy's my Mother
Lazy Dad
Quite mad
Eats his tea
Cuddles me
Goes to work
Comes back in dirt
Goes to car boot sales
Stamps on snails
Loves fishing
Likes sitting
Hates girly things
Would like to fly away with wings
Drinks tea
Likes me
Come on its my DAD
Megan - Age 8


I used to be a snowman
Now my carrot nose is gone
I lay here in a puddle
Upon this green, green lawn
Sometimes I wish
It was winter again
So kids could rebuild me
All over once more

Altough I am a puddle
I can be useful at times
To grow flowers over and over
But it's not easy as collecting dimes
Rose - Age 12

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