Alien Baby - A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


See what happens to create this baby alien that comes along unexpectedly as aliens usually do.

Alien creatures make their way down to earth in movies, storybooks, and some people believe in real life. However they get here, they always seem to have body configurations and ways of speaking that sound foreign to the human race. Many aliens have antennas, or at least, that was a common way for writers to present them in days of old.

At any rate, one never knows from where an alien being will appear. You could be sitting in your backyard or riding down the street in a car when suddenly one of those strange beings from outer space pops up, seemingly, from nowhere. On the other hand, a spaceship that looks like a flying saucer or a Star Trek Generation ship could fall from the sky and land in a vast land where only a handful of people would see it. This way, the aliens could exit the spacecraft and make their way around earth practically undetected since most people would not believe the few that a ship had landed and made itself invisible in a field.
Author R. Renée Bembry was spurred to write this alien-related poem as she watched one of her daughter's skoff down her food. So... Do you believe in aliens? Of course... That's why you're ready to read the alien baby poem... :}

Strange looking baby alien being

Alien Baby

by R. Renée Bembry

My daughter

(I won't say her name)

Was sitting at the table.

She ate so much

When she stood up

Food spilled out from her navel.

Her eyes were crying red kool-aid.

Her mouth spat chicken soup.

Her ears were dripping chocolate sauce.

From her nostrils, syrup did droop.

I don't know how she ate so much.

Her body's very skinny.

That's pro-bab-ly why thick ketchup

Was oozing out her chinny.

Hole after hole

Grew in her face;

Like moon craters

From outer space.

I jumped up and ran

Just in case

Her tongue darted out like a gla-

Cier. I was like a scaredy cat;

Running to hide just like a rat.

She would not get me.

I knew that.

I was more afraid than a gnat.

Suddenly she looked at me.

Said, "Why are you so scared, Mommy?"

I laughed and I tried to pretend

I was not afraid, just offend-

Ed. Then her belly opened up.

Out jumped an alien baby pup.

It said, "Don't worry.

Don't be scared.

I will not eat you.

You're too weird!"


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