"A Family's Hands"
By R. Renée Bembry


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A Family's Hands Poem by R. Renée Bembry (FPFK) showcases children's poetry primarily with humorous slants; however, now and then the author displays poems, such as "A Family's Hands" with a little more serious nature. All the same, readers are bound to find a bit of a tickle in A Family's Hands as well.

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After reading A Family's Hands, continue scrolling down the page to find links leading to humorous poems aplenty written by Ms. Bembry. Ms. Bembry also has a children's eBook series, in its beginning stages, located at Each book in the series comes with a theme-related poem at the end of each story. Ms. Bembry has works published in educational mediums for schools as well as in online learning sites for children. Check here for her series of children's eBooks that address life's lessons.

...and now for the family hand poem...

"A Family's Hands"
By R. Renée Bembry

Mommy holds in her hand

A big brown bird's nest

A hawk will land in it

To take a long rest

She'll lay some eggs

She'll keep them warm

The babies will hatch

And walk down Mommy's arm

Daddy holds in his hand

A lima bean seed

It's big and white

And hard like a bead

He'll give it some water

He'll give it some dirt

He'll let sun shine on it

And then it will spirt

Sister holds in her hand

A little white mouse

She caught it while it

Was running 'round the house

'Twas to her dismay

That it came her way

Still, she snared it

And now she is gay

Brother holds in his hand

The whole wide universe

It's quite enormous

Not short like this verse

He'll set out one day

To conquer these cosmos

For all his successes

He'll brag he's the best
© 2002

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