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Old Man Dead - A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


Do children carry their teasing joke with an old man too far?

Children find it naturally funny to tease older people and to discuss them as if they were a thousand years old. This bald head man with a few stray hairs sticking out on his old head extends his arms in protest against youthful teasing. His mouth spreads wide open while he shakes his head in dismissal of the children's joke. Perhaps, times arrive wherein childhood bantering toward the elderly may go a mite too far. Maybe that is what happens in this kids' poem, as children joke with this unsuspecting old man.... You be the judge...

Old man lying on the grass beneath a tree

Old Man Dead

by R. Renée Bembry

I was sitting at the park

One bright sun shiny day

When three young boys

Walked up to me

And asked if I would play

Said I, "I'm rather old you see

My legs are stiff not limber

My arms are tight

My muscles ache

My bones crack and they hinder

I cannot yell

I have no voice

You must select

A better choice

For who's to play your game with you

Perhaps someone with energy"

The boys giggled before they sighed

Then laughed so hard

I thought they'd cry

At last they stopped and said to me

"That makes you perfect, Mr. C

In this here new game

'Old Man Dead'

You're ideal for the corpse we dread

Go over there beneath the trees

Lie down and then try not to breathe."

Image by Akarakingdom

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