Visitors... (FPFK) prides itself in humor and thus begins this site with a silly poem that admits to being a practice poem. The practice poem talks about itself in a way that repeatedly reminds readers of its status. It knows it is a practice poem and has no illusions about being great poetry. The irony might be however, that the poem is more intriguing than it realizes. Perhaps its greatness comes through via the simplistic means in which the writing draws reader attention. In addition, the practice poem urges its readers to think. After finishing the poem, it is quite difficult to not have afterthoughts about its wording or meaning.

After reading Practice Poem, scroll down to links leading to more silly humorous poems. The vast majority of poems offered at FPFK are written by author R. Renee Bembry. Ms. Bembry has works published in educational mediums for schools as well as in online learning sites for children. She has also begun a series of children's eBooks that address life's lessons.

"Practice Poem"

I am just a poem,

Just a practice poem,

Just a dummy poem,

Awaiting the real poem

I could have been another poem,

But I am just this poem.

"Say, why does every line in this poem

End with poem?"


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This boy sure sweats a lot!!

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