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All poems are by author and webmaster R. Renée Bembry.

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Relaxing Cats Photo by R. Renée Bembry

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School Bus Trip Poem

This kid really had problems
when it was time to take a trip!

Hair Fashions by Renée
Spiff up your hairstyle
with colors to match your outfits

When Bedbugs Bite

Bedbug itching can get wa-a-ay out of control!
Can you stop bedbugs before they make you itch?

When bedbugs bite
There is no fight
You keep sleeping
Right through the night

Morning finds you
Without a clue
Eating breakfast
Delicious too
Read more HERE>>>

Plagiarism Poem :{

Should you do this yourself? Ever?!
Find out what happens when this kid makes the wrong writing decision:}

I had to write a poem for school
I wrote one but it was not cool
I could not get my lines to rhyme
I tried free verse but it was worse
Searching—I found a poetry site...
Read more HERE>>>

Frisky Fly Poem :{

This kid loves to examine bees!
Find out what happens when the bee stings:}

Wings flapping—fanning the air
Their annoyance makes you wish they weren't there
Zigzagging around your hot golden fries
You swipe them—and shoo them—and...
Read more HERE>>>

Heroes - Different Kinds

A hero does not have to be a super person...
Heroes can be found almost anywhere:}

A different kind of hero
Could be a kitty cat
Who rubs you when you're lonely
And saves you from a
Read more HERE>>>

Bee Sting :{

This kid loves to examine bees!
Find out what happens when the bee stings:}

Again, she got stung by a bee
Its stinger stuck right in her knee
She screamed when she felt the pinch
Enter her skin one-half an inch
Read more HERE>>>

Wanna Ride A Pony?

Riding ponies is so much fun
especially when you don't have one of your own:}

Wanna ride a pony
Whose mane is soft and long
Wanna ride a pony
Or how 'bout playing pong

Wanna ride a pony
Oh! This sounds like a song
Wanna ride a pony
With ponies you can't go wrong
Read more HERE>>>

Dreaming of Fattening Pizza

Do you get to eat all the pizza you want? Hmmm...

I dreamed of fatnin pizza
As I warmed up for the game
Thought bout the pizza feast-a
More than baseball winning fame

Mom says pizzas are beast-as
Oily puddles pool their tops
But lets me eat it at least-a
At parties, games, and hops
Read more HERE>>>

Bettas Siamese Fighting Fish Poem

Siamese Fighting fish, commonly called bettas, are beautiful.
However, they don't have reputations of being fighters for nothing!

Bettas are rather fascinating
Colorful sparkling fish
Keep well in bowls or fish tanks
Nearly any size you wish

With iridescent bright blues
Purples, yellows, reds and greens
Males even more delightful than their
Captivating queens
Read more HERE>>>

Ants in the Kitchen

Ever had ants in your kitchen?
See how this girl handles ants:}

Ants came a crawling
Crawling in the kitchen
Gave my flesh the jitters
Started my body itching

A scream came a screeching
Screeching from my mouth
People all around me
Believed I'd seen a mouse
Read more HERE>>>

I Went to School Hungry

Going to school hungry leaves you sitting in class wishing
you had something to eat. What do you do when the teacher
calls you to the board when all you want to think about is food?!

I went to school hungry
Was slow with my bath
I went to school hungry
Could not do my math
I went to school hungry
Stomach growled at me
I went to school hungry
For being sleepy
Read more HERE>>>

Old Man Dead

Is this man too old to play a children's game

I was sitting at the park
One bright sun shiny day
When three young boys
Walked up to me
And asked if I would play
Read more HERE>>>

Mimi's Stay Outside All Day Day

*eBooks for Kids - by website hostess R. Renée Bembry*

Children learn why sharing is more important
than they might think in this estorybook.

Mimi Havfun, an eight-year-old girl, gets fed up
with loud teenagers causing so much ruckus in the
street, their noise prevents her from falling to sleep.

Determined that staying out late must be a lot of fun,
Mimi and her dog, Candie, find another way to have more
fun outdoors!

Author, R. Renée Bembry, began writing stories before
telling stories. For this reason, she always includes
a poem at the end of her children's chapter books. The
poems relate to the stories for which they are written.
See the ebook HERE>>>


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