Brother Shark - A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


See what happens when a human transforms and turns into a shark.

Deep sea diving brings loads of fun while enjoying the sights of underwater fishes, crustaceans, and ocean floor plants. On the other hand, sighting sharks may be a bit scary and make scuba divers want to get out of the water as soon as humanly possible. But what about citing sharks in an at-home swimming pool? Could this really happen?

Whether or not citing a shark in a backyard pool would be likely, author R. Renée Bembry has a good deal of fun making it possible with her humorous poem, Brother Shark. The boy in the poem whose name is "Brojo" is named for Ms. Bembry's son whom she often called "Brother" in reference to the Berenstain Bears charachter. Likewise, the girl in the poem is named for Ms. Bembry's youngest daughter. In this case, however, the child's name comes from the daughter's nickname combined with Sister Berenstain Bear.

Now... Enjoy reading to see how Ms. Bembry brings fantasy to life in unexpected and strange ways as swimmers wade in a pool... :}

Drawing of grey shark showing teeth

Brother Shark

by R. Renée Bembry

Brojo and Sismi

Waded in the pool

Swimming like two

Baby fish in a school

Their arms were like fins and

Their legs were like tails

Flipping and flapping

Their way like boat sails

"Don't splash me," said Sismi

"Stop splashing my face

You're splashing the water

All over the place."

Just then their father

Jumped into the water

Making a big splash like

A whale in the sea

"Aaggh!" screamed Sismi

"Aaggh! Aaggh! Daddy!

Aaggh! Daddy!

How could you do that to me!?"

Brojo started laughing

And growling and such

But not just a little bit

He snickered much

Sismi got so angry that

She picked him up

Then spun him around

'Til he barked like a pup

She tossed him over where

The water was deep

He sunk right down

All the way to fifteen feet

When he came back up

He could no longer bark

Somehow he had turned

Into a great big shark

His teeth were so big

Oh! As big as can be

And he was headed

Straight toward Sismi

Sismi started swimming —

Fast as she could go

But compared to Brojo —

She was swimming slow

He caught up to her and

Opened his mouth wide

Sismi was surprised at

What she saw inside

Crayfish and catfish

And lobsters and snails

Came spewing out

Quickly Sis fetched a pail

She filled it with lobster and

Crayfish and crabs

Polka dot butterfly fish

Clownfish with bands

At last she called out

The word "Alicazoy!!"

Then Brojo turned back

From a shark to a boy

They ran quickly to take

The catch to their mom

Daddy called out

"Wait for me!

Let me have some!!"

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