Sleigh Ride - A Children's Poem

By R. Renée Bembry


Children enjoy sleigh riding on a snowy winter day

This poem about sleigh riding in the snow simply tells of children enjoying themselves on a cold winter day. The children have only one sled and, fortunately for them, they like the idea of taking turns going down the snowy hill. :}

Kid on sled ready to sleigh ride down a snow hill

Sleigh Ride

by R. Renée Bembry

I'll sit on the sled;

The sled that's on the snow;

The snow that's on the ground;

You push me and I'll go.

Down the bumpy hill;

The bumpy snowy hill;

Bumpity bump, bump, bump;

Bump bumping on my rump.

I'll feel like I am in a race;

And I'll be in the lead.

The icy wind will freeze my face;

As I begin to speed.

My nose and ears will turn beet red;

My cheeks; my chin will shiver.

Still I will keep pressing ahead;

And then I'll be the winner.

At the bottom of the hill

I'll slow and then I'll stop.

But I won't fall like Jack or Jill

I'll run back to the top.

And then it will be your turn

To glide and feel the breeze.

I'll give you a great big push

You'll slide downhill with ease.

Once again the sled will stop;

Off the cold, wood boards you'll hop.

You'll pull the sled back up the hill.

We'll sleigh ride all day;

What a great thrill!


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